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Comments by fugglehops

The New Inn, Roydon

Blimey, what is going on here? Proper Job is on the bar - yippee. Although Doombar and GK IPA are still there.
So, a pint of Proper Job it was. It took three to four pulls of the handpump and a couple of little finishes and there it was - a perfect pint, perfect temperature and perfect taste.

Another pint followed a short time later. A fresh glass was taken from the shelf but not put directly under the pump. It seemed to be put on the drip tray.
After a few seconds a glass appeared under the tap. This time it only took two pulls to fill the glass. Something didn't seem right.
The beer was warmer than the first pint, looked flatter and tasted less hoppy.

When I settled the bill I moved to the side of the bar counter and there, under the pump taps, was a pint glass with nearly half a pint of beer in it.
It might be all innocent and maybe not.

4 Aug 2019 19:12

The Cherry Tree, Soham

Gasping for a pint on a hot sunny day this was the first pub in passing.
Bugger, it's a Greedy King pub. Oh well, you never know there might be a better choice of ale than the usual Abbot, IPA and Old Speckled Hen.
Nope, no better, in fact even less choice. IPA and Old Speckled Shite. The IPA was in poor condition, although it is not much better in good condition.

Large pub inside, plenty of tables and soundless TV. Hopefully the locals have better pubs.

29 Jul 2019 21:36

The White Lion, Sawbridgeworth

Well I have returned - sadly for the last time!
Abbot, IPA and only one guest ale this time; GK Ale Fresco, which was in the poorest condition - but it would not be changed for another.
I told the bar girl it tasted off, like the end of barrel. She said it was supposed to taste like that.
I have never been a Greene King ale fan, but if their staff are saying the beer is awful, then at least they are honest.

Four meals were ordered, two came okay but the other two were wrong.
When the correct meals came the server said "You're lucky, the mix-up meant you were charged one pound less".
Unfortunately, another member of our group paid for it and did not ask for a receipt.
After we had left the pub I realised we had been overcharged by £14.

Forget about the meal error - that can happen in any pub, it was the attitude of the staff (we waited five minutes before anyone showed up to get served).
I don't like dropping pubs to visit because as they say, "Use it or lose it". Sadly, I will lose it.

29 Jul 2019 21:13

Bull, Broxbourne

Returned after eight years (doesn't time fly?).
A third beer was on the bar this time, Rivertown's Eight Hop.
After tasting it (which was very bland) I did question whether the barman had accidentally given me AK. He assured me he hadn't.

Later, Hannah, who was doing her 'Silver Award' training, spoke to me about my query over the beer.
She kindly brought two 'tasters' of Eight Hop and AK to test the difference.
Both did taste the same, but there was a slight colour difference and aroma.
I thanked her for taking the trouble to satisfy a customer's concerns.

Well done Hannah, other pub management take note!

27 Jul 2019 18:23

The Rod and Line, Tideford

This is probably my most difficult pub to review.
Looked in here last year but my first impression put me off staying.
Had the same feeling this year but thought I ought to at least give it a chance.

Being a nice sunny day all the customers were outside sitting at a couple of tables.
They seemed to be all local people, mostly young men wearing their work-soiled clothes and using some workman-like-language. See what I mean about first impressions?
But I'll tell you what, they were the most pleasant and polite bunch you could meet.

Now for inside the pub. From the brightness outside to the darkness inside.
The gloom slightly disguised the pub had not been decorated since the war (the great war).

Ordered food which turned out to be enjoyable.
Beers on the bar; Lushington's Sunshine IPA, Tribute and HSD.
All served by the very friendly bar girl, Rachel.

Glad we stayed.

22 Jul 2019 18:07

The Highwayman, Dobwalls

Only Directors and Atlantic to choose from to accompany my lunch but, fortunately, there was a beer festival in the garden adjoining the pub.
I thought if I could buy a couple of pints straight from the barrel and bring them back to the pub - satisfaction guaranteed.
The festival organiser wanted £6 for two glasses and £6 for two pints. This didn't satisfy me, so I settled for the two beers in the pub for £7.20

22 Jul 2019 16:43

The Rann Wartha, St Austell

One of the well-lit 'Spoons pubs. Seemed to be reasonably clean inside and not too overcrowded for a Thursday lunchtime.
Only two guest beers on offer, Lancaster Black and Bays Top Sail.
Standard food fayre. I wish they would change their chips to something more rigid and crispier!

21 Jul 2019 19:33

The Globe, East Looe

Fairly standard beers on visit, Tribute, HSD and London Pride.

21 Jul 2019 18:54

The Crumplehorn Inn, Polperro

Always four ales on; Proper Job and Trelawny seem to be fairly regular. One day the other two were Tintagel's Castle Gold and Sir Lancelot. Five days later they were Tintagel's Cornwall's Pride and Harbour Special.

21 Jul 2019 18:42

Earl of Chatham, Lostwithiel

Only Prophecy and Tribute on this visit.
Still good enough to wash down my Steak and Ale pie.
I don't think the chef could have put any more steak in the pie - no scrimping here.

21 Jul 2019 18:16

The Golden Lion, Port Isaac

St Austell brewery pub with Proper Job, Trelawny, Tribute and Hicks the choice of ales.
Good food and pleasantly served by Emma.

21 Jul 2019 17:59

Copley Arms, Hessenford

Beers over the past two weeks, St Austell HSD, Tribute, Proper Job and Barracuda.
Sense the feeling that customers are taken for granted.
I did have a concern or two about the food but management didn't seem too bothered about it.
The waitress didn't write our order down which led to an error.

21 Jul 2019 17:44

Three Horse Shoes, Spellbrook

A Chef and Brewer owned pub.
Very spacious inside, mainly for dining and plenty of tables in the garden - and a very large car park.
Not sure if they are restricted on which real ales they can choose from, but I get the impression it is only Greedy King.
Abbot and IPA was the uninspiring choice on my visit.
Food choice is not vast but was nicely cooked. Not big portions but still quite filling.
If anyone sees a different choice of ales - please let me know.

1 Jul 2019 16:25

The Attimore Hall, Welwyn Garden City

Bypassed four pubs to come here because you can rely on a good selection of ales and today was no exception. What a choice, I'll begin with pump one.
"A pint of Purity Ubu please barman"
'Sorry it's off' he said. Next pump had Purity Mad Goose. 'That's also off'

"Not to worry" I said, "Purity's Gold, not had that one before" 'Off' "London Pride?" 'No' "Not much chance of Ghost Ship then?" 'Yes, it's on'

He begins to pour my pint, then stops. 'Oh, sorry, while you were deciding what to have a customer has just had the last pint from the barrel'
So that leaves the dreaded Doombar. "Please tell me that has also run out?" I pray.
'No, there is plenty left' he said 'Very popular with the customers' "You do surprise me" I added sarcastically. "I don't think I'll bother"

And all this at 7 O'clock on a Wednesday evening - no wonder pubs are closing down every week.

1 Jul 2019 16:00

Three Moorhens, Hitchin

Six years on I thought I'd see if anything has changed.
Before going to the bar I picked up a drinks menu. Under 'Craft Ale' it went on to say; "Fantastic range of permanent and guest beers"
"Our own beers GK IPA and Abbot Ale"
"Guest beers well known favourites and locally brewed beer"

At last, a pub willing to change their priority towards real ale and not food.
I approached the bar to see four hand pumps.
Hand pump one, no pump clip - no beer. Pump two - ditto, pump three - ditto, pump four GK Abbot and that is it, only one beer.
No guest beers, no well known favourites and no locally brewed beer. Trade descriptions spring to mind.

Having already ordered food (before learning of the ale situation) I felt obliged to stay so had a pint of Abbot.
It wasn't in the greatest condition - it was either first out the pipes that day or nearing the end of barrel.
Not much point taking it back and changing it to.....what?

When leaving I found out why it was off, pump four now had no pump clip - nor ale.
Definitely last visit.

20 Jun 2019 21:04

The Silver Fox, Hertford Heath

Nearly six years have passed since my last visit and review of the Fox - have I learned my lesson? - NO.
Two pump clips were showing GK IPA and Old Speckled Shite.
Asking the bar girl is this the choice, she said yes, it is.
I told her I'm not over keen on the IPA when she said the Speckled Hen was off. I'll have a pint of IPA please.

A couple in the pub stayed for about an hour and never spoke to each other the whole time. They each had a mobile phone playing different videos - loudly - which was very annoying.
Thank goodness their meals arrived and I thought peace at last - wrong - they continued watching while eating.
After the woman finished her meal she went to the ladies, at least it would give her phone a rest - no, she took it in with her.
Are mobiles really 24/7 addictive?
Will I ever learn? Probably not.

8 Jun 2019 15:17

White Hart, Puckeridge

My first visit to this pub and it is a 'proper' country pub.
We were greeted with a nice welcome from the landlady, Sarah.
It is owned by McMullen's, serving Country, AK and this month's special Mak Black, a very nice dark mild. Not often you see mild beers this day.
A number of small rooms make up a clean, cosy and well-kept interior.

A very good choice of meals with main lunches starting from £8.
All our meals were plentiful and tasty, cooked and served by the landlord/chef, Dave.

A rare 10/10 score from me, (only the second one I have given).
Will definitely return again.

22 May 2019 15:57

Lion Inn, Little Glemham

Plain looking pub from the outside but very inviting inside.
There are four separate areas, split on two levels.
Three or four ales on including: Woodfordes Wherry and Electric IPA, Southwold Bitter and Bitburger Pilsner (if you are into lager).
Very good choice and price of meals, and they are not mean with the portions.
Enjoyed conversing with the landlady.
Note: Pub closed on Mondays and Bank holidays.

20 May 2019 22:58

The Harbour Inn, Lowestoft

Doesn't seem to be any ambition from the bar manager to bring in different choices of ales.
Not sure if his hands are tied but there has been little change over the last few years.

20 May 2019 22:25

Bell Inn, Middleton

Beer still served from the barrel, Broadside costs £4.10.
Food is now 'fancy', not a lot on the plate but, a lot more out of your wallet.

20 May 2019 22:01

The Kings Head, Yoxford

Again four ales at the bar: Southwold Bitter, London Glory, Panther's American Pale Ale and Woodforde's Volt (which was 'reVolting') a slightly 'vinegary' taste.

19 May 2019 21:56

The Eels Foot Inn, Eastbridge

Adnams Broadside, Southwold Bitter, Ghost Ship, Fat Sprat and Rule of Twelfths, now over £4, was today's choice of ale.
This year the front door kept opening - causing a draught.
And the food was poor.

19 May 2019 21:37

The White Horse, Wareside

Sold and under new management now.
The new Greek owners have had a much needed refurbishment carried out.
All staff I met were very welcoming and friendly.
Although advertised as a freehouse it still has Greene King connections - at least in the real ale department.
Four beers on offer: Hadham Gold, GK IPA, Hardy's & Hanson's Bitter (brewed by GK) and 'White Horse' best bitter (probably brewed by GK).
A mix of Greek and English food available.

6 May 2019 22:16

The White Lion, Sawbridgeworth

A Greene King pub but, thankfully, guest beers available.
Abbot, IPA, Oakham's Citra, First Brew's Hadham and Wadworth 6X.
Good choice of food, two meals for £12.99, well cooked and tasty triple cooked chips.
Basic appearance inside but clean with friendly bar staff in attendance.
Will definitely return later in the year.

24 Apr 2019 22:32

The Chequers, Stevenage

Five years on and changes. Change of landlord and a decent change of beer.
Five handpumps dispensing: Purity's Bunny Hop, Dark Star Hop Head, Oakham's Citra, Rev James and, the fly in the ointment - Doom Bar.
More people drinking than eating on a mid-week sunny afternoon.
Keep up the good work.

19 Apr 2019 18:16

The Moon and Starfish, Clacton On Sea

Eight beers displayed today, five guests plus the three regular ales.
I chose a pint each of the two most hoppy guest beers, only to be told by the barman, "Their off".
'Then why have you still got the pump clips showing?' I asked. Reluctantly he removed only one of them.

I've got nothing against beers running out, but annoyed when bar staff are too lazy to turn the pump clips around.
How many customers ask him for those beers and be told their off?

So I settled for Purity's Saddle Black (good) and Flack Manor's Flack Catcher (reasonable).

20 Feb 2019 21:22

The Plough, Tyttenhanger

Superb country pub.
Ten handpumps with nine different real ales.
Three of them commonly seen; London Pride, Old Hooky and ESB.
A couple of Christmas specials; Hook Norton's Twelve Days and Fullers Snow Globe.
The others included; Owd Rodger, Lock Keepers, Peacemaker and 61 Deep.
A bugger when, because of driving, I can only have two pints!

Where did they get all those beer bottles? Most looked unopened.
Food and price was okay. The verdict is out on the bar staff.
Well worth another visit.

12 Jan 2019 21:07

The Gate Inn, Sutton cum Lound

Excellent pub with three handpumps serving three ales from Bradfield brewery; Farmers Ale, Farmers Brown Cow and Yorkshire Farmer.
Extensive food menu and very tasty.

6 Jan 2019 19:38

The Axe And Compasses, Braughing

Three beers on tap: Crouch Vale's Brewers Gold and Santa's Revenge alongside Harvey's IPA.
Looks like the same food menu as reviewers 8 years ago.
Waited an hour for our meals on a not over-busy lunchtime.
Friendly service and made to feel welcome.

15 Dec 2018 17:53

The Chequers, Stevenage

I never thought I would say this - what a great Greene King pub!
At least eight real ales, mostly from breweries other than GK.
Oldershaw's Heavenly Blonde was superb, as was Leighton Buzzard's Cuckoo.
A couple of porters were also available.
Good food and friendly staff.

25 Nov 2018 18:03

Bakehouse, Welwyn Garden City

Missed the turning into the pub so turned left at the traffic lights, turned around in the road, came back to the lights and turned right.
The entrance from this way is blocked by a traffic island, so went down to the roundabout, all the way round and came back up my original route and left into the pub car park. Not a good start.

Four real ale pumps - only two on. Pedigree and Old Empire - both poor quality.
Had the Sunday carvery. A mixture of meats are offered and comes with a yorkshire pudding as big as your plate (which is not very clever as you then have to juggle it to get your veg on) and then it tasted like plastic.
By the time we found the gravy and got back to our table the food was only luke warm at best.

Waited over half an hour for our sweets to arrive and enquired (sarcastically) if I had to queue up for it like the carvery?
They came five minutes later and was the best part of the meal.

On exiting the car park I needed to turn right - you can't because of said traffic island.
So, up to the traffic lights again, take any turn, turn around and back through the lights again - bloody stupid.

Having said all this I'm willing to give the pub a second visit just in case we were unlucky - fingers crossed.

15 Nov 2018 22:06

The Three Horse Shoes, Fairburn

Nice roomy pub close to the local bird reserve.
Two ever changing beers and excellent cooked meals.
Pleasant chatty landlady.

7 Oct 2018 17:22

The Trafalgar Bay, York

Only serves one real ale; Samuel Smith's Old Brewery Bitter.
Otherwise it's about three keg or four lagers.

Barman/Landlord and locals all okay.
Nice place to relax in the snug after traipsing round York.

7 Oct 2018 16:57

The Three Tuns, York

Poor choice of ale; Banks' Bitter (which even Tesco's cannot sell for a pound, other stores are available) Pedigree and, saving the day, Hobgoblin.
The walls are adorned with mouth-watering past pump clips. I don't think today's clips will make it up there.

7 Oct 2018 16:33

The Brewers Pride, Ossett

A drinkers paradise - nine beers along the whole bar.
Managed three of them; Bingley's Rakau, Harbury 5 Hop and White Rat.

Took advantage of the offer of two steaks and a bottle of wine for £20 (otherwise the food is pricey).
My steak was far too undercooked for my liking.

I'm sure it was the steak and not the beer that led to the squits later that night!!!

7 Oct 2018 16:14

The White Horse, Ledston

Choice of three beers: Tim Taylor Landlord,Theakston Best and Ossett Blonde.
Plenty of food choice and good value.

7 Oct 2018 15:47

The New Masons Arms, Oulton

Three beers at the bar: Black Sheep, Wainwright Bitter and Doombar.
Vast meal selection at good prices.
Clean and friendly.

7 Oct 2018 15:13

White Horse, Great Baddow

Ember Inns Pub, so plenty of tables for eating. Lots of room Saturday lunchtime.
Most of the favourite food dishes available, fair price and cooked well.
Three beers on out of six handpumps.
Ember Inns Pale Ale, Adnams Mosaic Pale Ale and Titanic's Plum Porter. Old Rosie cider.
Worth a return sometime.

25 Aug 2018 18:13

The Galleon Inn, Fowey

I agree with Steamer, Sharps are not not the greatest beers.
Again three on this visit, Atlantic, Coaster and Doom. Skinners Lushingtons and a very nice Fowl Play from Cotleigh.

29 Jul 2018 21:05

Earl of Chatham, Lostwithiel

Another pleasant visit.
Ales on were: Tribute, Trelawny and Bath Ale's Prophecy.

28 Jul 2018 16:32

The Highwayman, Dobwalls

The two ales this time were: Wadsworth Horizon and Jail Ale.

28 Jul 2018 16:12

The Jolly Sailor, West Looe

All four ales the same as three years ago.
Looked the same six customers as well!

28 Jul 2018 16:05

Weavers, Bodmin

Sparse choice of ales: Cornish Best and Tribute.
Beware eating the cottage pie (it nearly blew my head off) it is made with Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce!!!

28 Jul 2018 15:55

The Edgcumbe Arms, Cremyll

Fine choice of ales: Liquid Sunshine, Tribute, Halfway House and Skinners Kickov.

28 Jul 2018 15:41

The Blue Peter, Polperro

Still a wide range of ales.
Fish Key: Hop 2 it, Devon Dumpling, Tribute and Sharps Own.

28 Jul 2018 15:07

Copley Arms, Hessenford

Yet another new member of the bar staff being trained - they don't seem to last long.
Barracuda was the latest different beer on offer.

27 Jul 2018 22:23

The Salutation Inn, East Looe

Hoping to see Fireysean. Had a pint of Doom Bar (the only choice) while I waited.

27 Jul 2018 22:08

The Ship Inn, East Looe

Same choice of beers as there were three years ago.
Slight improvement with the food.
Still one of the better pubs in Looe.
Agree with addlened, a brighten up would not go amiss.

27 Jul 2018 21:54

The Globe, East Looe

The regular beer seems to be Tribute, with two changing.
On my visit it was Exmoor Gold and Landlord.
Quite roomy inside but more people outside enjoying the afternoon sunshine.

27 Jul 2018 21:34

Jubilee Inn, Pelynt

My pint of Proper Job wasn't in tip top condition.
Although I normally avoid keg beer like the plaque, I did try half of Mena Dhu Stout and it was very nice. So it should be at £2.25

25 Jul 2018 22:13

The Crumplehorn Inn, Polperro

I must have been in at a similar time to Paul as the beers were the same.
Didn't fully enjoy the fish and chips, might have been the oil it was cooked in.

25 Jul 2018 21:55

Greyhound, Bengeo

Six years on and what a difference.
The pub has had a refurbish and an extension following a fire.
New landlord and landlady are in place and what a smashing couple they are.
Considering we had only just met he was very interested in my real ale preferences.

The Citra Chaos (£3.90) was the freshest pint I have ever had (third one pulled from a new barrel).
The landlord is hoping to get a guest ale in place (not easy to achieve in a Mac's pub).

The menu is limited but not pricey.
The landlady/chef is very interested in customers feedback, mine was, it makes a nice change for food to be served on a hot plate.

I can't believe I have said all this about a McMullen pub - not like me at all!

3 Jun 2018 21:43

George & Dragon, Watton at Stone

Six beers on offer, split between the two bars.
GK and Deuchars IPA, Morland Original, Ruddles County, Boltmaker and Landlord.
Quality food, although above average price.

3 Jun 2018 20:56

The Harbour Inn, Lowestoft

Lacon's Encore and Adnams Bitter remain alongside Ghostship.
Food down on quality.

27 May 2018 20:41

The Joseph Conrad, Lowestoft

Choice of beers were poor on this visit.
All the bland regular ales were on, but only one guest, Woodfordes Bure Gold.

27 May 2018 20:23

The Ship Inn, Lowestoft

Three ales, Sipping in the rigging, Atlantic and Doombar.
Good food, reasonably priced.
Friendly staff.

27 May 2018 20:02

The King and Tinker, Enfield

No wonder Lager is preferred over real ale.
Five handpumps all with pump clips showing.
A pint of Hobgoblin please. Sorry it's off. But the clip is showing. I'll turn it round.
A pint of Hobgoblin Gold then. That is also off. And the pump clip? I'll turn it round.
What beer is actually on? GK IPA. I don't like that. London pride. That's even worse.
Tribute? I suppose it will have to be.

When I left an hour later the pump clips were still showing.
As I passed a customer I heard him ask for a pint of Gold - well you can guess the rest.

7 May 2018 19:06

The Rodney Inn, Little Baddow

Choice of three ales including Wickwar's Try Time.
Landlord/Barman on the quiet side.
Excellent choice of meals and good value.

15 Apr 2018 16:54

The Queens Head Inn, Harlow

Mainly Woodforde’s beers now served.
Once Bittern, Wherry. Butcombe Gold, and Adnams bitter an excellent choice.
Food a bit pricey.

15 Apr 2018 16:13

The Dolphin, Royston

A tad better on the beer choice, as well as the IPA and Abbot there was New River's Blind Poet and Sadler's Peaky Blinder.
The last two being dark malty beers.

Seemed to be male customer dominated this Saturday afternoon, combined with non-existent waitresses, gave an unrelaxed feeling.
Mixed feelings about our meals. Obviously microwaved - served within ten minutes of ordering - but was not served that hot.
Disappointed, as four previous visits have been enjoyable.

17 Feb 2018 18:48

The Horse and Groom, Writtle

Chef and Brewer chain.
Handy large car park because I imagine it gets busy with evening diners.
Plenty of meal choices, well cooked, tasty, good value and presented by friendly staff.
Choice of ales, though, were lacking.
Greene King IPA and Abbot, alongside a house ale.
Yet another food orientated pub with little thought for real ale.
Just about worth another visit sometime.

11 Feb 2018 21:49

The Feathers Inn, Wadesmill

Wow, five years have past since my last visit. Have things improved?...not really.
Yet another young waiter, who asked what would I like to drink? What real ales do you have? I enquired.
The blank look on his face said it all. I might as well have spoken in a foreign language.
After a shrug of the shoulders he turned to a female staff member for help.
She informed me they had GK IPA, Abbott, Ruddles and TT Landlord.
Watch this space in 2023!

4 Feb 2018 20:26

Harpsfield Hall, Hatfield

It took me three attempts to find the car park outside this pub.
You can easily see it from the main road but need to access it from the back roads.
Bright inside, lots of aircraft artefacts including engine cowling used for seating.
Along the length of the bar is the side of an airplane with world time clocks in the windows.
A wall-mounted fire gives a warm cosy feel
Condiments were new and still sealed. And with pleasant staff made this seem to be one of the better 'spoons.

14 Jan 2018 16:38

The Angel Vaults Inn, Hitchin

Not one of the largest 'Spoons so gets very busy. Finding a vacant table is quite a challenge.
It is well lit inside which makes a nice change.
The bar (down five or six steps) had a good range of ale - with none of the 'available soon' tags.

14 Jan 2018 15:47

The Poole Arms, Poole

No change inside except for the beers.
I had not seen Flack Manor (a local brewery) beers before, so it was good to see their Hedge Hop and Flacks Double Drop.
Dorset's Jurassic and Proper Job made up the choice.
Enjoyed a cheddar ploughman's with crusty bread.

14 Jan 2018 15:17

The Commodore Hotel, Bournemouth

It says dogs are welcome - well we passed a couple of "dogs" smoking just outside the entrance.
If that isn't enough to put you off then the beer surely will.
Greedy King IPA, Abbot and Old Speckled Shite.
Inside could do with some TLC.....nothing a bomb couldn't sort out.

I'm off to try the Spyglass and Kettle just down the road.
No idea what it is like - can't be any worse - can it?

14 Jan 2018 15:00

The Spyglass and Kettle, Southbourne

Glad I chose this pub rather than the Commodore down the road. It's not great but it is a damn sight better.
Fairly decent choice of ales; Old Thumper, 49er, Old Peculiar, GK IPA and Starry Night. Oh, and the ale that is in every pub.......Doombar.
Wetherspoon type food, okay but nothing too exciting.
Slightly annoyed that only one bar staff was on duty (Thursday 5pm). She worked very well but as I was seventh in the queue an 18 minute wait to get served does feel like an eternity.

Although Greene King owned (like the Commodore) this was a much better pub than I was expecting.
Quite a relaxing atmosphere and decent clientele.

14 Jan 2018 14:54

The Carpenters Arms, Bransgore

Some of the previous reviewers comments still apply.
Large eating room and a smaller area for the casual drinker and pool player.
Reasonable beers on offer; Bateman's Texan Triple Hop, HSB, Razor Back and aaaagh London Pride.
Fullers Honey Dew is still available but in keg. Don't try it - it is very cold and so gassy as to destroy the ozone layer.

The food menu is extensive and above average price.
Portions are good size and the veg is certainly fresh as well as actually being cooked - not just a quick dip in boiling water.
Well worth the extra expense.

14 Jan 2018 14:45

The Westbourne, Westbourne

My third and probably final visit.
The small pub car park was full so parked in the high street.
Not a lot had changed inside apart from the beer choice getting worse.
GK Abbot, IPA, OSH and Landlord so forced to try BrewDog's Punk IPA from the "shiny" tap. Cold and fizzy as expected - but still better than Old Speckled Shite!

14 Jan 2018 14:37

The Woolpack, Sopley

I was tempted to call in just from its position along side a flowing river and country side location.
That was about as good as it got.
Ringwood Best and Doombar the sparse choice of beer. Where are the beers from the smaller local breweries?
And to rub it in, one wall in the gents toilet has a display of over 130 interesting pump clips. I'm sure the Best and Doombar clips will not be added.

14 Jan 2018 14:31

Ye Olde George Inn, Christchurch

Pub now open, (at least it was September 2017). All I heard was the landlord/manager left the pub suddenly............and slightly richer!
Five beers on; 6X, London Pride, Doombar, Theakston's Paradise Ale and Piddle's Slasher.
Not as good as previous visits. Let down by only one barman on duty when ten customers were waiting to be served.

14 Jan 2018 14:24

Old Punch House, Ware

Since saying I wouldn''t return I have now been back about four times.
Visits are mainly for the Sunday roasts.
Beer choice is normally pretty good but today two pumps had the "coming soon" labels on them.
Sadler''s Sun Chasers was the guest ale lunchtime.
Not overcrowded daytime but probably busier in the evening.

10 Sep 2017 21:37

The Half Moon, Wilstone

My first visit and was very impressed.
Very busy on Bank Holiday Monday, but staff were efficient so did not have to wait long at the bar or to be served food.
Small friendly village pub, staff helpful and pleasant.

Four pumps on a smallish bar - three in use. Doombar (shame), Tring''s Side Pocket and Oldershaws Newton''s Drop. Later the Drop was replaced with XT''s No.2
Good choice of pub favourite meals at sensible prices and they are not stingy on portions (all three of us were struggling at the end).

Shame it is not on my doorstep otherwise this would be a regular haunt for me.

28 Aug 2017 18:33

The New Inn, Roydon

Eight years since my last visit (doesn't time fly).
Now let me see what the beer range is now.
Still Broadside and GK IPA, at least the Courage Best has gone and replaced by.........NO, I don't believe it, bloody DOOMBAR.
I need to calm down and take a deep breath. That's better.
I will return again in eight years time (2025) and see if there is a different beer - and it better not be London Pride.

27 Jul 2017 22:15

London Inn, Shaldon

Only Proper Job and Otter Bitter, third pump not used.
Meals below average price. Well presented on plate.

23 Jul 2017 19:04

The Clifford Arms, Shaldon

49er, Jail and Coastal.
Comfortable inside but very poor choice of meals.

23 Jul 2017 18:47

London Inn, Torquay

If I have the correct place this is now a Yates pub.
It has a Wetherspoon type of menu but the range of ales has to be the best in Torquay.
Ten real ales on offer mainly from Hunter and Hanlon at £2.50.
Behind the bar there is a choice of ten cider/Perry's.
Much better place than the Green Ginger Spoons along the road. Less commotion and more relaxed with a very friendly service.

23 Jul 2017 18:27

The Green Ginger, Torquay

52 ales were listed on their July/August guest ale leaflet - not one was available at the bar.
Apart from the usual "Spoon" regulars were Hunter's Devon Dreamer and Island Inspired Blonde, an American ale brewed in Scotland.
The first of my two visits was late afternoon, more or less sit where you wanted.
My second visit was lunchtime, extremely busy with hardly a spare table.
Those that were were uncleared and the chairs were touching the chairs at the adjoining table.
The next day I found a much better pub in Torquay for real ale, the........

23 Jul 2017 18:25

The Drum Inn, Torquay

Standard type of Vintage Inn's place. Never the greatest imagination of ales.
Landlord, Tribute and, yes you guessed it - Doombar.
I did go against my principles and asked how much the Moor's Union Hop (keg) spit, from the shiny pump was? £5.05, I was told - honestly.
Food not the best I've had - needed a decent beer to wash it down.

23 Jul 2017 17:18

The Hole in the Wall, Torquay

I was very impressed the bar had eleven handpumps.
Down to nine because two were not on.
And then only six different ales, some only in fair condition.
Otter Ale and Bitter, Butcombe Gold and Original, Jail Ale and sodding Doombar.
Standard choice food and price.
Fell slightly below my expectations based on previous reviews.

23 Jul 2017 16:54

Union Inn, Newton Abbot

Some very nice beers on offer.
Exe Valley It's Phil's Ale, Hunters Easy Street Blues, Butcombe Original, 6X, and the not so nice Doombar.
Very good choice of food at ridiculous low prices - ever.
Just about gets the pub atmosphere.

22 Jul 2017 19:28

Crown and Sceptre Inn, Torquay

A proper drinkers pub with quite an array of ales.
Jail Ale, Butcombe Gold, Otter Ale, Yellow Hammer, Courage, Directors, Harvey's Best and Exeter Bry Darkness.
One downside was the annoying pub dog when trying to eat.

22 Jul 2017 19:11

Market House Inn, Dartmouth

Dartmoor Jail Ale, Old Golden Hen and Greedy King IPA.
It is a basic locals boozer.

22 Jul 2017 18:47

Henry's Bar, Paignton

Single room with long bar. Good choice of ales.
Teignworthy Strawberry's and Cream, Henlon's Yellow Hammer, Exmoor's Silver Stallion and .......Doombar (well, everyone else sells it). Real Cider is also available.
Popular food dishes and good value.

22 Jul 2017 18:27

The Smugglers Inn, Dawlish

Four pumps, Teignworthy Reel Ale, Old Moggie and Dartmoor Legend, the other pump not used.
Very good choice of food, large portions and excellent vegetables at the carvery.
We ate in the pub - no need to use the restaurant part.

22 Jul 2017 18:13

Dartmouth Arms, Dartmouth

Doombar and Otter Ale was the very poor choice of ales.
Empty beer barrels outside might suggest a varied choice - but sadly not.

22 Jul 2017 17:57

The Inn on the Green, Paignton

Marston's chain serving Banks Sunbeam, Wainwright and Pedigree.
On the wall outside is their list of monthly special ales - not one was at the bar - very disappointing.
Food, the usual 2-4-1, but prices are very high to start with.
Large eating area, friendly service but meals can take a long time coming even when not over busy.

22 Jul 2017 17:39

Babbacombe Inn, Torquay

Three ales to choose from: Bays Devon Dumpling, Dartmoor Legend and Courage.
Friendly service. Good priced food and large portions.

22 Jul 2017 16:39

Old Punch House, Ware

Greene King pub serving IPA, a seasonal 'guest' and Sumo from Mad Squirrel. Another pump served real cider.
The elder barman was a bit weird, otherwise staff in general was very polite and efficient.
The Sunday roasts (served with extra gravy) were okay, but very nice desserts and reasonably priced.
Only a 20 minute wait from ordering.
The condiments arrived prior to our meals being served (which makes a nice change).
The pub itself is nothing special to attract me for a return visit.

29 Jun 2017 22:46

The Cuckoo, Peterborough

Very busy outside in the garden on a hot summers day, though refreshingly cool inside.
Four handpumps serving Adnams Ghost Ship and Lighthouse, the other two both Doombar.
Food limited choice, average price and fair quality.
Described accurately from Blackthorn (below).

24 Jun 2017 12:24

The White Horse Inn, Westleton

Seems like the odd seasonal change of beer again.
Mosaic, Freewheel, Ghost Ship, Fat Sprat and Bitter. 3 third pints now £3.80

10 Jun 2017 17:33

The Lion Inn, Theberton

Tonight's choice was ThreeOneSix from Grain's, George Gales Seafarers and Wherry.
Ordered sandwiches for a 'light' bite - good grief - it was like a full blown meal.

10 Jun 2017 17:21

The Eels Foot Inn, Eastbridge

Adnam's Freewheel now being served alongside, Broadside, Bitter and Ghost Ship - now £4 a pint.
Good choice of food at reasonable prices.
The 'banging-shut' (every 30 seconds) from the door leading to the garden was very irritating - I just about 'held it' together!

10 Jun 2017 17:06

Bell Inn, Middleton

One thing has now changed - the landlord.
Taken over by the people who run the Eels Foot Inn, just down the road.

10 Jun 2017 16:36

The Fox Inn, Darsham

Only two beers here; Adnam's Bitter and Maulden's Cuckoo.
Heaven forbid you take the salt from another table (like I did) the woman on duty nearly "as-salted" me.

10 Jun 2017 16:20

The Harbour Inn, Lowestoft

Spacious inside set up for eating.
Seems to have three regular beers; Adnam's Broadside, Bitter and Lacon's Encore at £3 a pint.
OAP food deals, served by friendly staff.

10 Jun 2017 16:03

The White Horse, Rendham

Beer served from the barrel. Mauldon's Silver Adder, Victoria's Earl Soham and Bombardier plus a couple of ciders.
Food good but can be expensive.
Barman needs to lighten up a bit.

10 Jun 2017 15:42

The Kings Head, Yoxford

Good selection of ales: Shortts Black Velvet, St Peters Golden Arrow, Abbot and Southwold Bitter.
Nice food, served all day. Sunday roast £10.

10 Jun 2017 15:14

The Lytton Arms, Knebworth

Still maintaining ten real ales and three ciders. The ones I had were in good condition.
Pilgrim's Progress, Raw's Grey Ghost IPA, M' Oak Mauldon Gold, Oakham Citra, Sharp's Sea Fury, Tring Bring me Sunshine, Side Pocket, Dark Star APA and two unnecessary ones, Adnams Bitter and Doom Bar. Prices vary; 4% abv £3.60, 5.9% abv £5.
Limited choice of food but was okay.
Located slightly out the way so might visit again later in the year.

7 May 2017 16:36

The Green Dragon, London Colney

Visited Saturday lunchtime.
I'm often criticised for reviewing pub food and not sticking to reviewing just the beer.
Well, the food here does need mentioning.
The menu has plenty of choice and good choices at that, all reasonably priced.
Served very hot, good size portions and very tasty.
Now for the beer. Sod's law - the three regular beers are the three I try to avoid.
Doom Bar, Pride and Abbot. Today's guest was Tribute.
The two girl staff were very pleasant and helpful.

18 Mar 2017 20:35

The Port Jackson, Bishops Stortford

One of the brighter interior 'Spoons.
Downstairs had quite a few of those high tables and stools - not for me really.
Another large area was taken up by the single mothers club, who allow their little ones to run around - again, not for me.
Decided to try upstairs which was much quieter (mainly because there is no bar) and had some of the separated table options.

On the long bar downstairs were about ten handpumps dispensing the usual four or five regular 'Spoon beers.
Two of the guests had run out, another was coming soon, which left Adnams Wild Hop and Ringwoods Red Boar.

Usual standard of food (damn!).

22 Nov 2016 22:12

The Swan, Wheathampstead

This is a pub I like to return to, although not as often as I would wish.
Five beers again to choose from; GK Abbot and IPA, Tring's Side Pocket, Tribute, and local brewer, Farr Brew's Our Greatest Golden.

Very friendly staff, attentive and efficient.
Food is plentiful, well cooked and good value.
A good all round pub.

26 Oct 2016 21:26

The Halfway Inn, Corfe Castle

Limited choice of ale. First Call or Tanglefoot.
Too much emphasis on food and not enough for the beer drinker.

6 Oct 2016 22:22

The Kings Arms, Stoborough

Can't fault the choice of ale.
Otter Autumn Ale, Yeovil's British Summer Time, Ringwood's Razor Back and Purbeck Best.
Poor choice of food - which is very expensive.

6 Oct 2016 22:15

The Pulpit Inn, Portland

The pub sign says it's a 'freehouse'.........b@ll@cks.
How can it be when the choice is Ringwood 49er and, yes, the dreadful Doom Bar.
When a landlord has a free choice of ales why pick this tasteless concoction?
Nice location but totally wasted.

6 Oct 2016 22:09

The Ship, Wool

A foodie Hall and Woodhouse pub.
Badger's beer: Glorious Game, First Call and Tanglefoot.
Meals from about £10 - okay.

6 Oct 2016 21:57

The Antelope Inn, Wareham

Sport's TV screens, three. Real ale, none.
Complete waste of space.

6 Oct 2016 21:17

The Red Lion Hotel, Wareham

I normally steer clear of Greedy King pubs as the choice of ales are poor and not very tasty, but I was pleasantly surprised with the not so usual GK suspects here.
Woodforde's Nelson's Revenge, Morland Original, Old Nutty Hen (a must try beer) and Old Gold from Belhaven.
I was really looking forward to the Old Gold. Doh! This has to be one of the worst beers ever produced.
It was so vinegary I thought it was off, but the bar staff told me it should taste like that. I wasn't the first to comment about it.
They were kind enough to change it for me for the Nelson - very good of them.
Good food at reasonable prices.

6 Oct 2016 21:04

Kings Arms, Wareham

Nice pub with a good selection of ales.
Gem, Hooky, Atlantic, Proper Job and Buttcombe Bitter.
Seems like they change the range regularly.
I also noticed four ciders at the back of the bar.
Very good food - although we did have to wait nearly an hour for it to arrive.

6 Oct 2016 20:30

The Inn on the Furlong, Ringwood

Ringwood beers: Boondoggle, 49er, Best and Red Boar.
Food ok, pleasant atmosphere.

6 Oct 2016 20:17

The Old Barge, Hertford

Another good selection of about six ales.
Tried three of them: Lock stock and barrel from Frog Island, Ilkley's Summer ale and Ellands American Pale Ale.
Drinks do come at a price though. Two half-pints of coke, half of cider and a pint of bitter...£12.
Half a pint of ale is an eye-watering £2.20.
Poor choice of food at high prices - shame really as it is a nice pub in a nice location.

14 Aug 2016 22:21

Rose and Crown, Tewin

What happened with my last review? Thought I had double vision trying to read it.
The three guest beers this time were; New River's Five-inch drop, Mad Squirrel APA from Red Squirrel brewery and GK's Golden Breeze.
They were in good condition but not top condition.

The mushroom pizza left a bit of a runny tummy the next morning.
I was not very pleased with the number of dogs roaming around our table whilst trying to eat.
Dog owners and pub staff need to be more responsible.

7 Aug 2016 22:03

The Union Rooms, Plymouth

Excellent choice of real ales - straight from the barrel - at the end of a beer festival.
Unfortunately, the beer was at the end of its life. I had to take a couple of pints back.
I was disappointed with the dinning tables, very cheap looking, sticky (as were the menus) and not cleared after its previous occupants.
As for the condiment trays, don't bother. Plenty of empty bottles on a side table, but the full ones were on the floor spilling out their contents.
The toilets were in a much better state than the pub, tidy and clean.
All this place needs is a bit of TLC and a manager with a bit of respect for his customers and proud of his organisation.

30 Jul 2016 22:21

The Gog and Magog, Plymouth

I know this is BEER in the evening but I must mention the food. ( The beer, by the way, was okay - 5 guests and the 3 usual regulars.)
Back to the food. I chose the sirloin stake and all the trimmings.
The steak was cooked less than the medium I asked for - that didn't bother me too much.
It was just inedible, chewy, full of gristle and almost impossible to cut.
As for the mushrooms; I think they had been cooked the day before and left out in the sun. Or maybe they had attempted to cook them by the sun. They were uncooked, dry, and again inedible.
In the majority of pubs, 5 minutes after receiving your meal, staff often ask if everything is okay - not here - I think they may be very wise!

30 Jul 2016 21:02

The Crumplehorn Inn, Polperro

Still the best choice of real ales in Polperro.
On the bar were: Fish Key's Hop 2 it, Harbour Special and Castle Gold both from Tintagel, along side Tribute and Trelawny.
Food is now unreasonably high priced, so settled for just a couple of pints instead.

30 Jul 2016 16:02

The Royal Inn, Horsebridge

A sign on the outside of the pub advertises; Good food, good ale and a grumpy landlord. Well, two out of three isn't too bad.
Disappointingly, the landlord wasn't grumpy! No, he was very charming and welcoming, chatted to us as if we were regulars.
Superb choice of real ales: Wadworth 6X, Proper Job, Legend, Betty Stoggs and two from Otter brewery; Amber and Otter Ale.
Food was excellent. The chef cooked the best omelette I have ever tasted.
A must visit if you are in the area.
300 miles closer and I would call it my local!

30 Jul 2016 15:17

The Finnygook Inn, Crafthole

I agree that it is more restaurant than pub.
Three real ales on: Tribute, TT Landlord and Padstow Pale Ale.
Food ranges from £10 up to a pricey £25 from the specials board.
Not on my list to return though.

30 Jul 2016 14:22

Earl of Chatham, Lostwithiel

Very busy for a Monday lunchtime - especially for the bar women's first day in her new job.
Good choice of ales: Tribute, Trelawny, Best and Liquid Sunshine.
Excellent food and very friendly local chaps at the bar.
Very nice.

30 Jul 2016 14:06

The Salutation Inn, East Looe

I took Fireysean's advice this year and hopped past the Sal for the Ship Inn across the street for a wider and better choice of ale!

30 Jul 2016 12:39

The White Hart Inn, Roydon

Nothing seems to have changed from my previous visit.
No improvement on the beer front.
The Abbot was over warm. The GK IPA, sadly, tasted like GK IPA. And the London Glory had run out but not been replaced.
I can understand the lack of varying the range of ales here when the other two pubs in Roydon offer no competition with their uninspiring, and unchanging, range of beers.

21 Jun 2016 21:05

The Red Lion, Southwold

Being so close to Adnams brewery it was no surprise to see their beers on the six hand-pumps.
Four of the pumps were dispensing Southwold Bitter, the other two Broadside (two beers from six pumps - you must be joking?).
Whose in charge of ordering the real ale here?
If you can't get a range of Adnams brews then get some guest ales in.

17 Jun 2016 22:07

The Parrot and Punchbowl, Aldringham

There is an Enterprise Inns sign on the outside wall - so I was expecting a good choice of real ale inside. Wrong!
Wadworth 6X, okay a good start, then 3 pumps all with Adnams Bitter, and that's it.
The glasses need a damn good wash, unless you like a lot of fingerprints and grease on them.
My intention was to eat but found a packet of crisps was the best value.
Very disappointed in Enterprise Inns - if it still is.

17 Jun 2016 21:57

The Joseph Conrad, Lowestoft

Had a nice pint of Milestone's Little John and Wickwar's Falling Star.
Still good service and a pleasant atmosphere.

17 Jun 2016 21:44

The Ship Inn, Dunwich

Not over impressed with the pub itself.
Food rather pricey but beer choice okay.
Earl Soham's Brandeston Gold, Woodforde's Nelson's Revenge and Southwold Bitter on two pumps. One pump not used.

17 Jun 2016 21:36

Bell Inn, Middleton

Same choice of beer as last time, but at a pricey £4.20 a pint.
Good food for about £9.50.
Landlord can be a bit hit and miss, becoming irritating towards the end of the evening.

17 Jun 2016 21:20

The White Horse Inn, Westleton

Almost the same beers on offer when I visited last year, with Fat Sprat replacing the Prop Hop.
Again the food was excellent.
Decent pub for locals and visitors.

17 Jun 2016 20:51

The Eels Foot Inn, Eastbridge

Four hand-pumps all serving Adnams ales, including Fat Sprat and the excellent Mosaic Pale Ale (probably Adnams best ale).
Sadly, they come at an excellent price - for the landlord, just shy of four pounds a pint.
The small bar-counter makes it hard to get served - especially when blocked by the local clientele.

17 Jun 2016 20:34

The Six Templars, Hertford

I don't mind coming here because of the wide range of beer.
However, tonight's choice consisted of the poor three regular ales, a couple of guests and - very annoyingly - five pumps with "available soon" tags on them. I want to try them now - not tomorrow.

I wish they would drop their regular beers; Abbot, Doom Bar and Ruddles and replace them with guest ale from around the country.

2 Apr 2016 22:02

Waterend Barn, St Albans

Visited on Easter Sunday mid-afternoon. Very busy but not chaotic.
More upmarket than your usual 'Spoons - brighter, cleaner and quieter (noise wise).
I do not agree with Stevens review (five below). He should visit Wetherspoons Full House, Hemel Hempstead - even Mr Martin would cringe!
Back to Waterend. Slightly disappointed with the choice of ale. Last day of the beer festival and only one ale available from the list. The usual three uninspiring regulars, plus one guest and about five with "available soon" labels on them.
Worth another visit, hopefully with better stocked beer.

2 Apr 2016 21:27

The Full House, Hemel Hempstead

For those who like to knock 'Spoon pubs - look no further than here.
Tables not cleared - probably because the surface's are so sticky the plates are stuck.
The lighting is the same as when it was a cinema - you need a torch to see where you are going.
Disappointed first and last visit.

19 Mar 2016 22:19

Manor House, Royston

Visited two years ago - soon after its grand opening.
Found it to be comfortable, many small rooms rather than one large area.
Beer range was adequate but not vast.
Two years on and pretty much ditto above.

The food on today's visit needed to be a few degrees hotter.
It soon got cold and served on a luke-warm plate did not help much.
Only three beers worth trying.

Staff are friendly and quick to serve.
So far the best pub I have found in Royston.

31 Dec 2015 21:07

The Crown, Broxbourne

Two years have passed since our last visit.
We only came in for drinks this time - so what could possibly go wrong?
Well, for a start the beer choice was not that great.
Wells' Bombardier, the ubiquitous Sharp's Doombar and the one I opted for, Sharp's Atlantic.
The fourth pump had a Christmas special ale reserved for it - but with the very annoying 'available soon' tag attached to it.
An orange juice, appletise and a VAT completed the order.

Trouble started with our second round of drinks.
My wife started sipping her second VAT when she notice blood coming from her lip.
Her glass had a chip out the rim and had drawn blood which took some stopping.
I poured her drink into her first glass and took the offending glass to the bar.

I explained to the barman what had happened and suggested he destroy the glass.
He wasn't over concerned, slid the glass under the counter and carried on serving the next customer.
Seems to me the staff reflect the attitude of Vintage Inns - or at least it does at this pub.

Will I return? Answers on a post card please.
Watch out in case that glass reappears!

31 Dec 2015 20:27

Rose and Crown, Tewin

A Greene King pub serving more real ales than they normally do.
Four regular beers, Abbott, IPA, IPA Gold and London Glory.
Three rotating beers are normally availableA Greene King pub serving more real ales than they normally do.
Four regular beers, Abbott, IPA, IPA Gold and London Glory.
Three rotating beers are normally availiable. Past ones include: Heresfoot White label and Wild boy. Tring Ridgeway, and GK St Edmonds.

Pizzas served troughout the day.
The female staff seemed more approachable than their male counter-parts.
. Past ones include: Heresfoot White label and Wild boy. Tring Ridgeway, and GK St Edmonds.

Pizzas served troughout the day.
The female staff seemed more approachable than their male counter-parts.

13 Dec 2015 16:04

Duke of Wellington, High Beech

Called in here after a nice walk in the woods.
Clean and tidy inside with plenty of tables set for eating. Food is slightly pricey.
Staff were very pleasant and helpful.
Three real ales on offer. Hobgoblin, Gangly Ghoul and Camerons Thirst Blood - all in the Halloween theme.
Will return when in the area again.

1 Nov 2015 19:04

The Inn on the Green, Harpenden

Still serving the regular IPA and Abbot ales alongside Scrum Down, a special from GK while the rugby world cup is on. The fourth pump supplied Twickenham's, Naked Ladies.
At least here you do get a couple of different beers than you normally find in most Greene King pubs.

10 Oct 2015 21:40

The Nags Head, Little Hadham

Hard to get too excited when in a Greedy King pub and here is no exception.
Same old GK ales: Abbot, IPA and Old Speckled Shite.
Where are the seasonal ales? Where are the special occasion brews, i.e. Rugby World Cup? Do they not bother brewing anything different than their bland offerings?
If they do, then why are they not in many off their pubs?

7 Oct 2015 21:06

Bell Inn, Middleton

The three reviews below pretty much sum this pub up.
Nothing seems to have changed over the last six or more years - which is no bad thing.
The landlord was very chatty, as was the young bar girl.
Adnams ales straight from the barrel were: Ghost Ship, Broadside and three dispensing Southwold Bitter - must be the locals favourite.

Didn't eat but the food range was slightly limited and prices seemed reasonable compared to other pubs nearby.
Be aware that the pub is closed on Mondays.
Well worth another visit.

6 Oct 2015 22:43

Kings Head Hotel, Beccles

Not your usual 'Spoons layout. Lots of small rooms each side of a central walkway.
Can be difficult to spot a vacant table.

Looked to have twelve handpumps at the bar, some were doubled-up with their standard beers.
Five pumps had the annoyingly 'Available Soon' clips on them, which only left two genuine guest ales.

Although very busy lunchtime, service was quick for both drinks and food.

6 Oct 2015 22:15

The White Horse Inn, Westleton

I agree this is much better than nearby Crown.
Adnams ales; Prop Hop, Lighthouse, Bitter, Ghost Ship and the superb Mosaic.
If driving, like me, you can try three beers in third-pint glasses for about £3.20.

I had the Rib Eye stake (under £13) excellent, very nice.
Well worth revisiting - unlike that other one.

4 Oct 2015 22:19

The Westleton Crown, Southwold

Not over impressed inside, a bit grim looking and possibly in need of a lick of paint - especially where the wall lights have burnt the ceiling.
Four handpumps, three in use dispensing; Wolf's Pack, Everads Sunchaser and Adnams Bitter.
I thought £4.10 for a pint of beer was far too much until an earlier review said it cost that in 2012!
Food is also silly prices. Limited appeal here.

4 Oct 2015 22:03

The Joseph Conrad, Lowestoft

I'm sure I counted ten handpumps with at least eight in use.
Goff's Lancer and Joseph Conrad's Skimmer was in good condition, but disappointed when the barman tried to pour a pint of Gone Fishing's ESB which obviously was not fit for purpose.

Although busy lunchtime the food was served in good time.
One of the better lit Spoons pub.

4 Oct 2015 21:30

The Lion Inn, Theberton

Very good range of ales.
Cotteridge's Blindside, Waxwing from Green Jack, Southwold Bitter, Broadside and Wherry.

Limited choice of food, reasonable prices and tasted okay.

4 Oct 2015 20:56

The Mill Inn, Aldeburgh

After a walk along the sea front called in here for a bit of refreshment.
The outside of the pub looks very inviting and received a warm welcome from the pleasant bar girl.
Four beer pumps took up most of the bar - all Adnams.
Bitter, Broadside, Ghost Ship and the hoppy Jack Brand Mosaic, Adnams best ale in my opinion.

I did go against my principles and tried a small taster of lager (I know, sacrilege) Adnams hopped lager.
Serves me right, what a load of old gnats whatsit. Cold, fizzy and certainly no hop taste, in fact no taste at all. What do people get out of drinking lager over real ale?

29 Sep 2015 22:20

The Wilford Bridge, Melton

Probably catches clientele from visiting near by National Trust Sutton Hoo, well it certainly caught us.
A pint costs £4 and Sunday roasts are £13. Nice food but at least a fiver too much.
Three beers on offer: Adnams bitter, Landlord and Tribute.

29 Sep 2015 21:25

The Swan, Wheathampstead

Nice clean welcoming pub, friendly and helpful staff.
Five handpumps - all in use, dispensing:
Rev James, Tribute, Black Sheep, GK IPA and the superb Oakham's Citra.

Good choice of food at sensible prices.
A couple of TV's were on but not intrusive.

1 Sep 2015 20:28

Three Hammers, St Albans

Nice to see six beers on at the bar - although not the greatest choice.
Regular ales are: Brakspear Bitter, Doom Bar and at least one decent brew, Wadworth 6X.
Guest ales today were; Summer Lightning, Adnams Southwold and the one I went for, Al Murray's Beautiful British Beer.
It wasn't in the best condition, so therefore not beautiful.

I wish I could feel better about this pub, but it seems to disappoint.
It has a large car park, central bar surrounded with plenty of tables, standard Ember Inns menu and the staff okay, but does not float my boat.

1 Aug 2015 21:17

The Fish And Eels, Hoddesdon

Not too busy for late afternoon Saturday.
Only one serving behind the bar, an extra hand now and again would have been useful.
London Pride, Doom Bar and another ubiquitous poor beer for choice.

We ordered just two starter meals for a light bite to eat.
Should arrive quickly as it was well before the early evening rush.
Forty minutes later it came.
The breaded mushrooms were okay, but the crackling part of the pulled pork was just fried fat - most inedible.

A pub that does well without any real effort put into it.

28 Jul 2015 22:21

The Bull, London Colney

Wide selection of real ales; Tribute, London Pride, Wherry and Nibley Ale from Severn Vale, plus one available soon - MPA by J.W.Lees.
Before leaving I tried a craft beer from Purity - Longhorn IPA at 5% Abv - albeit in keg form.
Good taste, a bit gassy, but nearly choked when I realised it had cost me four pound fifty.
I did enjoy my omelette and chips at a more reasonable price.

Not sure what to make of the bearded bar-man. Seemed to be in a world of his own.
Worth a second visit sometime.

28 Jul 2015 21:48

The Edgcumbe Arms, Cremyll

Usual St Austell beers; Tribute, Proper Job, Cornish Best and the one I selected, Liquid Sunshine.
Unfortunately it was on the turn and undrinkable.
The bar-girl did not believe me it was off, saying the barrel still had plenty of beer in it.
I asked her to try it. She said she did not drink beer.
"Then get the manager to try it" I said.
She came back after a few minutes and offered to change it.

That was the first time in many years of drinking I have had trouble replacing a pint.
When leaving an hour or so later, I noticed the Liquid Sunshine was still available for sale.
Disappointing visit.

28 Jul 2015 21:30

Jubilee Inn, Pelynt

Glad to take refuge from typical Cornish weather - showers in between rain.
Tribute, Trelawny and the superb Proper Job on offer.

28 Jul 2015 21:09

Copley Arms, Hessenford

Four ales on this time; Tribute, HSD, Liquid Sunshine and Cornish Best.
The Yorkshire puddings are back on the menu - although not as enjoyable as they used to be.
New bar girl this year. She seemed too automated like a robot and needed to interact more.

28 Jul 2015 20:57

The Jolly Sailor, West Looe

Not too bad for a quiet drink.
Four ales on; Tribute, Jail Ale, Doom Bar and Proper Job.
The latter probably the best ale in Cornwall.

28 Jul 2015 20:46

The Salutation Inn, East Looe

Things were beginning to look up in here.
The beer mats on the tables were advertising various beers; Sharp's Own, Sharp's Special and Cornish Coaster.
And at the bar was..............Doom Bar. Doh!!!
I was told the barman could not be bothered to order anything different.

28 Jul 2015 20:37

The Ship Inn, East Looe

Can get very busy in the holiday season (which is normally a positive sign).
HSD, Trelawny and Tribute for choice of ales - always in good condition.
My steak and trimmings could have been served a lot hotter.
The "grilled" tomato was virtually raw.

28 Jul 2015 20:25

The Swan, East Looe

No longer a pub, more like a cafe for youngsters.
Loud music from a speaker in the ceiling was irritating.
Tribute and St Austell's latest brew, Cornish Best, at the bar.

28 Jul 2015 20:13

The Standing Order, Stevenage

Run-of-the-mill spoons pub, not ever so big though.
Ten pumps for ales, the five usual poor regulars plus the five changing brews.
Not all were on though, so tried Brewdog's Magna Carter Ale and Maximus from Maxim.
Normally you do get served in order - but not guaranteed.

14 Jun 2015 22:30

The Red Hart Inn, Bodham

Only Doombar was on, others were off - and so was I.

14 Jun 2015 22:10

The Red Lion Hotel, Cromer

Still a good range of ales, but quite a few were the same I saw two years ago.
Food choice was poor and very expensive.

14 Jun 2015 21:59

Limes Free House, Fakenham

A nice, clean, bright and spacious spoons pub, along with pleasant staff.
Reasonable choice of ales including; Bank's Feral and Make it rain from Sixpoint.
Luckily for me it was Tuesday, a steak - pint - and dessert all for 8 pounds - nice.

14 Jun 2015 21:41

The Inn on the Green, Harpenden

What's happened here? A Greene King pub with two guest ales!
Never thought I would see the day.
IPA and Abbott the two regular brews, but also two changing guest beers.
Today's choice; Tolly Cobbold's Pheonix (admittedly brewed by GK) and Purity's Pure UBU.
Food was good (two meals for 11:95). Pleasant staff.
Will return later in the year.

31 Jan 2015 21:03

The Welsh Harp, Waltham Abbey

Tried here after a rebound from the nearby Sun.
Good 'pubby' feel and welcoming inside.
Four of us all had steaks (under £9 each) with all the trimmings and very nice they were too.
Beer was okay but being a McMullen pub only AK and Country available.

1 Jan 2015 18:58

The Sun Inn, Waltham Abbey

This was my third visit here. None of the four handpumps had any pump clips showing.
I asked the young bar girl if there was any real ale available?
She wasn't too sure what real ale was. After I explained she said yes there was; Amstel and er..........
I said; "I think I'll leave it"

It seems like real ale is a rarity in here. How does it stay open?
There won't be a fourth visit.

1 Jan 2015 18:38

The Sailsbury Arms, Hoddesdon

Now owned by Wetherspoons and renamed The Star.
Probably one of the smallest 'Spoons and gets very busy.
The bar is at the back of the pub on the top level of three.
There is an interesting preserved plastered wall downstairs and old beams upstairs.

The bar has two banks of six handpumps. Usual regulars; Ruddles, Abbott and IPA. Two or more pumps with the 'availiable soon' pump clips and two Xmas beers; Christmas Steps and Pudding Stone alongside Stour Valley Gold.

If you find a vacant table you have done well. We waited some while for a table to become available.
Our meal was spoilt by young children constantly running wild amongst the diners, whilst their single mothers did absolutely nothing to stop them. An hour of this does wear you down.
If you say something you are in the wrong.
The manager needs to 'grow a couple' and restore some level of discipline.

Overall, pleasant staff, decent beer but may become far too busy to be enjoyable.

1 Jan 2015 17:51

The Chequers, Stevenage

Not a lot has changed in the last three years since my last visit (certainly not the beer).
Still Brakspear Bitter, London piss and Wadworth 6x making a welcome appearance.
Food still average. Don't ask for brown sauce - they do not stock it.

8 Dec 2014 22:13

Cowper Arms, Letty Green

A pub mainly set up for eating.
Food is above my price range and certainly not gastro.
Venison or trout for £18 each or you could share a chateaubriand at £45.
I settled for a pint or three in the drinking part of the pub.

Leather chairs (past their best) at a boring square table was all I could find to sit at.
Three ales on offer: Lion, from Hook Norton, Brakspear's Oxford Gold - which unfortunately was on the turn - replacing it with Adnam's Ghost Ship (surprisingly very good).

6 Dec 2014 20:29

John Gilpin, Ware

I won't say, "I told you so"........yes I will, "I told you so".
Poor choice of beer and few customers equals pub closure.

McMullen say they closed the Gilpin to concentrate on the Chadwell Springs golf project (that is at least a year away from completion).
How will closing a pub in Ware help build a golf club? (More likely closed to be sold for housing.)

Why not close another Mac's pub in Ware, say, the Cannons Tavern?.........Doh! They have.

22 Oct 2014 21:26

Ye Olde George Inn, Christchurch

It's like the Dr Who's Tardis, but in reverse. Looks big on the outside but small inside.
One small squarish room and the main bar long and slim.
Great choice of beers; Aussie Blonde, Piddle, Summer Virgin, 49er and Hopback's Best.
Disappointed with the pizzas serve undercooked and luke warm.
And subjected to Indian piped music.

5 Oct 2014 22:19

The Land of Liberty, Peace and Plenty, Heronsgate

Ditto 'nuttybrowns' comments, especially about the pump clips.
The information helped me decide to try Mighty Oaks Maldon Gold and Dark Star's NHA Pale - both superb.
I wish the pub was in my town.

5 Oct 2014 22:01

The Westbourne, Westbourne

Only my second visit and pretty much the same as last time.
Greene King IPA is still present (probably the same barrel as last year).
The Wadsworth 6X had run dry (no surprise there) which left Palmer's Best Bitter.

5 Oct 2014 21:48

The Durley Inn, Bournemouth

Why is this awful place on BITE?
No real ale - only John Smith's keg crap and Guinness, all served in plastic glasses.

5 Oct 2014 21:37

The Wheel Inn, Pennington

Maybe not the most inviting looking pub inside or out, but that is what most 'drinkers' pubs are like.
Perhaps a bit of a spruce up inside would not go amiss.
The landlord did seem a bit quiet but once we got chatting about real ale he was quite enthusiastic.
He knew what he liked and didn't like when it came to certain beers (at last, someone else not keen on Doombar).
His ale was in good condition. Tomcat; packed with hops. Nova Foresta - brewed next door - a hoppy amber bitter, plus one or two Ringwood regulars.
Good beer over a spring clean anyday.

5 Oct 2014 21:18

The Black Bear Hotel, Wareham

Not over impressed with the main bar area so had lunch in the side room.
Food was good for choice, price and quality.
Beers were okay, Hobgoblin, 49er and Ringwood Best Bitter - still £3.40 a pint.

5 Oct 2014 20:57

The Lord Nelson, Poole

Visited during a beer festival. Out of 15 beers listed, only four were available.
Greene King IPA (you are joking?) Gk Buck Greene Governor, Oakham JHB and Everards Tiger.

Ordered four meals and stressed to the bar girl that any side salads should be undressed. All four came dressed. Salad dressing should be put into room 101.
I think they got the message when I asked for the desserts to be dress-free!

5 Oct 2014 20:29

The Moon in the Square, Bournemouth

Maybe I was just lucky, but for a very busy town this pub was not too crowded one Monday afternoon.
Good choice of ales from eight hand pumps.
Pleasant staff, good service and food served on a hot plate.
Felt very comfortable.
Handy location at the town-end of the park.

5 Oct 2014 18:22

The Half Moon, Hitchin

Superb range of eight beers at the bar, ranging from Mild, Wheat, Bitter to Hoppy.
Stocks a selection of CAMRA publications.
Handy car park to the side of the pub - albeit steep and narrow.
One slight no-no from me. The pub's white cat seemed to be encourage by some customers, whilst they were eating, to sit on a stall/chair at table.

20 Sep 2014 21:52

The White Hart Inn, Roydon

A pub of two halves.
One end resembles a restaurant while the other end of the bar is more pub-like.

Greene King run - so obviously GK IPA is served.
Bonkers Conkers and London Glory (not often seen) completed the real ale offerings.
They don't come cheap at £3.80 a pint.

A good varied range of food from £8 upwards is value for money.
Good size portions and excellent taste.

Overall - not bad for a GK pub.

8 Sep 2014 22:06

The Navigator, Ware

The takeover is now finally complete as is the refurbishment.
Oh, and the pub has now been renamed The Waterside Inn.

Six hand pumps at the bar; TT Landlord, Black Sheep bitter, GK IPA, Old Speckled Shite (sorry, I mean Hen), Summer Lightning and Wychwood's Hayburner (which unfortunately was sold out - the uncommon ones always do). Tasters are available from pre-drawn beer in bottles in front of pump clips.

Food choice seemed somewhat wacky. A few favourites and some not so traditional.
Taste, presentation and price was reasonable.

A couple of staff were moaning that they had been on duty early that morning, had not had a break lunchtime (food or fag) and were both working through to the end of the evening shift. Blimey.

Overall, it is not a lot different from the previous owners.
I would like to see more uncommon beers, but more common pub grub. And a bit of atmosphere would also help.

Might be some time before my next visit.

30 Aug 2014 22:05

The Noel Arms, Rutland

I travel over a hundred miles to get away from Greedy King and the first pub I visit serves Abbot Ale.
Tim Taylor's Landlord and Adnams Bitter the other choice.
Barman very pleasant and informative.
Sounds like a re-furb is imminent, which is no bad thing.

17 Aug 2014 18:52

Copley Arms, Hessenford

Three ales always on.
The latest being: Liquid Sunshine, Dartmoor and Tribute.
Good food and service, but not cheap.

28 Jul 2014 21:25

The Galleon Inn, Fowey

Doesn't look the most inviting place from the street.
Enter pub down a passageway.
Smell of cooked food from the kitchen taints the air.
Seating is a bit on top of each other.

Having said that, you will find, at last, a different choice of beer than in most Cornish pubs.
Vale of Glamorgan's Scorchio, Bay's Devon Dumpling, Cornish Coaster and of course the ubiquitous Doom Bar. All roughly £3 a pint.
Good priced grub at £6.
Worth a try.

28 Jul 2014 21:11

Springer Spaniel, Treburley

Not the warmest of welcome from the landlord.
The beer: Jail Ale, Tribute and London Pride was just a bad of choice as the food. Bread and olives for £4.

26 Jul 2014 21:47

The Edge, Port Isaac

Came in for a quick pint.
Unfortunately they only sell the dreaded Doombar - so I made it a very quick half.
Having said that, the staff were very friendly and as it is more a restaurant than a pub I imagine the food would be very good.

26 Jul 2014 21:34

The Mote, Port Isaac

Very expensive and strange choice of food.
Only serves the awful Doombar.
Not my cup of tea - although that would have been nicer.

26 Jul 2014 19:50

The Edgcumbe Arms, Cremyll

Nice location next to a superb park and the ferry to Plymouth.
Expect the usual Tribute, Trelawny and Proper Job and normally a not so usual beer, this time being St Austell's Rainforest Gold.

26 Jul 2014 19:41

Jubilee Inn, Pelynt

Nice pub with same beers as a couple of years ago.
The Proper Job being the most expensive at £3.70 a pint.
Good Sunday roasts for £8.95 but very filling.

26 Jul 2014 19:25

The Ship Inn, East Looe

Spacious pub but dimly lit inside - like a W'spoons.
Beer in good condition: HSD, Proper Job and Tribute.
Tasty food.

26 Jul 2014 18:54

Rye House, Hoddesdon

My pint of GK Abbot was far too warm, well over the ideal temperature.
Next up was Adnams Southwold Bitter, again too warm but also on the turn (end of barrel I suspected).
I mentioned it to Gloria, the bar person. She said it was the first pint from a new barrel - I didn't agree with that.

She poured another pint through. That also tasted like vinegar.
Not satisfied, she ask the manager to try both pints. He agreed they were off, due to end of barrel (as I thought).

The replacement was London Pride, slightly warm but passable. Unfortunately it did taste like London Pride. I daren't complain as I would get chucked out.

When I did leave I noticed the Adnams bitter was still being served.

28 Jun 2014 23:03

The King and Tinker, Enfield

Popular pub in a nice location.
I get the feeling that it could be run better.
Food is okay but can take up to an hour to be served.

Three ales to choose from.
Twaites Magic Sponge was good.
The Wainwright dispensed clear water (I think the pipes had been cleaned out and not drained off).
That left Greedy King IPA (which is also like water - and that is when the beer has been tapped and pulled through).

16 Jun 2014 20:41

The Crooked Chimney, Welwyn Garden City

Very busy Saturday lunchtime.
I asked the bar girl how long food was taking to be served? "30 minutes" she said.
Are you sure it is not going to be an hour or more? I queried. "No, chef has not informed us of any delays" she replied.
After ordering our meals I checked out the real ales.

Seeing my review four years ago, the choice then was poor, now it is worse.
Only two pumps were available, with Brakspear Bitter still making an appearance alongside the dreaded Doombar. (The manager must take great pride with his selection of ale every week.)

30 minutes later still no food and my pint was nearly finished.
Ordered another pint and that had disappeared by the time an hour had passed - still no food.
It arrived ten minutes later.

My venison in suet pudding was more like gristle in a dried up pie.
And just to crown a really bad day we sat at a table next to the door leading the garden (we had no choice, it was the only vacant table).
If one ignorant person failed to shut the door behind them then twenty or more did likewise.
I told one bloke, if he didn't shut the door I'll...............well that's another story.

I will generously award my visit 2 out of 10, mainly because it has a big car park.

14 Jun 2014 20:09

The Chequers, Wareside

Nice welcome from the landlady/staff and interactive with the locals.
Buntingford's Highwayman is still the long-time regular ale alongside the two changing guest beers.
From the chalkboard I chose the pigeon pie with veg - it was delicious.

The pub has not changed much over the years - which is no bad thing.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

10 Jun 2014 22:24

The Cobb Arms, Lyme Regis

I'm sure everyone in here was having something to eat - as I was as-well.
Plenty of food choice, good price and generous portions.
The beers have been well documented on this site, I don't suppose they change that much from Palmer's Gold, Best, Copper and 200.

9 Jun 2014 22:30

The Ship Inn, Weymouth

Nice pub mainly for eating I would imagine.
Good choice menu, reasonable prices and excellent quality.
Three Badger beers are available. On my visit they were Billy Stinger, Tanglefoot and one I have not seen before, First Call (as opposed to First Gold).

9 Jun 2014 22:14

The William Henry, Weymouth

Came in one evening for a quiet pint or two.
I avoided the upper level as it was busy with diners and much noisier than the ground level.
I sank into one of the many armchairs armed with my two beers.
Among the array of beers across two bars my picks were, Fat Head's Rocket Man and East Street from RCH, both in good condition.

Staff were pleasant and informative about the real ales.
The only downside was the pig-ignorant customers who failed to shut the entrance door behind them.
Nothing worse on a chilly evening.

9 Jun 2014 22:00

The Black Dog, Weymouth

We took refuse in here one evening as it had just started raining.
Old fashioned pub with bare floorboards.
A darts match was in progress but played in an unobtrusive way.
Two real ales both served straight from the cask.

When we were about to leave it was chucking it down outside.
The landlady kindly telephoned for a taxi to take us back to our digs.

9 Jun 2014 20:53

Swan Inn, Weymouth

Not as big as most 'Spoons' pubs - which is no bad thing.
Maybe that is why the service is quick and efficient.
As in the previous post, the food is hotter than with most other outlets.

Adnams 'The Publican' was a very tasty beer, the Rudgate Ruby Mild was okay, both still at last year's prices.

8 Jun 2014 18:35

The Navigator, Ware

The Navigator is now run by the Stonegate pub company.
The three real ales along the front of the bar happened to be in my top three beers list.............for the worst.
Greedy King IPA, Fullers London Pride and Sharps Doombar.
Luckily, a pump on the side of the bar was serving Wychwoods Hobgoblin.

Food okay and cheapish. My steak, supposedly cooked to medium, was served rare to raw.
Staff were pleasant.

Sometime in the future Stonegate might change the name of the pub.

10 May 2014 22:06

The Garibaldi, St Albans

I concur with 'drinkingdad' review, only my second visit but feels very comfortable.
Still a good selection of ales, although they did seem to be the same seven as when I was in a year ago.
Food still good and served most of the day.

10 May 2014 19:26

The Royal Oak, South Ockendon

From the outside it looks like a country pub in a built-up area, so we called in for some lunch.
Inside was smart and clean with the restaurant along the far side of the bar.
I was not too impressed with what was on the bar.
Two hand pumps: Adnams Ghost Ship had ran out, leaving just boring Doom Bar.

Choice of food was okay at prices from average to high.
The ploughmans is served on a wooden board - I prefer a plate.
Burgers are served on a slate board - not sure how hygienic they are.
Chips come in a wire basket, which seem strange.
Guess what happened after I sprinkled them with vinegar?

Staff were just about okay without going that extra mile.
All round a disappointment.

20 Apr 2014 21:33

The Woodlands Edge, South Ockendon

The family sent me in for a recce prior to us eating in here.
I had a feeling this could be my quickest visit to a pub in history.
Housing estate pubs rarely impress me anyway and this one from the outside was no different.

Inside was fairly busy with local residents.
After a quick look along the bar (no sign of real ale) I was outside and off down the road within a minute.

The bad point is, it is a Greene King pub.
The good point is, it does not sell Greene King beer.

20 Apr 2014 21:07

Jolly Fisherman, Stanstead St Margarets

I won't mention the beer again - the choice will never change.
Took the family for a Sunday lunchtime treat. Only it wasn't.

Food was luke-warm, served on a cold plate and very disappointing.
I prefer my vegetables cooked for at least 20 minutes, not 20 seconds.

4 Apr 2014 21:29

The Shakespeare's Head, Holborn

Late Saturday afternoon and very, very busy.
Lots of Irish in for St Patrick's and the rugby.

Managed to occupy the last vacant table.
Ordered food and it was served within 15 minutes.

Beer in good condition especially the Portabello VPA.
Staff pleasant and very efficient.

4 Apr 2014 20:34

The White Lion, Covent Garden

Small room pub but enough bar space for six hand pumps.
Good choice of beer including Bateman's Black and White, Ilkely's Mary Jane (very nice) and Gadds Dr Sunshine.
Two quid for half a pint seemed a bit steep.

4 Apr 2014 20:19

Rye House, Hoddesdon

Handy pub for lunch and a pint before visiting the nearby Rye Meads Nature Reserve.

Good choice of food including two meals for a set price.
Very good quality and good size portions.

As for the pint......... The range of beer does not seem to change over the years.
Bombardier was off, leaving London Pride (yawn) and Greedy King IPA (double yawn).

Anyway, best stay sober for the birdwatching.

1 Mar 2014 21:54

Sun, Hoddesdon

I quite agree - no pub atmosphere at all. Loud uninspiring piped musak kills a quiet conversation.
Usual two Mac's beers plus their monthly special 'Love Herts'.

Food is the main concern here.
The menu, price and quality is quite acceptable.

Our 'waitress' tried to take our four orders of meals and drinks by just memory. I said I would prefer she write it down.
The table behind us should have taken my advice.

Nothing here to make a quick return.

1 Mar 2014 21:41

Bowling Green, Lichfield

Two banks of six hand pumps dispensing about five or six different beers.
Two I tried, Red Squirrel Scottish Ale and Vale's, Longitude were decent enough.
My third pint, Purity's Pure UBU, normally a very tasty beer but was disappointingly dull today.

Food is good but expect a 40 minute wait Saturday lunchtimes.

9 Feb 2014 18:41

The Dolphin, Royston

A Greedy King pub with a Flame Grill menu.
The beer is the usual uninspiring choice of Abbot and IPA. A third beer called "Dolphin" is just 90% IPA, tweeked here and there, and given the name of the pub.

I will admit that food in GK pubs are of a high standard and here is no exception.
Good choice, fair price and very enjoyable.
All staff were very polite and friendly.
A good atmosphere (Saturday lunchtime) and family friendly.

Will visit again for the food but not for the beer.

7 Dec 2013 17:14

The Black Horse, Melbourn

Quiet for a Saturday lunchtime, just a few local in.
Three including Wickwars, BOB and one from Buntingford.
Serves mainly basket meals and sandwiches/snacks.

7 Dec 2013 16:50

The Mulberry Bush, Lambeth

A pub opposite the ITV studios where you might see the occasional celeb' (remember Ant and Dec calling in during their Saturday night show?).
I expected it to be quite plush inside but it seemed fairly basic.

All 5 hand pumps dispensing Wells and Youngs beers.
Only had time for a quick pint before heading for the studios.
The London Gold was a bit thin but still reasonable.

2 Nov 2013 22:02

The Navigator, Ware

Quiet for a Tuesday evening.
6 hand pumps with a decent choice of ales.
Jennings Cocker Hoop, Hobgoblin, Boon Doggle, Crag Rat, GK IPA Gold and Doom Bar.

I chose the Crag Rat, unfortunately it was not on.
I wish barmen would remove pump clips from unavailable beers.

2 Nov 2013 21:24

King's Harold Head, Nazeing Common

A choice of three good ales at the bar. Golden XPA from Caledonian, Golden Cauldron by Wells and Young and The Young Rev a Brains beer, weaker than their Rev James.

Our Sunday roasts for £8.95 were tasty and filling.
Worth returning providing it maintains its choice of three less common ales. In other words avoid Greene King shite, Doom Bar and London Pride.

2 Nov 2013 20:13

Crooked Billet, Hook

Looked like the regular brew was Doom Bar - needless to say I left that alone.
The guest beers however were worth trying: Wild Weather from Stormbringer and Gold Muddler brewed by Andwell.

Large area for eating. Food towards the higher price range but cooked well and tasty.

27 Oct 2013 22:12

The Greyhound, Corfe Castle

Three hand pumps but only one beer on, Black Sheep Bitter.

27 Oct 2013 22:00

Bankes Arms Hotel, Corfe Castle

Looks like the Ringwood Best Bitter is a regular ale.
On my visit Otter and Tribute were the other offerings.

27 Oct 2013 21:39

The Green Man, Wimborne

Cosy feel pub and very welcoming.
Saw the old dog behind the bar......and Cooper (only joking).
No, the landlady was very nice and introduced us to Cooper, the pub's friendly dog.

Wadworth beers on three hand pumps; Swordfish, 6X and Henry IPA.

27 Oct 2013 21:24

Bankes Arms Hotel and Country Inn, Studland

Who needs a pub crawl when there are 9 hand pumps on the bar?
It was a lunch time visit so only tried four of them.
Three were from Purbeck: Wrecked, Harvest and IPA, with Churchill's Honourable Pale Ale from Oxfordshire. All perfectly drinkable at a cost of £3.60 a pint.
Bar staff were willing to chat about the range of ales.

Food prices a tad high for my family of four. Three of us had a ploughman's each for £6.50. The other awkward one had a Lamb Shank for £13.50.
Portions are big so prices are probably justified.

I helped myself to salt, vinegar, sauces etcetera..........saves a lot of aggro.

27 Oct 2013 20:51

The Westbourne, Westbourne

Hesitated outside for a while but decided to give this pub a try one Wednesday evening.
It is not really my sort of pub.
A 'u' shaped room with a few high tables and stools (not ideal for eating at) as well as regular tables and seating. 3 televisions, set on three different channels, and noisy chatter from the clientele didn't exactly fill me with any great expectations.

The menu has a good choice of meals, cheap prices but excellent quality. Steak £7.50, Ribs £8 both lean and tasty.
My sponge pud for afters had been micro-waved a bit too long. The lump of rock was taken back and replaced, without any fuss, for a nice fluffy one.

Greene King beers, IPA and OSH, ensured two hand pumps would not be overworked. But the guest beer from Dark Star, American Pale Ale, was on fire. What a great beer. If you see it - try it - you will not be disappointed.

It may not be the greatest pub in the area but it does serve good food and at least one decent ale.

19 Oct 2013 22:21

The Poole Arms, Poole

The same three beers that 'Blackthorn' saw were present again.
Quite busy in there one Tuesday lunchtime.
Food looked good but we settled for sandwiches (also good).

13 Oct 2013 22:03

Jolly Sailor, Poole

Didn't see where I was going until I got to the bar. A shiver ran down my spine - I'm in a Greene King pub.
IPA, OSH and Landlord could not tempt me to stay.

13 Oct 2013 21:46

The Lord Nelson, Poole

Nice to see beers other than Greene King.
Tanglefoot, Fursty Ferret and Hopping Hare made a welcome change.

13 Oct 2013 21:32

Spotted Cow, Poole

Slight head-way on the beer front from my previous visit.
Highland's, Scapa Special, Boondoggle, 49er and the usual Ruddles and Abbot.

13 Oct 2013 20:56

The Hop Inn, Bournemouth

WARNING: Take heed of the reviews for this pub.
It is dirty, unhygienic and even worse - Doom Bar was the sole ale.
Any rating above zero is far too high.

The place for beer is the Goat and Tricycle.

13 Oct 2013 20:32

Goat and Tricycle, Bournemouth

All ten hand pumps in use again. Tried six of them.
Swordfish, Hobby Horse, Long Man Best Bitter, Bishop's Tipple...............names became a bit fuzzy after that.
Not my favourite food menu, so four of us shared a selection of deep fried bits and bobs (not good for the cholesterol).

13 Oct 2013 14:24

The Waggon and Horses, Graveley

The main bar area is set mainly for dining.
Very busy at time of visit so did not eat.
Food choice looked good.

3 real ales at the bar, although not my ideal choice. London Pride, Doom Bar and Adnams Bitter.
Only a short stay but felt comfortable here. Hope to return soon.

13 Oct 2013 12:50

The Plume of Feathers, Little Wymondley

I really must learn not to drink in a Greene King pub again.
3 hand pumps, one for IPA, the other two not in use.
Well done Greedy King - another excellent choice of your finest ales.

The present tenants are leaving in the next week or so. Maybe things will change for the better.

13 Oct 2013 12:25

The Silver Fox, Hertford Heath

Visited a few times the last couple of years, certainly not because of the beer, but purely of locality and it is normally quiet Saturday lunchtimes.
Normally there are three regular beers from Greedy King at the bar and the occasional guest. But last week I was told the GK beers were to be reduced and replaced by more guest ales.
Good on you Landlady. Well done to think of us drinkers. I will becoming here more often from now on.
A week later and here I am, standing at the bar and eager to see what the five handpumps have to offer.

The first pump had a clip on it with; "Try before you buy". Good start I thought......thinking of us drinkers again. Alas, not a good start. No beer on the pump - just the clip.
The second pump also had a clip on it; "Try one of our salads" it read. What's going on here.
Pump three and four...wait for clips - and no beer.
Hooray, pump five has beer. Sod it, bloody GK I.P.A.
What an utter shambles. One week of guest ales and bugger-all left at the weekend.

I think I have learnt my lesson now.

7 Sep 2013 22:24

The Crown, Broxbourne

Glutton for punishment I returned yet again.
It was no busier than last time so we thought it would be al-right.

This time we ordered two ham and leek pies and a couple of steaks along with a round of drinks.
The waitress said the food would take about half an hour. We accepted that.

Nearly a quarter of an hour passed before our drinks arrived (I was gasping for a pint).
After waiting 40 minutes for our meals the waitress said it will only be a couple of more minutes.

When the hour ticked by I asked our server to ask chef what the delay was and find out if he had actually started cooking it yet?

On her return she informed us that he had not started cooking our order.
Time to get the manager.

He was a decent enough chap. Very sorry for what has happened. Apparently two chefs had walked out suffering from anxiety and stress - I know how they felt.

We cancelled our order and left. It did mess the rest of the day up for us.
The thing that annoyed me the most was being mis-led/misinformed by the waitress. I'm not sure if she really knew what was going on.

Might be a long time now for the next visit.........if ever.

1 Sep 2013 22:38

The Last Post, Southend on Sea

After this mornings torrential downpour staff closed the shorter bar and seating area off because of flooding. A large puddle was forming on the carpet.
The main bar was fine although the real ale choice was now restricted. The uninspiring house regulars were available but only one guest ale - and four 'available soon' - if you waited.
Tables were cleared of plates but not wiped clean.
Staff friendly as ever.

24 Aug 2013 22:10

Three Moorhens, Hitchin

Owned by the Old English Inns chain and typically first priority food, beer second.
Food choice, price and taste all average.
Uninspiring beer choice from Greedy King, Abbott, IPA and Old Golden Hen (the best of a bad bunch).

Ordered drinks at our table. No sign of them after 15 minutes so I collected them myself from the bar.
When the food arrived I ordered another beer. Again the waitress failed to deliver so another trip to the bar was needed.

As 'zoomy' stated,"It does a good trade", but I don't think I will be adding to it again.

20 Aug 2013 22:24

Copley Arms, Hessenford

Still the regular beers of Tribute, Trelawney and HSD.
Quiet inside for Thursday lunch.

20 Aug 2013 21:43

The Old Plough House Inn, Duloe

Out of the way country pub with friendly and pleasant bar girl.
Four hand pumps, two were off, so only Tribute and Doom Bar (yawn) for choice.
Main meals are very expensive. So settled for a chicken, bacon and mayonnaise sandwich.
Wow, best sarnie I have ever tasted, and it came with a handful of chips.

20 Aug 2013 21:38

The Crown, Broxbourne

Decor looked fresher this time.
Only Reverend James and an Adnams for beer choice.
Busy but food came quickly, nothing special but satisfactory.
Didn't try the chips this time 'cos I had toad in hole with mash!

20 Aug 2013 21:33

White Horse, Chorleywood

Greene King pub (damn).
Usual IPA and OSH slops along with a proper guest ale, Gem, from Bath Ales.
Oh, and Stallions Brew, from the White Horse brewery. Come off it Greedy King, you don't fool me. It

is 99% IPA brewed by yourselves and changed its name.
You should have named it Stallions P*$$.
The food looked good but was tasteless.

20 Aug 2013 21:24

The Rose and Crown, Chorleywood

Called in for some lunchtime food, but I am not willing to pay evening time prices.
Seemed a weird choice of posh nosh.
Couldn't fault the beer range though.

20 Aug 2013 21:19

The Land of Liberty, Peace and Plenty, Heronsgate

Eight superb ales for the drinker, but not much in the way of food if you are hungry.
It is not for the want of trying to find a pub with this much choice of beer along with a decent selection of meals but, alas, I will keep searching.

20 Aug 2013 21:06

The Edgcumbe Arms, Cremyll

St. Austell ales: Tribute, Trellawney, Proper Job and a limited edition of Gold Rush - an excellent 4% abv golden ale.
Had the Sunday carvery (three meats for £8.95). Very nice but needed to to hotter.
River side tables offering good views across the water to Plymouth.

20 Aug 2013 20:59

The Ship Inn, Polperro

Three pumps dispensing Doom Bar and Proper Job while the Tribute was off.
Food okay but nothing special.
Got a bit fed up by the barmaid/landlady continually calling me 'Darling'. We have never met before!!!

20 Aug 2013 20:57

The Blue Peter, Polperro

Probably has the best selection of different beers than most pubs in this area.
I think there were about six hand-pumps and every one in use.
Although food is available space did seem a problem.
The dining area upstairs is too cramped and not much better in the bar.
I'll just stick with the beer.

20 Aug 2013 20:53

The Golden Lion, Port Isaac

Still their normal range of Tribute, Dartmoor and HSD.
Food is good at fairly reasonable prices.

20 Aug 2013 20:46

The Swan, East Looe

Still only Doom Bar and Tribute.
A guest ale on the third pump would be nice. Maybe one day.

20 Aug 2013 20:42

The Salutation Inn, East Looe

Still selling the same dishwater.
I ask the bar girl why just the one beer for choice?
"Our regulars always ask for Doom Bar", she replied. After a slight pause she added, "I suppose they would really, it's the only one we have". Brilliant.

20 Aug 2013 20:38

Flying Horse, Clophill

This is not a pub - it's a restaurant. Hundreds of tables - or so it seemed.
Beer not a top priority, Doombar and a guest - at £3.84 a pint!. No cider at time of visit and no J2 0's.

Food is expensive. A small 6 ounce steak for £16, fillet is well over £20.
There is the option for smaller portions (not for steaks though) if money is an issue (how kind).
They do expect a tip when you settle the bill. Mine is; Reduce your prices and I'll tip the waitresses.

Do not ask for brown sauce, they don't have any (far too common).
Also, be careful of the stupid tall square pepper/salt pot.
The pepper is easy to operate but the salt? I gave it a slight twist and whoosh............half-a-ton on the plate.
Happens all the time the waitress informed me. Do something about it then!!!
A replacement meal was cooked for me without any fuss.

The good side was plenty of staff available and food served all day.

2 Jun 2013 19:18

The Banningham Crown, Banningham

Very crowded pub, mainly diners.
Five beers but not the best choice. Yes, Greene King again. Dreary old Abbot, IPA and Hen as well as Wainwright and Winters bitter.

The main head-waitress was a bit up her own back-wotsit who slowly showed a bit more hospitality as time went on.
Food was good, although a tad expensive.

2 Jun 2013 18:10

Queen of the Iceni, Norwich

Agree with previous review that only five beers to choose from is very poor for a 'spoons' pub.
Take away the usual Greene King crap and only Nelson's Revenge and Golden Jackal were worth having.
Six banks of shiny pipes dispensing lager got more priority.

Improvement in food (not that that is hard to do).
Two steaks, two ribs, four drinks and a bottle of wine all for £34 - can't be bad.

2 Jun 2013 17:29

The Red Lion Hotel, Cromer

Probably one of the best places in Cromer for a decent choice of real ale.
Beers I tried were from: Beeston, Grain and Winters.
Future beers can be viewed on 'twitter'.
There are lots of past pump clips above the bar.

It can get very busy at the bar, they need more than the two bar staff that were on duty.
Food is in the higher price bracket.
I did wait over ten minutes at the bar to order some food only to be told that food orders were only taken at the table.
So I waited another ten minutes at my table and with no sign of a waitress to take my order I walked out.

Staff in general are quite pleasant - but more needed please.

2 Jun 2013 16:56

Windham Arms, Sheringham

A good variety of six beers to choose from and encouraged to try before you buy.
There was a strange smell throughout the bars, possibly food. But this was in the afternoon and food is only served in the evening.

2 Jun 2013 15:58

The Sailsbury Arms, Hoddesdon

I like to see a pub sign which underneath its picture says 'Freehouse'.
Hopefully inside are some lesser known ales and not Greene King swill.

I always thought 'freehouse' meant the landlord could choose what beer he could sell/stock and probably change to other beers daily, weekly, monthly or whenever. Perhaps I'm wrong.
I know my eyes are failing and perhaps I should wear glasses but.............where is the real ale in here?
All I could see were chrome plated 'tee' pipes with a bank of cold fizzy keg crap and even colder lagers.

Did I miss the real ale or did the sign say 'Freefromale'?
Won't be back if it is the latter.

19 May 2013 18:16

The White Swan, Hoddesdon

Normally eat here about twice a year. The food is good with a decent pint of beer.
However, this Saturday lunchtime was very poor. I understand it might be under new management since my last visit.
The menu has changed with less choice and some popular dishes absent.

Decided not to stay and glad I was not missing out on some good beer.
Greene King Abbot, IPA and London Pride rubbish.
Very disappointing.

19 May 2013 17:41

The Anchor, Wadesmill

This was probably my most enjoyable visit so far. Vast improvement in service and organisation than on previous occasions.
All staff were very pleasant and helpful.
Food was good, my rump steak was the tenderest piece of meat I have ever eaten.

One thing does puzzle me. Marston pubs have five guest ales during each month of the year (which they publish on a leaflet) but here they do not seem to participate.
Three ales were on; the awful regular Pedigree alongside better ales, Forty Niner and Hobgoblin.

Even the car escaped damage.

13 May 2013 21:06

The Hardwicke Arms Hotel, Arrington

I'm not sure if many non-residents come here for a drink as it is a hotel.
I'm here because it is after 3PM and it is open all day.
Once past that typical smell of an old fashioned hotel it does not seem to extend to the bar area.

Three hand pumps (two on) Clifton Ale, from Cottage and Titanic's, Iceberg. Both in good condition but both served colder than ideal.
Pump clips at the end of the bar indicate future beers. Good to see a place like this with regularly changing ales.

Pleasant young lad behind the bar who was also busy with restaurant duties.
Might arrive earlier next time and have some lunch.

13 May 2013 20:41

The Golden Fleece, Braughing

Called in for the first time one Saturday lunchtime.
It was quiet when we arrived with only three or four customers inside. But within five minutes it was getting crowded with all the tables in the bar area taken.

Three real ales on the bar, Adnams Bitter and May Day alongside Cuthbert, from Church End brewery.
Food does not come cheap. Main meals range from about £11 to over £20. We, like many other people, chose the Braughing sausages with onions in a baguette for under £6. With a bowl of chunky chips for a further three quid it was very tasty and made a nice change from the usual pub grub.

Must mention Lauren and Becky S, the two lovely and pleasant girls on duty that day.
Unlikely to return due to high prices.

10 May 2013 21:55

The Garibaldi, St Albans

The White Hart Tap was very busy Friday lunchtime so we came in here. There were only one or two customers in - but then I prefer it that way.
Seven hand pumps, four at one end of the bar and three at the far opposite end (feels like you have to walk into another room just to see what the beer is).

Mainly Fuller's ales plus some they make for Gale's (Seafarers and HSD) served by a pleasant young lad behind the bar.
Simple food dishes at reasonable prices, cooked well and the chips were nice and crispy.
Back ground music wasn't too loud or annoying, even though I'm not a great lover of music in pubs.

There is a handy pay and display car park nearby. Would hope to return in the not too distant future.

10 May 2013 21:44

The White Hart Tap, St Albans

Very busy one Friday lunchtime. Long wait for food so did not stay.
Shame because the menu looked good and I noticed there were four or more real ales on offer, including the superb Mad Goose from Purity.
Ended up in the Garibaldi just around the corner, but will definitely try again at a quieter time.

10 May 2013 21:40

The William Aylmer, Harlow

Just caught the end of the beer festival Saturday afternoon. With nine or ten ales to choose from I sampled six in third-pint glasses. Although kept in good condition (the beer that is - not me) only one was that tasty.
Bar staff and waitresses are very polite and friendly. Usual 'spoon' standard food, the spare ribs are good value and quite filling.
A good pub for Harlow!

25 Apr 2013 21:31

The Royal Pavilion Tavern, Brighton

The 'Spoons' Post and Telegraph just up the road was absolutely rammed Saturday afternoon, so tried this pub instead. It was certainly a lot quieter and more relaxing here.

Five hand pumps on the bar promises a good selection of real ales. Sadly though, two were waiting to settle in the cellar. Green King IPA occupied two pumps (I wouldn't touch that with a barge pole) and the fifth pump had Adnams Kristal White - unfortunately a wheat beer (never had a nice one yet - and still not).

The was one nice beer though. The last time I had a keg beer was over ten years ago - because they are awful. This one was Meantime's London Pale Ale. Slightly cold and gassy, as expected, but tasted very good - and so it should do at over £4 a pint!!!

Food wise: Mitchell and Butler menu. Extensive choice, cheap and Wetherspoon standard.........oh well.
Overall, a quiet 'Spoons' without the beer.

20 Mar 2013 21:59

The Attimore Hall, Welwyn Garden City

'daisydew' obviously left here in a moo-d. Beware one-post members.
This is only my third visit here but could not agree less than her review below.

Three hand pumps, all in use and all in good condition. I'm not going to suggest you would not like them - we all have different tastes.

There is quite a collection of pump clips behind the bar - suggesting a varied selection of ales previously served.

There is a good choice of food, most costing £7 to £8. It is not 5 star restaurant quality but it is cooked well (steaks are perfect) and hot (without the use of a microwave). The barman/manager is very pleasant and hard working.

If 'daisydew' would like to suggest a better pub in Welwyn that serves guest ales (not Greene King or McMullen's please) and serves good food a reasonable prices, I would be willing to give it a try.

10 Mar 2013 15:38

The Fish And Eels, Hoddesdon

Food here can be a bit pricey. Pork Belly £12 and over £13 for a Lamb Shank. Portions are good - served hotter would be better.
Alcohol is not cheap either. 250cl Rose £5.35, beer £3.35.

Three real ales are normally on. Quality is okay but not tip top.
Two beers over the Christmas period had different pump clips but were actually from the same barrel (the barman confirmed this).

It is a dining pub rather than just drinking. Four of us this Sunday having four main meals and five drinks between us totalled £66. Not something I can do every week.

It is a comfortable place with nice surroundings, organisation could be better at these prices.

10 Feb 2013 21:01

The Feathers Inn, Wadesmill

Years ago I came to the Feathers for a meal to celebrate an anniversary or birthday. An ideal pub for a special occasion - not any more though.
Their main advert is for two meals (now) £9.95. A poor choice of five meals, two of which are vegetarian.

As all real-ale drinkers know, you do not visit a Greene King pub for its ale.
Never much of a choice and here is no exception. IPA and Old Speckled Hen is their extensive range.
It probably hasn't changed for over a decade - and probably never will.

Where has the senior barmen gone, with all the chat and wit? Replaced by kids who can just manage a grunt.
After parting with more than fifty quid I hardly got a thank you when settling my bill.

That magic feeling has now gone from the Feathers. Ordinary food, ordinary staff and bloody ordinary beer.

9 Feb 2013 21:34

The Horse and Groom, Hatfield

Good locals pub with a friendly atmosphere and pleasant Landlord/Lady/staff/clientèle.
Very busy when I visited Saturday evening - might have something to do with free chilli and rice when purchasing a drink costing £3 or more. There is plenty of seating and tables.

Excellent choice of real ales; Marsham Ale, Frederic's, Lighthouse, Black Sheep and Abbot.
I hope to return one Saturday lunchtime for a meal.

A good proper pub - just like they used to be!

15 Jan 2013 22:30

The Star, Bishops Stortford

THAT'S BETTER, what a difference a year (or two) makes. Then, I didn't see much in the way of real ale on the bar - only keg crap. Today, Saturday, there were three hand-pumps offering a good choice of real-ale.
Brentwood's Marvellous Maple Mild was not in the best condition - but drinkable nonetheless.
The regular house beer S.A. from Brains was okay.
While the festive ale was Wibblers Winter Wibble, an excellent 6%abv sweet and dark brew.

Good choice of family favourite meals at reasonable prices. Well cooked, tasty and good size portions.
Although not busy with food orders our meals took longer to arrive than expected. The bar-girl/waitress did apologise and explained that the pub's kitchen is small and therefore has limited cooking capacity.

Both the two girls on bar duty were very pleasant, immediately cleaning vacant tables and interacting with the customers.

No reason not to return................yet.

5 Jan 2013 19:24

John Gilpin, Ware

Not much has changed since my last review over two years ago.
Still a few people in for Saturday lunch, still 2 - 4 - 1, but no longer just a couple of real ales to choose from. "Hooray" I hear you shout, "they have listened to 'fugglehops' and put on an extra ale". Wrong. There is one less now, only AK was available.
Mind you, I was the only one disappointed as the other 'blokes' were drinking lager.

Surely a pub's first priority must be to offer a reasonable choice of real ale for its customers. If other pubs adopted this, Mac's run establishment, policy, breweries will be a thing of the past in years to come. Someone sort out the management, please.

8 Dec 2012 15:26

The Rose and Crown, St Albans

Only came in here because the Lower Red Lion's kitchen was closed Saturday lunchtime.
I thought I had walked in on a mothers convention.
Single mothers and their offspring seemed to be the pub's local clientele.

I have nothing against children in pubs - I took mine in when they were young. The difference was my two were very well behaved and did not annoy other customers.
These brats were running amok, standing on bar-stools or going in and out of the door leading to the smoking area (I felt like bolting the door).
The toilets are the other side of the pushchair car park.

The furniture looks old and tired, the chairs uncomfortable.
Beer choice of Black Sheep, Rev James, an Adnams and the awful Doom Bar.
Food was okay - albeit microwaved.

24 Nov 2012 19:47

Kings Head, Cromer

Only came in here because we were too late to eat lunchtime anywhere else.
Weird looking place inside. A long room with a central bar and a few tables.
The menu booklet (with bits of food attached) on our table needed to be prized from the sticky deteriorating varnished surface. The tables are a disgrace.
If management don't mind their customers seeing unhygienic tables - what is their kitchen like?
Stupidly we did eat and wished we hadn't. Iffy stomach's later, but nothing major.
Wherry, Adnams Ghost Ship and Broadside were passable.

7 Oct 2012 18:17

Crown Hotel, Wells next the Sea

Made a nice change to drink something other than Greene King or Adnams in this part of the country.
Joe C's Norfolk Kiwi and Bitter Old Bustard slaked my thirst perfectly.
Not sure if taste and price would make for a session.

7 Oct 2012 17:54

Lighthouse Inn, Walcott

I'm not sure why this pub is in the CAMRA guide. Two real ales plus two guests are supposed to be on the bar. Only Tolly Cobbold T.E.A. was available and at 3.20 for a 2.8% ABV beer was a bit steep.
I asked why only one beer? The barman said it was a slack time of year. What? In September?
The food is pricey as well. Nearly 10 for ham or cheese ploughman's is the cheapest main meal.

7 Oct 2012 17:14

Lobster, Sheringham

The ales listed on a board outside the pub did not reflect the beers on the ten hand pumps inside.
Five beers were on two hand pumps each, dispensing Abbot, Otter, Wherry and a couple of Adnams.

7 Oct 2012 16:19

Wellington Hotel, Cromer

I agree with other reviewers that the Wellington does look shabby on the outside - but also shabby on the inside. Staff not very attentive.
The house 'guest ale' Old Welly wasn't that great, but worth the 2:80 charged.
If you eat in the restaurant across the courtyard - take your pint with you, or rely on waitress service.
Clean inside but lacks atmosphere. Food is okay.

7 Oct 2012 16:05

The Anchor, Wadesmill

Long, long wait to get served Saturday lunchtime. Three hand pumps but only one real ale on, Pedigree.
Did not enjoy this visit and could not wait to get out.
I should have got out earlier. The driver of the car next to mine in the car park, damaged the side of my car costing hundreds of pounds and didn't leave any details - thanks mate.

22 Sep 2012 18:15

Crown and Falcon, Puckeridge

I cannot believe it has been nearly three years since I last visited. Where does the time go?
Arrived early evening (a bit too early for evening meal time) but Ian and Rachel made no fuss, took our order, and with the chief rustled up our meals. Thanks for that. (I'm not saying everyone should do this - that would be unfair.)

Excellent food yet again, a very nice pint of 'Winston Churchill' and a chat with the local customers contributed for a pleasant evening.

22 Sep 2012 17:57

Jolly Fisherman, Stanstead St Margarets

McMullen's pub near to the river Lea, small car park and outside drinking/eating area.
Two rooms inside with plenty of tables - some with reserved on.
Good choice menu, small or large portions at reasonable prices.
Again a poor choice of real ale in a Macs pub, Country or Cask averaging a pricey 3.50.
Piped music was annoying, especially if you want a quiet pint or have a conversation.
Staff were freindly enough though.

27 Aug 2012 20:27

Sibthorpe Arms, North Mymms

Mac's pub so just AK and one of their monthly brews (Hop skip and jump).
Food okay, reasonable price.
Felt like I was imposing in a locals pub.

8 Aug 2012 22:21

The Hope and Anchor, North Mymms

Greene King only ales. Needless to say I didn't stay for a drink.
A couple of locals were friendly enough.

8 Aug 2012 22:12

Fishermans Arms, Golant

Nightmare of a place to get to. Situated at the bottom of a narrow country road, and back uphill when you leave.
Waited a few minutes but no staff appeared, so left a few locals to get on with it.

8 Aug 2012 22:05

The Crown Inn, Lanlivery

Excellent choice of beer. Strange, or at least different, choice of food.
Not cheap.

8 Aug 2012 21:57

Jubilee Inn, Pelynt

Four beers to choose from, all St Austell's. Black Prince, Proper Job, Trelawny and Tribute.
Foot slightly pricey but good size portions.
Pleasant and knowledgeable bar girl.

8 Aug 2012 21:41

The Crumplehorn Inn, Polperro

A welcome change for a pub not to have Doom Bar on the counter. Cotleigh's Golden Seahawk, Barn Owl, Tintagel's Black Knight and Tribute made a good selection.
Meals are expensive but you will not go home starving.
Let down by limited parking spaces. The public car park opposite charge a minimum 4 for 3 hours, expensive if you only want a pint.

8 Aug 2012 21:31

The Admiral McBride, Plymouth

What a difference a year makes. Must go down as the worse visit to a pub I have made.
15 minutes after ordering food we were told two items were out of stock.
Three people at the table behind us only received two out of their three meals. After heated exchanges the 'hungry' bloke left.

Eight tourists sat at the long window table and ordered various sandwiches. Twenty minutes later cock-up number three kicked off. The cheese and cucumber sarnies will be just cheese now.
Four asked for their money back and left.

Boy, do I need a drink. Bloody hell...........Doom Bar is the solitary beer.
I feel sorry for pubs that close down after the management have tried to make a go of it. This place makes little or no attempt to provide its customers with food or decent beer but somehow manages to survive.

7 Aug 2012 22:14

Copley Arms, Hessenford

Change of menu this year and sadly the giant Yorkshire puddings are no longer available.
Not quite the the enjoyment as the last couple of years.

7 Aug 2012 21:47

The Highwayman, Dobwalls

Disappointed with choice of beer, Doom Bar and Otter Ale.
Steaks are now 9.

7 Aug 2012 21:31

The Globe Inn, Lostwithiel

Three beers on including Betty Stogs and the dreadful Doom Bar.
Food a tad pricey.

7 Aug 2012 21:21

The Salutation Inn, East Looe

Like a previous reviewer we also ate in the broom cupboard, the bar area was overrun with dogs (and their owners).
I chose the cod and chips for lunch, lovely fresh fish from a fishing town. Oh dear. Their fresh fish had just been de-frosted - hence the flat-as-a-pancake batter.
Forget the food enjoy the real ale. Two years ago only Doom Bar was available. Last year ditto and this year ditto again.
Future reviewers don't bother telling us what the beer is I have just told you.
The bar staff are a bit up their wotsit and to cap it all (literally) I banged my head on the low door when leaving.

7 Aug 2012 21:01

The Golden Lion, Port Isaac

Sunday roasts 7.95, not very hot food nor plate.
Usual offering from St Austell's, Tribute, Trelawny and HSD.

7 Aug 2012 20:29

The Swan, East Looe

Doom Bar and Tribute the only real ale choice. A better choice of food at reasonable prices. Tasted okay but nothing special.
Friendly Heston Blumenthal look-a-like barman.

7 Aug 2012 20:18

The Moon and Starfish, Clacton On Sea

One of the brighter 'spoons because of a large window looking out to sea. Not too busy for Saturday lunchtime, although getting served was a bit slow. The rule seemed to be 'push in, or get pushed out'.
Apart from the usual regular beers three guests were on.
Sunchaser, Hullabaloo and the superb Wentworth WPA - full of hops and bitterness (I could still taste it two hours later.
The food seemed better than 'spoons usual standard. Chicken Tikka, Chicken skewers, Scampi and my Steak and kidney pudding, served on a very hot plate, had no complaints. Well done chef.
Surprisingly good pub for sea-front location.

1 Jul 2012 19:17

Greyhound, Bengeo

The 'CAMRA' brigade wrote how impressed they were with six hand pumps on the bar and Mac's allowing guest beers along with AK etc. Not so when I called in.
AK, Cask and Doom Bar was the limited choice. Prices are high, The Doom was 3.45 and the Wadworth 6X (coming later) 3.70.
Food wise, the limited menu's tag line says, 'If you don't see it please ask'. They should change it to, 'Even if you see it: Don't ask'.
Omelette was not on the menu so I asked the Landlord if the chef could make one for me? No, chef couldn't. Instead I chose the Chicken Pie with vegetables - which was on the menu. "Sorry we have no veg'" I was told. (this was Saturday lunchtime for goodness sake). I accepted the offer of chips and baked beans. The pie was small and the plate was cold.
Another meal we had was the Chicken Tikka with Naan bread. Half-an-hour after ordering we were informed there was no Naan bread. No alternative was offered nor price reduction.
TIP: You won't need your Credit or Visa card, not because it is cheap - they do not accept them.
It is pubs like these that make Wetherspoons look good - just.

1 Jul 2012 19:15

The Raven, Hexton

I was told a good choice of drinks are to be found here..... I thought they meant real ale.
Four hand pumps but only two were dispensing. Courage best, which looked like the house regular (yuk) and Franklin's Premium Brown Ale. I have not tried many brown ale's - but they all taste the same to me.
We didn't have any main meals only starters. Good size portions, high standard and an even higher price.
The best way to sum up this pub is to read the "hatter90" review, it is spot on. Nothing seems to have changed in the last two years especially the Landlord.

1 Jul 2012 19:11

The Lord Moon Of The Mall, Whitehall

A welcome stop after a hot and hectic day at the Chelsea flower show.
Sampled four of the eight or so real ales, including; Wibblers Apprentice, B & T's SPA, Rudgate Ruby Mild and Tom Wood's Bomber County.
All were in good condition and served by a pleasant young lady staff member.
Weren't too sure whether to have any food. The menu seemed to have less choice than usual, but decided I was not that hungry for 'Spoons fodder.
I'll stick to the beer thanks - it slaked my thirst, for which I'm very grateful.

30 May 2012 22:04

The White Swan, Stow-cum-Quy

Ditto Star fish (the previous reviewer) couldn't agree more.
I imagine this is very much a locals pub but strangers like myself are made very welcome by the Landlord and his staff.
Four ales to be had. Oakham JHB, Woodforde Wherry, Southwold Bitter and a trial beer from France, Le-brewery's Norman Gold 4.9%. Tasted like a very good English ale.
Good size Sunday roast at 8.50.
Will definitely return.

12 Apr 2012 22:32

The Royal Oak, Ware

Is this really a free-house? Any choice of beer you want......... and what is on the bar? Greene King IPA. No, I am not joking.
Worse still was the barman (I'm not sure if he was the landlord) who hardly said a word. Was more interested in his mobile phone than serving customers.
Should you want to try this place for yourself and maybe only want half a pint, ask for a pint, because half is all you will get. He consistently serves short measures.

12 Apr 2012 22:08

The Attimore Hall, Welwyn Garden City

An Ember Inns pub, with a choice of three ales. The Elgood Black Dog and Itchen's Treacle Stout were on the warm side (the barman did say the cooler was playing-up) but at least they were still better than the dreaded Greene King swill you get in Hertfordshire.
Food choice, price and taste were quite adequate.
A better pub than when I last visited about ten years ago.
Would come again...........within ten years.

12 Apr 2012 21:48

Blue Bell, Melbourne

Managed to return, this time the pub was very quite being just after Christmas. I had studied the menu on their web site and was very impressed with the choice.
Parking is a lottery with street parking only.
The dining area is slightly sparse and cold looking. The menu was slightly different from the internet version with less choice. The prices are reasonable and the main meals tasted okay. The treacle sponge that followed was either soft light and excellent to hard and overcooked - perhaps micro-waved too long.
The pub is owned by Shardlow Brewery so had their Reverend Eaton and Golden Eye on tap. Guest ales included Slater's Western American Pale Ale and Northumberland Jingle Balls.
Overall, not too bad but slightly disappointing.

1 Jan 2012 15:39

The Chequers, Stevenage

Run by Vintage Inns. Food served throughout the day which is useful to know. It has their usual menu - good choice, good price and good, well, reasonable quality.
The three hand-pumps were dispensing; Brakspear bitter, Adnams Green Bullet and the ubiquitous Fullers London Piss.........sorry Pride.
The Pride was 2:90 a pint, Adnams a staggering 3:50.
Probably more of a foodie pub than drinking.

20 Nov 2011 20:49

The Moon and Cross, Waltham Cross

Manage to visit here about once a year. I rate it as one of the better Spoons pubs.
The staff are very pleasant and the farther you enter the pub the brighter it gets.
The bill for the four of us having drinks, main meals and a couple of desserts came to 28. The average price in a 'proper' pub would have been 45. Was it worth saving 17?
The Bacon Carbonara Pasta was okay, as was the Chicken Chilli Noodles. I had the All-Day Breakfast. I suspected it might not be the best choice of meal............minutes later my suspicions were justified.
The All-Day Brunch probably means that it has been kept warm all day. The fried eggs were slightly hard and the bacon rashers tasted of plastic. If you ignore the brunch it was worth it............just.
The bar has two groups of hand-pumps of which about ten dispense real-ale. Unfortunately five had the annoying 'available soon' label showing.
And this is one of the better Spoons!!!

29 Oct 2011 21:06

The Queens Head Inn, Harlow

Probably one of the best pubs in or near Harlow for real ale and food.
Not a vast choice of ales but they are good ones, including: Webster's Wonderful Wallop, Crouch Vale Brewers Gold and Yakima Gold - which was served straight from the cask. Everyone should try this beer - it is superb.
Maybe one day the head brewers of Greene King and McMullen might produce a tasty brew like this one. Gripe over.
Choose your meal from an extensive list on a chalkboard. Majority of main meals about 9.
Landlord was very informative about his beers, and a small group of locals were pleasant enough.
Very enjoyable.

16 Oct 2011 21:51

The Farmers Boy, St Albans

I have been wanting a long time to try this boozer. Got the chance to after getting the last parking space in the street.
Mostly Oakham ales were on offer: Inferno, Musashi and White Dwarf. Fullers London Pride (yuk) and last, but not least, Verulam's Half Nelson at 2.8% ABV. I thought this was going to be coloured water. Wrong. For a low alcohol beer this was excellent. It really was tasty.
I'm not sure if food is top priority of its customers. Choice of meals are reasonable as are the prices. Portions are good size and tasty. The kitchen is almost part of the bar.
Downside, apart from no car-park, was loud music. The pub is too small for all that malarkey.

11 Oct 2011 21:43

The Lord Wimborne, Poole

I did just what 'the wandering barman' advised below.
Spoon pubs are normally dark inside, this one is like the black hole of Calcutta.
And I think I know why. They don't want you to see their usual clientle.
Just had time to notice they did have a better choice of beer than the Quay.

10 Oct 2011 22:09

Spotted Cow, Poole

Don't come here for the beer. 5 handpumps on the bar. One had the usual 'coming soon' label, three others were the normal spoon regulars - Greene King crap. That left one guest ale, Goffs Jouster - not that good to want a second pint.
Sit upstairs, it is brighter than below. Well, it is if you sit near the window.

10 Oct 2011 21:54

The Sailors Return, East Chaldon

The alarm bells started to ring after seeing the Egon Ronay approved sticker in the window. Now I know why their food prices are on the high side.
The usual type of main meals were over 11 (3 to 4 cheaper elsewhere). Lighter bites were 6. Portions were generous, quality okay - but not value for money.
The beer quality was poor and, judging from previous reviewers over the years, the choice is always the same - Palmers Copper Ale and Ringwood Best.
Strangely the third hand-pump had the overrated Marstons Pedigree.
Unlike the 'good old days' when you paid for drinks/food with cash as you went along, these days one normally sets up a tab and settles by card after you have been fed and watered.
So, a tab was set up. It took nearly twenty minutes to settle it.
I waited ten minutes for the customer in front to settle his bill. There seemed to be a lot of disputing what he was being charged for. Then it was my turn.
My rough estimate for the bill was about 40 - 41. I was charged 56. Time for my disputing to start.
Instead of putting all your tab slips under your table number, they were mixing them with other peoples tabs. The bar staff then try to guess which ones are yours. Idiots.
Heaven forbid if you were in there one busy might end up treating the whole pub.

4 Oct 2011 21:35

The White Hart, Longham

A Hall and Woodhouse pub. Four hand-pumps, two with Badgers Best and the other two both had Tanglefoot. A shame there wasn't four different ales to choose from.
Meals about 8. A pity the 'surf' part of surf and turf were prawns on a skewer, as opposed to scampi that is normally expected.
Definitely has that 'local' feel.

4 Oct 2011 20:36

Goat and Tricycle, Bournemouth

If you love your beer then this is the pub to visit whilst in Bournemouth.
Eleven real ales to choose from. I sampled five and all were in good condition.
The barman was very knowledgeable about the beers on tap as well as future ales on a blackboard.
If you want to go through the whole range you might consider using the third-pint glasses, served on a special carrying tray.
As for food, I thought the menu was limited. Good value burgers for 5, main meals about 10.
Quality was better than I anticipated. Only one downside, you may need to use the public car-park as street parking is limited.

4 Oct 2011 20:21

John Thompson Inn, Derby

Came here for a Christening party as opposed to your normal pub visit.
A large car park greets you with lodges to one side and the pub's brewery by the garden.
Various rooms lead off from an L-shaped bar with plenty of tables to drink/eat at.
Food seemed limited to sandwiches, jacket potatoes or carvery.
Of the many ales that it brews I was disappointed that only two were on the bar. JTS XXX 4.1% okay but nothing special; JTS Gold 4.5% a much better light ale with a good flavour.
There was actually a third hand pump, although I could not believe what it was dispensing - the atrocious Greene King Speckled Hen. Why? Maybe it's a cunning ploy to make their JTS beers taste a bit better in comparison.

20 Sep 2011 21:22

Crewe and Harpur, Swarkestone

Called in for a quick Saturday lunchtime meal. Easily found a table for the seven of us. All we wanted was a main meal each - no starters or sweets.
There was no sign of our meals an hour after ordering. The waitress came to inform us our food would be another two minutes. Don't be fooled by that - you know they mean 20 minutes.
Sure enough, twenty minutes later it arrived.
Food was ok, but remember, this is just another Marstons chain pub - identical food in all their establishments.
As an apology for the delay the waitress offered us a round of drinks on the house. Trouble was, we had been there so long
the two drivers had had their two pints quota and the others still had drinks. I asked if we could have a sweet instead, this was okayed.
Bad move - we waited a further 30 minutes.
All in all two and three quarters of an hour for a quick lunch - you have been warned.

20 Sep 2011 20:28

Blue Bell, Melbourne

I phoned to see if we needed to reserve a table for Saturday lunchtime. I was told that there was no need to as trade was quiet.
As we neared the Bell, just after midday, the streets were lined with parked cars. Passing by the pub we observed a marquee in the garden thriving with people. There was nowhere to park yet alone get into the pub. We drove on.
I later discovered that Melbourne had a festival of performing arts event that day. Why had we not been warned?
I'll try again in a few months time when in the area.

20 Sep 2011 19:52

Prince of Wales, Herftord

A new menu is now available. Most meals cost about 8 or some dishes two for 10. Quality remains very good and served on a warm plate (other chef's please take note).
I am often informed that Tring and Buntingford ales appear regularly - but never, it seems, when I'm in here. All three beers on Saturday were from the ghastly Greene King brewery: IPA, Ruddles and Sundance.
I don't know if my taste-buds are knackered but the beer here rarely tastes in tip top condition. Mind you - GK tastes crap anyway!

15 Sep 2011 22:34

The Crown, Shillington

Only came in here because I thought this pub was a freehouse and might have some decent beer.
The Noah's Ark just up the road is Greene King, as is the Musgrave Arms in the other direction. GK is not my tipple and never will be.
Imagine my disappointment when two of the three hand pumps were dispensing GK. Having now read 'steamingcliff's' review it is GK owned and not now a freehouse.
The Landlord told me the Woodforde's Wherry was a guest ale - but the reviews below seem to suggest it has been a regular ale for over a year or more.
The food is of high quality, though slightly pricey. 9 plus for most meals. Beer now 3.10, and a small glass of Zinfandel wine 3.90 - same price for a whole bottle from a supermarket.
Owners/staff very friendly. There has been four or five changes of owner/tenants in the last ten years. Not sure if that means anything - it's just a fact.

29 Aug 2011 20:25

The Golden Lion, Hoddesdon

Thought I would call back here six months after my last visit.
Food is still good for taste and value. My pint glass was clean (though probably not because of my previous review).
As for the real ale, it does not seem to improve.
There was the usual Pride and GK IPA but, surprisingly, the third pump had Potton's Village Bike.
I chose the Bike. After drinking about a third of my pint I was fairly convinced it was going off. Another customer was not over-happy with his. Both our beers were cloudy and stale.
I was offered a replacement. Thankfully the London Pride's pump clip was turned around - so that left the dreaded GK IPA.
You never know one day it might taste like beer. I must say it poured very clear, had a good head and again served in a clean glass. I might actually enjoy this brew for once. Who am I kidding?
It is not the fault of the Golden Lion but this beer really does taste like p*ss.
I'm sure if I had been drinking real wee it might have had a fuller body with some character - this has none.
Rant over.
Slight delays to get served but the bar-girl was on her own and she did at least apologise.


29 Aug 2011 18:44

The Crooked Billet, Colney Heath

I'm not sure what some of the previous reviewers are on about.
We came in one Saturday just before 4 pm, sure, food was not available, but we all had a packet of crisps each. All you have to do is ASK for them.
My reason for visiting was because the pub has been listed in the Camra GBG for nearly 20 years now and I wanted to try some of their real ales.
Four to choose from: Tring's Side Pocket, Oakham's Inferno, St Austell's Tribute and .........Young's Special. Oh well, three out of four 'aint bad.
If you have not tried the 'Inferno' then make sure you do. It is absolutely gorgeous. If you like hoppy beer you'll love this.
Should I get here before 2 pm next time I'll try and get some food - no harm in asking.

22 Aug 2011 22:33

The Spotted Dog, Flamstead

Strange pub. Old worn-out settees in the main bar. I didn't try them - I don't think I would have got back up.
Slight smell of dog wafted across the room now and again, (might have had something to do with the resident 'Great Dane').
Beer from Tring; Brock Bitter and Yorkshire's Yorkshire Terrier.

22 Aug 2011 21:44

Townsend Arms, Hertford

Saturday lunchtime visit. Four hand pumps at the bar but only one on (Spitfire). Get your act together.
No wonder pubs are closing. This might soon be one of them.

22 Aug 2011 20:52

The Vine, Ware

The Vine was reviewed by Bucking Fastard in 2009. Two years have passed until my not so glowing report.
Now we have two reviews a month later praising it to the hilt and both by new BITE members.
Both are familiar with the pub - so why have they not reviewed it until now?
Let's see if they become regular reviewers.

17 Aug 2011 22:23

The Fox Inn, Hermitage

If I lived a hundred miles nearer I would use this pub regularly - or at least try it a few times.
Good wide range of food. Standard type meals about 5.60. Tasted ok but need to sample a couple of more times to give an accurate assessment.
Mind you, the kid on the table next to us had three whopping great sausages with his egg and chips. One would have done me.
Ullage can be found here, the local CAMRA newsletter. Handy to have something to read whilst waiting for your lunch to arrive.
Beers were, Youngs Special (ughh), Good Old Boy - (not that special), and Doom bloody Bar (maybe I wouldn't come back again).
If I were a regular I would get them to change the selection of ales.
Maybe it was just the building I liked. Time for my medication.................nurrrrse.

16 Aug 2011 22:36

Navy Inn, The Barbican

There is one good thing about this pub, food is served all day. Sorry, two good things, prices are about 6.50.
Unfortunately, there are plenty of bad things to mention.
Only Tribute and the ubiquitous Doom Bar to choose from at 3.35 a pint.
The tide was in in the gents. The urinal trough was overflowing. Mind you - it did have a good head on it!!!
That wasn't the only crap. The piped music (rap with a c), not even by original artists, was far too loud.
The food at least was edible, although the home-made chips had a dry powdery taste.
Overall, what with the whiff from the bogs, the deafening "music" and expensive "ale" I was glad when it was time to leave.

16 Aug 2011 21:40

The Horse and Groom, Bittaford

Normally when pump-clips are displayed above and behind the bar it will probably have a good choice of real ale. This pub is no exception.
Hunters; Horse and Groom 4%abv, Teingworthy; Pippa's Pint 4.7%, Tribute and an other.
I echo the previous comments about the food. Good choice, excellent taste and at fair prices. The chef (who also took our order) was very pleasant, friendly and informative about the menu/ingredients etc.
On the other hand......... I'm not sure about the landlord (if that is who he is) whether he was a miserable old git or, he was a bit Mutt and Jeff. I couldn't make out if he was being awkward at times. Maybe a regular could explain his ways.
Don't let the car park put you off stopping here. It felt like parking in a bomb crater - or at least it did when I came out after a few jars. No officer, honest............I only had a couple.
My highest ever mark, so far, 9/10.

16 Aug 2011 21:01

The Crumplehorn Inn, Polperro

Very busy Sunday lunchtime but managed to get the last table.
Still a good range of beers: Mr Murdock, Black Prince, Sharp's Own, Tribute and Trelawny, all about 3 a pint.
Good Sunday roasts at 7:95.
Friendly bar staff but the "boy" waiter was a bit quiet - apart from the odd grunt now and then.

14 Aug 2011 21:41

The Admiral Boscarn, East Looe

I'm glad you are coming round to my way of thinking, Mr mph, about rubbish pubs in Looe. I couldn't believe there was one you didn't like.
Dare I ask where you would like me to go on holiday next year?
Somehow I don't think I should have said that. All good fun

14 Aug 2011 21:04

The Highwayman, Dobwalls

Not sure if it is different management, I thought it was the same people as last year.
Food is still good and value for money.
Nice to see different beers on offer than St Austells and the awful Sharps Doom Bar. A couple of Summerskill's; Hopscotch and Blondie went down well.

7 Aug 2011 18:49

Copley Arms, Hessenford

We come here often when on holiday.
Easy pub to choose if you are in need of decent food and a pint or three. Large pub with plenty of tables for dining.
Staff always friendly and accommodating.
My daughter had spare ribs which, unfortunately, was very fatty and gristly - rather inedible.
We informed the waitress and with no fuss she changed it for a different meal.
St Austell beers including their new Trelawny ale.

7 Aug 2011 17:33

London Inn, Horrabridge Yelverton

Cheap 2 for 1 meals to be had here. Limited choice but the food is ok.
Nothing great for the selection of beer. Tribute, Courage and London Pride. I have just travelled 300 miles to get away from bloody Pride and here it is looking at me.
The locals seemed to like it though. Oh well.

7 Aug 2011 17:07

Rock Inn, Yelverton

Large pub just off the roundabout in the centre of Yelverton. For some reason it did not give that "come on in" feeling about it. Having said that we did enter.
The smell of damp, sweaty socks was overpowering - there must have been a lot of walkers in that day.
The food looked to be ready-made meals, the heat up and serve sort.
Left to find somewhere better.

6 Aug 2011 19:17

The Who'd Have Thought It, Milton Combe

It makes a nice change to have a decent choice of real ales than just St Austell beers.
The food menu was also different. I did not see the usual pub grub and was slightly limited for choice.
Various brunches around 8 or roast type meals 12.
I didn't feel a family of four would all find something to their liking.

6 Aug 2011 18:23

The Admiral Boscarn, East Looe

From the outside I thought this might be a Wetherspoon type of pub. Inside, however, it made the 'spoon's look like the Ritz of pubs.
Hey, hang on a minute, I take it all back. Last year I was accused by "mph", a fellow BITE member, of slagging off pubs in Looe. Well Mr, or is it Miss mph? I'm sure you must enjoy this gem of a pub during one of your visits to Looe.

5 Aug 2011 22:23

The Bullers Arms, East Looe

We only came in for some crisps and a drink on a hot afternoon.
Only one of four hand pumps were on (Cornish Knocker). Luckily though, they had four packets of crisps.
The furniture looks a bit grim, maybe that is the charm of the place.
Oh well, back to the beach.

5 Aug 2011 21:27

Eliot Arms, Tregadillett

Looks a nice olde world pub from the outside, slightly disappointing inside.
Sunday roasts 7-95, ok but not fantastic.
Yet another pub with Tribute, Doom Bar and Courage Best (why?).

5 Aug 2011 21:03

The Salutation Inn, East Looe

Was quite busy Saturday lunchtime. Good selection of food costing about 7.
The cottage pie, lasagne and plaice meals were very nice.
Let down by only one choice of ale - Doom Bar. I suppose we should be grateful there was more than one choice of food!

5 Aug 2011 20:27

The Vine, Ware

It has been nearly forty years since my one and only visit to this pub. I could not remember why I had left it so long to return.
After ordering a vodka and tonic, a pint of beer, one small pepsi and two packets of crisps I handed the barman a tenner, but was told it comes to 13.50. Picking myself off the floor I remembered why I had not been in for a while.
I drank my pint quicker than I could earn it. We did not stop for another.
I'll call again in the year 2050!!

4 Jul 2011 21:21

The Bell Hotel, Aylesbury

First visit here for a mid-week lunch. Looks to be one of the better Spoons. Bright-ish, quiet and reasonably clean.
One table did have enough food under it to feed a family of four for a week. Maybe a slight exaggeration there. Yes, the mess should have been cleaned up, but what I want to know is - what bunch of morons made it? What does their home look like?
Our food was ok but I wish they hadn't put the cutlery on the plate - the serviette was soaking up my gravy!
Beers amongst others were Loddons Ferrymans Gold and Trings Fanny Ebbs.

27 Jun 2011 21:33

The Harrow, Aylesbury

Someone recommended I try this pub...............I don't remember upsetting him.
The beer range was poor. Broadside, Bombardier and some crap from GK.
I did not fancy eating from the horrible wooden tables let alone sitting down on an old grotty bench.

27 Jun 2011 21:23

The Hop Pole Inn, Aylesbury

THURSDAY 2:45 pm, the sign outside said food now being served. Inside I was told food stopped at 2 0'clock.
That was a shame because the array of beers on the counter looked very inviting.
Was recommended the Harrow in the town...............that's another story.

27 Jun 2011 21:13

The Sun Inn, Waltham Abbey

Bank Holiday Monday was quite busy lunchtime, although there were not that many inside eating.
The menu has all the traditional pub dishes to choose from at affordable prices.
We did have to wait 45 minutes after ordering our food. To be fair the kitchen is small, thus maybe not that many helping hands. The wait was worth it - excellent omelette and I'm told the lasagne's were very good.
Seeing four handpumps on a pub bar normally fills me with excitement, but disappointingly here they only use two of them. One was for Adnams Broadside, an ok beer. The other had Vale's Brewers Gold, this is one of the best beers I have tasted (the bottled version is also excellent).
Come on Landlord, how about three or four handpumps working?

27 Jun 2011 21:07

The Shooting Star, Liverpool Street

Fullers is not my favourite beer but after half hour of being squashed on the underground I would have drunk, not really.
6:15 on a Thursday evening, nearby Hamilton Hall was 'rammed'. Dirty Dicks was guarded by twenty smokers blocking the entrance and Woodins Shades had no spare tables, so here we are.
It was busy but still had enough room at a table for the three of us.
Our food was served within 20 minutes after ordering. I had the ham and leek pie - which did contain more air than filling. The vegetables were cooked soft (the way I like them). Rounded off with chips and gravy it was very edible.
I did wash it down with pints of Chiswick Bitter (very watery), Ascot (slightly better), ESB (good) and Discovery (the best).
Not bad for someone not keen on Fullers. Crowded train journey home? I couldn't care less now.

27 Jun 2011 20:53

The Old Barge, Hertford

I have been wanting to try the Barge for a long time now and called in on a Thursday evening.
There is a very good choice of at least seven ales. Trings Colley's Dog, Hop Backs Summer Lightning were good but, Dark Stars Hophead goes into my top three best ales. Three pints for around 11 does not come cheap.
The food choice was ok but not great. Burgers are not my thing and an Elvis burger for 12 certainly isn't. That made my rib eye steak, also 12, seem reasonable.
I asked for it medium cooked - it was served rare. It wasn't very big either. Could not fault the chips, onion rings, mushrooms and salad.
Despite the good range of ales I don't think I would come back for the food (unless I win the lottery).

27 Jun 2011 20:40

Royal Oak, Wrotham Heath

Having already eaten earlier we came here looking for a light evening snack.
I am not one for visiting Beefeaters but this happened to be the nearest pub.
We had the usual long wait for our food to arrive after ordering. It would have quicker to have got the drinks myself.
Only one real ale on offer, Wadworth 6X. Normally a very good beer but only ok here.
Finally our food arrived - which was only four starters.The bill for these meals and four small drinks came to 34. Strewth.

27 Jun 2011 20:24

The Bucks Head, Godden Green

Lots of cars outside for a Monday but plenty of room inside for lunch. Good food washed down with Sharps Early Spring Hot Ale and Master Brew.
Good pub and made welcome from the landlady Helen.

27 Jun 2011 20:18

The Padwell Arms, Seal

A good range of beers from Cottage, Hoggs Back and Larkins breweries.
Sensible selection of meals around 7 - 10. Nicely cooked and tasty.
The young bar-girl - pleasant though she was, was either new at the job or was a bit slow on the uptake - if you know what I mean. Settling the bill was quite amusing, if nothing else. She totalled our four meals and five drinks at 104.
After picking myself up off the floor I asked her to add it up again. The new bill for 42 seemed reasonable - bless her.

27 Jun 2011 20:13

The Four Elms Inn, Four Elms

Stopped here for Sunday lunch, the roasts were superb.
Two real ales on. Westenhams British Bulldog and Harvey's Sussex Best Bitter.

27 Jun 2011 20:07

The Mill Wheel, Hartshorne

BEWARE: If you book a room for just the one night, for example a Saturday, do not be surprised to receive a telephone call, just before your stay, from a member of staff explaining that an Internet booking had already taken your room and no more rooms are available.
I received such a call eight weeks AFTER my booking. I am guessing that somebody wanted a room for two or more nights - hence I'm out.
The manager of the place where we eventually stayed said he often gets calls from the Mill Wheel asking if he can put people up.
Will not be coming back here again.

2 Apr 2011 21:34

The Kings Arms, Tring

Good choice of five real ales. Not too sure about the International food menu, would have preferred traditional English fare.

30 Mar 2011 21:15

The Duck In, Aston Clinton

No pub atmosphere, but it does have pricey food. Burger and chips or fish and chips both 10. Sausage and mash 9. Steaks, over 15.
Did not get as far as the bar as previous reviews warned to expect London Pride and Old Speckled Shite.
Left to find a proper pub.

30 Mar 2011 21:12

The Valiant Trooper, Aldbury

Very busy for a Monday lunchtime. Locals playing dominoes filled the main bar - that left the stables.
This room holds 40 people. A group of 36 were already in there, each person trying to talk above the other - and succeeding. Relaxing it was not.
It was just as well that three of the five beers on offer were worth having and the chips were crispy - very nice.
I hope my next visit will be in quieter surroundings.

30 Mar 2011 21:07

The Six Templars, Hertford

It does become difficult looking for a pub serving food after 2pm Saturday lunchtime.
We tried Hertford pubs; The Prince of Wales - too busy with a party in progress. The Harts Horns - under new management, had not got the kitchen up and running yet. The Black Horse - had nowhere to park. The White Horse - had just stopped serving food. So that left the Six Templars.
It must be one of the brightest lit Wetherspoons pub in the country. Service was quick, the manager was pleasant and a first day employee was very efficient.
Six beers were available, including two from Tring, one from the 3 B brewery and with one coming soon. Food usual standard - came quick - but could have been hotter.
Downside (and there is always a couple in a spoons pub) the chef made several appearances serving the odd item to customers but on closer inspection of his apron it looked like he was wearing every item on the menu - that had been passed by a pigeon (Apologies if you are eating your tea.) And the enjoyment of your visit depends on whether or not the table next to you is occupied by the neighbours from hell.

13 Feb 2011 21:33

Prince of Wales, Herftord

There have been a few changes of Landlord over the past few years. The current couple seem to have found the right
combination for choice of food and real ale.
The chef makes lovely homemade shortcrust meat pies. Meal prices are slightly above average - but worth it.
Greene King IPA (groan) is the standard beer with two ever changing guest ales.
I was informed that Buntingford and Tring beers often feature.
Their website includes a slide-show that gives you views of its L-shaped interior.

12 Feb 2011 20:48

Bull, Broxbourne

Have been here a few times now (reluctantly) in recent years and it still feels like a dining place rather than a drinkers pub.
The menu and specials board should suit all tastes at reasonable prices. Smaller portions at a reduced rate are available. Beware though, small is quite small.
I had the sausage, mash, onion and gravy and genuinely thought a few vegetables would come with it - but sadly not. It tasted ok as did the other meals: A gammon and a rib-eyed steak.
When I said earlier that I reluctantly come here it is because it is a McMullen's pub (and do I not like Muck Mullen's beer). On the back of the menu it states that a fine selection of our ales can be found at the bar..........Oh yeah? Not surprisingly the only choice in here is AK and Country. These will be found in every Mac's pub -so where is the fine choice?
I decided to pay up and leave when the pipe music started playing Abba's 'Dancing Queen'. Good grief, does anyone really like that crap?

6 Feb 2011 18:31

The Crown, Broxbourne

Large pub in a good location beside the river Lea. The outside looked like it needed sprucing up a bit. Upon entering........ditto for the inside.
The menu looked familiar (yet another Vintage Inn). I can only comment on one dish because all three of us had the Scampi.
At the bar there was a choice of three real ales. The regular ale, Deuchars IPA, not one of my favourites. The other two are rotating guests. Today was Fullers Bengal Lancer and Thwaites mild Nutty Black both satisfactory.
The barman did mention that the premises were due a refurbish in the next month or two.
Back at our table we didn't wait too long for our food to arrive served by a waitress who looked like she didn't want to be here. You have to ask for the tray of condiments to be brought to the table. Make sure you take enough of what you need before Ms Cheerful takes the tray away.
By this time, and after the mandatory wiping of knives and forks on your paper napkin, the food had cooled to cool. The Scampi was ok but the chips.......... How limp can you make a chip? No more so than these.
I might visit after the refurb and try a meal with veg - no chips.

5 Feb 2011 21:21

The Golden Lion, Hoddesdon

Have been here a few times now for Saturday lunch. Food is good with a wide choice of dishes at reasonable prices. And it makes a nice change not to get ripped off from the specials board.

The pubs interior is dimly lit, which gives the impression it is in need of refurbishment.. Despite the low lighting I did notice the glasses were not perfectly clean. Lipstick around the rim and others badly stained does not lend to enjoyable drinking.

The choice of ales has not changed much over the years. Greene King's 'bland' IPA, Fullers 'overrated' London Pride and Adnams Broadside.
I have tried to like London Pride but I really do not know why people rave about it. It has got no body or character. I decided to give it one last chance. The young barman picked out a grubby pint glass and half filled it with froth and end of barrel dregs. After connecting a new barrel he continued to fill the glass without drawing any beer off or clearing the pipes.
"Your pint" he beamed. (No wonder London Pride tastes crap.) 'I don't think so' I replied. 'You draw another pint off and I'll have the one after', I told him.

Despite all that, the new pint (in yet another finger-printed patterned glass) tasted ok. The best Pride I've tasted - but it's still not a great beer.
Let's hope they have cleaned their act up by the next time I visit!!!

21 Jan 2011 21:31

The Fish And Eels, Hoddesdon

I don't remember this being a Vintage Inn earlier in the year, mainly because the menu has changed.
Found it to be busy again 2pm Saturday, wasn't sure whether to stay or not. Three staff were serving which is the minimum needed here.
Bombardier and the 6X were on again, with the third pump not in use. The 6X was ok but still not in tip top condition.
I seem to have visited a few Vintage Inn pubs lately - not by choice but because that is what they happen to be. Their menu is quite reasonable - choice and price wise.
I recommend the Chicken, Ham and Leek pie. Oh, and the chips have improved since the last visit. Served in just under 20 minutes was surprisingly quick - maybe the chicken could have been a bit more tender had it been cooked slower.
And it is still rather dark around the bar area.

7 Nov 2010 19:57

The Mill Wheel, Hartshorne

We have stayed overnight here three or four times now. Clean spacious bedrooms and a fine breakfast to boot.
Apart from once having the Sunday roast I have not tried the lunch or evening meals - but I expect they are superb. Meals are 2 for 1 (just as well, as most dishes are around 14).
There are at least four handpumps serving real ale, they do not seem to very that often. One regular is Greene King - well it has to be really. I travel 130 miles to get away from it, and there it is - waiting for me............GO AWAY.
Another is Harvest Pale from Castle Rock brewery, a light, hoppy, session bitter (very nice). An ale from Burton Bridge can normally be found, Stairway to heaven (5%).
Perhaps next time we stay we will dine on the Saturday evening. (I had better get some overtime in - as there might be eight of us.)

7 Nov 2010 16:56

The Royal Standard, Ely

Another visit to Ely, but this time instead of traipsing round looking for a pub we came straight in here.
It was very much as we found it six months ago. Still two courses for 5.95 and the food again was hot, tasty and filling. The Greene King beer is still here but this time the 'guest' was Gangly Ghoul, a superb dark rich ale fruity and hoppy. It shows G.K. can produce tasty beer.
Once again a very enjoyable lunch.
Oh, and Alan is still wearing his Bermuda's!!!

29 Oct 2010 21:20

The Horns, Datchworth

I have been longing to try the Horns for some time now and got the opportunity at the weekend.
This old timber-framed building with Tudor beams and uneven floors has a certain charm about it.
I thought the food choice was slightly limited unless you don't mind paying over 10 from the specials board. 'T' Bone steak 21, 10.50 just for Hunter's chicken.
We chose the Omelette, Bacon and Pease pudding with seasonal vegetables and Scampi and chips in a basket (I thought that died out in the seventies).
You won't be looking at your watch wondering when the food will arrive - it only seemed like ten minutes wait when it was served.
The seasonal veg' was pumpkin, swede and cabbage - not very hot and not particularly enjoyable. The omelette was ok but not great, again not hot and the chips soon got cold. The scampi in a basket was just that, scampi in a basket (much easier to eat it off a plate).
We felt that at higher than average prices the food was not satisfactory or value for money.
The first thing I look for upon entering a pub is to see what cask-ales are on offer. Noticing previous pump clips that were hanging from timber beams beside the bar looked like this could be a real-ale drinkers haven. Clips from micro-breweries from across the country were making my mouth water in anticipation.
The handpumps today though were offering Doom Bar, once a guest but now apparently a regular beer. The guest today was ...............wait for it, bloody Greene King IPA. No one in their right mind would have GK as a guest, it is found in every other pub around here. The third pump was dispensing Adnams Broadside, and this was only temporary as the overrated London Pride was going to replace it.
It makes you wonder if they ever did have the beer from the
hanging pump clips. I'm sure today's three clips won't be hanging up there beside them - we wouldn't want to put the punters off now - would we?

26 Oct 2010 21:21

The Turnpike, Kidlington

Stopped here for lunch whilst driving back home from a short break.
A Cotswold stone building built over 200 years ago run by Vintage Inns.
I am not a great lover of chain pubs but this had a much better choice of meals and ales than one I visited a couple of weeks ago. The barman said the menu had just changed.
When ordering make sure you talk very slowly and repeat your order at least three times, that way your order should be correct.
The chicken, ham and leek pie with veg was probably one of the best pub meals I have ever had, And with three great real ales; UBU from Purity, Tim Taylors Best and Oxford Gold - made this a very enjoyable lunch.

3 Oct 2010 18:19

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Badsey

Decided to visit the Cotswolds for a short break, so booked in here as it was in a fairly good location.
Could not fault the accommodation. The double bed room was very large and included a settee. A spacious on suite bathroom made a very cosy stay. I would have said comfortable stay but the bed, although soft to sit on - was like concrete to lay on!
You have to try the local beer, so ventured to the bar on our first evening. And there it was, one of three pump-clips, looking at me, bloody Greene King.
I have just travelled 150 miles to get away from this crap only to find it has got here before me. Why me? What have I done?
Bank's Original and Cottage's Hurricane completed the trio.
We dined the next evening choosing from the 2 meals for 10 or from an individually priced menu. The meals as well as the breakfasts were acceptable.
The restaurant area is very well decorated and feels cosy and relaxed. Would definitely stay again.

3 Oct 2010 18:13

Swan Inn, Moreton in Marsh

Had been looking for ages to find a pub serving food after 2pm mid-week. This one was - so in we came.
We only had sandwiches and a steak baguette. Both ok. My pint of Wychert from Vale brewery went down well.
It was quiet but I get the feeling from previous reviews that I would not want to visit in the evening.

3 Oct 2010 18:00

The Horse and Hound, Broadway

Did not start too well when I asked the woman behind the bar if she would be kind enough to wipe the table we were sitting at. She did it, but was not too pleased. Friendly barman though.
Had a pint of Purity's 'Mad Goose', which was one of the best beers I have ever tasted. The Flowers 'IPA' was as expected - bland.
My meal should have come with seasonal vegetables. I was presented with - tinned peas and .................that was it.
I asked Grumpy Woman if there should also be carrots or something else?
"Carrots?" she grumbled. A bowl of slimy (probably tinned) carrots banged down on the table a little later, by guess who? "Your carrots, Sir."
What was that slime - spittle? I left them.
Apart from the barman, I got the impression that the pub does not need to try and get the punters in because of a lack of competition (apart from the Crown and Trumpet) and with a lot of visitors to Broadway wanting to eat and drink.
It's funny that no matter how many hundreds of miles I travel, reviewer, gillhalfpint, has got there before me!!!

3 Oct 2010 17:50

Bakers Arms, Bayford

Decided to have an evening meal here rather than at the more expensive Farmers Boy , Brickendon.
Moderate choice of meals which tasted ok. Even less choice of beers,
McMullen's AK and Country - not helped by eating in a drab-decorated square room.

3 Oct 2010 17:43

The Farmers Boy, Brickendon

Was too early for an evening meal so just stayed for a drink.
I'm not sure if the previous reviewer was working here tonight (beware of a solitary review).
Four beers to choose from including; TT Landlord, Harveys Sussex Bitter and Buntingfords Tettnang. I had a pint of the latter. A light hoppy ale, which tasted like vinegar.
I asked the barman (Rob, I think his name was) If the beer was off? "No", he informed me "it is a new barrel - it just tastes crap."
Give credit where credit is due, he did offer to change it for a different beer. The Sussex bitter was ok. I was reading the Tettnang pump-clip which said it was brewed with German hops, when Rob turned the pump-clip round. Why? Was it off?
Glanced at the menu on the way out, far too expensive.
Enjoy your Anniversary and xmas meal, "lovetoeatalot".

3 Oct 2010 17:34

The Crooked Chimney, Welwyn Garden City

Restaurant pub run by Vintage Inns. With five or so different eating areas it was not difficult finding a table Saturday lunch time.
Food: Plenty of choice, as you normally get from chain pubs. Prices from roughly 6 to out of my league. Food tasted ok but not exceptional. The side salad came dressed.......YUCK. I wish they would warn you. Is there anyone who likes dressed salad or do people pretend they do?
The sauces and vinegar etc only appear long after the food has arrived at the table, thus taking 5 minutes to cool down. The chips looked suspiciously like the ones served up in Wetherspoons - edible, but not greatly enjoyable.
Beer: Brakspear Bitter, G.K. IPA and Bombardier...... nothing special but the old pump-clips behind the bar looked like better beers have been seen.
Might give it another try sometime in the future, unless somewhere better turns up.

20 Sep 2010 20:52

The Sun Inn, Waltham Abbey

It was just over a year ago I first came in here attracted mainly by the four hand-pumps on the bar. The landlord informed me that he stocked a couple of regular beers and rotated the other two.
I did not eat but noticed the menu listed popular dishes at reasonable prices. With that in mind I called back last week-end.
It still has four hand-pumps but disappointingly only one was on (Adnams Broadside).
The first attempt to fill my glass resulted in a quarter of beer and three-quarters froth. A second try produced half measures of beer and froth. Then, at last, a whole pint of ale. Surprisingly it tasted OK.
I was informed that the landlord/lady were on a week's holiday (perhaps next time someone else might be left in charge).
I did wonder what the food we ordered would be like. The chairs in the restaurant area were very stained and grubby looking. Thankfully the food was very enjoyable. Top marks awarded there.
Hopefully next time (should there be one) the beers will all be on and not from Greene King or McMullen which are served in the other Waltham Cross pubs nearby.

14 Sep 2010 21:04

The Cornucopia, Southend on Sea

The family went to the amusements, I came in here. Football was being shown this particular Saturday lunchtime with about a dozen locals watching the match or filling out betting slips for the bookies opposite.
Two beers were on, one being 'Ah Purrfect Specks' brewed by Cornucopia Ales - not sure what that meant. The other a Mighty Oak brew; Mare's T'ale. The only pub along the seafront selling decent beer.
Just about enough room inside for all of us but I wouldn't fancy being in there with twice as many punters.

2 Sep 2010 21:48

The Last Post, Southend on Sea

Normally come in here about once a year. It is large enough to find a table, the bar is usually busy, but the food arrives fairly quickly. However, on my latest visit there were no vacant tables this Saturday lunchtime.
Some six-seater tables only had the one tipsy occupant. Tell a lie there was one vacant table. When I say vacant I mean it was unoccupied by humans, but was occupied by lots of part-empty glasses, plates, menus, drink spillage but surprisingly little food droppings. These were saved for underneath the table. The crap on the floor could keep a family fed for a week.
What sort of people leaves a table in that state and why do staff leave it like that? Mind you, if I worked there I think I would ignore it as well.
The whole place looked a shit-hole. Has anything changed here to cause that in the last couple of years?

2 Sep 2010 21:40

The Jolly Sailor, West Looe

This site says the pub serves food and the board on the pub says it serves doesn't.
It looked like it might be worth staying for a drink but I was hungry, so looked elsewhere.

26 Aug 2010 21:29

The Black Horse, Hertford

Like an earlier comment, I have been wanting to try this pub for some years now. Managed to call in on Saturday lunchtime. Thankfully there were only about 6 or 7 Spurs fans in watching the football on a big screen. I didn't let them know I am a Gooner.
Some say it is dirty inside, others not. There were dead flies and dust on various selves and the room looked tired and worn out. But hey - this is a proper old-fashioned public house.
The staff are very friendly. The menu had all the basic meals at very good prices. My Sausage (3), egg and chips were very enjoyable. The sausages had an excellent taste and really good quality.
I won't do my usual moaning of Greene King's lack of beer choice, because they did have their Olde Trip, which you do not see often around here.
Not sure if the pub made much money from the Yid fans. One pint lasted them the entire match - tight so - and - so's.

26 Aug 2010 21:20

The Chequers, Wareside

It has been some time since I was last in here. A bit of a locals pub that tend to give you the silent treatment upon entering. Luckily no one was in on this particular Saturday lunchtime (just how I like it - no crowds).
The chalkboard menu has always provided adequate choice at slightly above average price, nothing had changed there. My rump steak was rather on the tough side.
The ale choice was always hard to swallow as well, Greene King or its offspring. But this has now changed. Buntingford's Highwayman is the house regular. Fullers Summer Ale and Everads Tiger were also on.

26 Aug 2010 21:13

The Red Lion, Chenies

A rare discovery these days - a pub serving decent food with a good range of real ales.
Had a nice dish of bubble and squeak washed down with Vale's Best Bitter, Rebellion Lion Pride and Osset's Light Ale.............ahhhhh.

26 Aug 2010 21:06

Tom Sawyers Tavern, West Looe

I wasn't really expecting too much here - and I was right. Too much like a hotel - quiet and soulless.
Did not stay, but wouldn't have minded trying the Tom Sawyer Ale.

26 Aug 2010 20:59

The Ship Inn, East Looe

Yet again the usual 3 to 4 St Austell beers. Do the locals of Looe like drinking the same beer all the time?
Go on, live dangerously by drinking something else.

26 Aug 2010 20:54

The Fishermans Arms, East Looe

If this is supposed to be the best pub in Looe what does it say about the others?
I popped my head in long enough to notice what a dirty, pokey place it was. Only saw one handpump which was appropriately dispensing the crappy Doom Bar.

26 Aug 2010 20:36

The Highwayman, Dobwalls

Check again chriseliza, a couple had their dog with them at the table. I don't want to put anyone off this place because of the dog issue. If they are still and well behaved I don't mind.
Anyway, as for the review. That day's special's board offered two steaks for 10. Well worth having as they came with all the trimmings.
A good selection of beers including, Sharp's Cornish Coaster and Otter ale.
Probably the best value for money in the area. Check out their web site for menu/prices.

24 Aug 2010 22:15

Copley Arms, Hessenford

As promised visited here on a Monday evening. Certainly busier than lunchtimes - and noisier.
I'm sure there were more kids than adults and not all of them behaving themselves.
We were lucky to order our meals just before a party of six parents and just as many offspring arrived at the table next to us.
I was glad to get the meal over with and get out.
The staff did well to cope with the demand - but I'll stick to lunchtimes in future.

24 Aug 2010 22:11

The Swan, East Looe

No atmosphere and almost no beer. If bloody Doom Bar is the best option I might consider drinking, perhaps not.

24 Aug 2010 22:06

The Three Crowns, Plymouth

Not very inviting - look elsewhere.

24 Aug 2010 21:59

The Ship Inn, Noss Mayo

Driving down the narrowest of narrowest roads to reach this pub I thought it had better be worth it.
Well you can not grumble about the setting - fantastic. The selection of ales fantastic. The price of the food - fantastically .... high.
What do you do, drive back up the hill on an empty stomach or stay and have lunch? We stayed.
11.95 for a Sunday roast (1 extra for pork), half that price anywhere else.
The plates were very very hot, but the food was on the cold side.
I'll give the food 1 out of 5 but the real ale top marks (5). About six to choose from and not all the usual ones you see.
A word of warning. Do not park too near the water like some twit did. He had to wade through a foot of water to get to his car after the tide came in!

19 Aug 2010 21:08

The Ship Inn, Par

If you know of a more charmless landlord than the one here - I do not wish to meet him.
I asked for three roast lunches. "Don't you mean three carvery's?" Well, yes, they are the only roast meals on the menu. And one chicken with bacon and melted cheese, please. "Do you mean the Chicken A La Ship?" If that is what you call it, then yes, I do.
Perhaps the woman dishing out the roast (sorry Guv, I mean carvery) might be more cheerful. Bloody hell, lightening does strike twice. Maybe they're married.
Even the Betty Stoggs was off - can you blame her?

19 Aug 2010 21:04

The Bullers Arms, East Looe

Came in here on the rebound from the Salutation Arms just down the street.
Only came in for a quick pint - just as well because it didn't really want to make you stay any longer than you had to.
The latest few comments below sums it up. A pub with nowhere to hide.
The Cornish Knocker was the best bit in the pub - I'm talking about the beer you naughty boy.

19 Aug 2010 21:00

The Salutation Inn, East Looe

Desperate for a pint while the rest of the family went off for a cup of tea I thought this might be just the place to slake my thirst.
Through the window I could see four real ale hand pumps on the bar - yep, this is the one.
I'm standing in front of said hand pumps which are all displaying the Doom Bar pump clip. You're having a laugh aren't you - I'm not that desperate.
Think I'll try the Bullers Arms instead. Do you ever get that feeling it is going to be one of those days?

19 Aug 2010 20:57

The Admiral McBride, Plymouth

Needed food and a pint, this was the first pub we saw. Ventured inside, it smelt a bit fish and chippy. Had a look round, studied the menu and decided to look if any other pubs in the immediate area seemed better. Twenty minutes later we were back.
Maybe not the best pub in the world but better than pubs nearby.
Two years have passed since the last review, didn't see the short bloke but was served by a young pleasant lass.
Had a really nice omelette (very filling) washed down with Hunters Gold and Cornish Knocker.
Overall it's not a big pub, a noisy pub or the best pub. But it was an hour well spent.

19 Aug 2010 20:54

Copley Arms, Hessenford

Called in on a Tuesday lunchtime, there were only a few people eating, which made it quiet, peaceful and relaxing.
Enjoyed the good quality food washed down with the usual St Austell ales. The young bar girl does her job well and knows how to serve a full pint.
Will certainly try an evening meal before our holiday is over.

19 Aug 2010 20:46

The Wilcove Inn, Wilcove

Ditto previous comments.
Enjoyed a lovely Sunday roast. Friendly landlord who likes to rotate his real ales.
Keltek's Golden Lance went down well.

19 Aug 2010 20:42

The Crumplehorn Inn, Polperro

There is no pasty in my user-name so this is an unbiased review.
It made a nice change to see some different beers on the bar other than the usual HSD, Tribute, Tinners and bloody Doom Bar that you get in 99% of the pubs in Cornwall.
Here I sampled St Austell's Honey Monster, Black Prince and Kelteks Mr Murdock's Golden IPA.
Food prices range from roughly 8 - 12, but you do get large portions. All four meals were hot and tasty although I goofed on choosing the cottage loaf pie. I hadn't expected a whole loaf of bread on my plate!

19 Aug 2010 20:36

The Packhorse Inn, Kensworth

This was the last attempt to get a Sunday roast, it having just turned 3 o'clock
First impression was that we were going to be disappointed yet again - having tried some pubs prior to this.
A couple of locals chatting with the landlord were the only occupants. The landlady confirmed that she could still do the four of us a roast.
I imagine this is a drinkers pub rather than the restaurant type of place we get now.
We were not disappointed with the food. Hot, tasty, good size portions and certainly home cooked. Superb.
In the hour or so that we were there I have to say that the landlord/lady were the friendliest couple I have met that run a pub (and I've been in a few!).
I will give an eight for the food and chat but minus one for the beer.
Not because it was "off" (because it wasn't) but because there was only one choice - Greene King IPA - I hate Greene bloody King full stop. One pump had its clip of TT Landlord turned around and another pump had the Deuchars unavailable - oh well, at least that was a plus!

3 Jul 2010 21:26

The Mulberry Bush, Dunstable

We were out looking for a Sunday lunch. Having tried a few pubs earlier that were either too busy or too pricey this one looked quiet and cheap - two meals for a fiver - too cheap I expect.
From entering to leaving took all of ten seconds.
Inside was dark and grim with a cold atmosphere. It has no real ale but does have a clientle of single mothers spending their benefit money (at least it goes a long way on the food here).
We moved on to look elsewhere.

3 Jul 2010 20:39

Three Hammers, St Albans

Tried this pub for the first time last Saturday afternoon. A pub serving food all day can be really useful to know. I liked the interior with three or four different areas to eat or drink.
I am not over keen on 'chain' pubs because although you normally get a good choice of meals at reasonable prices you seldom get that home-cooked look and taste.
Three of us had macaroni cheese - which received no complaints. I had the chicken and ribs but with the salad undressed - I complained. The ribs were nice, the chips were nothing special, the chicken was a dry fibrous hard slab and my undressed salad was.........dressed.
Why do places dress the salad? It is vile. Forget the food, what about the drink?
Six real ales were on which at least is a plus. Some could be regular beers - Deuchars, Moorland OB and Courage best - not my favourite ones. I had the Greene King Thirsty Dragon and Jennings Tom Fool both disappointingly bland. I wouldn't be surprised if the Thirsty Dragon was Greene King's IPA in disguise!!!
As this place has been Cask Marque accredited I asked the young barman if he had a Cask Marque leaflet of other CM pubs in the local area. "Cask who?" was his reply. Cask Marque, I repeated. "Wot's dat den?" he asked. Where is the landlord or landlady when you want them? Why are thick kids put in charge?
Cask Marque is an organisation which offers the opportunity to train you lot how to look after and pull a decent pint of beer: I informed him.
The blank look on his face was like the one Homer Simpson has when he has not understood a single word that's said. This is not an isolated case, it has happened in many other Cask Marque pubs.

14 Jun 2010 22:20

The Crosse Keys, Bank

It is not often I am spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing which ale to have but, this place does your head in.
Purposely came here one Thursday evening after reading a previous reviewer said it had 24 real ales on offer. First sight of the bar is unbelievable - felt like it took five minutes to walk all the way round it. A good few city types were in before venturing home. One regular said it was extra busy for a Thursday.
Most of the ales were on and the three I had, from Daleside, Leeds and Nethergate breweries, were all in perfect condition selling at 2.65 a pint.
The staff must be congratulated on their polite and efficient service. From waiting to get served to receiving our meals was very quick indeed.
The food is typical Spoon standard. Why are their chips so tasteless? Are they McCains crappy oven chips?
When I am next in London I will make sure I call in again.

29 May 2010 18:47

The Anchor, Wadesmill

Have visited here many times over the years. Some good times and some not so good. With the grumpy old manager long gone now, most visits are now pleasant - if uneventful.
This is a typical Marston's two-for-one chain that you can find throughout the country. Last week I ate in a Marston's in Derbyshire, the menu and prices are identical.
The bill for four of us each having a main course, sweet and a drink (only one alcoholic) came to 70. Take off the two-for-one meals which reduced it to 50. The food is good but I have had better value for money elsewhere.
The beer is normally from the Marston's or Jennings brewery.

25 May 2010 22:00

The Plume Of Feathers, Tewin

As promised I returned here in the evening. Admittedly it was early evening, six o'clock to be precise.
The guest beer (I say guest - but it is still from Greene King) was Morris Mayhem. Nothing special - but still better than the IPA.
Food wise, there is a decent choice, ranging from about 7 upwards. Or go for the 2 meals for 9.95. I chose the Hunters Chicken. Time from ordering food to receiving it was about 20 minuets. Thankfully not 2 hours like the previous reviewer.
I wouldn't say I was a big eater but, apart from the amount of chicken, overall the meal was fairly small. Adequate for me but maybe not for a bigger eater. Don't get me wrong, it was hot, tasty and very enjoyable.
Were there any annoyances? The staff were very friendly and attentive - maybe too much if anything. They did keep asking if everything was all right and did you want a sweet? But hey, it is better than being ignored.

22 May 2010 21:32

The Navigator, Ware, only joking. I had a voucher entitling me to a couple of free drinks for the grand reopening after refurbishment.
Spotting the alterations was like playing spot the difference. The three tv screens have been replaced by a garish chalkboard depicting breakfast meal times, a crap painting and, thankfully, a bare wall.
I am informed it has new wallpaper - distressed wallpaper in my opinion, and a new kitchen.
There is a new menu (I'll take their word for it). To be fair there is a good choice of food all at reasonable prices.
As for drinks, if it is lager you like, then don't ask me. As far as I know it is all tasteless fizzy gnats whatsit. I am talking about real ale here, which happened to be like tasteless fizzy gnats whatsit. There are now five beers to choose from. Youngs Bitter, Sharps Doom Bar, Wells Bombardier, Adnams Broadside and bloody Fullers London Pride were the culprits. Not one from a micro brewery in sight.
As I said earlier I did get my two beers for nothing - so they did taste slightly sweeter than normal.
It wasn't a completely free evening though, I did buy some Nobby's Nuts for 75 pence!

2 May 2010 18:40

Prince Of Wales, Covent Garden

As I am not a Londoner I don't really know which are the best pubs to try. The nearby Freemasons Arms was packed football fans so I ventured in here.
Previous reviews make it sound like this pub should be closed down - not so from my visit.
It was a Saturday lunchtime visit. At least it wasn't as busy other pubs in the area (busy means a long wait to get served).
We wanted a drink more than the need for food. I tried a couple of real ales from a choice of five. The Reverend James and the TT Landlord tasted ok. Some people were eating and the food looked appetising. The menu had a various choice of meals at reasonable prices.
Four of us decided to share a couple of rounds of cheese on toast. The girl on food duty was very pleasant and friendly. She even gave each of us cutlery (guessing we were sharing).
I know it was only a snack but with four large slices of bread with lots of cheese on it and a side salad we all enjoyed it. Keep the pub open!

27 Apr 2010 21:11

The Freemasons Arms, Covent Garden

The previous reviews of the Freemasons called for a visit next time I was in London. The opportunity arose last Saturday afternoon.
Unfortunately (for me, that is) the place was packed with football fans watching the Man United/Spurs game on various screens throughout the pub.
I was looking forward to sampling the beers on offer but as it was about ten deep at the bar I decided to try the Prince of Wales just down the road.
I'll try it another time - perhaps out of the footie season.

27 Apr 2010 20:35

The Fish And Eels, Hoddesdon

Fantastic riverside location with plenty of room inside for dining.
12:15, one Saturday lunchtime inside was deserted, which made ordering food and drink easy enough. Within ten minutes there were nearly twenty people queueing to order. Not good with only two bar staff on duty.
It was hard work trying to get the barman into any sort of conversation. He wasn't rude but just did his job without any pleasantries.
I would say everything about this place was average. The choice of food, the price, the taste, and the real ales were all average.
I had the Gammon (6.95) which came with two eggs and pineapple (I do hate it when some places only offer you one egg or pineapple, not both). The chips were on the thin side and not that tasty.
There is a choice of three regular real ales. London Pride (I wouldn't touch that with a barge pole - totally overrated). Wells Bombardier - ok but nothing special and Wadworth 6x. Now this is one that I like and this is the one I chose.
Something about it didn't look right. It wasn't a dark copper colour, it didn't taste off but it wasn't full bodied and tasted watery if anything.
When I went to get another drink the barman had just taken the 6x off. I told him my pint was disappointing so he gave me a free pint of tasted just like my first pint.

18 Apr 2010 21:48

The Royal Standard, Ely

Time was running out and this was the fifth pub I had tried to get a midweek lunch. The previous four were rubbish.
Upon entering I noticed it was a Greene King pub - another disappointment coming up I thought. You know what the beer is going to be. Abbot with IPA or Old Speckled Hen rubbish and not a guest beer in sight.
Making my way to the bar there were quite a few people already eating but with enough vacant tables to eat at.
Abbot and OSH were on but also a guest, albeit from the G.K. range, Alepril Fool. I decided to stay.
The choice of food is vast. We went for the 5.95 two course meals. The bacon and onion suet pudding and the liver and bacon with mash was fantastic. This is home made food at its best and plenty of it too. A lovely sweet to follow really blows you out.
I personally thanked the landlord, Alan, (he'll be the one wearing Bermuda shorts and shirt) on the choice and quality of the food.
Most of my reviews knock rather than praise pubs. Reading the previous reviews I should be knocking this place - but I can't.
This was a lunchtime visit, maybe it changes mood in the evening.
8 out of 10 for the food.......1 for the beer because it was GK.

10 Apr 2010 19:06

The Kings Arms, Ely

This was the forth pub I tried on Thursday trying to get some lunch.
On entering, something didn't seem right. It did not feel very "pubby" - if that is a word.
From the limited menu, prices and foreign staff it felt yuppie. Having now read the previous reviews I'm not sure if my first impressions were right.
As a last resort I would make my way to the Royal Standard (not that I have been in there before).

10 Apr 2010 18:41

The Lamb Hotel, Ely

Not having had much luck trying to get a mid-week lunchtime meal I thought this might be a good place to try.
A couple were waiting by the dining room door. They explained that you had to be taken to a table by one of the staff. Having waited for what seemed ages I thought I would check out the bar. There was a choice of two real ales (I use the term 'real ale' loosely) tasteless Greene King.
I didn't fancy staying after that disappointment and as the couple were still waiting to get a table I would try the pub opposite.

10 Apr 2010 18:24

The Minster Tavern, Ely

From the posters outside advertising their meals it looked like every dish came with chips.
Once inside and looking at the diners plates most of them did indeed have chips on. I may be wrong but the food didn't look home made. I'll guess it is supplied by a chain group.
One thing I was impressed with was the bar having four real-ale hand-pumps. But then on closer inspection I was unimpressed that only one was on.
I walked out. And so should you.

10 Apr 2010 17:31

The Town House, Ely

Tried this pub one Thursday lunchtime because of its previous reviews.
Bare floors in a cold, sparse and semi-darkness atmosphere it didn't feel very inviting inside. With a lack of tables to eat at and with even less menus to look at I almost walked out.
When I questioned the "kid" behind the bar "Why is the menu outside different to the menu inside?" His reply was a very helpful "Dunno mate." I walked out.
A shame really because the beers looked very inviting. A good selection from Elgood, Nethergate, Buntingford and other breweries aligned the bar. As I say, a shame.

10 Apr 2010 17:07

Caldecotte Arms, Milton Keynes

This pub is set in an idyllic setting, with views across a lake and beside a windmill. The inside has old beams with brickwork a major feature, what could be better? Well, the food and drink for a start.
Two meals for 10 looked a bargain - unfortunately I visited on a bank holiday - so paid full price.
I chose the rump steak. Bad move. My steak-knife was very sharp - but nowhere near sharp enough to cut through this lump of gristle. Bits I did manage to free where impossible to chew. Actually, chew and chew was all you could do.
Needless to say I returned it to the bar staff, who asked if I would like another one? No, thank you.
As for real ale..........there isn't any. Speckled Hen is bad enough in cask form - but as keg - good grief. I did try a pint out of dying thirst, but I can honestly say that the water out of the lake would have tasted better!
Having settled the bill (and not charged for the "steak") I noticed the receipt was headed; "Punch Pub Company", I wish I had known that before we went in.

3 Apr 2010 18:17

The White Horse, Wareside

Bucking F' has summed up this pub perfectly. Four of us called in last Saturday lunchtime at 1:50. The dining area was packed with diners but the friendly management/staff managed to find us a table in the adjoining bar.
Chalkboards display plenty (and I mean plenty) of choice of meals. Prices range from 4:50 to about 11.
This is the only pubs menu I could try every dish (and I am a fussy eater). We returned this weekend specially so I could try the rabbit pie. It was gorgeous.
As you may know am no lover of Greene King beer. Abbot and IPA is normally all you can expect. Here, though, they do have a guest ale and come the summer, two. Last week was Holden's Golden Glow, a bitter/sweet blonde beer. Today's guest was Bexon's Finest. Probably brewed by John Bexon, Greene King's head brewer, for his Head Brewers Club. A vast improvement on his normal tasteless flagship ales.
This is certainly one of the best pubs in this area.

3 Apr 2010 16:16

The Farmers Boy, Brickendon

I suggested this pub five months ago and it has only just been included on this site. My review is for September 2009.

I have wanted to try this pub for many years now and had the opportunity one Friday evening. There is a large car park opposite the 150 year old country pub, just outside Hertford.
There were plenty of drinkers outside on a pleasant summer's evening, even though it had just turned 6 O'clock.
Can't complain about the choice of real ale on offer. Hop Back Summer Lightning, T.T.Landlord and a nice drop of Harvey's Sussex Best Bitter. There was a decent choice of food - but it doesn't come cheap.
Fish and Chips 10, Burger and Chips 10 see what I mean? Rib-eye steak 17. I chose the pork steak with stir fry vegetables and soy, all for a modest 12.
At least at the prices you know you are going to get decent tasty grub - not like your cheap run of the mill 'spoons fodder.
You do tend to get pestered by staff a lot while waiting for your food to arrive, asking if they can get you anything. Yes - my pork steak thanks.
Eventually it makes an appearance. The waiter carries the plate with his white cloth. I presume this prevents his fingers from getting frost bite. I don't like food served on a cold plate. How difficult is it to warm a plate in the oven?
The pork steak looked only slightly superior to a pork chop. The stir fried vegetables consisted of red peppers, green peppers and ..........yellow peppers. I did not realise this until I had added some ground pepper for seasoning, of course. Oh, and it was all floating in a deep pool of soy. Great.
I think you can guess what it tasted like? After two mouthfuls my tongue was on fire. Where is the staff now when you want them. Another pint over here and make it quick?
If I was thirsty and passing by I would drop in for a pint or two. If I was hungry I would drive past and try the Hertford 'spoons, The "Six Asbos". At least you know what you are going to get.

27 Mar 2010 11:18

The Plume Of Feathers, Tewin

Tried this pub for the first time last Saturday lunch time. I did not know this pub existed so I had not seen the previous reviews - and I'm glad I hadn't.
The menu had lots to choose from, at reasonable prices. Bar staff were pleasant and welcoming.
The beer is Greene King - damn, just when things were looking good. There is a third hand-pump which offers a guest beer - so all is not lost.
The food arrived fairly quickly (whether it was microwaved or not I don't know). All meals were hot, as were the plates. I found the food to taste OK - not fantastic - but OK.
Maybe the bad reviews refer to the evening trade. I will try a second visit and report back.

22 Jan 2010 22:18

The Queen Adelaide, Croydon

Sometimes call in here Saturday lunchtimes after visiting nearby Wimpole Hall, N.T.
With a spacious interior there are plenty of tables for dining. Comfortable leather couches and a fireplace make for casual eating and drinking.
There is a reasonable choice of food, costing around 10 plus (slightly more than I like to pay - as there are four mouths to feed).
Of the four hand pumps; one serves the house regular, the tasteless Greene King I.P.A. (say no more) whilst the other three dispense a barrel each of rotating guest beers (that's more like it). Forthcoming ales are listed on a display board.
Well worth finding slightly off the main road.

31 Dec 2009 22:48

The New Inn, Roydon

I don't believe it! After 15 years they have changed the menu, and guess what? The New Inn brunch (my favourite) is no longer available.........great.
Never mind, perhaps they have changed the choice of real ale on offer. After all, it has probably been over 20 years since the last change. Nope, still the same.
Adnams Broadside, Courage best and bloody Greene King I.P.A........argh!!!

15 Nov 2009 18:13

John Gilpin, Ware

Called in here for a Saturday lunch time meal. Very quiet with only half a dozen customers. Not much has changed over the last few years, still quiet, clean, friendly and.......quiet.
Beg your pardon there was one change; they now have a 2 - 4 - 1 menu. A couple of us had the rump steak, garnished with chips, peas, onion rings and a tomato, all for under a tenner.The food came very quickly - mind you, it was quiet. Apart from the steak being a little bit chewy it tasted ok and was served on a warm plate - which always helps.
One thing that has definitely not changed and that is the choice of real ale. Did I not mention this is a MuckMullen's pub? Three hand pumps serving the ever present AK along with Cask Ale.
The third pump was not in use (it's probably rigged up to another barrel of All Sorts....... I mean AK).Come on Macs, give us more choice and I don't mean Country Best Bitter. Start allowing Guest beers from micro-breweries and this decent pub might, just might, not be so quiet.

11 Oct 2009 17:42

The Castle, Bishop's Stortford

Nearly died from thirst and exhaustion trying to find this boozer. On foot, there is quite a steep hill to climb, turn left and there it is - right at the other end.
I had left the missus shopping while I tried to find somewhere to eat and drink for lunch.
Breathlessly I asked the young lad behind the bar if food was being served? He looked around the seating and table areas (there were only him and me in the place) and replied "It doesn't look like it". What a waste of time and effort that was.
Oh well, at least the shops are downhill.

8 Oct 2009 22:27

The Half Moon, Bishop's Stortford

The reviews for this pub sounded promising so I thought I would give it a try. Standing outside I had to double check the sign that this was the Half Moon. It looked a right shit hole. I could not bring myself to touch the door handle yet alone venture inside and have a drink. If I have got it wrong then let me know. If I'm right - back me up.

8 Oct 2009 22:25

The Tally Ho, Royston

Called in here a couple of times now. Pleased with the choice of three real ales. A previous reviewers "living room feel" about it is spot on.
Although the pub is not exactly on my doorstep I might return for an evening meal. Though would have preferred the prices to be a couple of pounds cheaper.

8 Oct 2009 22:22

The Star, Standon

It has been a few years since I last came here. The friendly "old girl" has been replaced by a younger model, it's a shame the friendliness wasn't passed on. A couple of locals propping up the bar seemed to take all of her attention.
The menu mainly consisted of fish dishes. Food was ok - but I did hear the "ping" of a microwave. In most pubs a few minutes after receiving your food they ask you if everything is alright - don't expect that here.
I doubt if I'll return, especially as it is a Greene King pub. (Same three tasteless beers in every one of them.) Next time I will try the "Bell" just down the road. No I won't - that's bloody Greene King as well.

8 Oct 2009 22:18

Crown and Falcon, Puckeridge

Called in for a meal one Tuesday evening. Busy with drinkers but not noisy. Ian and Rachel, the owners, had just that morning returned from a long overdue holiday. This may account for only two beers being available instead of normally three. Half an hour later this was reduced to one when the guest ale, "Bonkers Conkers" conked out (sorry).
As for the meal, most of us had the sirloin steak. I can honestly say it was one of the tastiest pieces of meat I have ever had. Apart from a good chef this wasn't a piece of Tesco's rubbish. I will be back for more.

8 Oct 2009 22:12

Old Inn, Ludgvan

New management trying to make a go of it. Made a nice change to find a different beer other than St Austell's. Keltek Golden Lance and Keel Over from Skinner's were available.
Food was limited to pizza on this particular evening, not something I normally eat, but very enjoyable.

8 Oct 2009 22:06

Cornish Arms, Hayle

Have used this pub a lot whilst on holiday for the last four years. The food is consistently good at reasonable prices. The Sunday roasts are very popular - hence it is very busy.
There is a choice of four or five real ales, all from the St Austell brewery. It is a shame that St Austell's dominate most of Cornwall. If you do manage to find other beers they will probably be from Sharp's or Skinners. Overall though, a good friendly pub.
The only real annoyance is small children running around noisily in the restaurant, with the management turning a blind eye. Is this the way of modern times? Bad parenting and poor management / standards?

8 Oct 2009 22:04

The Ship Inn, Porthleven

Popular harbour inn. Busy lunch times, but so well organised that we didn't have to wait long for our spare ribs and chips. Washed down with a couple of pints of Sharp's Honey Spice.
The ceiling is covered with beer mats and notes of foreign currency above the bar.

8 Oct 2009 22:03

The Star Inn, Crowlas

Called in here one evening towards the end of our holiday. Still has an excellent choice of real ales. Sampled three of the four Crowlas beers brewed on site, all superb, especially Potion No. 9.
Steve, the friendly barman, explained why food was still not available. At best, passing trade would only break even and the aim of the pub was to be a "drinking" pub not a restaurant pub. Fair point - but still a shame.

8 Oct 2009 21:59

The Woodman, Wild Hill

Meant to have tried this pub about five years ago - finally got round to it last week. Very busy Saturday lunch time, mainly with the real-ale crowd.
Quite small inside but managed to find a table. Landlord and his staff very friendly and welcoming.
Can't complain about the amount of beers on offer. The regular brews of Greene King and Mac's are not my choice but there are at least three guest ales (that's me sorted). Food wise, there is a small selection of basic dishes (no fancy names or sauces here) and all under a fiver (that's the family sorted). Our meals were well cooked, tasty and good value.
Only two minor moans; the interior could do with a clean and lick of paint and (this is one of my usual gripes) the food would have been better served on at least a warm plate - not cold.
I shall return.

22 Jun 2009 21:51

The Silver Fox, Hertford Heath

After about ten or so visits to the Fox I think I'll look elsewhere for a Saturday lunch time meal. I always struggle to find anything that I like on the bar menu. I didn't fancy chips so I chose the sausage an' mash in onion gravy. While that was cooking I checked out the ales.
I'm not sure if I am unlucky, but it's the same old story, time and time again. You have a choice of......wait for it. Yes, you've guessed, GK IPA, Abbot and Speckled shite, er sorry, Hen. Not to worry though, there is another pump reserved for the guest beer. The pump clip tells me that it's not one I have tried before. "Barman, I'll have a pint of that, please." "Sorry sir, it ran out last night. The locals loved it" Well lucky them, thanks pal. Every time this happens. Why couldn't he put on another barrel that Saturday morning?
Before I could take a sip of my Green speckled abbot my food arrived. Very quick service I thought - I'm impressed.
Two nice-looking bangers, mash, veg' and gravy. Hang on, where's the onion? Oh there it is......under that pea. No wonder it arrived quickly - couldn't wait for the onions to cook. Don't bother complaining though. When it comes to paying the bill all the response you get is: "I'll have a word with chef." Well chef can stick his onion gravy up his speckled hen!!!
Is there anyone out there who knows of a pub in the Herts area that does good food and serving guest ales - not GK or MuckMullen's, please?

19 Jun 2009 22:09

The Navigator, Ware

Called in here half a dozen times now - not because I wanted to - but for convenience sake. This time because seven of us had a family get together.
There are 2 for 1 deals on selected meals that cuts the cost down, which is just as well because the quality isn't even up to Wetherspoon standard (and that's saying something).
As for the beer, I think B.F. (the previous reviewer) summed it up quite well. Take away the tasteless G.K. IPA, Bombardier and Adnams and there's bugger-all left.
Clientele? I'm not an expert on Chavs, so "No comment". But there was a couple that evening who I can still hear now. The 'Husband' was raging at his 'Wife', where every other word began with F, while she argued back with two F'ing words out of three.
But do you know what? I think they enjoyed their evening a lot more than I did.

17 Jun 2009 21:52

Hare, Harlow

Not having found a decent pub in Harlow this one sounded good from the previous comments. On a Saturday lunch time visit I found it to be cosy and clean and what looked like a new extension or refurbishment.
There are 2 - 4 -1 meal deals to be had, but prices are reasonable anyway.
My wife asked if she could have a 'bit' of salad instead of peas with her meal. An abrupt "No" came from the 'overweight' woman taking our order. "If you want salad you forfeit your chips." she continued most unapologetically.
The food arrived quickly, was well cooked and very tasty. However, I probably will not be returning - not because of 'her' - but because it is a McMullen's pub.
Only Mac's beer was available. When I asked if guest beers ever appeared? She barked.............well, I think you can guess what she said!!

7 Jun 2009 21:36

Plume of Feathers, Gilston

Have been going here for a few years now, mainly for a late lunch, as it serves food all day. Standard beers are Adnams and Courage..........but made up for with one or two guest ales.
Although food quality is excellent I wish they would change the menu. The bar menu, which has not changed for a long, long time, is very limited. The specials board and A la carte meals are much more expensive.
Well worth a visit.

7 Jun 2009 21:07

The New Inn, Roydon

Having tried all three pubs in Roydon, mainly for something to eat than just for a drink, the New Inn is by far my favourite. There is something for everyone on the menu (The New Inn Brunch is my choice).
You can not fault the cooking - nor the price. So, why do I not come here for the beer? If you like GK Abbot / IPA or an Adnams then you're in luck because it will be on the bar this year, next year and every bloody year thereafter.
I was told the locals don't like change - they have found the right pub then!!!

7 Jun 2009 20:40

The Star Inn, Crowlas

ALL GOOD THINGS come to an end. Like the previous reviewer I called in again when on holiday. As a family we were looking for food and drink, but this year the kitchen was closed. A lack of demand, I was told. (I have my doubts.)
The beers looked inviting enough but, sadly, we moved on to another pub - with grub.

28 Aug 2008 22:32

Crown and Falcon, Puckeridge

Clean and cosy-feel pub. Relaxing atmosphere with friendly staff. Plenty of choice from the menu, reasonable prices, tasty and well cooked.
Of the drinks (real ale that is) there's two regular: Mac's AK and Adnams Bitter (ok-ish). But are there guest beers? Yes. Two weekly changing ales. On my visit there was Adnams May Day and Slaters Monkey Magic Mild - dark roasted with a sweet and fruity taste. Ahhh, I do like guest beers.
Pubs with good food and beer are hard to find these days, so give this one a try.

13 May 2008 22:59

The Bull, Gosmore

How can a free house pub serve only one real ale?

16 Dec 2007 21:02

The Star Inn, Crowlas

I DIDN'T LIKE THIS PUB - I LOVED IT. I thought this pub was going to be for boozers only. How wrong I was.
This is what pubs should be like. Not just a good choice of well-kept real ales but also having an extensive food menu.
The meals are good value, tasty and served on a plate that's hot.
I wish this was my local - it would be if I lived 300 miles CLOSER!!!

9 Sep 2007 20:38

The Packet Station, Falmouth

Definately one of the better Wetherspoon establishments. (See The Tremenheere, Penzance.) Bright, spacious, clean, pleasant staff and that all important criteria - a good choice of real ale.

9 Sep 2007 20:37

Tremenheere, Penzance

Having read the previous reviews of the Tremenheere (which weren't very encouraging), I still paid a couple of visits. My first impression was that it seemed gloomy inside and needed better lighting.
The food was warm-ish (but then is Wetherspoons food ever that hot?).
My main quibble was the ordering at the bar for the meals and drinks.
You could, like me, wait in a queue patiently for ten minutes or so, or, like a couple of pig-headed customers, start your own queue and get served straight away!

9 Sep 2007 20:36

The Beech Tree, Hazlemere

Oh dear what a disaster. Theakston bitter was on offer - so it seemed promising. The barmaid, who looked no more than a teenager, was more boobs than brains. After five minutes of rigorous pump-pulling I was handed a glass half-filled with beer and the other half with froth. I didn't stay for a second pint (or half).
On my way out, I noticed that 90 percent (that's more than I got) of pints sold - were lager. I wonder why?

9 Sep 2007 20:35

Old Post Office, Royston

I should have read the previous comments before trying this pub. Only three hand pumps for real ale. Two of these were for one beer - which wasn't on. So that just left a choice of one. Ordering food proved painful, when the bar girl seemed more interested in her mobile phone than concentrating on my order. When the food arrived my main course came before the starter. I should have known better because the bloke on the next table received his ice cream before his bowl of chips!

8 Jul 2007 20:54

The Green Man, Great Wymondley

Another Green King pub, another poor choice of real ale. Abbot and I.P.A. A smile from the landlady would have been some consolation. Mind you, I wasn't smiling when she stirred my wife's J2o and soda water - with a fork! There is definitely a restaurant feel to the place and the food was good - apart from my last mouthful of omelette which revealed a long black hair!

4 Jul 2007 20:24

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