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Comments by willesden_seadog

Thomas Rigby's, Liverpool

My first try of Okells beer and I enjoyed it. Good vibrant atmosphere at tea time with a mixture of football fans before the Everton game and workers. A bit quieter after 10pm on my return when I tried the excellent HB Dunkel, even if it was £4.50! Friendly lads behind the counter.

5 Dec 2014 01:19

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Excellent friendly staff and my two pints of Roosters were in good condition.

I could do with going again in company. There was something I really liked but not quite sure if that makes sense.

5 Dec 2014 01:13

The Excelsior, Liverpool

Really nice pub with friendly staff. Tried a couple of guest ales - both in decent nick and watched the ODI cricket as it started to fill with workers finishing for the day and Everton fans before the game.

I'd definitely return.

5 Dec 2014 01:11

The Wellington, Birmingham

I was wandering around trying to find a pub on New Years Day before the lunchtime kick off at The Hawthorns and stumbled on The Welly by mistake. I saw someone sat outside with a pint down the alley.

I walked into my sort of dream boozer. The staff were friendly and helpful. The beer choice superb even though I stuck on the amazing Oakham Citra, putting down 3 in short time - it was that good.

Went back for a swifty before the train home after the match. A lovely atmosphere. Fans of all clubs chatting with some listening to the radio and giving updates.

Exactly how a pub should be - chav and kids free with cracking ale.

14 Feb 2013 10:57

The William IV, Leyton

Made a return before going to Brisbane Road for the Cup replay v Hull City.

The citra while only 3% was most tasty and refreshing.

An excellent initiative was that during all live sport on the TV's, soft drinks would be £3. Great idea to get rid of the freeloaders who cuddle half a coke for 90 minutes taking up the best seats and putting off proper drinkers.

14 Feb 2013 10:50

The Golden Egg, Kilburn

A revisit in the company of a fellow pub fan after visiting the soulless and overpriced Black Lion and Golden Egg.

Doombar was decent and very good value at £1.99. Yes, there are characters in the pub that might frighten the beautiful people, but they make the pub feel just that - a pub!

Also an excellent sign on the screens - anyone not purchasing a drink while live football is on will be ejected and barred. I approve heartily.

14 Feb 2013 10:44

The North London Tavern, Kilburn

Poor selection of ales on a visit last Monday. Just a light and dark from the Twickenham Brewery.

Cliqueish atmosphere so we didn't stop for long. Not my kind of pub.

14 Feb 2013 10:37

The Black Lion, Kilburn

Stunning decor. Sparse atmosphere. A poor pint of Doom Bar

I personally preferred it as it was. OK it was scruffy and dirty, but it oozed character and atmosphere. It also had pub people using it.

14 Feb 2013 10:34

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

Went in last night and got involved in a lovely conversation with two strangers. It's that type of pub.

Took my Dad there the other week and I've never seen him as happy in a pub. He said it took him back 50 years. It was full of good people, the beers were great and the music provided by the jazz trio and then the turntable perfect for the pub.

All the beers taste fresh, there's always a good selection and last night I found three under 4% which was refreshing in itself.

All in all, it's a wonderful pub. I will continue to visit. I just wish I lived a bit closer!

16 Nov 2012 09:30

The Black Rock, Wakefield

Always a favourite of mine in Wakey.

Traditional, friendly and cracking Tetleys.

Wish there were more pubs around like this one.

23 Sep 2012 10:44

Six Chimneys, Wakefield

Beer decent, not enough staff on.

Customers apparently taking part in a League of Gentlemen tribute day.

23 Sep 2012 10:42

The William IV, Leyton

Made an excuse on a day off to visit, and I'm so glad I did.

A proper old school pub in terms of layout and decor. Decent clientelle, friendly barstaff, excellent Brodie's ales at a very fair price.

Can't really fault it. Wish it was near to me. Every London borough should have a brewpub such as this by law.

24 Aug 2012 13:53

North Riding Hotel, Scarborough

Can't wait for next week and getting back to Scarborough to see family, friends and the cricket.

One of the highlights are at one visit a day to the North Riding. It's a brilliant pub, good atmosphere and lovely ales. Plenty agree, hence the reason it will be mobbed.

As for Roseberry's. The worst Spoons I've been to, and I've visited around 100.

24 Aug 2012 13:49

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

Excellent bar. Stayed in the shabby hotel but the 7 handpumps more than made up for it. Friendly barman and locals. Great atmosphere for a Tuesday night with visiting football fans having a jolly old drink!

16 Aug 2012 18:33

The Jack Horner, Tottenham Court Road

Used this pub a few times with friend/s. Always reasonable ale on offer and polite staff. Try and get one of the male managers to pull your pint. The young foreign girls are pretty to look at but lacking in beer pulling skills in some cases.

Only disturbing thing on my last visit was the terrible trend to have several tables reserved after 5.30pm. This act should be banned in all pubs in my humble opinion.

10 Mar 2012 09:22

The Court, Tottenham Court Road

Extremely loud and messy on my visit on a Thursday evening. Cheap prices and packed with young uns. They had handpumps on so fair play. Just not an ideal place if you're over 23.

Toilets very smelly with metal doors!

10 Mar 2012 09:16

Duke of York, Whitby

Nice pub with people tending to eat more than drink. Great views over the harbour and decent enough ale.

25 Jan 2012 01:50

The Buck, Whitby

Good pints of Taylor Landlord. Good service. Plentiful TVs showing the football. Lots of seats and a back room we didn't discover but it's supposedly like a cinema with surround sound to watch the action.

25 Jan 2012 01:48

The Station Inn, Whitby

Not the cheapeast, but I've been in three/ four times and beers and general atmosphere are always first class. A good selection of ales.

25 Jan 2012 01:45

The Shambles, Whitby

We were amazed by the size of this place. Huge main bar with counter in the centre. Large seperate room and snooker room as well.

Friendly Mackem barman and good Cropton 2 Pints.

Word is landlord is trying to get rid as fears of the upcoming opening of Wetherspoons in the Big Angel looms.

25 Jan 2012 01:42

The Pier Inn, Whitby

Reasonable enough pint of Landlord and friendly landlord who appeared to be quite new.

We were the only 2 in this large pub but went in because it looked so nice from the outside. As other reviewers have suggested, it would be a cracker to sit outside in summer.

25 Jan 2012 01:39

The Little Angel, Whitby

Good pub from where we commenced a rather long pub crawl of the town.

Tetley's ale sound. A mixed crowd in a smart enough pub. Snacks on the bar and we watched the first half of the match in 3D glasses, available to keep for 3 or to lend for a 3 deposit.

25 Jan 2012 01:37

The Endeavour, Whitby

Lovely welcome. Late on a Sunday evening. We tried a dark guest ale. We'd had oodles by now, but still found it very enjoyable. The locals told us all newcomers had to sing! I'm relieved that they were joking, but I came back to find my pal joining in with 'The Crystal Chandeliar'

The singing continued with songs of the country and western genre. We left with large smiles, which has to be a good thing.

25 Jan 2012 01:32

The Elsinore, Whitby

Very quiet again for my return, possible with football on elsewhere. Smashing ales once again. My pal enjoyed his Strongarm especially.

25 Jan 2012 01:29

The Board Inn, Whitby

A very enjoyable warm cosy pub. My pal went for the Old Peculiar, myself Theakstons XB. Both in top nick.

Liked the sliding door to get into the bar. Like many Whitby pubs, I could have sat there all night.

25 Jan 2012 01:27

The Black Horse Vaults, Whitby

Great pub. Two small rooms. Avoid the darts when visiting the loo in the back!

Excellent beer. We tried the dark Black Dog ale and a ginger mulled wine. Prices expensive but ambience first class.

25 Jan 2012 01:25

The White Horse, Shepherds Bush

Just about the perfect pre match pub. I get to see Rangers a couple of times a season so I go in with my season ticket holding mates. There was plenty of staff so there was no waiting and the IPA was fine. TVs kept us up to date of events elsewhere.

Many modern people would turn their noses up at this sort of pub, but give me one like this with characters and atmosphere than soft lighting, furnishings and awful background music any time.

3 Jan 2012 02:50

The Bull, Shepherds Bush

Characterless pub as far as this grumpy is concerned. Lovely for professional people and girls, but not a pub to me. More a wine bar.

I'd personally refuse places like this a license, but it would be a dull world if we were all the same!

3 Jan 2012 02:46

Scalby Manor, Scarborough

An absolute belting place for value for money food.

It's under the Crown Carvery chain. It's around 7 on a Sunday and less than 4 other days.

Even better, there are always at least two ales on, the last time I was in it was Marston Ale and Yorkshoire Terrier which I see in there often.

5 Dec 2011 05:30

The Old Shades, Whitehall

Went in yesterday with a pal for the first time despite walking past hundreds of times.

Very good selection of beers, and the two I tried (British Bulldog and Young's Gold) were spot on.

Lovely furnishings and decent service in a clean pub. Quiet when we first went in just before 4pm but soon busied up with the suits.

18 Nov 2011 08:10

Jono's, Ealing Common

Packed full of young lads who looked like they may have been playing sport. It was loud but friendly enough.

Decent friendly service. No handpumps but fine otherwise.

14 Nov 2011 19:59

Rutland Arms, Hammersmith

Enjoyed this pub on a stunning Sunday afternoon. Beer in excellent condition. My pal had a very good meal. The staff were friendly.

All in all I enjoyed it and will be back.

14 Nov 2011 19:55

The Salutation, Hammersmith

Can't believe how this place has changed since a few years ago when I thought it was a brilliant traditional pub.

Aiming for the beautiful people now I guess and their larger wallets.

Beer not bad, but not for me any longer. No atmosphere. I've knocked off three marks since my last visit.

14 Nov 2011 19:52

The Dove Inn, Hammersmith

Went on Sunday. Beautiful weather and really in the mood for a few beers with a good pal of mine.

The Dove was awful. Beer not bad at all, but the place was packed with people so up themselves I'm amazed they didn't disappear.

More restaurant than a pub on Sunday's showing. Not my scene. Won't be rushing back.

14 Nov 2011 19:49

The Elsinore, Whitby

Brilliant little warm and friendly pub with plenty of marine memoribilia on the walls.

Three ales on handpump: Tetleys, Strongarm and John Smith's.

Just about a perfect town pub. I will definitely be back!

5 Oct 2011 22:52

The White Swan, St Albans

Went in and back out in no time.

4 handpumps, but only one on was GKIPA. Asked for a Flying Scotsman but once the barmaid eventually came to serve me, she tried pouring one off for 2 minutes, before declaring it gone!

23 Sep 2011 08:03

The Blacksmiths Arms, St Albans

Excellent pub.

Good service, really good choice of ales which were on form. Friendly locals.

Will definitely be back, probably to have a go at the good priced menu.

23 Sep 2011 08:01

JJ Moon's, Kingsbury

I have now moved to Kingsbury and this is my local. Ideal for me working shifts as it opens until midnight.

Took my Dad in several times when he stayed nearby and he liked it, which is good enough for me.

Good staff, good ale and the food always up to scratch. Better than many Spoons and a good vibrant mix of customers.

Getting thirsty just typing!

15 Sep 2011 21:07

The Crown Inn, Accrington

No hand pumps so I made do with Newcastle Brown in bottles.

Smashing pre match atmosphere with both sets of fans mixing hassle free. It was very busy but there was plenty of staff on so service was good. The football club own the pub, so it's in their own interest to sell!

Lots of good old memoribilia on show of old Stanley as well as souvenirs of opposition clubs in the back section.

Another nice feature was an oven full of pies. What more could a man want? - OK maybe a hand pump would round it off perfectly!

Would definitely use again but only on a matchday.

15 Sep 2011 20:59

Peel Park Hotel, Accrington

Lovely pub and warm welcome. Locals discussing matters of the day including Mrs Thatcher, so as well I'd only had a pint!

Nice stuff on the walls, much of which is football and cricket based. Lovely pint of Tetley's. About four other hand pumps on the go, but living in London means I don't see my old favourite, so it was a no brainer.

Would definitely recommend.

15 Sep 2011 20:54

The Waterhouse, Manchester

Quite enjoyable with a few in after 11pm on a Wednesday night, with City at home.

Pint of Thwaites Wainright and a Moor Top from the Buxton Brewery were both excellent washed down with a wee Glenmorangie.

Nice enough atmosphere. There were a few loud 'uns in, but the layout means you can avoid the noise if y6ou wish.

I'm a big fan of the City Arms round the corner, but this place really impressed me.

15 Sep 2011 20:43

The Ship Tavern, Holborn

Theakstons Lightfoot in excellent form as I showed my brother The Ship on a wander around town. I'd been in by chance with some visiting Australian friends. I saw it down the alley and took them to a traditional English pub and was not let down.

Small but cosy. Staff have always been pleasant on my few visits.

1 Sep 2011 08:07

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

While not a huge fan of Sam's beers, I pooped in with my brother for a quick half.

I loved the place. Excellent pleasant staff, incredibly cheap ale - 2.40 or there abouts for half an OBB and a Taddy Lager. OBB was in perfect nick. Just the taste I'm not a massive fan of. A bit sweet for me.

Will certainly show it to my sightseeing friends from away if they visit.

1 Sep 2011 08:04

The Windmill, Chipperfield

Went in after watching the football at Chipperfield Corinthians. Adequate pint of Pride in a place that was a cross between a twee tea room, a restaurant and a pub.

Very much emphasis on food.

Not my cup of tea, but probably appeals to professionals out for dinner or older folk wanting peace and quiet.

28 Aug 2011 07:13

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

Incredible Nicholson's pub in the way of history and decor. Felt like a church in some ways.

Beer OK but not brilliantly poured. Definitely one to show visiting friends to the city in the future.

14 Aug 2011 02:13

Dirty Dick's, Bishopsgate

Decent enough place with a convenient location.

Beer (Young's) in fair fettle and decent enough music for my tastes (80's Ska) in the background. TV showed the BBC final score.

14 Aug 2011 02:11

Doggetts Coat and Badge, Southwark

My first time in here after a good mate was down who went in and enjoyed the experience a few years back.

Really impressed. Good choice of ale and really friendly barman. I went for the Thornbridge Jaipur and it didn't disappoint.

Smashing beer garden out at the back. Will no doubt give this place another go in the future.

14 Aug 2011 02:08

The New Tavern, Scarborough

A massive improvement. A new couple at the helm and the beer already improved in terms of quality, choice and price.

Cask ales were Mansfield for 2.20 and Hobgobblin and Pedigree both at just 2.60.

The place has also had a tidy up.

22 Jul 2011 18:04

The Old Angel, Doncaster

Decent enough pub and set up but far too many pumps not in action.

I had a steak which was up to scratch and the beer was most drinkable.

The young lass behind the counter was not the worst. If only I was 20 years younger!

22 Jul 2011 15:15

The Salutation, Doncaster

Lovely pub with decent customers, fine ale and friendly and welcoming staff.

I would definitely use it again if I'm in the area. It's how a proper pub should be.

22 Jul 2011 15:12

Sheffield Tap, Sheffield

Brilliant, simply brilliant.

Good staff, lovely beer and a selection of 200 bottles from around the world to have a crack at. If I didn't have an engagement back in London, it could have got very messy!

Every railway station should have to pass a test to get to somewhere neaqr these standards before being granted a license.

My next problem is how to get to watch Scarborough play,travelling via Sheffield!

22 Jul 2011 15:04

The Horseshoe Inn, Levisham

I visited while on a really good walk with my dad around the beautiful valley and the railway.

The pub is situated at the head of the stunning village. We sat out at the front on the green. My poor dad had to stick to a shandy as he was driving, but I had a pint of the local Cropton Two Pints. It was in top condition.

Somewhere I fancy for a meal in the future. The menu looked good and reasonably priced for the location.

18 Jul 2011 03:51

The Lamb and Flag, Covent Garden

Packed on an early Saturday evening, but my Aussie mate insisted on going over for a pint. Not sure his missus and daughter were hugely amused!

They couldn't get round the concept of everyone standing outside. Bar staff friendly and helpful. Gents toilets out of Trainspotting. I put that down to it been so busy all day.

A good pub to show visitors but there are better. Wind by its traditional reputation.

3 Jul 2011 15:21

The Brewmaster, Leicester Square

Basically a meeting place or last one before the train. It is very typical of a railway station pub; not really clean, loud and full of bevied up punters.

Unremarkable in any way. An interesting gang cheered the place up as they were playing pub golf on a night out.

3 Jul 2011 15:17

The Moon Under Water, Leicester Square

I've taken a visiting Aussie pal in a couple of times over the last week or so and my parents in the past.

Always good service no matter how busy they are and beer always fine.

Was in last night and it was lively as the Gay Parade had finished, which was a bit of an eye opener for my pal who was unaware at first!

3 Jul 2011 15:14

The Shakespeare's Head, Soho

OK. I went in the other week and then again on an afternoon crawl with a pal.

On the first time I managed to get a bloke I presumed to be the manager (organised and English) to pour my Youngs Golden Ale. Turned out a lovely pint.

No such luck the second time. A latin barman pulled hell out of the pump and I ended up with a pint, as flat as a fart.

Really wish staff would be trained properly. It's a bloody expensive hobby!

3 Jul 2011 15:09

The White Horse, Soho

I liked this pub. Light airy and neat. Especially fond of the two room layout with an open plan bar.

Plenty of real ale to go at. I had a nice enough pint. Didn't eat but the food looked fine and appetising.

I will return and give the food a go one slow afternoon.

3 Jul 2011 15:05

The Star and Garter, Soho

A really enjoyable place to relax and enjoy a beer. Good staff, drinks and general ambience.

Music playing in the background. A top old school boozer. I'd definitely return here.

3 Jul 2011 15:02

The Shaston Arms, Soho

Pleasant enough pub. Beer ok but not brilliantly poured.

Best to try and get seats near the door as it seemed a little confined further back.

3 Jul 2011 15:00

The Beehive, Vauxhall

It was packed out after the cricket but staff still did a good job serving.

The bar is a square in the middle of a spacious room. There's also a large beer garden.

It's neat and tidy and a cross between a pub and wine bar. No real complaints.

24 Jun 2011 17:30

The Grey Derby, Kennington

Nice enough place which I often use if I'm down there for the cricket.

Very down to earth place with a friendly crowd and staff. Good jukebox helped atmosphere.

Tried the Bombadier but it wasnt the best to be honest.

Crazy old Londoner regalling us with tales of cricketers of yore. Obviously a regular. He got more animated after each mouthful. His language would have made Alf Garnett blush, but he was no bother. Probably added to the atmosphere if anything. Rather have him than some of the hoorays who pitch up at the cricket!

24 Jun 2011 17:27

Metropolitan Bar, Baker Street

I use this pub at least once a month and no major complaints.

Food better than most Spoons and always a good choice of beer.

Last night, just one problem. Bought a pint of Pompey Royal poured by young enthusiastic bar manager. Best pint I've had in ages. Bought same pint when ordering food. Served by polite young eastern European girl. She couldn't pull a pint to save her life. Mentioned this to bar manager as I left. He assured me he's give her coaching, which I thought was really refreshing.

Will continue to use.

22 Jun 2011 11:38

The Ship, Soho

Great pub. Good vibe, old school and excellent music.

Sadly my pint of Pride was shocking. So bad I nearly left some. Would give it another go, for atmosphere but hope for better pint.

22 Jun 2011 11:34

The Clachan, Soho

I enjoyed this place in a mni pub crawl, so much I stayed for two.

Good mixed clientelle, nice music and decent beer with an excellent choice.

Would recommend to visiting friends. Clean, bright and airy. Will use again if in area.

22 Jun 2011 11:31

The Blue Posts, Soho

Nice traditional pub. Friendly service and good crowd.

My Directors poured by a pretty foreign girl. Crap. Please teach these girls how to pull a proper pint. Not just here, but everywhere in London

22 Jun 2011 11:26

The Golden Egg, Kilburn

A pleasant surprise having only used this pub very randomly, and not at all for a few years.

Don't go to the Golden Egg if you want candles on your table, posh toilets, posh over rated expensive food or to mix with the beautiful young professionals.

Do use it if you like mixing with good honest folk and to drink beer at the cheapest prices. Meals are very low priced. The pub is like a cheaper Wetherspoons. I tried both cask ales and both were poured expertly by the two gents behind the bar. They cost 1.89 for that rarist of beasts, a 3.8% session beer which I'd not heard of before, but it was excellent. The other was stronger (Double Dragon I think?) and again was very good, especially for just 1.99.

A typical sample from the menu was an 8oz rump steak with chips and onion rings for a staggering 3.99!

TVs were on around the pub to entertain the middle age and older crowd showing Royal Ascot with the sound up and the cricket with sound down. It looks like a big screen comes down for big matches.

If in the area I'd definitely use again.

16 Jun 2011 22:57

The Elephants Head, Camden

My favourite Camden pub. Always a mix of characters and good music being played.

Noticed London Pride on as well as the constant decent pint of Courage Best. Whenever mates come down they ask to go there so it can't be too bad!

14 Jun 2011 23:00

The Queens, Primrose Hill

I quite like this pub, especially after a nice walk on The Hill with its stunning views.

A pal and myself got sat outside yesterday afternoon. The Young's Gold wasn't ready for pouring but the girl behind the bar pulled it through and apologised for the wait, which was good. The beer was excellent.

14 Jun 2011 22:56

The Engineer, Primrose Hill

Nice enough pricey gastropub with lovely garden, but most tables reserved after 6pm.

Good pint of St Peter's. Not my type of place but pleasant all the same. Rooms for dining all set out very neatly.

14 Jun 2011 22:53

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

Many pubs can suffer from being over hyped or having reviews 'doctored'. I cannot say that about the Southampton.

During my Thursday afternoon visit there was a steady vibrant trade. The beers I tried were all excellent as was the eclected music on the turntable.

Beer prices amazingly fair. Not so the soft drinks. Some young posh girls were brought in by a lad who obviously chose the pub after tennis for the cider. The girls paid 2.20 for a bottle of coke, but serves em right for being tasteless.

I thought 1.50 was a bit harsh for a bag of pork scratchings, but it's a good incentive for me to stick to my diet. If such prices subsidise the beer prices, then please keep it that way.

Definitely a pub I'll take the trouble to catch the train to for an occasional treat.

3 Jun 2011 13:28

The Fiddlers Elbow, Brighton

I quite liked this place. It was cosy with a large TV showing that evening's football and background music.

I had a pint of Arundel Castle, which wasn't my favourite beer ever, but it reasonably well poured by a pleasant barman.

The lay out of the pub seemed to create a good atmosphere. I'd certainly give it another go.

30 May 2011 17:12

The Evening Star, Brighton

Mmmm. I'm not sure about this pub. On one hand it had very paletable ales at very fair prices. On the other I wasn't keen on the atmosphere with it been full of loud student and grungy types who'd obviously got stuck in throughout the day.

Excellent location. I'd like to try it on a weekday when the festival isn't on and everywhere isn't full of people on the drink all day.

30 May 2011 17:09

The Cricketers, Brighton

I maybe chose the wrong day as it was around 7pm on a Bank Holiday Sunday and it was extremely busy. However: My Harveys was not the best, having been poured my a surly studenty barmaid in hurried fashion and then charged 3.60 for it! Maybe it was the shock of having to work for her money?

Seemed nice enough inside but I went outdoors to people watch and see a plethora of gangs stagger around.

I'd probably give it another go, but on a quieter day when hopefully the service would be improved.

30 May 2011 17:06

The Sussex Cricketer, Hove

Called in on my yearly pilgramage at the cricket at lunch on a Bank Holiday Sunday so as you can imagine, it was pretty busy.

There were plenty of staff and there needed to be with the masses at the bar and the amount of food being ordered.

There were 4 different cask ales to choose from. I went for a very nice pint of Harvey's Sussex Ale at a reasonable 2.75. The beer garden was as pleasant as ever despite the cold weather with the beauty of being able to see the scoreboard inside the ground.

The food prices looked very reasonable and I'll certainly be back.

30 May 2011 17:01

Tom Sawyers Tavern, West Looe

Nice enough place. I was taken straight here by my excellent tour guide to let me unwind after the train journey.

Sat outside and took in the lovely view. Pint of Tribute was fine. Be sure to go right inside and look round as the hand pumps are at the far side of the bar.

27 May 2011 19:19

The Devonport Inn, Kingsand

Nice enough modern and clean pub in a stunning location. Decent hand pulled beer - I had something from a Falmouth brewery I believe. Decent food. No complaints from me or my two hosts.

Try and get a window seat. It makes all the difference.

27 May 2011 19:16

The Cross Keys Inn, Cawsand

Ignore my comments. They were intended for a Kingsand pub! Apologies.

Lovely welcome in this fine pub. Looked an interesting menu. We sat outside in a lovely location while I enjoyed a fine local ale.

I would recommend this pub.

27 May 2011 19:16

The Cross Keys Inn, Cawsand

Nice enough modern and clean pub in a stunning location. Decent hand pulled beer - I had something from a Falmouth brewery I believe. Good food. No complaints from me or my two hosts.

Try and get a window seat. It makes all the difference.

27 May 2011 19:11

The Fylingdales Inn, Fylingthorpe

Went for a glorious walk along the Cleveland Way from Ravenscar to Robin Hood's Bay on a quiet January Monday. We were in good time for the bus and the Victorias was shut in RHB so we walked a bit further. We were so glad we did.

A lovely tidy and welcoming pub. All the rooms had lovely furnishings and were immaculate. We sat in the conservatory and overlooked the lovely garden.

The Theakston's was absolutely spot on, having been poured with care and attention. To add to our fun there was a late 50s/early 60s backing tape on at just the right volume which was a good conversation piece for the pair of us.

In a way I wish we could have stayed longer, but I know we will return one day. It rounded off a wonderful afternoon out for us.

26 Jan 2011 04:01

The Carpenters Arms, Windsor

Decent pub. Stopped off before my train back to London. Steady trade with seats available outside. I enjoyed a well kept Doom Bar which was very reasonable at 2.75.

I will return.

10 Sep 2010 01:53

The City Arms, Manchester

Brilliant pub. Nice beers including my old favourite Tetley's! Warm pies behind the bar. Sky Sports News in back snug with sound down. Excellent choice of music at sensible levels. Old fashioned lay out.

I would do anything for a local like it in London. It'll be my regular whenever I'm up in the Manchester area. Brilliant.

31 Jul 2010 11:35

Ye Olde White Harte, Hull

Excellent ale and friendly atmosphere. Will definitely call again.

11 Jan 2010 20:19

George Hotel, Hull

Nice traditional pub with good choice of real ales. The Tribute from St Austell Brewery in top form.

Juke box played plenty of 80's stuff which was fine.

11 Jan 2010 20:14

The Dram Shop, Hull

Used to really like this pub. It had a good pint of Bass. Really disappointed on a revisit. No real ale pumps. A fizz house desperate for passing trade from youngsters.

11 Jan 2010 20:12

The Burlington Tavern, Hull

Average pub. Went in on an admittedly quiet Saturday tea time owing to the adverse weather, but won't be scurrying back.

11 Jan 2010 20:10

The Mitre, Paddington

A nice experience. Superb place if you like buildings with charactar and history. All the glasswork, wood and tiles as I presume it's always been?

The Youngs Bitter was OK without going overboard.

A bit presumptious, but I enjoyed it.

A nice place to read the paper and relax.

7 Jan 2010 21:52

The Mad Bishop and Bear, Paddington

Went in on a freezing Wednesday night and it was quiet, but I really rated it. Pleasant staff and beers in excellent form, especially the ESB. Prices very fair.

Small portable heaters all over to warm us up, which i thought was a nice touch.

Will certainly use it again.

7 Jan 2010 21:49

The Walkabout, Finchley Road

Best pub in the area, beating off weak opposition.

Cheap and cheerful, especially with a boomerang card. Food reliable. Can guarantee the cricket will be on which is a major bonus even on football days.

Usually at least one cute barmaid on.

Good place but handy if you are in the right mood.

19 Dec 2009 14:06

The Whip Inn, Lacey Green

I was most privileged to be taken to this pub by locals, Ian and Marie. He had mentioned this place and I'm so glad I took him up on his invitation.

It was pretty miserable outside but the bar is warm and welcoming. The beers were high quality and the staff friendly and knowledgeable. In fact in the three hours we were there, we saw 2 pumps change to new beers.

The three of us all had different meals and all were first class.

So nice to spend time somewhere in such pleasant company without loud noises or chavs spoiling the scene.

I will be back!

19 Dec 2009 13:59

North Riding Hotel, Scarborough

Very good pub. I use the bar when I'm visiting my home town. The beers are excellent and the landlord is knowledgable as well as friendly.

The juke box was on fairly loud on my last visit on a Friday night, playing the likes of Led Zep, Pink Floydd, punk and ska.

Would give my right arm for a pub like that as my local.

19 Dec 2009 13:50

The Euston Flyer, Euston

Went in on a Thursday evening and it was very busy as a company had reserved large parts of the pub for a function.

I like Fullers pubs and this one is really smart. The beers were good in quality and selection and the barstaff were very pleasing on the eye.

A good place to meet being so close to main rail terminals.

Not as cheap as some, but I go out to enjoy myself, not count pennies.

19 Dec 2009 13:43

The Museum Tavern, Bloomsbury

Went in with a pal on a wander on a cold winters day. The pub was warm and welcoming. The beer was served well by friendly staff.

It's a strange building. It's quite snug but it looks like it's all leaning at strange angles.

Could do with a new carpet, but quite a pleasant experience.

19 Dec 2009 13:40

JJ Moon's, Kingsbury

Decided to pop in after going to Aldi over the road. Used to use this pub years ago before Wembley when living in the north.

Really impressed. Ale excellent. Staff polite and quick despite it being very busy with staff Christmas parties.

It was warm and comfy. I'll certainly give it another go.

19 Dec 2009 13:38

The Tennyson Arms, Scarborough

The beer was good and the welcome friendly. Only a handful in on a Saturday night. Live local act on. How do landlords make money?

Definitely worth a stop off. Far better than the Sunrise up the road.

9 Oct 2009 04:26

The Spa, Scarborough

Busy with many drinkers who formerly used Falsgrave. Beer was very good. No coincidence how the ale has improved while the New tavern's has got worse. Young Mark, behind the ramp, obviously knows what he's doing.

9 Oct 2009 04:24

The Mist Bar, Scarborough

Never thought it possible but preferred it when it was the old Equestrian. It was busy but plastic. Ideal if you are young or like fake tans.

Foot supposed to be decent though during the day

9 Oct 2009 04:22

The Commercial, Scarborough

New management. The place has been tidied up with more plans on the way. Beer much improved but on the expensive side (2.65 for Tetleys).

Spoilt it by having karaoke on a Saturday night or I'd have stayed longer

9 Oct 2009 04:15

The Albert, Scarborough

Went in on a Saturday night last week and it was packed. They had a top local band, Snatch playing. Beer was not bad at all. Stayed far longer than intended.

9 Oct 2009 04:11

The Hanover Arms, Kennington

Always busy before and at intervals at the cricket. Not a bad pub but not one I'd go out of my way to use.

Full credit to the barman. I forgot my change but he kept it aside and returned it when I enquired, which was very pleasant. We drank outside in the street and the same barman was hurrying around collecting glasses. Keep hold of that fella as he's a grafter and honest which is refreshing when so many people in the business seem to think they are doing the customer a favour.

Will no doubt have my customary pint in there the next time I visit The oval

16 Jun 2009 08:53

The Grey Derby, Kennington

I liked it because it was unpretentious and friendly. A bit on the old fashioned and quiet side but I don't mind that. A good place if there's a gang of you going to the cricket as it's easier to get served than next door in the Hannover.

It has sky sports and a decent jukebox

16 Jun 2009 08:48

The Roebuck, Kennington

Went in there on a couple of occasions during the T20 cricket at The Oval. Very impressed. it's been refurbished since my last visit and is smart without being over the top.

Nice and confortable, friendly pub. Ideal for cricket yet it seems a secret to many fans who use the other pubs nearby

16 Jun 2009 08:46

The Original Oak, Headingley

Good pub with many bars and an excellent beer garden. Only let down was no proper beeer. If they get that it would be an excellent place.

29 May 2009 21:54

The Skyrack, Headingley

Not ideal. Thought it was more like a pub you find by the seaside with an amusement machine and formica and smooth beers.

Like a million other average pubs.

29 May 2009 21:50

The Headingley Taps, Headingley

Called in before the abandoned ODI so it was obviously a bit stretched. The service was fine and the Tetleys drinkable. Good atmosphere before the game.

29 May 2009 21:48

Templar Hotel, Leeds

I'd do anything to have this pub close to home. A proper pub with a good mix of clientelle. Always superb Tetleys. Sport on the TV's but not obtrusive.

My favourite pub in Leeds and one I walk all the way from the station to, even if just for one pint.

29 May 2009 21:46

The Victoria Hotel, Leeds

Delightful pub. An excellent choice of real ales at a reasonable price. So good we used it twice in a day. It is clean and tidy with immaculate toilets.

Tried the bangers and mash later in the day which were good without excelling.

Certainly will be back.

29 May 2009 21:43

The Scarbrough Hotel, Leeds

We were first in on the day of the ODI. The beer (Tetleys) was not up to scratch. The only reason I could think of is that it wasn't pulled through properly. Normally an enjoyable experience.

29 May 2009 21:39

The New Tavern, Scarborough

Friendly local with OK beer. Open late so I generally find my way in later on.

Matt the landlord books some quality artists although it can be a little loud owing to the size of the pub.

29 May 2009 20:47

Highlander, Scarborough

Not bad at all. Looked a good food menu and the Tetleys was absolutely spot on. Good job I was in the mood for a walk or I could have nestled for some considerable time.

Incredible views outside when the weather's right.

29 May 2009 20:43

The Angel Inn, Scarborough

I always pop in here at least once during my frequent visits to Scarborough. An extremely consistent boozer.

Good friendly atmosphere and excellent Tetleys.

29 May 2009 20:41

The Cask Inn, Scarborough

Went in a couple of times on a visit back home. Much improved. Four real ales on and in decent condition. Busy with an eclectic mix but a good atmosphere. New manager of late and he obviously knows the business. Many different music nights downstairs as well.

Worth a look

29 May 2009 20:38

The Queens, Primrose Hill

One of my favourite pubs. Went in on Friday afternoon. The Youngs was in good fettle and i ate with two friends. The food was excellent if a little on the pricey side.

I will certainly return.

18 May 2009 12:20

Scholars, Scarborough

Cracking pub for service and quality ales. The manager, Dan is excellent. From Sunday to Thursday you get to roll 2 dice when you buy a beer or a round. If you get an odd number you get the same again for free!

Good place for sport and decent background music. Highly recommendable.

9 Mar 2009 20:08

The Old Scalby Mills, Scarborough

Not bad. Good variety of beers well kept. A place to sit outside on a summers day. A little bit too foody orientated for my liking.

9 Mar 2009 20:05

The Leeds Arms, Scarborough

An absolute gem. I'd been in on a Monday on a previous visit back home in the evening and on this occasion I went in with a pal after a long walk taking in the sea air.

It was quiet but friendly. The landlord (Mick) gave us a history lesson in a nice way and explained the many pictures and memoribilia. The draught Bass was cock on. I'll definately back and I'll try and make it on a quiet afternoon to get full value from it.

9 Mar 2009 20:03

The Salutation, Hammersmith

The best pub on our little pub crawl. By now I was very happy with life, even more so when I entered this gem. Excellent beers and service. It looks like a good menu and the sport was shown by plentiful screens.

A proper bub. Long may it reign as I'll definately be back.

9 Mar 2009 19:59

The Hammersmith Ram, Hammersmith

A very friendly and comfortable pub with good Youngs on offer. One of the better establishments in the area.

Will certainly go again.

9 Mar 2009 19:56

The Dove Inn, Hammersmith

Went in on a very busy Sunday. The beer was not bad at all but the atmosphere was a bit too snooty for my liking.

There was a particularly obnoxious tosser in the "smallest bar in the world" who made it quite clear that he presumed it was his own private area.

A place to go early on a nice day and grab a place outside to avoid the food smells and the uppity braying from the Henry and Henrietta's

9 Mar 2009 19:55

The Famous 3 Kings (F3K), West Kensington

I used to eagerly await a visit to this pub living a fair way away. I met a mate in there yesterday primarily to watch the cricket. There were TV's showing stuff that nobody was watching but alas no cricket.

The beer was rancid and the barstaff totally alien in the concept of customer service. I couldn't believe how quiet it was when I entered but it soon dawned on me why it was.

A crying shame as it was once a superb venue. It will be a long time before my next visit.

9 Mar 2009 19:51

The Duke Of Wellington, Portobello Road

What a nice experience.

A big smile and welcome from the barmaid as soon as I walked in. Excellent beers, if a little expensive. Nice customers. Excellent background music of 70's onwards indie. Pub was clean and warm and I didn't want to really leave. I'll definately be back.

Didn't try the food but it looked expensive.

8 Jan 2009 03:27

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