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BITE user comments - richythemole

Comments by richythemole

The Three Elms, Chignal St James

Has the feel of a country pub on the edge of the city. The ale (mostly local) and the cider are well kept, with a good variety on offer. Comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Historic and cosy inside, and its probably pleasant to sit out at the front in summer.

12 Mar 2018 18:10

Ye Old Elm Tree, Durham

Old fashioned and seemingly well run town pub. Good range of interesting ales in good condition. Busy with a decent mix of customers.

4 Feb 2018 15:25

The Woodman Inn, Durham

Perfectly pleasant pub, and very welcoming. Has an edge of town community feel. Definitely above average.

4 Feb 2018 15:19

Ferry Inn, Stone-in-Oxney

A well-located pub with above average ale and food. Comfortable and welcoming on a Sunday evening, with lots of families dining. The Goachers was well worth a second pint.

4 Feb 2018 15:16

The Red Lion, Snargate

A fine undeveloped multiroomed pub with the ale served from the wood. Style is as it would be in the 1940s. A must see, and a warm welcoming find on an autumn evening.

4 Feb 2018 15:11

The Olive Branch and Beech House, Clipsham

A high quality pub/restaurant conveniently situated off the A1. Truly excellent food prepared with great skill, and the house beer from Grainstore in Oakham (formerly Olive Oil) is very tasty.

4 Feb 2018 15:00

The Whalebone, Hull

Interesting well kept ales and real ciders abound. An old dockers pub in the middle of an industrial area on the River Hull. Very welcoming and populated by an older crowd. Basically a very well run proper old fashioned pub and well worth your time and money.

4 Feb 2018 14:58

Ye Olde White Harte, Hull

Downstairs this is essentially a Victorian recreation of an "olde worlde" inn in an ancient and historic building. Worth a visit for this alone, and the more untouched upstairs, but I did not find the Caledonian beer (Hotham's Harte) especially well kept. Can get very busy at the weekend.

4 Feb 2018 14:57

Ye Olde Black Boy, Hull

Formerly a wine merchant converted to a wood panelled pub in the 1920s, and not much seems to have changed since. Larger back room and cosy smaller smoke room at the front. Interesting range of ales, in a fascinating building.

4 Feb 2018 14:56

The White Horse Inn, Beverley

Hugely eccentric and historic gas lit Samuel Smith's pub. A pub interior of national significance, with a baffling warren of rooms, that is not to be missed. The Old Brewery Bitter is fairly standard but with an orangey woody note from the traditional wooden casks.

4 Feb 2018 14:54

The Minerva Hotel, Hull

Popular former dockers pub on the Humber. Good choice of interesting ales (and Tetley) and many gins. Multi roomed with plenty of space outside. Mix of punters. Perfectly fine.

4 Feb 2018 14:52

The Lobster Smack, Canvey Island

Busy of a hot April Sunday lunchtime but they obligingly squeezed us in. The Crouch Vale Brewers Gold was perfectly fine. Food service a bit chaotic with items left off the order but politely corrected. Quite a middle aged clientele in a reasonably comfortable setting.

5 May 2017 18:48

The Morpeth Arms, Pimlico

A fairly typical Youngs pub. Everything was slightly better than average. As noted, the Spy Room upstairs is the place to sit. Convenient for Tate Britain.

14 Nov 2016 05:50

Dukes Head, Brockham

As noted, predominantly a restaurant that serves a few ales in a smart pub building. The London Pride was fairly average but the Surrey Hills Ranmore Ale was fresh and delightful. The cooking is highly competent without being especially innovative. Some solid standards clearly being set around service and comfort. A visit for food would be unlikely to disappoint and the chances are you would get a pint or two of decent ale to go with it.

5 Nov 2016 17:38

The Black Boy, Winchester

Hugely characterful multi roomed inn not far from the cathedral, brim full of seemingly random artefacts including much of the seating. There were several ales from small breweries, and the Triple fff was extremely pleasant. Very quiet of a Tuesday lunchtime.

26 Oct 2016 16:24

The Bugle Inn, Twyford

Overwhelmimgly a food pub, and superficially there is much to be nervous of with more than a hint of "light and airy" Farrow and Ball, and a pricey aspirational menu. Yet The Bugle delivers in spades. The Flowerpots Bitter was all one could wish for from a pint of Best, and the fine, high-end-pub cooking matched the pricing. Lots of local ingredients, service is strong, the atmosphere is relaxed. A great example of what pub dining can be.

26 Oct 2016 16:22

The East End Arms, East End

Popped in for a quick pint and found a welcoming, comfortable, traditional bar, plus a smarter restaurant area. The Cottage Southern Belle was well kept and from the barrel, with a brace of (Marstons) Ringwood on handpump. Good friendly service and a certain shabby ambience contributing to a well above average pub.

26 Oct 2016 16:20

The Bridge Inn, Shoreham by Sea

Quite some time since the last comments, so I wonder if improvements have been made. My experience of a Sunday lunch visit was above average. Food was cooked well, as per the Fullers norm, and the London Pride was just as it should be. Good choice for an afternoon pint sitting in the sun by the Agur.

4 Oct 2016 06:25

Yew Tree Inn, Preston-on-Wye

A traditional rural inn that serves a single well-kept ale and cider/perry, both from the barrel. Had a satisfyingly traditional Three Shires Hafren, and a clean bright Wye Valley Butty Bach on my two visits. My companion revelled in the local Orgasmic Perry. Lots of outdoor seating and willing staff. A very pleasant place to spend a warm summer evening.

22 Jul 2016 10:12

The Queens Head, Brighton

A touch above average. The Firebird Pacific Gem was very pleasant. Some effort had been made to provide local ales and cider. Polite, engaged staff. Mixed clientele. A bit shabby but without much character or atmosphere to compensate.

30 Apr 2016 12:49

The Compasses Inn, Salisbury

Charming and atmospheric dark old country pub providing three well-kept and varied ales, above average food, and excellent service. The Bristol Beer Factory Nova is looking like my ale of Spring 2016 thus far. The food was sufficiently imaginative and consistent to justify the pricing, with vegetarians aptly provided for. Staff were exclusively interested and friendly. Not one to miss really.

3 Apr 2016 18:20

The Blisland Inn, Blisland

The reviews below are entirely accurate. Authentic if slightly shabby local. Welcoming, and serving inexpensive local brews. A genuine community asset, I imagine.

28 Mar 2016 06:39

Grand Central, Brighton

Pleasant, comfortable interior that had been recently refurbished. The service was good and the atmosphere was fine. However, the London Pride was in very disappointing shape, and rather expensive because they can get away with charging a premium. OK, fair enough due to the location, but the beer quality needs to be there too. Despite the range of pumps, this was the only choice. I will be unlikely to return which is a shame, as I quite liked the pub.

30 Jan 2016 06:33

The Dolphin Inn, Hastings

A welcoming, popular and comfortable pub on the sea front with a decent mix of punters. Varied range of very well-kept ales (Harveys Best, Dark Star Hophead and 4 or 5 other independents). There was Harry Sparrow cider from Aspalls - not often seen away from the flatlands.

31 Aug 2015 07:24

Ebrington Arms, Chipping Camden

A comfy and characterful country inn that has a lot going for it. Personally, I found the Yubby ale a touch thin and disappointing for the ABV (at 3.8% one wants more flavour - not a boys bitter), but there was admittedly a wider selection that I did not sample. Some strong, imaginative cooking generally impressed our party - especially the fish. The vegetarian food is interesting and thoughtful too. The service was excellent and staff are very well informed. Not cheap but good value for the quality and service.

16 Aug 2015 12:36

Three Pots, Burbage

As noted below, it's a Harvester. Dull, lifeless food and totally bereft of anything generally accepted to be ambience. Surprised by some very decent Everards Tiger though.

9 Aug 2015 20:48

The Crooked Billet, Leigh on Sea

An airy and comfortable pub which seemed to be the best on the High St. Not terribly welcoming on our visit. The Adnams Southwold was well above average, but not fantastic. My pescatarian companion approved of the seafood shack alongside the outdoor drinking area.

6 Aug 2015 06:45

The Kings Head, Guildford

A pleasant building with a clean bar-style interior and very well kept beer. The Tilly Hop Troll was moreish and on truly excellent form. Not sure if we were unlucky, but the food was extremely disapppointing - overpriced and badly made, I'm afraid. Worth a visit for the ale though.

30 Jul 2015 18:18

The Copperfields, Tynemouth

A pleasant enough setting at the back of the Grand Hotel but alas rather let down by some average beer. Good selection of ales (tried Adnams Lighthouse, Dent Kamikaze, Deuchars IPA, Thwaites Wainwright) but sadly not especially well kept with a few being hazy. The food is well cooked though, and good value.

5 May 2015 18:47

The Old Cannon Brewery, Bury St Edmunds

A seemingly worthwhile venture with an on-site brewery, meals and rooms. Tidy-looking complex, with a clean and bright interior. Our own experience was that the food could be improved a bit, yet was still on the good side of adequate and the Gunners Daughter ale was very moreish. Excellent service too. The ales are available in bottle conditioned form.

11 Apr 2015 11:41

The Blue Boar, Walsham le Willows

Comfortable open plan pub that manages to retain a sense of its separate areas. Armchairs/sofas at one end were joyous after a brisk country walk. Adnams Southwold beautifully bright and Aspalls Harry Sparrow was welcome too. Seemed a relaxed and friendly place.

11 Apr 2015 11:08

The Bull Inn, Bacton

Well kept Adnams Southwold in a comfortable, clean and roomy village pub. Definitely above average but perhaps lacks atmosphere as noted below. Good place to meet up or come as a group.

11 Apr 2015 11:01

The Sole Bay Inn, Southwold

Sad to hear of destructive refurbishment, but can only review what is here. Clean and light modern interior with shades of Farrow & Ball, a look which a number of town pubs are seeming to favour. Obviously a fairly broad choice of Adnams ales that are very well-kept, with some of the more experimental brews evident. Busy and friendly with quite a diverse mix of customers. Very pleasant without being outstanding.

9 Apr 2015 09:57

The Bell Inn, Walberswick

Historic, multi-roomed coastal inn with a large garden brimming with families and dogs. A certain pleasing novelty in travelling there by ferry. Hugely characterful with a good choice of excellent Adnams ales - basically, the sort of place where it is a struggle not to 'settle in' for a few hours.

9 Apr 2015 09:54

Six Bells, Walsham Le Willows

A variety of well-kept ales in a former Greene King house. Adnams Ghost Ship in good nick. Fairly busy with an older clientele. Interesting looking and deceptively roomy building.

9 Apr 2015 09:51

The Wheatsheaf, Writtle

A small, characterful and welcoming traditional brick-built village pub with an interesting choice of six to eight ales. Pleasantly quirky interior and a fairly mixed over 30s client group. Beer is kept in very good order - the Adnams Southwold was in fine condition, and the local Wibblers IPA was good too, although unrecognisable as an IPA.

9 Apr 2015 09:47

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Tried the London Pride (flat and bland) and the Adnams Ghost Ship (drinkable but average). Bar staff mostly willing but some seem a bit dopey. Pleasant surroundings but the ale and service could be so much better. And, in fact, I deserve much better when I am charged over six pounds for a pint and a premium soft drink.

14 Feb 2015 06:55

George and Dragon, Sandwich

Surprised by the low rating here. Quite possibly not a true reflection of well kept local beer (Wantsum), tasty food and excellent service. A really pleasant lunchtime visit. Yes, it is geared towards victuals, but the ale is excellent too.

3 Nov 2014 06:43

The Northern Belle, Margate

Proper, friendly, old fashioned local with a pleasant interior. A bit quiet midweek, which makes one worry for its long term future. Shepherd Neame Master Brew kept just as it should be - which sadly can be a challenge to find.

3 Nov 2014 06:38

The Tartar Frigate, Broadstairs

Pleasant old building by the sea front. Gadds No 5, from just down the road in Ramsgate, in great nick. The food is perfectly adequate, not overpriced synthetic junk. Service is effective if a tad fussy for a pub restaurant. A timewarp in many ways, and not necessarily the worse for that.

3 Nov 2014 06:33

The Harbour Arms, Margate

Worthwhile, friendly, and unusually characterful micropub on the Harbour Arm. Ales are from around the country and very well kept (some superb porter from Bank Top - Port of Call). There generally seem to be three on. Decent selection of ciders too although my purist companion avoided the ones with fruit other than apples.

3 Nov 2014 06:27

The Lord Nelson, Ipswich

Quiet of a Monday afternoon, as might be expected, but welcoming chatty staff nevertheless. Decent range of Adnams served by gravity. Both the Southwold and the Fat Sprat (an early contender for beer of the summer) were in fine fettle. Good honest modern town pub in a historic exterior.

25 Jul 2014 04:19

The Sun Inn, Dedham

Clean, bright and welcoming inn with a long sunny garden. The Crouch Vale Brewers Gold was well kept and there were three more interesting ales on tap. Aspalls Harry Sparrow cider was also to be had. An accurate rating for an entirely worthwhile pub.

25 Jul 2014 04:14

The Seven Stars, Leigh

Well kept beer from a pedestrian selection (Pride, Youngs, Doom Bar). Somewhat tepid welcome which was surprising bearing in mind other reviews. Good amount of pleasant outdoor space. Probably a nice place to come as a group in warm, sunny weather.

17 May 2014 06:24

The Gunton Arms, Thorpe Market

Situated off the main road, to the south of the village, in parkland. Hugely interesting interior (it may have been a lodge or suchlike in the past - the Elk Room is impressive, the art is eclectic) and a decent choice of East Anglian ales kept in good order. Clientele were largely a middle class mix of families, hipsters and overseas visitors - creating a relaxed buzz. Good efficient service after an initially rather ambivalent welcome. My companion liked her food but both of my courses were skilfully cooked yet remarkably bland (it is quite a feat to render a lemon curd cheesecake thus). A convenient place to grab an al fresco lunch to escape Cromer.

27 Apr 2014 06:14

The White Horse, Brancaster Staithe

Very well cooked food and excellent ale - Woodforde's Great Easter(n) is my beer of the Spring so far. Not especially cheap but good value for the quality. Sat in the relatively cosy bar area - the conservatory restaurant does indeed have fantastic views over coastal delights, but booking seemed advisable. Something of a must, with the rating here being spot on.

20 Apr 2014 07:29

Three Pigs, Edgefield

Some consistently tasty food, and especially competent vegetarian cooking. Quite keenly priced too for the quality. Service is strong and the pub has a really pleasant atmosphere. Ale was sadly average though - tried Southwold and Wherry, and neither overimpressed. Seems to have previously been called The Three Pigs, but looks like it has been rebranded to stress the victuals.

20 Apr 2014 07:27

The Adam and Eve, Norwich

The Adnams Southwold was perfectly decent without being stunning. The food was good value and seemed homemade. Interesting building around the back of the cathedral. A solid choice if you like small, traditional, slightly quirky pubs.

20 Apr 2014 07:23

Kings Head, Holt

Traditional town pub layout with a rear restaurant extension. Two distinct drinking areas at the front - to the right, an open plan bar and to the left, more of a multi-roomed snug. Decor is modern and comfortable, staff are efficient and punters are of a broad mix. A large number of ales are available, many of them local (eg Wolf), but a few from the handpumps were served rather too cold. However, the Adnams Southwold was well kept and an appropriate temperature. The Harry Sparrow cider from Aspalls was also admired by my companion.

17 Apr 2014 07:48

The Wiveton Bell, Wiveton

A curate's egg. The ale was well kept and local independents (Wolf, Moongazer) were much in evidence. Pleasant inside if slightly Farrow & Ball with a generally polite, efficient service. The food quality, however, was extremely patchy, for example, fish done very well but vegetarian astonishingly badly. Ultimately does not adequately meet the aspirations it creates through price and positioning because of errors of judgement in the kitchen and a tendency to rhetoricise on the menus. Nevertheless, recommended for drinks and helpful staff.

17 Apr 2014 06:19

Windham Arms, Sheringham

Very welcoming, friendly pub just off the beaten track, with a wide choice of local beers in truly excellent order. Pleasing to see such a mix of locals and families, tourists and couples - and lots of dogs too. Decor is a little tired and a real cider would have been nice, but well worth your custom as they know how to keep their ale.

17 Apr 2014 06:14

The Kings Head, Market Rasen

Welcoming thatched pub in the depths of the village. Seemed to be a Marstons house - with a range of ales from across their empire. Food, drink and service all strong points. Unpretentious yet dignified and cosy.

12 Apr 2014 21:12

Royal Oak Inn, Staffhurst Wood

An entirely pleasant rural pub near the Surrey/Kent border, with the mostly middle aged and middle class clientele one might expect after driving through the area. Worthy selection of interesting-enough ales and a couple of real ciders - with the Larkins being in fine shape and a welcome sight. Long Man Long Blonde was also evident and I think an Adnams. Not sure why they bother with Doom Bar. Deservedly popular without being astonishingly good.

12 Apr 2014 09:29

Park Tavern, Chichester

Returned after three and half years to find this place has gone from strength to strength. The Fullers beers are still well kept, and the food is thoughtfully cooked with prices matching quality. Decor is pleasantly rather than self-consciously quirky. Definitely worth frequenting as there is much to enjoy about this comfortable, welcoming tavern. We will surely not delay our next visit for so long.

1 Mar 2014 18:46

The George, Shalford

Welcoming village pub, with a large open fire and ales from the local Shalford brewery - had Stoneley Bitter. Was surprised to read this has been a Champion Beer of Britain finalist, as it wasn't anything special. Decent, if 80s style, good value pub food. Nothing at all wrong with the place, but not quite enough that is sufficiently fab to justify its rating here - which is perhaps a touch high.

19 Feb 2014 18:26

The Viper, Mill Green

Charmingly historic cosy country pub with a genuine traditional interior. Excellent food for the price (lots of veggie options), and a proper selection of ale and real ciders. Looks like good walking country when the environs are less waterlogged. Not one to miss.

19 Feb 2014 18:21

The Ale House, Chelmsford

Interesting location, underneath the arches. Impressive selection of well-kept ales, ciders and perry. Was somewhat empty when we visited (a Monday lunchtime), so inevitably lacked atmosphere - but I can imagine it is quite a lively beer cellar of an evening.

19 Feb 2014 18:15

The Victoria Inn, Colchester

Welcoming atmosphere with a decent mix of customers - hip older types were especially well represented. Good selection of unusual ales, a number of real ciders and knowledgeable staff. A proper new-style town pub, and none the worse for that.

19 Feb 2014 18:09

The Dolphin, Stisted

Clearly a popular inn especially with families, serving slightly above-average old school pub food. The service and the building are first rate, and much else is 'good enough to offend no-one', including the Morland Original. Rating is a little high in my view, but also we could imagine sitting outside on a warm summer's day and being very content.

19 Feb 2014 06:56

The Swan Inn, Long Melford

Pleasing to see Taylor's Golden Best on the counter. A welcoming, wine bar-style pub with aspirational menu (and aspirational prices) that perhaps lacks a bit of atmosphere. The beer is perfectly fine but the food did not always come together from its well-cooked, imaginative constituent parts. So nearly very good indeed.

19 Feb 2014 06:47

The Star, Godalming

Historic-looking exterior and an unruly bricolage of furniture and decor inside. Wide mix of customers, hip and helpful bar staff, broad choice of festive ales in good nick and pukka ciders (plus a real perry). Quite relaxed and friendly overall, and a pleasant place to be.

22 Dec 2013 11:33

The Ship Inn, Rye

Although the interior decor is somewhat self-conscious, nevertheless a worthwhile and comfortably roomy pub serving some fine Long Man ales. And their Long Blonde may well be my beer of the Summer. Proper cider and perry festival in progress when we visited too - which is always a good sign. Very pleasant really and underrated here, I would say.

30 Oct 2013 19:51

Mermaid Inn, Rye

Astonishingly ancient genuine old English inn sporting a busy atmosphere. Fairly small public bar serving several good quality ales (had a pint of Dark Star Hophead) with more extensive dining/exclusive drinking areas around the building. Well executed food from a skilful and imaginative kitchen. Overall, a bit fussy (borderline kitsch in places) as a total experience - but still worth a visit for a drink or even a meal if you feel flush.

30 Oct 2013 19:47

The Three Daws, Gravesend

Building has a very pleasing vernacular style. The Millis ales, as noted below, are consistently underwhelming (I would seriously rethink having so many on) however the St Austell Proper Job was enjoyable. Food is of a good quality, fairly priced, well prepared and tastes home-made - with loads of choice for vegetarians and fish-lovers. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and the interior boasts considerable interest - although the decor in some areas is arguably a little dated.

4 Oct 2013 01:05

The Royal Oak, Wineham

Wonderful service and a refreshing pint of the local Dark Star Hophead from the wood. Tasty apple juice from just up the road too. The wasps in the garden were a pain but the pub is clearly appreciated by all sorts of punters from Porsche drivers to local boozers. Not to be missed for the gratifyingly real historic interior and the warm welcome. Quintessential but not a theme park.

29 Aug 2013 19:46

The Talbot, Knightwick

Hard to fault in terms of what a country pub can aspire to. Easy-going, comforting, inclusive and relaxed. Very much an 'inn' that brews its own excellent ales, offers high quality, locally sourced, fairly priced food and importantly provides a hub for the community and its visitors. A fine building and a very well run business. Hats off to them as I don't think they do mediocre.

11 Aug 2013 14:44

The Duke of York, Leysters

Wonderful historic interior to this farmhouse pub, and a tremendously warm welcome. The keg beers rather let the pub down for the real ale drinker - but there is a certain kitsch novelty in a half of Toby Bitter. Well worth a visit to see/remember how rural pubs used to be - with much interesting detail and artifacts from many eras.

11 Aug 2013 14:41

The Stagg Inn, Titley

Multi-roomed original gastropub that does not disappoint. Tastefully decorated and comfortable interior, with ales from Wye Valley being in good condition (if a bit cold). Food is by no means cheap and very much lives up to the aspirational prices in terms of taste and finesse. Faultless really. Service was a tad patchy when we visited for Michelin territory. Would definitely return, but it is not the sort of place you pass very often.

11 Aug 2013 14:38

The Kings Arms Hotel, Cleobury Mortimer

Welcoming Hobsons pub with good choice of well-kept ales. Clean expansive interior although the garden feels a bit cramped. Worth a visit.

11 Aug 2013 13:07

The Barrels, Hereford

Welcoming pub with excellent choice of well-kept Wye Valley ales. Bright and clean inside with chatty customers and friendly staff. Some types might find it a touch basic, or bemoan the lack of food, but the quiet buzz speaks volumes for the place. The sort of boozer many of us would like as our local, if the truth be known.

6 Aug 2013 19:04

The Church Inn, Ludlow

Spacious and popular pub in the centre of town. Excellent choice of ales kept in great condition - some of the Wye Valley and Ludlow beers were very satisfying. Sadly, food is rather disappointing and quite a bit of what is advertised was unavailable - they have the right idea bearing in mind the location - but it could be so much better whilst still remaining 'pubby' rather than 'foodie'. It is also one of those places that likes passive-aggressive little notices detailing dos and don'ts. A curate's egg.

5 Aug 2013 09:02

Boot Inn, Orleton

Fairly small and characterful village pub with a good choice of quality ales and real ciders (and a perry). Food is not a bargain but prices are reasonable as you are paying for consistency and no little skill from the kitchen. Efficient service and a pleasing mix of customers, with drinkers not being pushed out by diners.

5 Aug 2013 07:32

The Little Pack Horse, Bewdley

Benefited from a fine tasting pint of Worcestershire Way from Bewdley Brewery, which is virtually next door. Some other ales from independents also on offer. Quaint and historic inn with a few nooks and crannies, that offers consistently good quality food. A bit quiet of a Friday lunchtime but well worth a visit, basically.

4 Aug 2013 09:26

The Marquis of Granby, Epsom

A worthwhile pub in many respects which serves well-kept ales - but for us, a below-par visit. We most likely had an atypical experience (a Saturday lunchtime) judging by other reviews. However, the Ladies' toilet was apparently in an execrable state. Also there were clear issues with providing the dishes that customers were expecting. Having said that, feedback was listened to, and the place is comfortably appointed and relaxed.

31 Jul 2013 21:05

The Red Lion, Handcross

A fine looking building but a bit self-consciously contrived (in that particular bistro-esque gastropub style) inside. Perfectly decent pint of Harvey's Sussex in nice condition, with the increasingly ubiquitous Doom Bar also evident. Good mix of punters and a generally relaxed atmosphere though.

15 Jun 2013 05:47

The Home Cottage, Redhill

Used to visit more regularly a good few years ago, when this pub felt rather cramped and smoky. Nowadays, the Home Cottage benefits from a hugely more spacious, comfortable, modern interior with good outdoor capacity too. The ales are extremely well kept (the Bath Ales Summers Hare was delightful, the Ranmore Ale was in fine fettle too) although my companion was rather taken aback at gin being more expensive than in Covent Garden. A fairly diverse mix of punters, and a generally relaxed feel to the place. Efficient bar staff too. Overall, a real boon to the Redhill pub scene, and certainly worth frequenting.

1 Jun 2013 14:10

The Bell, Walton On The Hill

Has a satisfyingly traditional layout and serves some well-kept ales from the Marstons stable. Staff were friendly and interested, and the Brakspear bitter was very good but not truly excellent. Music was perhaps a touch loud, but then it was a Saturday evening. Definitely worth popping in for a pint of a weekend. Might be a bit quiet during the week.

21 May 2013 07:50

The Sportsman 'Time Well Spent', Mogador

Deceptively roomy and popular pub on the edge of expansive Surrey heathland. Service is polite and efficient although the interior itself is somewhat soulless. Choice of four or five 'usual suspect' ales (Wychwood, Jennings, Brains etc...) with the Otter Ale being in good condition. A middle class clientele as one might expect from the area. All in all, a dependable, comfortable choice that can probably get pretty busy on high days and holidays.

21 May 2013 07:46

The Half Moon, Charlwood

Seems a friendly pub with chatty staff and a comfortable, fairly spacious interior. Three ales available - include some very pleasant Adnams Lighthouse. Just a fleeting pint, but would call in again.

4 May 2013 17:43

Anne Of Cleves, Melton Mowbray

Hugely characterful exterior but oddly does not feel especially historic inside. Everards Original was perfectly drinkable but perhaps lacked complexity. Good to see a real cider on handpump (Hogans).

8 Apr 2013 21:22

The Chequers, Woolsthorpe-by-Belvoir

Friendly and welcoming characterful inn offering good quality dining in a relaxed atmosphere. A whole shelf of interesting gins and some excellent ale from Grantham Brewery (although the other beers from Milestone were not at all to my taste). Well worth a visit if you are in the area.

8 Apr 2013 21:11

Wheatsheaf, Louth

Some interesting beers (e.g. Tom Wood Bomber County) and a traditionally laid out interior. Food is nothing special, but perfectly adequate for a quick lunch. Almost exclusively an older clientele when we visited.

8 Apr 2013 20:55

The Pyewipe Inn, Lincoln

Pretty dismal choice of ales - Hen and Ruddles Best - but the food was actually quite tasty. Benefits from an interesting location, but sadly not worthwhile enough in itself as a destination. A wasted opportunity that rather lacked atmosphere.

8 Apr 2013 20:44

The Sun, Redhill

A Wetherspoons, with all the associated caveats, but notable for serving regional ales (Surrey Hills, Hammerpot...) and a genuine craft cider (Gwynt Y Ddraig Black Dragon) so clearly it is not just going through the motions.

2 Feb 2013 19:32

Queens Arms, Edenbridge

Here you will find a totally undeveloped rural public bar, much as it would have been a century ago. It is wonderfully spartan, there is no lager, no choice of beer in fact, only a fine pint of Adnams Bitter. Not to be missed, if only for a chance to escape the marketing men and reflect on how modern consumer culture is terribly overrated when compared to a warm welcome, pleasant conversation and tasty ale.

7 Jan 2013 06:32

The Barley Mow, Tilford

A suitably bucolic setting for a reasonably cosy village pub opposite the cricket ground. Hog's Back TEA was in perfectly good order and the young woman serving was polite. Hard to put one's finger on but would perhaps benefit from a more welcoming atmosphere.

1 Jan 2013 19:12

The Three Horseshoes, Laleham

Very pleasant lunch venue with comfortable, well designed interior. Lots of capacity, but with numerous nooks and crannies. Food is of a consistently good standard and the Gales Seafarers was nicely kept.

24 Dec 2012 18:33

The Jolly Brickmakers, Redhill

Welcoming and friendly locals' boozer with excellent ales and a real cider. An unpretentious traditional community pub, just as it should be. Brakspear Bitter was top notch.

24 Dec 2012 18:30

The George, Lower Brailes

Impressive traditional coaching inn with a good range of Hook Norton ales and a comfortable atmosphere in the main bar.

24 Dec 2012 18:27

The Kings Arms, Waterloo

Charming, atmospheric back street boozer offering a wide selection of interesting ales in a relaxed and friendly setting. Mixes tradition and modernity ably well in terms of decor and service delivery, with a younger crowd creating a gentle buzz.

27 Nov 2012 05:43

The Feathers, Merstham

One of those pubs that rarely seems to live up to its potential. A good mix of ages albeit self-segregated into different areas. Although the beer choice was decent enough, it was not kept especially well. Doom Bar and Ringwood Old Thumper were both a bit disappointing. Staff were plentiful but did not engage well with customers or, to be frank, show much nous. The location and the physical pub itself are positives, with an interesting interior and a sensible use of space. Probably best described as a fair place to meet up locally or to come as a large group, but do not travel here in hope or expect too much.

17 Nov 2012 17:50

Old Oak, Reigate

The kind of oft-undervalued community asset one assumes to be threatened en masse by cheap supermarket booze. By contrast, here you can buy expertly kept quality ales that are reasonably priced, and drink in a genuinely welcoming atmosphere. It's not all about chocolate-box country classics, identikit pub chains or pseudo-gastropubs - which the Old Oak proves very convincingly. Use it, or you may one day blink and have lost it.

28 Oct 2012 04:43

Horse and Groom Inn, Bourton On The Hill

A truly excellent example of what a modern village pub can be. Scrubbed up Cotswold stone inside with tasteful, restrained interior design. Well kept ales from local breweries - the Wye Valley Bitter was especially fine. Imaginative yet unpretentious cooking rules, and it was all delicious, but not to the extent of pushing drinkers out. Ordering from one blackboard at the bar can be a pain - but this inn comes highly recommended for good reason. Not to be missed.

6 Oct 2012 18:37

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

Only tend to visit for excellent Beer Festivals so cannot comment on food. Landlord knows his beers and supports the Independents - with Harvey's Best and Shere Drop on handpumps. Clientele includes a mix of middle aged Surrey Money and friendly eccentrics. A good choice for the area, with large garden and outdoor games for fine weather.

27 Aug 2012 16:32

The Wookey Hole Inn, Wookey Hole

Some would say 'quirky', some would say 'trying too hard'. Whatever your taste in decor, this is a striking village inn that serves tasty food, local ales and cider. Sunny sloping garden at the back.

14 Aug 2012 20:32

The King's Head, Wells

Popped in for a quick pint after supper to find a fairly traditional town pub with knowledgeable bar staff and a younger crowd. Decent range of local ales from the wood, kept in good condition. A bit quiet, but it was a weekday evening.

14 Aug 2012 20:23

The Fox and Goose Inn, Parracombe

Excellent place to stay that seems to go the extra mile to please. Tasty, well-kept independent ales, good food and a pleasant ambiance. A restaurant with rooms really, but welcoming to drinkers too. Well worth a visit or a stay if you are in the area.

11 Aug 2012 21:06

The Bull, Bridport

A pleasantly smart-casual place to eat with high quality cooking at a competitive price. Pint of Otter was excellent too.

10 Aug 2012 17:03

The Three Horseshoes, Burton Bradstock

Stocks wide range of Palmers Ales and houses a good mix of tourists and locals. Food is cooked well . A decent enough choice for the area but you can probably get slightly better value for money elsewhere.

10 Aug 2012 16:55

The Grove Tavern, Tunbridge Wells

Small and traditional back street town tavern with friendly, chatty locals. Interesting selection of three or four independent ales. The Taylor's Landlord was not quite at its zenith, but perfectly drinkable. Always worth the short detour up the hill.

4 Jun 2012 17:16

The Lifeboat, Margate

Bijou, welcoming pub with excellent choice of local ales (the Goacher's Dark was very fine, and the Abigale Bramling held its own well too), ciders and perries - amazingly, it can be a challenge to find Kentish Cider and Perry in Kent pubs. Interesting selections are a theme throughout - be it cheeses or craft gins. Friendly, chatty staff, and slightly Boho customers. The simple bar food seemed locally sourced - not that we tried it. If every town had a pub like this, challenging the tepid mainstream, the world would be a slightly better place.

6 May 2012 18:47

Crown and Anchor Inn, Holy Island of Lindisfarne

Good choice of up to three local ales - the Scottish Borders Game Bird was excellent. Food is not a bargain, but then the quality is high and much seems locally sourced. Friendly staff and a welcoming feel to the place.

8 Apr 2012 18:23

The British Oak, Wakefield

Food is conspicuously homemade and tasty with some veggie options. The Black Sheep All Creatures was slightly cloudy. Good mix of chatty customers, and the staff are efficient. All considered, probably a dependable choice for the area.

8 Apr 2012 18:16

The Druid's Head, Kingston Upon Thames

A renovated coaching inn in the more up-market pub-chain style. Nonetheless, it was spick and span, the Everard's Original was fine and complex, and the staff interested and efficient.

14 Feb 2012 07:12

The Garland, Redhill

Friendly and welcoming Harvey's pub that never disappoints. If you like a traditional town local with very well-kept beer, The Garland is deserving of your patronage.

9 Jan 2012 07:03

The Lord Nelson, Brighton

Traditional and friendly, as one expects from Harvey's, with a good mix of clientele. Wide range of their own ales, with the Old being in good order.

2 Jan 2012 18:55

The Globe, Brighton

Quirky and welcoming, with trendy patrons. King's Brighton Best was in good condition. Handy for this part of town. Didn't try the food but it seemed interesting enough to tempt a further visit.

2 Jan 2012 18:51

The Ragged Trousers, Tunbridge Wells

Hip, friendly staff. Good mix of clientele. Larkins Porter was top notch. Very decent choices for vegetarians, and seems to go the extra mile (tastily dressed salad, home made fries). Fills up quickly though, so best to go early if you want to eat.

28 Dec 2011 16:13

Felix Holt, Nuneaton

Popped in for a burger and beer on Boxing Day during impromptu shopping trip. Perfectly adequate for what it is - i.e. a dependable last resort. Pint of Bombardier in decent order.

28 Dec 2011 09:12

The Anglers Retreat, Staines

Know how to keep their beer, evidenced by an excellent tasty pint of Brakspear Bitter. Bearing in mind the price - food is only slightly above adequate, and unspectacular for vegetarians. Seemed popular with families but didn't feel like a creche either.

11 Dec 2011 17:09

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