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The Star and Garter, Bromley

This pub is now open but it feels like it's been opened before the refurb was finished. I'll try this one again in a few months and hopefully it'll be fully finished. The history of this pub worth continuing, I drank here in the 80's and have always loved it.

27 Jan 2017 16:58

The Downham Tavern, Bromley

Unfortunately this pub is always full of completely unpredictable people in various states of conciousness as a result of ingesting either liquid or powder chemicals. Sadly, most of them look like they've taken both. The pub itself is really nice and the staff are as good as gold.

27 Jan 2017 16:55

The Abbaye, Bromley

This has got to be the weirdest pub in Bromley, I'm not sure what market this caters for. It's hidden away like a guilty secret, and if you do find it make sure you've got some serious wedge in your pocket. It's ridiculously expensive.

27 Jan 2017 16:51

The Partridge, Bromley

This is actually turning out to be a really good pub. It's only downfall is the prices, it's one of the most expensive boozers in Bromley. They regularly put on live music which is always a winner and guarantees it will be packed. Hats off to them for being the only pub to pay for live music in January and it payed off handsomely!

27 Jan 2017 16:46

Metropolis Karaoke & Music Bar, Bromley

It's been a while! Metropolis is back open and once again it's a great place to have a beer. It's now under new ownership and management. The doorman stops any idiots getting in so it's a good crowd.

27 Jan 2017 16:40

Metropolis Karaoke & Music Bar, Bromley

I was drinking in the bar last Friday night. Once again a great laugh and atmosphere, and despite being full of blokes all having a laugh and a drink, absolutely no hassle at all. I admit this is not one for delicate gentle little lambs but there's plenty of them in the rest of Bromley if that's what you want.

9 Jul 2012 11:52

Metropolis Karaoke & Music Bar, Bromley

I use this little bar quite often. I don't think the people commenting before me are getting the vibe. The DJ has a wicked sense of humour and can be quite dry. So what if he swore, how old are you? This is a great little bar and it's nice to be able to go somewhere in Bromley that avoids loads of silly little pissed teenagers.

5 Jul 2012 14:18

The Railway Hotel, Bromley

Just a quick update. The useless mug that bought the Railway has gone and took his useless business partner with him. There are now new people running, two women and one fella. They were really nice when I went in there last Friday. They have even given the pub a makeover so it looks much better. A lot of the old staff have now gone as well. The groups are still being booked and you can actually get a bottle of beer all night! If I were you Detritus, i'd try it again now the idiot you mentioned has left.

25 Jul 2011 14:46

The Railway Hotel, Bromley

Over the last couple of months I've gone into the Railway to have a beer and listen to the groups as usual. As you know from my previous write-up I really love this pub and the people in it. This leads me neatly on to how it is now. Every time I've gone in there the new owner has got absolutely no bottled beers of any sort and a very limited range of anything else. I know lots of people that also cannot use it any more because they no longer stock what they drink. Why the hell do you take over a pub and then decide to piss everyone off by not stocking up properly. From the feedback I'm getting the new owner was in no position to take this on. He clearly is having an issue with the brewery or simply a lack of money to do it properly. He is driving away scores of loyal regulars. O'neill's just up the road is now doing live music as well most weekends, when is he going to wake up and smell the coffee? They must be rubbing their hands when they see the railways regulars starting to drift in. I know it's not the same sort of music but at least you can get something other than a pint of lager. Please sell it and piss off if you can't do it properly. I'm going in there this weekend to listen to the SKA'd for life set because the DJ is great and well worth a listen. How long I last with a shitty pint of lager as my only choice remains to be seen.

25 Mar 2011 12:11

The Star and Garter, Bromley

I suppose i'd better kick off by saying i'm not gay. I've got more kids than a village school. Unlike some of my mates I don't have a panic attack at the thought of going in a gay pub. Apart from the odd angry overweight lesbian with the obligatory shaved head and army vest, I find the gay community easy going and funny. I didn't like this pub when it used to have all the 'blacked out window' shit going on. It was tacky and everybody in there seemed to have the hump. Since its reopening it's a completely different story. The staff were really friendly and quick to serve you. The crowd were all happy and friendly. The music was good as well. It was quite telling that after about half an hour I noticed a lot of straight people that I had seen in another pub had started to drift in as well. It also has a late licence. Sometimes I feel like having another few beers after 11pm but can't be arsed to go into a club, so this is perfect.

24 Feb 2011 13:04

Strawberry Moons, Mayfair

I spent last Saturday night in here. It was absolutely heaving. It was a great crowd as well. I'm not a fan of pubs full of blokes in their late teens and early twenties because they are normally idiots when they're pissed, but this lot were really good. I think a lot of this is down to the choice of music by the DJ. He alternates between new stuff and cheesy eighties like Wham! which works really well and creates a party atmosphere. It's not the sort of music a little attitude shit could handle. The staff and doormen/women were really friendly and accommodating, what a change for a pub in the heart of London. If you're a young bloke and you can't pull in here, you might as well give up. There were loads of really lovely young women in there. If only I was 20 years younger!

24 Feb 2011 12:40

The Compass, Bromley

What a khazi. This is a desperate place to drink. The bar staff look like they are seeing out their last 20 hours of community service. They never smile and seem incapable of any interaction other than taking money for drink. This pub seems to have collected all the shit and filth that the rest of the Bromley pubs have sicked up. Not only is it a dirty shithole, it also seems to smell of drains, which is nice when you're eating or drinking in there. Going home is a serious alternative to drinking in here, I won't be going back.

24 Feb 2011 12:31

The Bridge Bar, Beckenham

Just a quick update. Another fantastic Friday night upstairs in the Bridge Bar. Same quality music, great crowd and tuned in bar staff. The doorman at the Bridge are amongst the best in the Bromley area. They're not that expensive but I always wake up skint after a good night in here!

24 Feb 2011 12:12

New Inn, Hayes

I made my first visit to the New Inn last Friday. Firstly, what a fantastic job the owner has made of the refurb. I haven't been in this pub since the late 80's. It was a dark and dingy place with loads of trouble, hence the reason I haven't bothered since. We got in there at about 7.30pm and it was already quite busy. It seemed to be full of people that had gone in there early doors from work and it was also starting to fill up with the evening crowd. The staff were all friendly and helpful. The biggest surprise was the price of the drink. Normally pubs that have had this scale of refurb bump up their drink prices to try and recoup their money. This was really good, in fact it was a lot cheaper than some shitholes i've had the mispleasure of drinking in. The crowd were the older set like myself (40's) so they tend to just have a good laugh when there out with no hassle and there were no young prats causing grief. I ended up seeing a lot of them later on upstairs in the Bridge Bar, which made sense, another great venue if you stay upstairs.
I will definitely be going back to this one, hat's off to the new owner, you're doing a great job. A really nice place to go for a drink.

24 Feb 2011 12:02

The Tom Foolery, Bromley

This pub is far too expensive for what it is. Whenever I go in there it seems to be full of people who think they are a little bit above everyone else. One word sums this pub up, BORING!

14 Jan 2011 16:45

O'Neills, Bromley

I use this pub nearly every week for a drink before I move on. It's a bit of weird one is O'neills. Due to its size it becomes very easy to look empty a lot of the time. They do reasonable food and there's no doubting its excellence as a venue for watching sport. The giant screen hanging from the heavens means that you can still see it no matter how busy it is. On the negative side, as soon as it gets really busy it becomes almost impossible to get a drink. The staff seem to spend a lot of time hovering around the kitchen end of the bar. They need to introduce a zonal marking system behind the bar. I don't know if it's a result of the recession but they never seem to have enough staff. They are also now doing regular live music which is really good. On the whole you get a good crowd and no little oiks.

14 Jan 2011 16:19

The British Pilot, Allhallows

This is a pub that I spend so much time in you could call it a second home. Lets get the rotten bits out of the way first. It is absolutely screaming out for money to be spent on it. Your feet stick to the surface that has now formed on top of the carpet by the bar. The mens' toilet has only got one cold tap that works and it's always dark in the pub no matter what time of day it is. People smoke in the lobby and the old off licence which lets the smoke drift into the pub anyway. This could be an amazing pub that would take all of the trade out of the local holiday camp if the time, money and effort was spent on it. Now lets talk about the positive. I absolutely love this pub. I compare this pub to a really old pair of slippers. You know they need getting rid of but you just can't do it because of how comfy they are even though they're knackered and dirty. I love the friendly and fun staff, the locals (even the pain in the arse Neil!) and the regular holiday park people that use it. The bottled beer is always cold and available in vast quantities, which is handy when you can clear a shelf of 24 bottles with your mate in one sitting. The couple that own the pub are also lovely. The food is really nice and very good value for money. On some Sundays it's a book only job or you lose out. If you want posh 'this aint your kinda pub'. If you want a nice relaxing drink and laugh then it's exactly what you're looking for.

25 Nov 2010 15:26

The Railway Hotel, Bromley

As a regular user of the Railway I can safely say it's the only pub in bromley where there is always a friendly atmosphere and great regulars. Granted, if you don't know the place or the people it must look like a very daunting place when it's busy. It's full of real people which is why it's unfamiliar territory in Bromley. If you want regular live music its nearest rival is the Dirty South in Lee. There is a great variety of music on offer nearly every week. It ranges from heavy metal to Ska and dub. Brilliant bar staff and sensible people make it my favourite pub in bromley. And no, i'm not a metal head!

25 Nov 2010 11:17

La Rascasse, Beckenham

Well, where do you start? We went in on Friday night at about 9pm. The bar area was packed with mainly men. The people are a cross between 'Minder' and 'Only fools & horses'. There are undoubtedly some proper villians but mainly cardboard gangsters and young wannabees. The place is ridiculously expensive, but then it would be because it's really a restaurant.If you're a smoker it's a great place to have a drink thanks to the excellent garden area with sliding roof panels and nice seating and patio heaters. All in all, very much take it or leave it.

25 Nov 2010 11:04

The Bridge Bar, Beckenham

I did a Friday night in the bridge bar last week. As a seasoned Bromley boy and an olympic standard pisshead I thought I would give you a bit of feedback. We stood outside at about 11pm. When we got to the door the main security fella noticed that one of us had jeans on. He commented that because my mate had a smart jacket and shoes as well as jeans he would let him in. He asked that next time could he wear trousers so save any hassle. What a refreshing and sensible approach compared with a stupid policy such as the door at Bibas. Those idiots refused me entry because I had a 'soft collar', never mind the trousers, shoes and a coat that was worth more than his suit! Anyway I digress. When we got inside we had a look downstairs and it was empty so we went back upstairs. The place started filling up quite quickly with old gits my age (40's) upstairs and the young'uns downstairs. After about an hour it was very busy and the bar staff were coping well. The music was mainly old skool with a bit of club anthem thrown in. The atmosphere was really good and everybody upstairs was having a really good time with no hassle or attitude. I noticed after a while that even the people downstairs started drifting back upstairs as well. The whole night passed off without a hitch upstairs. There was a punch up downstairs but it was quickly dealt with by the security and had no effect on the evening. It was only a fiver to get in and they didn't take the piss with the drink prices either. All in all, a great night out.

25 Nov 2010 10:52

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