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The Railway Hotel, Bromley


13 Dec 2013 04:01

The Swan and Mitre, Bromley

ok but could do with a good clean.

The place has seen better days and the decor is past it's best

Beer seems ok, outside area with pool table, food cheap and sort of edable to a point.

13 Dec 2013 04:00

The Tom Foolery, Bromley

This pub sells a very large and good selection of draught beer, best sampled in half pints, mostly because it is so expensive.

The decor is what I would call shabby sheek.

The food is excellent if a bit on the costly size.

Lots of customers have thier little Rodney and Camilla in tow, just dont know why parents take thier little darlings in hear, must cost them a fortune.

Top of the beer list is one called Fruili, a strawberry flavoured beer from Holland, just pop in and have a couple of halves, this stuff can creep up on you, the taste is very deceptive, reminds me of carona.

13 Dec 2013 03:57

The Greyhound, Bromley

seems to have settled down a bit, but at the front is still DSS land, but gets better the more you go futher in.

Service and food is good, but the main problem is the food, the staff try and get it out as fast as possible, which either leads to it being over prepped or sent out under cooked and cold.

13 Dec 2013 03:51

The Richmal Crompton, Bromley

Why dont the staff serve down the other end of the bar ?

They seems to be connected to the coffee machine and never venture far from it.

Even if they customers waiting they serve the customers in line like a queue, and make a point of avoiding eye contact with anyone but other staff.

Ladies toilet is a dump, tables need to be cleared more often,

Also the staff need to have words with the old fogies that stand at the bar and just get in the way of the beer pumps.

13 Dec 2013 03:45

The Pickhurst Tavern, West Wickham

Not really a pub, more a pre meal venue, food pretty average, beer not up to mucch, think they need to clean the pipes, all round a bit of a con

13 Dec 2013 03:39

The Greyhound, Bromley

Well I did a very thorougher visit there Sunday lunch time, and in the end, quite liked it.

The decor is brilliant, it's all new and shinny, very clean and spotless. The toilets are clean and very functional.
Ther have what I can only call a servery, this is a couple of stainless steel hot shelves that are open onto the pub,
giving a sort of open visibility to the kitchen area. The furniture is a mixture of different chairs, Deliberately
done tom break up the appearance of a the dinning area.

The staff are ok, but seem to be mostly female all with long dark hair. The manager appears to be from the Bromley
South branch, a lookalike for Jeff Capes and his welsh wife. The staff are just leaning the ropes, and it took about
3 attempts to get one of the guest ales, including having to point to it.

As to the era, well the rule of thumb is the further in, the better it gets. On Sunday lunch the place was packed with diners,
most of them for the first time. The DSS tend to be smokers, and these tend to stick near the front doors, and while I
was there the manager was keeping his eye on people that had been barred but still kept hanging about.

Prices are slightly higher, about 20 a drink more, and meals between 50p to 1 more. This is a comparison to the Weatherspoons
at Bromley South, however this one is just about to undergo a refurbishment, so I expect the prices here are about to go up
after the over haul has been completed.

So in summary, It's a nice place, good beer selection, excellent food, nice cheap place to take the in-laws, but make sure
you go well past the front of house and keep away from the feral front door hoggers, or least until the management have had
a chance to stop them from even hanging about outside.

25 Jul 2011 09:58

The Greyhound, Bromley

I have had 2 seperate reports that there was a fight there at about 6pm on thursday evening, so looks like this one has kicked off with a very bad start. Pity because the one near Bromley South is so good like that. I intend to give it a good audit this Saturday, and will post again.
I did hear rumours that they wanted this one to be a bit more up market, well if thier idea of up market is to charge another 30p per pint, then I'm just not sure where this one is going. Wonder if the food is a bit dearer as well.

22 Jul 2011 10:14

The Partridge, Bromley

The food expensive ?
Well yes, but it's all freshly cooked, by a real chef. Most pubs do what I call a ping meal, stick it in a microwave, and minutes later these'e a ping and it's ready. What you need to do is look on the Specials Blackboard, and see what you want off these. This is all made that day. Failing this, try the Fish and Chips, all freshly fried.
No Guest Beers ?
Well it is a Fullers pub, so what do you expect ?
As to no Chavs, well if walk in and you're under 25 you just get stared at and made to feel uncomfortable.
Polish barmaids ?
There used to be 2 of them, where are they now ?

13 May 2011 13:29

The Red Lion, Bromley

Just a dammed good pub, with the bar staff always there to serve you, the staff on hand to tidy up the front garden, none of that leaving rubbish near the table to blow every where, here things get swept up. The food could be better, but lets face it, for the price they are charging, it's a bargain. But the main thing is the people and the beer. Always a good selection of guest ales, and if you want a quiet drink, just stay towards the front, but futher back is where the action is. Toilets are clean and there is never ever any trouble there.

9 May 2011 16:33

The Greyhound, Bromley

Yes it is going to be a Wetherspoons, and should be opening in July some time. About half the staff from the Bromley South
Wetherspoons are going to move up there, and as the Bromley South one is a Lloyds Bar with music for the teenagers, let's hope this one
is going to be a bit more like the Partridge opposite, that is, if you look under 25 when you walk in, you just get
starred at and made to feel uncomfortable.
This area of Bromley could well do with a pub cheaper than the Partridge, less yuppie that the Tom Foolary, more
normal than the Star and Garter and more sophisticated that the Swan and Mitre, and lets hope that opening of
a Wetherspoons here does'nt put any of them out of buisness, but dont hold your breath.

9 May 2011 16:27

The Crown, Bromley

Well with this place you have to stick with what they do well, things like the cheap beer, youngs bitter at 2 a pint, and the carvery. When I went there last week, youngs bitter and the premium ale were not on sale, and the only choice was the Christmas ale. Sat down for a meal and the 2 people I was with took the pie option, bad choice, it was tough and chewy. Nice how they did a discount though. The carvery was excellent, but the gents toilets were cramped and smelled of stale urine. The cook is very good, he has a talent for talking to and engaging customers, do they really do 900 covers on a sunday ? As to having only 1 out of 3 pumps working, well this is a stock problem. My advice is to have the carvery before 6.30, yjen hang round the bar afterwards when it empties out.

15 Jan 2011 09:33

The Sovereign of the Seas, Petts Wood

Well I went in there last Monday at about 5pm, and there were several problems. There were the usual drunks hanging round the bar, stopping customers getting through to the beer pumps in the middle of the bar, and it took time to negotiate round them. Then there was the manageress counting up the loose change on the till, their fist thing she tried to do is ignore us 2 customers. Being waiting for some time, she then decides to eventually do something about it, so she shouts out for Nick, and one of the customers answers. Then she tries again, this time the barman Nick answers, and is told to attend to customers, which he does, but this time it is the wrong customers. Seeing this, she then realizes what's happened, and once again she ignores customers and we 2 walk out. Lesson one is to acknowledge and talk to your customers, as shown in the first training video.

15 Jan 2011 09:02

The Tigers Head, Bromley

Went there about 6 weeks ago, and pushed the Thai food to the limit, Just could'nt cope with 12 people eating. Notice that the Thai food is no longer available so might have just tipped them over the edge. Bar was not very busy, mostly men, and one rather foxy female, every time she walked down the bar the whole pub just held thier breath. Beer average, must be the sort of place where the youth get tanked up at the wetherspoons down the hill, then come here for the last half an hour to have a game of pool with an optional puncg up/

18 Dec 2010 19:50

The Chatterton Arms, Bromley

the wi fi still doesent work, the stella is 3.45, thats almost the most expensive in London. Last night there were only 2 women in the whole pub, so seems to be a men only establishment. Some where for the old goats to go anyway. Smokers were far too close to the doors, but at least the toilets were clean.

18 Dec 2010 19:44

The Grasshopper on the Green, Westerham

Not bad, but too close to the green and therfore too many tourists. Nice selection of local beers including 2 from the Westerham brewery. Food very nice but a bit expensive, 2 seperate bars and the journey from the public bar to the gents needs a degree in mountainering, not the thing if you've just had a few drinks. The location is the thing here, just off the green, next to the church, just handy for ramblers, bikers and tourists.

23 Oct 2010 21:36

The General Wolfe, Westerham

Nice dark panelling and furniture, attentive bar staff, open fire, and they sell mild, clean toilets, and they do food, away from the touristy bits of Westerham, and a friendly dog, what more could you ask. This just ticks all the boxes. Also I get the impression the management were on the premises, and nothing was too much trouble. If I ever go to heaven then this must be the pub that has my name on it.

23 Oct 2010 21:31

The Richmal Crompton, Bromley

Nice pub, one of the largest wetherspoons in the country. My favourite place in up on the poop deck. bar service can be a bit variable, they seem to have either just one person serving, or 6.

Food can be variable as well, just check the chips are hot when you get them. The best offer is ham egg and chips for 1.99. Special offers on the bar, but here there is just a slight reduction.

Nice family area right at the back, or if you want action, just keep towards the front tables.

About 7pm on Friday and Saturdays the whole place changes, the lights go down, the music goes up, and lots of young girls come in that have forgotten to wear thier skirts. Its just worth it just to hang arround and see the fashion/leg parade.

You do get a few of the desperate drinkers, but thats just par for nearly all wetherspoons.

But all in all, a very nice pub with excellent beer.

13 Jan 2010 09:55

The Queens Head, Chislehurst

I remember the pub of old, nice friendly and quant. Now its just the opposite. Went in at lunch time and was just ignored. It was much better when it was split up into different rooms, now its just one big dive. The staff need to have a serious talk about customer relations, just noticing if one walks in would be a starter

13 Jan 2010 09:26

The Oak, Bromley

went in there just a while ago, and they didnt do coffee, so some customers just popped next door to the bakery and had a carry out. I think the excuse was the kettle didnt work. Prefered it before when there was a seperate public bar.

13 Jan 2010 09:13

The Crown, Bromley

Be very careful. Ordered a pint, and handed over 10, and only got change from a fiver. After I called out and made a fuss, the barman "found" the extra fiver just by the side of the till, a slight over site ge said.

13 Jan 2010 09:10

The Five Bells, Bickley

Building is about to be made into flats. A very sad moment. This means that the Chastterton arms now is the only local place to drink, and thats not that good.

13 Jan 2010 09:08

Lord Homesdale, Bromley

went in there and the barmaid ignored me. The locals were there displaying speach defects due I think to a bit of inbreeding. Just walked out again. No wonder they want someone else to take over the management.

13 Jan 2010 09:05

The Beech Tree, Bromley

anyone drinking ere needs thir head examined, the beer is sub standard, and the staff appear to be there just for thier own benifit. A few of the lager louts were present, just to keep the tone of the place at rock bottom, and the TV just gave them an excuse.

14 Dec 2009 23:10

The Harvest Moon, Orpington

not bad, but the gents could do with a propper clean, and a good dose of dettol. Good beer, but the local old men hang round outside and do deals from thier smuggling rackets, and have thier fags far too close to the doors. Most times you have to fight your way round them just to get in the doors. why cant they smoke away from the doors ????? usual collection od desperate old meths drinkers, but what the hell.....

14 Dec 2009 23:04

The Partridge, Bromley

nice pub wher they kids fear to tread. Bit dear, but then thats the quality of fullers for you. nice ESB, and you dont get pushed about. No trouble or hassle, a haven away from the boy drinkers, so if you want to cause trouble and drink cheap lager, pl go elseware. barstaff are good, and dispite the change oof faces, they seel all up to the mark

14 Dec 2009 22:55

The Sovereign of the Seas, Petts Wood

its ok, but there are getting a load of young drunks who sit at the bar, suck up to the barmaids in a load voice, and swear and shout and make a pain out of them selves. then the manager arrives just about 5 mins from closing and tells them off. I think they should get a grip, and the managers should do something more than just hiding away.

14 Dec 2009 22:50

The Chatterton Arms, Bromley

its a terrible place, the staff are eating fish and chips, the beer ir at west end prices, the wi fi dont work, it is smelly and full of devious people and the wares they are trying to flog should have been advertised on police 5

14 Dec 2009 22:45

Clamart Cafe, Scunthorpe

I think this could be shut
Only ever used by contractors living there anyway
Dont eat there, just ask for a receipt

11 Feb 2009 15:50

Blue Bell, Scunthorpe

The pub is ok, but the staff are so variable, they hide away in the glass wash, and when they see you, always try and find something else to do.

Another annoying habit is to see them checking the stock when there are people to serve, they spend a lot of time avoiding your gaze.

And the managers no help, he should get a job at pickfords, cos moving the furiture is all he's good for.

Dont expect any food after 9pm, the kitchen staff are packing things away after that time.

11 Feb 2009 15:48

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