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Watermans Arms, Totnes

This pub is located towards the bottom end of Totnes and can be accessed by a long, long alley from the main Fore Street. Once inside, it is the type of pub that you will experience many characters, and the type of characters that will and only frequent the one pub. It is the cheapest pub in town and therefore and the landlord admits 'it's a drinkers pub'....There are no gimmicks, no adverts, an excellent jukebox and always a good tasting fresh ale or two. It is a freehouse also. The service is great, usually by the landlord himself. It's a great pub for a pint or two....comfortable, small, clean and friendly

20 Feb 2016 16:48

The Kings Arms Hotel, Buckfastleigh

The Kings Head is split into two bars which are entered via a main lobby. The 'sports bar' on the right has a jackpot machine, dart board, sport screen and pool table. The main congregation of this area is a mixed younger crowd, there isn't bad language or any bad vibes. The main bar is long and does consist of some very comfortable settees. There is always two local ales, mainly Cotleigh. They are always of a good standard at £3 a pint. The clientele are friendly, mixed between locals and blow-ins. The landlord is decent and solid. The walled beer garden is very well tended too - with an abundance of different flowers to join you for a midsummers pint.

11 Jul 2015 19:08

The Watermans Arms, Buckfastleigh

Visited early evening during the week. On entry, received a calm and friendly eye from everyone...sometimes in Devon, you can get a stare. The landlord was very open and amenable often joining his customers on their side of the bar...The pub had a great jukebox playing everything other than current pop. I had a Hanlon's Firefly at £3 a pint. - Very good value. I enjoyed my pint here....the atmosphere was fresh and relaxed. The clientele was a friendly mixed bag. I felt quite at home and a nice place to have a session....its one of those pubs...No gimmicks, advertisements...just a basic pub done very well...

11 Jul 2015 13:17

The Great Tree, Ramsgate

Prior to the new landlords coming to the pub, this pub was really at the low-end of many things. It is now what I can only describe as confusing. It has a similar feel to the Belgian Bar on the seafront but without the extortionate prices. I came by on a quiet cold night where the other pub I visited was empty - it was shortly after Xmas, so the atmosphere was a little flat.
The reason why I like this pub because it is an ale pub, it was well-priced, the locals are those you can have a good discussion with and it is quirky.
On the negative, it could have felt a little more comfortable - but I would say it was like the odd pubs you might find on the continent. It definately ain't English in it's inspiration. It's definately worth giving it a shout.

5 Feb 2013 15:31

Kings Head, Sarre


31 May 2012 18:16

The Village, Leith

I was told to be very careful of any pub in Leith and I set my girlfriend via BITE to find a suitable pub as we had to meet friends. There were some on the list with high marks but mainly gastro-pubs. I liked the adventurous name of the "The Village"...This pub sits nestled off the main Ferry Road, I peered in through the window and the gent having a cigarette looked quite poetic, so it couldn't be too offensive. Firstly, I thought, "Oh No, all lagers...but hidden around the corner was their guest beer"...the chap serving, who I think was a co-owner admitted to not knowing about ales...but it was a good pint.....there were some real characters at the bar...not your drunken type but your 40 plus philosophers. They usually serve Caledonian bitters in here...but on this occasion, it was something else - and cannot remember what. The walls are fall of posters advertising comedy, festival and music acts...the vibe is very relaxed and free....I really liked it in here.

31 May 2012 17:37

The Victoria, Dunstable

A strange visit to Dunstable to help my parents move from a three-bedroomed house in Harrow to a one-bedroom flat in Dunstable. Couldn't access beerintheevening so I had to take a punt on a town pub to watch the end of season football. My partner and I took a walk just out of the town and found a pub near the police station - a good omen or not? It said it was a freehouse, but that could mean anything these days...stepped in, they were showing the end of season football and noticed four localish ales - I thought "great"...but it got better, we had an amazing roast and desert.....the locals were friendly, the staff were friendly...clean, homely, tidy pub.......excellent. Thankyou.

17 May 2012 18:23

Conqueror, Ramsgate

The first micropub in Ramsgate but I have been a little more cautious with my rating, simply because I don't find this bar comfortable. I feel the colour scheme and acoustics are not great. I wish that I didn't have this view because I am very much a promoter of this concept. Ale wise and knowledge of the beer is a thumbs-up mind. I just feel that a softening of the decor would make such a big improvement as the inside looks as awkward as the exterior. Sorry guys.

30 Sep 2011 21:55

Yates's, Hastings

Well it is a chain pub targeting everyone. Lot's of large screen TV's, big menus with 125 dishes to choose from and two (realish) ales. I had a Bombadier - a lacklustre encounter. An okay pub to watch Saturday football and you will always have a seat near a screen....but like I say - it's a yates.

30 Sep 2011 21:50

The London Trader, Hastings

A seafront boozer - I had a London Pride in here which was not that great but I am sure this kind of place gets quite lively with a young crowd at the weekend. The service was just okay - the landlady (I presume) appeared a little bored, just kind of doing her job I suppose. Internally, it was not shabby, worn floorboards and thick wooden upright supporting posts and adequate for watching a bit of Saturday football but just a mediocre brew.

30 Sep 2011 21:45

The Cinque Port Arms, Hastings

Had a wonderful few pints of Harveys Best in this pub as I had found myself kind of stuck in Hastings - It was a classic cosy, low beamed affair with also an ESB at the bar. The barstaff had a great rapport with the punters (regulars) but were very happy to engage in anyone new entering the pub. I have absolutely no complaints about this pub - very pleased.

30 Sep 2011 21:41

Belgian Cafe, Ramsgate

This is potentially the most eclectic pub for miles and therefore for one of the best but there is one very big let down...and that is the price of a beer. It is one of those diacotomies as its lowdown vibe could easily and does attract a easygoing crowd but its prices are very "commercial" isn't as against the system and the way of doing things as one would hope for. If it was cheaper - it would be a real beacon for British Society but it seems that it is out to make money from its eclecticity not be part of it. Otherwise, it is a very large, interesting pub with good value food, which does not quite tally up with my previous comments. It has long term staff although very rarely English, which adds to its cosmopolitan vibe. Mainly Belgian beers and a couple of expensive ales on tap 3.50ish at time of writiing. It is definately worthwhile visiting but has potential of being a world-beater. Really, a world beater....

29 Aug 2011 22:09

The Spotted Dog, Penshurst

We were staying at a new field (campsite) between Fordcombe and Ashurst and had a quick perusal at the tasty looking looking pubs courtesy of B.I.T.E. The Challock Arms did look beautiful but we wanted The Rock which I mistakenly thought was in Penshurst, as it wasn't, we went to The Spotted Dog. It was in a wonderful location, which could have snuggly been nestled in Central France. A welcoming and upmarket covered front terrace led to a dark, low ceilinged pub. On offer was the following, Harveys Best, Black Cat Original and Hopsmack, and lastly a Larkins Traditional - which for 3.4% was a decent enough pint. On this occasion, we had some quite hungry children with us, and with plenty of food still at the campsite, we did not feel it correct to have a meal and had to hurry our drinks. One little down point was that the lady behind the bar appeared to be a little stressful and terse - I am sure it was a very busy time for her (12am on Bank Holiday Monday) and they are the symptoms of a popular pub....

29 Aug 2011 21:57

Horse and Groom, Ramsgate

I have not marked this pub for simple reasons, I am tired from a hard days work. There is a new owner, so it has received a soft makeover - the clientele have always been responsive, chirpy and non-threatening. Sometimes attracts a small number of friendly non-hetero types and has done for some while. The pool room section has always been quite a nice touch with stained diamond glassed windows and an exposed brick wall. Being a Shepherd Neame, I tried the Spitfire, and for a Shep, it was great, not too hoppy like they can be. The music was divided between some classical tones and happy fact, only one of these songs were was an enjoyable evening pint.

21 May 2011 21:11

The Three Horseshoes, Great Mongeham

I needed a swift half after working myself to the bone over the week. It was Friday about 3pm and a beautiful early May day. This pub stretches longways on the village road and you enter from the end. The bar is situated half way down the long room of the pub with pool table and jukebox at the far end.
The barmaid/owner was playing one of the machines and did not notice me enter until I coughed. She served me a Youngs Special (4.5%) - 1.65. There was also a Whitbread Best and three other ales but these were off. The pint was cool and well-flavoured, no complaints there. The music was a random but poor selection from the internet jukebox. The pub was clean. The decor, the usual burgandy velour, patterned carpet, wrought iron design around the top of the bar and black beams against a white painted wall. I have a feel that this might be a little bit of a laddy pub at the weekends, the "no toleration to drunks notice at the bar" sometimes indicates this. This was just average I am afraid.

9 May 2011 20:57

The Swan, Westgate

It was a nice bright late April Saturday afternoon so I decided to have half a pint. Master Brew and Old Speckled Hen was on offer (A freehouse) - This is a strangely divided pub as there is a pool room, darts room, saloon and private bar with a large restaurant area via a walk through some passages. The green and black tartan carpet flooring is quite attractive and the decor is the usual red velour, dark stained wood. Two flatscreen TVs, although these are not loud. Some of the decor does look tired but for some this can be part of the charm of a seaside pub. This pub is located directly on the gentle seafront of Westgate and one of three pubs in Westgate (Nott Castle and Bake and Ale House (NEW!!)) The ale was standard fair, not so keen on MasterBrew - the service was friendly - the clientele was okay too.

1 May 2011 13:16

The Dolphin, Canterbury

30/04/11 11pmish

Probably one of the first pubs where I noted serving Doom Bar - unfortunately I cannot remark on the quality of the ale on this occasion as I had a cocktail prior and disjointed the tastebuds rather. This pub is slightly quirky and forgive but I sense that the landlord maybe homosexual which gives rise to a rather eclectic style which is well received. I hear the food is good and may have eaten here two years ago but cannot recall. What kind of people go in here? Well, it is probably a five minute walk from the City Centre and has the feel about it, that people usually stay for a couple of pints at least. The clientele are well to do but down to earth, more of your decent student type, mild mannered and mature...It's a good well run pub, the youngish landlord can have bit of a sour face at times but it is not offensive. Ales on tap...Doom Bar, Timothy Taylor and one other.....This isn't a great review but I must say that this pub has more to offer the person who likes a good pint in good surroundings, than I have been able to write today.

1 May 2011 12:46

The Racing Greyhound, Ramsgate

Pretty busy at a weekend - and is frequented by quite a few different kinds of people and because of its size, they do not trip over each other. It is an okay pub and well staffed - unfortunately the ales are coming in at 3.30 for a Doom Bar and GK IPA - I don't enjoy paying those prices as a rule but they were beautiful pints.

27 Apr 2011 20:19

Five Bells, Eastry

I think a pub could be classified by how comfortable you feel if you decide to drink alone, or even the opportunity of becoming a regular. I know this sounds odd, but some pubs do not cater for this and its these pubs I score poorly.
The Five Bells was welcoming, with customers chatting with you as you order your drink. They had a residential GK IPA and a Black Sheep (3.10) as their guest, this was a fair pint, not outstanding but better than average. The atmosphere was light and convivial. The kitchen probably doesn't close and they appear to be offering a range of home-made burgers between 6.50 and 6.80 of which proved to be quite tasty. The pub is positioned just back from the main stretch through the village which sees very little thoroughfare. Decor-wise - the pub is split into saloon and private, the private was furnished with the usual burgandy velour seating, patterned carpet, a wrought iron above-bar surround and thin beamed ceiling......

25 Apr 2011 19:52

The Bull Inn, Eastry


25 Apr 2011 19:43

The Montefiore Arms, Ramsgate

This is a strange pub in a sense - as it seems just very normal. Positioned in a quiet sidestreet just outside the perimeter of the extended shopping area. You will be greeted by the landlord, who maybe supping ale from a half-pint glass and if you approach the ale section, he will instantly notify you of the alcohol volume. The ales are rotated regularly but a local Gadds is always on tap and this is a favourite drinking hole of Eddie Gadd and his staff. I visit this pub often and it is quite obvious that a tight ship is kept here, it is very well managed, the ales are well-priced as are the snacks. The clientele are all very decent, educated and loyal. There is a pool room in the back although it is very rarely used.

25 Apr 2011 11:18

The Rising Sun, Stourmouth

Visited 24/04/11 Bank Holiday (Sunday) 17:30
Rudgate Battle Axe - 3.30
As you enter the main door of this beautiful building you are a struck with quite a modern and bright, some might say garish interior. The walls are painted with yellows and oranges, popular paintings and prints adorn the walls. The pub feels very clean, the bar is very highly polished. Judging by the pub/restaurant ration and the specials board It appears that this pub focuses more on it's restaurant clientele. The quality of the ale was not of a great standard and had the green hue which is usually a sign of flatness. The service was professional and a little bland. I guess in short, it was a professional restaurant cum bar, which caters more for diners than drinkers.

25 Apr 2011 11:01

Queens Head, Ramsgate

Another Thorley Tavern. Internally, fantastic, the layout is great, location nice.....a few too loudmouths, big chesting their ideals drink here though...Football days, no go...

16 Apr 2010 12:11

Bedford Inn, Ramsgate

I thought this pub may be a little rough but I was quite surprised. A nice pub to have a game of pool and a bit of darts. Had a guest ale on tap which was not so bad - I think the reviews are a little harsh on this one as the King Street selection are far poorer.

16 Apr 2010 12:07

The Black Lion, Plaistow

That's a funny photo - which does not really relate to the pub. Read the reviews before going to this pub but I agree, a nice place to have a drink. Very much like an Inn, low beamed ceilings, nice shape, and a couple of very quaffable ales on tap. A comfortable place to have a pint.

16 Apr 2010 12:05

The Central, Upton Park

This is just a massive pub, high ceilings, not many tables, which I guess just makes its money on matchdays. Not really a place to have a quiet pint. No ale, but had an okay Guinness. Went to the takeaway "Chillies" next door but didn't want to get friendly with the mouse around my feet!

16 Apr 2010 12:03

The Denmark Arms, East Ham

This pub is acceptable - has a level of charm and quite large inside. I went in there while Manchester United and Bayern Munich were playing and the atmosphere was pretty good but I was a little confused as to why a couple of groups of Russians or Eastern Europeans continued to walk from one side to the pub to the other, then another section for at least 45 minutes. It was very much like the leader was getting a message from the control tower to go to one area of the pub and wait for the next instruction, which would be to go to another section of the pub. The handsome one would take the lead while the line towards the back just got uglier. The best Guinness I had in the hell-hole of an area that night.

16 Apr 2010 11:59

The Whitehorse, Brixton

Hmmmm. Not so impressed with this pub - okay it does look like a cool pub and cool people go in there, if you know what I mean but I am the kind of guy who likes to have a full pint of ale for 3.30 and not filled to somewhere between half and full. The service was good and it did seem to be a well run establishment but not the place to have a serious ale. Maybe a little too pretentious for my liking - I am not that young or self-occupied these days.

16 Apr 2010 11:53

Elephant and Castle, Ramsgate

This is unfortunately now and has been for a couple of years, a Thorley's chain pub. This gentleman is a businessman and has a business model and although he knows what he is doing when it comes to business, for example, clean toilets and interiors and good quality food, the beers are overpriced and the ales of which are always stocked seem to taste very much the same, a little old and scruffy. Pubs in themselves, are okay, but ales are a no-no.

16 Apr 2010 11:37

Rose of England, Ramsgate

I feel the reviews of this pub are a little harsh. This is a beautiful little pub, albeit mostly for regulars. It has not been modernised for many years, lots of the original wood features still exist, interesting artefacts which makes it quite charming inside. They often have Doom Bar or Gadds on one tap, and a very good Ruddles Best on the other. There are occasions when they are out of stock of these and one can refer to Masterbrew XXX or Spitfire Smooth. There is a possibly the nicest smoking area in the whole of Ramsgate at the front of the building, a separate saloon bar, billiard bar and pool room. The toilets are always clean and food can be made up if you ask. The cost of an ale is below 2.50 at time of writing and the service is very good, as the landlords family are always behind the bar. Gets busy when Ramsgate play at home.

16 Apr 2010 11:33

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