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Comments by mr_lunch

The Dog and Fox, Wimbledon Village

It is a real shame. Welcome to the newest creche in Wimbledon. Oh well, maybe it will relieve some of the pressure from Tootsies! Great!!

6 Dec 2006 12:32

The Antelope, Belgravia

A wonderful pub close to Sloane Square. The Chiswick has always been kept very well when I have visited and I hear the Discovery is very good too.

17 Oct 2006 16:09

The Earl of Spencer, Southfields

the best restaurant in the area. Excellent good quality food. Everything is homemade bar the ketchup. Reasonably priced too. Hook Norton is kept well here too.
All of you that don't like it please do go next door. Leaves more room for those of us that like it to sit down.

ps - Burnsy, go and sit in the no smoking section.

16 Oct 2006 14:36

The Crooked Billet, Wimbledon Common

Edgar has been established for a couple of years now and is doing a fantastic job. He makes the effort to get to know and talk to all of the locals and seems to really enjoy working here thus making it enjoyable to go to. The beer is still exceptional.

2 Oct 2006 13:40

The Harp, Covent Garden

A nice little boozer with well kept ales. Not sure what it will be like in the winter, (purely because of its size) as I have only stood outside. Very nice though.

2 Oct 2006 13:36

The Lamb Tavern, Leadenhall Market

to 'anonymous' on the 16th sept. If you will wear Next suits, square shoes and shirts with epaulette attachments then what do you expect you big poof.

Went to The Lamb about a month ago and had a very disappointing pint of Young's Ordinary. Hopefully this was a one off as opposed to the norm. A nice location to drink nevertheless.

2 Oct 2006 13:32

The Pride of Spitalfields, Shoreditch

Excellent Brewer's Gold and a v good single malt whisky selection. I don't really know this area to compare it to other local pubs but the staff seemed friendly enough. Okay but not more than 7/10 at a push.

2 Oct 2006 13:28

The Lavender, Vauxhall

Agree with Mr_Flash. I wouldn't have expected this to be nice but the beer was well kept and the food was very nice. Slight language barrier with one of the bar staff but nothing to stop one returning.

2 Oct 2006 13:22

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

a fantastic unspoilt pub which is well worth a visit. Great beer, great bar snacks and friendly staff. 10/10

2 Oct 2006 13:19

The Coopers Arms, Chelsea

I went to this pub as the Phoenix (around the corner)was full. Despite looking slightly grotty from the outside it has clearly been done up inside. The food was excellent (no longer only served on Sunday's) and the beer was kept extremely well. It was great to find somewhere off the KR that didn't have television and was a relaxing place to eat/drink. The staff were very friendly and polite too. I shall certainly go back next time I am looking for some food in that area.

2 Oct 2006 13:13

The Ship Tavern, Holborn

went there last night to watch the cricket on my way to Smiths. Easy to get served, friendly staff, and a good view of the television (which is refreshingly not enormous, thus keeping out the All bar None crowds). Only stayed there for a short while but will go back if i am in the area

9 Sep 2005 16:36

The Crown Inn, Kings Somborne

a fantastic welcome is guaranteed in this local drinking hole. I have to agree with 'anonymous' that The Crown should be left as it is with its rustic charm. The ales on tap were 6x and ringwood but were both served too cold. Although not the best pint, the welcome and atmosphere make the pub well worth visiting if you are in the area.

15 Aug 2005 12:23

The Pig and Whistle, Earlsfield

in response to Kezzer, a lot of the loacl area is owned by the Mormons and they have a say on how the licencing is controlled. As it is at the moment there are no more licences available and for a new bar / restaurant, an old one needs to shut down. I couldn't agree with you more though about a decent pub in the area.

19 Jul 2005 16:55

The Pig and Whistle, Earlsfield

Is there anyway we can get Ian and Valerie back? Good beer and food are now a distant memory. Young's (yes pyjama man, it is spelt like that)please listen and get rid of the skeletal looking man. Oh, and if you wanted to sit in the 'beer garden' you may find his car is parked in the way so it is probably best not to bother trying......

17 Jun 2005 10:17

Bonds, Mayfair

not too bad for a Hogshead. Certainly nicer than the pub opposite (i cant remember its name). Fairly pleasant crowd being so close to Oxford Street

9 Jan 2005 17:08

Kings Head, Mayfair

staff are still miserable and beer is rubbish

9 Jan 2005 17:06

The Duke of Albemarle, Mayfair

not too bad. if you have to drink on this street it is better than Shelleys. V nice London Pride

9 Jan 2005 17:05

The Coach and Horses, Mayfair

slightly small but very nice.

9 Jan 2005 17:03

The Only Running Footman, Mayfair

keep walking to the Red Lion on Waverton street. Unless you like baked beans for lunch.....

9 Jan 2005 17:02

The Kings Arms, Mayfair

okayish but not the best. Again, being next to ye grapes it is in a great location for summer evening drinking. Does also give an alternative for buying beer if the queue in ye grapes is too long. Food pretty ropey

9 Jan 2005 17:00

Market Tavern, Mayfair

i have only been here out of choice once. says it all i think.

9 Jan 2005 16:59

Henry's Cafe Bar, Green Park

brilliant if you like waiting in a train station pub. Otherwise a typical Henry's - overpriced and rather dull. Nothing else to add apart from the fact that their club sandwich is quite nice.

9 Jan 2005 16:58

Ye Grapes, Mayfair

excellent venue for the summer, although very popular so can be slow to geet a drink. Be careful not to cross the line on the pavement outside as this separates the Turkish Restaurant (kebab shop) from the pub. The owner gets quite cross about this.
Poor lager selection but the beer is good.

9 Jan 2005 16:56

The Guinea, Mayfair

the landlord doesnt seem to realise that it takes an age to get served in this pub and that he and his team are among the slowest servers in London. This is a shame as it is in a nice secluded street and is good for standing outside in the summer. I have avoided this in favour of the Red Lion due to the service. As a Young's pub the beer is good although it does not sell Pilsner (only Export) which is annoying in the summer, and not an issue in the winter as Ordinary is the drink of choice.

9 Jan 2005 16:53

The Windmill, Mayfair

excllent food (especially the steak sandwich). The chef used to work in the Guinea grill hence the awards have moved from one pub to the other. Well kept ordinary. Not many tourists as people dont really know it is here and all those shopping on Bond Street will go to a restaurant for lunch. Worth getting there early if going for lunch as the tables are taken very quickly.

9 Jan 2005 16:48

The Hand In Hand, Wimbledon Common

well kept ordinary and good food. it does burgers, which the billet next door doesn't, which is a plus. The pies are not too bad either. It doesnt have nearly as much atmosphere as next door and has one of those 'family rooms' with no character. It is best to avoid sitting in there, however, the rest of the pub is very comfortable with log fires in the winter.

9 Jan 2005 16:42

The Alexandra, Wimbledon

a horrible pub which sells low quality food at not low prices. The only reason this gets a 5 (and not less) is that it has the smart alex wine bar next door. Although not the best pub it is the best you are going to get in Wimbledon town. If one has time then a trip up the hill (3.60 in a black bus) is better but if you are meeting people in town then this is more convenient. In the summer there is an area outside to drink in which although not a secluded beer garden is slightly off the road so is not too bad.

9 Jan 2005 16:39

The Pig and Whistle, Earlsfield

to add to Mr Lash's previous comments, i have been here a couple of times this week and both times the new 'manager' has been sitting in his pyjamas drinking stella while we had to stand due to lack of seats. He then proceeded to get himself another pint while people were queueing (being a saturday evening) at the bar. On a more positive note I did see someone's sharing platter and it did look rather good. Perhaps the manager could muster up the courage to say hello to a customer and stop looking ill in the the corner.

9 Jan 2005 16:33

The Fox and Grapes, Wimbledon Common

I believe that chavball is "A game played on a rectangular field with net goals at either end in which two teams of 11 players each try to drive a ball into the other's goal by kicking, heading, or using any part of the body except the arms and hands. The goalie is the only player who may touch or move the ball with the arms or hands" as opposed to the preferred rugger "A game played by two teams of 15 players each on a rectangular field 110 yards long with goal lines and goal posts at either end, the object being to run with an oval ball across the opponent's goal line or kick it through the upper portion of the goal posts, with forward passing and time-outs not permitted.", or "form of football played with an oval ball"

Jolly good pub which sells great beer (although their recent addition of T.E.A. is not as nice as the 6X it replaced). I do, however, enjoy a pint of 1664 on a hot summer's afternoon.

22 Dec 2004 13:21

The Green Man, Putney Heath

well well. where to start. the bar manager is one of the rudest people i have come across in a pub. also the landlord's wife? is pretty rude as well. food is ghastly although some of their sharing platters are okay. a good pint of ordinary though - once you get it....

21 Dec 2004 13:56

The Red Lion, Mayfair

can't really disagree with Mr Lash. Excellent boozer. My favourite in W1.

21 Dec 2004 13:41

The Dog and Duck, Soho

having left the coach & horses on greek street due to no ale, i stumbled across this little pub. very quaint and does a good pint of Adnams. some horrible groups of people in there with no manners but then it is xmas party season so they had probably been on it all day. I would go back.

21 Dec 2004 13:37

The Coach and Horses, Soho

overly priced and rubbish beer. went there the other day and all the beers were off except Tetley's. I can see why people who have never left a city centre might like it as it looks like a proper pub. It is nothing of the sort. The 1 sandwiches look vile, but then you get what you pay for in this instance. with such a grotty place i wouldn't eat there anyway...

21 Dec 2004 13:32

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