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Comments by froggy

The Dry Dock, Leeds

open late, cheap beer. Esp good when the weather makes it possible to go upstairs. Its strange to be sat in a boat really and if you take advantage of all their offers you may begin to feel (sea)sick. That was the worst joke ever. I am lame. Anyway, i'd recommend this place.

11 Jan 2006 11:44

The Library, Woodhouse

Nice pub, good food. Its all cheap and that is surely what its all about when you are a student!!! the deals are good, pool table too. er... just remember to get a yellow card, these pubs are everywhere.

11 Jan 2006 11:41

The Terrace Bar, Leeds University Union

good in the summer, all spaced out with big off patio for drinking, heated too. very cool. In the winter its jam packed and very little seating when you actually consider the amount of people that frequent this place. Not bad for a union though.

11 Jan 2006 11:38

The Old Bar, Leeds University Union

I loved this pub, reminded me of being at home!!! looks like an old fashioned establishment but full of young people, with a handy chippy in the corner, how could you go wrong?

11 Jan 2006 11:30

The Railway Hotel, Saltash

A strange one. An inbred kinda pub, full of alcoholics and weirdos, but that could be the attraction!!

7 Jan 2006 17:20

The Ploughboy Inn, Saltash

nice pub, prob say the second best in Saltash, ob behind the cecil. Food is great, beer is too. Its only problem is its success which can leave it a little crowded at times.

7 Jan 2006 17:18

The Cecil Arms, Saltash

To write a poem is my mission,
To keep with the tradition,
Of things posted before,
And forever more,
It's not quite nuclear fission.

So here's to corrine and to phil,
They cook a bloody good meal,
His music may suck,
But with any luck,
Chaz and dave will not make us ill.

And from one dave to the next,
As barman he's simply the best,
He's got a big grin,
And the closet he's in,
Still the cecil sure beats the rest!

29 Jul 2005 20:36

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