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The Blue Bell Cider House, Hockley Heath

I think BeerBolshie is talking out his BeerBackside. Come here if you like your draught and bottled ciders (they might still sell bottles of Headford Ridge - mucho bueno). The ales normally pass the test too. MASSIVE SANDWICHES big enough to blot out the sun. As its near the canal you do get some mono-browed 'river-folk' but they need to write folk music somewhere and why not here. You also get your amateur Bell's Angels and other assorted petrol-heads in the bar so you may want to check out the quieter lounge.

That Brummie girl must have been a good shot - she should charge for that kind of thing or maybe BB just got confused when he got his head stuck under the cubicle door.

14 Nov 2007 21:10

The Coach and Horses, Weatheroak Hill

A pub that knows about beer...and scratchings...and batches. Try the Old Hooky or indeed try anything because its bound to be in super nick. Pub looks a treat and has a great garden for summer and is cosy enough for winter. Top stuff.

14 Nov 2007 20:49

The Dirty Duck, Stratford Upon Avon

Pretty 'earthy' for a Stratford pub. Flowers and Hen were nice enough. Probably a better bet for those who prefer to stay out of the yuppie/tourist hostelries.

*** Ramblers Tip *** On no account should you get trashed here and then get a cab to Henley-in-Arden to pick up your car. £40! Daylight robbery. I still wake up in a cold sweat about it some nights.

14 Nov 2007 20:37

Blue Pig, Wolvey

A Greene King emporium of the highest order - shame I had to drink a shandy due to cash flow problems but I shall return one day and drink the place dry.

*** Polite notice *** Beware of the 'every-other-word-is-f**cking' gypos if you plan to bring your polo, croquet, or badminton club here.

14 Nov 2007 20:29

The Rose and Crown, Ratley

Old as the hills. Great bar area and some decent brews on. Will make a return visit hopefully.

14 Nov 2007 20:11

The Plough Inn, Warmington

Looks like a dreampub but the choice of beer is anything but inspiring. Big, big shame. If I remember rightly Bass was the highlight which says it all really. Tasty food and pleasant atmosphere though so could be worth another shot.

14 Nov 2007 20:07

The Royal Oak, Kenilworth

Visited again recently and this place is still punching above its weight. Keep it up!

10 Nov 2007 21:40

The Dun Cow, Hornton

Lovely little Cotswold timewarp that soon fills up with locals and ramblers alike. The gaffer and his wife were extremely helpful and accommodating to my fellow beermonkey's toilet troubles. The Bombardier tasted great but I must try the cider and perry next time I'm down here because the Monk was raving about it (not literally). Apparently he had won some award for the stuff so it must be good. Wunderbar.

10 Nov 2007 21:31

The Moon & Sixpence, Hanwell

I'm glad everyone's enjoying the grub here but unfortunately this place just does not cut it as a watering hole. Its a massive semi-open-plan gaff and it was shockingly dead compared to the pubs in the neigbouring villages. Possible reasons include the shoddy choice of beer available or maybe just the whole sterility of the place but either way something is definitely amiss here. Its the only place in recent times that I've walked into, observed my surroundings, and then opted for just a half-pint (Almost did a walk-right-through-and-out but the beleaguered girl behind the bar didn't deserve it). Admittedly I did venture in on a Sunday evening but honestly the other boozers were heaving. Look out for the Cotswolds' answer to Rod Stewart - because he'll certainly be looking out for you.

10 Nov 2007 21:07

The Old Windmill, Coventry

I agree with all the previous comments made - basically Coventry needs more places like this. The crowd in here are generally a little rougher around the edges than those who drink in the Whitefriars Olde Ale House and the place is better for it. A decent mix of people makes for a decent drinking atmosphere here and the jukebox can be trusted to bash out some great tunes too. Nice choice of ales available which are kept well. Absolutely ideal place to get away from the stress of the city centre and read the paper in one of the smaller rooms. Top stuff.

10 Nov 2007 20:50

The Bell Inn, Tile Hill

Extremely busy locals' boozer that may have a bit of a ruffian element at times but is generally just lively. Stella is the highlight among the lagers. They also sold M&B Mild if you are that way inclined. For some unknown reason a lot of people in here are sporting limps. Passable.

21 Oct 2007 19:27

The Blue Boar Inn, Temple Grafton

Run by a Frenchie but don't let that stop you coming here because this guy is easy going and will genuinely look after you. He's ably assisted by a couple of gorgeous blonde french birds - how they came to be out here in the sticks is anyone's guess. Definitely worth another shufty. Oh yeah the beer - not too much choice really, can only remember Pedigree and Bass being on ale-wise but they tasted alright. As for the pub itself, it has plenty of history and its traditional look is what you'd expect to find but what you might not expect is the bohemian vibe of many of the patrons. Must be something to do with the potato wine the farmer folk are on rounds here.

2 Oct 2007 22:59

The Howard Arms, Ilmington

Rustic looking Cotswold 'TARDIS' that genuinely seems alot smaller on the outside than it really is. Me and my aide-de-pint got in here just after it opened for the evening session on a Sunday and even at that time the accommodation and restaurant were filling up quickly. The clientèle definitely had more than a few pennies to rub together but the lady behind the bar treated us reprobates no differently. A lovely pint of Old Hooky followed whilst I sat next to the huge, roaring fire. Just what you want now that its getting a bit brass monkeys outside.

29 Sep 2007 21:11

The Nursery Tavern, Coventry

Not sure what the hell is going on here anymore with the beer. To be fair I don't come in here as much as I used to a few years back so I don't know what the score is regarding who's in charge etc but the last couple of times I have been in my pints have been pretty woeful to say the least. The pub still retains a pleasant atmosphere though so this drop in beer quality is unfortunate in the extreme. I used to sing this place's praises big-time and could comfortably say it was one of my top 3 pubs in Coventry but unfortunately that is no longer the case. A great shame.

23 Sep 2007 23:34

The Stag's Head, Offchurch

Attractive old boozer smack bang in the centre of the village not far from Leamington. Its not the biggest pub inside but it looked smart yet unpretentious i.e. not like a wine bar. Couple of real ales available which is a bonus and they tasted the part too. Was doing a good trade on the food which may have been the reason why it took a while to get served at the bar but the barman was apologetic and amiable. Also has a rather snazzy smoking area outside that looked ideal for those in need of a quick drag. Will definitely scout out this place again.

23 Sep 2007 23:16

The Red Lion, Hunningham

Decent countryside foody-boozer with an idyllic setting for the beer garden next to the old bridge and river. As its a Greene King gaff you know what to expect on the pumps but surprisingly the place is rammed with diners so the grub must be good. My Abbot Ale looked a little flat and didn't taste the best either, last time I was in, but my mate has told me he's had a good pint of the stuff here before so I will definitely give this place another chance when I find myself in Leamington's 'wilds'.

23 Sep 2007 22:52

Hennesseys, Digbeth

An absolute doghole.

Mind you that was a couple of months back before the 'refurb' but I'm not holding my hopes up.

Just to clear up; extortionate prices, foul tasting lager, surly bar staff, deafening music, horrible experience all round.

18 Sep 2007 23:05

, Digbeth

Always had a good pint in here personally whether it was ale or cider and thats the main thing in my eyes. The changing line-up always brings in the nerdy beer-spotter types but the rest of the locals are sound and last time I was in the girls behind the bar were a top laugh and eager to serve which is always a bonus. This place makes a night in just Digbeth itself worthwhile and when your ready to breathe beer fumes over unsuspecting birds you can head down the street to the Sanctuary club.

18 Sep 2007 22:51

The Spotted Dog, Digbeth

Student pub where the ridiculous getup of the patrons has to be seen to be believed. Friendly staff though. Lager or nothing.

17 Sep 2007 20:23

The Kerryman, Digbeth

Saw a kid get boomed by a gang outside this dive while an army of bouncers stood and watched. Don't think I'll be dropping by anytime soon.

17 Sep 2007 20:15

The Graduate, Warwick University

As drtimthornton mentions this is the only place on the Warwick Campus that you may stumble upon a half-decent pint.

As long as I've been popping in there they've had a reasonable pint of St Austell Brewery's Tribute on. This is normally complemented by another guest ale (sometimes a cider) of variable quality. They also have bottles of different continental lagers and domestic ciders available if your feeling a bit flush. This place is quite poky and can get very busy of a night during term but if you can endure student banter you'll get on fine.

*Loner Drunk Alert* - You can often spot a guy in here known as 'Zoidberg' or 'Freddie Mercury' (because of his mustache). He looks a bit surly but will often just wallow about in a corner drowning in his pint.

---Other watering holes at Warwick Uni---

As you'd expect the Student Union serves up your standard student junk lagers the best on offer probably being the Grolsch. The Bar (Also referred to as the Airport Lounge) does have the occasional real ale on but please, please, please AVOID this poorly kept rubbish (I remember them murdering a Hook Norton once). You can play pool and on the games machines at both venues as well as see the footy on the box.

31 Aug 2007 10:42

The City Arms, Coventry

This place is pretty sound during the day especially if you sit outside and can stand the company of winos but when the sun goes down on Coventry a fair few scumbags creep out of the woodwork and turn up here for the cheap lager. Aggression is the name of the game around the bar area where 'geezers' will deliberately go out of their way to knock into you, hoping to get a reaction (Disclaimer - This pent up rage may be caused by the lack of bar staff). If you can avoid a melee then you could end have a good time here and when they chuck you out your can do a curry run up the hill.

20 Aug 2007 17:08

The Greyhound Inn, Longford

Early days for me and this pub but I definitely want to give it another whirl. Problem is its a bit of a bugger to get to unless you've got transport as its over the far side of Longford, almost in the sticks. Beer-wise I noticed a fair few local brewery offerings which was a brave yet loyal choice by the owners. Only had time to try one pint of 'Late OTT' from the Tunnel Brewery in nearish-by Ansley but it went down a treat. They also had Aspall's cider on tap which is very rare in these parts. The pub itself is a big old place next to the canal with plenty of character and several bars one of which conveniently adjoined the beer garden. However if you want to avoid any former Peugeot faces then its probably best to avoid this place on sunny afternoons.

17 Aug 2007 16:59

The Earl of Clarendon, Kenilworth

An honest boozer near the centre of town and a real boon for those who want to avoid the student rabble around that patch. The Stella and the Strongbow hit the spot but unfortunately there's not much on ale wise. Opens until about midnight and is ideally placed to head down the road for a curry blowout.

31 Jan 2007 19:35

The Famous Virgins and Castle, Kenilworth

Generally a lively crowd in here of an evening but the beer is sometimes hit and miss. A few different areas to loiter in which adds to the character of the place. Very good a couple of years back but sliding a little. Still a respectable establishment.

25 Jan 2007 21:07

Queen and Castle, Kenilworth

Alright if you've worked up a thirst dragging your mutt around the castle and you are prepared to sit in the garden but apart from that there is nothing here to keep you from going to one of the proper pubs in the town (ok, maybe the view if you are into that sort of thing).

25 Jan 2007 20:58

The Royal Oak, Kenilworth

I've got a lot of time for this place. Even as a non-regular you can just walk in and feel welcome. Not a massive range of ales available but they are well looked after on the whole (good pint of Bombardier available) and the bar staff know their stuff beer-wise. Down to earth alternative in the increasingly pretentious old part of Kenilworth. Opens a bit later too. All in all a thoroughly decent boozer.

25 Jan 2007 20:41

The Wellington, Birmingham

Handy city centre boozer with an impressive selection of well kept ales from all over the country. Ale lineup is always changing so can't recommend any pints in particular but most are worth a punt. Couple of ciders from the south west which were on top form too. Only try the perry if you want to spend the next day feeling utterly sorry for yourself.

23 Jan 2007 21:56

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