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The Cleave, Lustleigh

Pleasantly surprised on my first visit here for a couple of years. The pub has changed hands a couple of times since my last visit, and the atmosphere is much improved. It was nice to be served by someone with a local accent, and there were several locals at the bar, not always the case in the pricey villages of Devon. The village now seems to have the pub it deserves.

25 Sep 2010 16:47

The Ring of Bells Inn, North Bovey

On the face of it, this place should be the pub of your dreams. 13th century thatched hostelry in one of Dartmoor's prettiest villages. However, on the couple of occasions I've been in it, it's proved to be something of a letdown. If you closed your eyes, you might think you were in west London. It seems to be frequented by a bunch of city traders. Unfortunately, they're probably the only people who can afford to live there nowadays.

Oh, for the sound of a Devonian accent!

16 Sep 2007 14:47

The Old Thatch Inn, Cheriton Bishop

Badly damaged by a fire in 2006, the pub has recently re-opened after being closed for about a year.

Thatched roof (you might have worked that out for yourself), black slate floor, decent selection of beers, a very pleasant pub inside and out.

The pub stands out for two reasons. Firstly, the really friendly staff. Secondly, the food is outstanding, though maybe a couple of quid a meal more expensive than the average for the area.

From my experience (four visits in as many years), the vast majority of visitors go there to eat rather than just for a drink, so it's probably more of a pub for tourists than for locals.

All in all, a very nice pub.

16 Sep 2007 13:31

The Cleave, Lustleigh

Thatched pub in a quite stunning location. Church, pub, tea shop, cricket pitch and a few thatched cottages make up this gorgeous village within Dartmoor National Park. Great area for walking, and dogs are welcome inside. The pub itself looks inviting enough from the outside, and once inside, the beer and food very acceptable. If the pub has a problem, I would put it down to the somewhat strained atmosphere between the staff.

Worth bearing in mind that the pub keeps some odd hours, not opening on Sunday evening, or all day Monday. Can also close for weeks here or there during the winter.

Worth a visit for the location alone.

16 Sep 2007 13:10

The Old Kings Head, Hampton Wick

Ghastly decor (purple ceiling, anyone?) & a poor selection of ales for a so-called free-house. A bit too much like one of those cocktail bars that opened in the early 80's & thankfully had all closed down a few years later. On the plus side, bar staff all seemed very friendly & a good live music venue.

6 Feb 2007 17:36

Ye Olde Kings Head, Epsom

Good traditional local pub if you're looking for a quiet drink. Decent beer and very reasonably priced food menu. Dogs welcome.

4 Feb 2007 18:40

The Star, Malden Rushett

Decent old-fashioned boozer with it's own slightly dishevelled charm. Food & beer invariably above average.

Ideal for walkers, with easy access to Ashtead Common across the main road, and dogs welcome in the pub.

11 Oct 2006 16:29

The Wheatsheaf, Ewell

Really nice village pub. Secluded garden at the back is particularly good, especially on a pleasant summer's evening.

The best pub in Ewell by a mile.

30 Jun 2006 15:00

The Warren House Inn, Postbridge

An absolute gem. I get down to Dartmoor at least once a year, and always spend an evening here. Good choice of beer, really good reasonably priced food, friendly staff, great atmosphere and perfect remote location looking out on the moors.

If I had to spend the rest of my life in just one pub - this would be it!

27 Jun 2006 18:57

The Chessington Oak, Chessington

Currently being refurbished (again!). New name is The Chessington Oak. Watch this space..........

19 Jun 2006 19:04

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