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Bertha's, Fells Point

A Fells Point institution, Bertha's serves their famed mussels with excellent Guinness, and local real ale on the hand pump. Friendly staff and casual atmosphere make for a great pub. 7/10.

1 Nov 2006 13:40

The Duke Of Wellington, Marylebone

Superb Well's professionally served in a deafeningly quiet quirky and altogether enjoyable setting. 8/10.

17 Apr 2006 21:35

The Harp, Covent Garden

Afternoon visit was fantastic. 5 less usual real ales, a wonderful hostess, and cozy atmosphere. 8/10.

17 Apr 2006 21:33

The Mayflower, Rotherhithe

Three afternoon visits have confirmed excellent seafood, well kept Abbott Ale, great atmosphere, and friendly service from the bar staff. Only blemish is the cheerless, impatient manager (although he may be the reason for the quality). 9/10.

17 Apr 2006 21:31

The Hobgoblin, Marylebone

Associating one's brewery (Wychwood) to this pub would seem to be a business liability. 4/10.

17 Apr 2006 21:24

The Three Horseshoes, Letchmore Heath

Wonderful location and well kept Adnams and Landlord. Historic link to "Village of the Damned" and "Avengers". Standard food. 7/10.

17 Apr 2006 21:19

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

I've always gone for the beer and have finally tried the food. Great. Wonderful pub, good food, great staff. One of my favorites, but yes, smoke filled. 9/10.

19 Jan 2006 20:27

The Eagle, Hoxton

Mix of standard real ales and continental lagers. Menu looks familiar but no experience. Wonderful staff. 6/10.

3 Nov 2005 21:04

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Excellent architectural features. Sam Smith's beer. Pleasant staff. Too dark. 7/10.

3 Nov 2005 20:57

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Excellent selection of real ales and a real ale atmosphere. Go for the drink not the place. 7/10.

3 Nov 2005 20:52

The Dolphin Tavern, Bloomsbury

Pride and Pedigree on. Comfortable enough. Nothing outstanding. 6/10.

3 Nov 2005 20:49

The Three Horseshoes, Marlow

Rebellion Brewery's tap house, just 1/4 mile from the brewery, regularly serves all of Rebellion's current brews. The food is consistently good and the service friendly. 7/10.

1 Nov 2005 16:33

Black Boy, Bushey Heath

Nice backstreet pub. Regular ales are Bass, Adnams, and London Pride, usually with one guest. 6/10.

29 Oct 2005 12:23

The King Harry, St Albans

Comfortable interior. Although a Free House only the area's usual suspects were on for real ale (Greene King, Young's, Courage, Wells). I can't remark on condition as no one was motivated enough to serve me. I took my hard-earned pay and patronage elsewhere. 6/10.

23 Oct 2005 16:01

The Snowdonia Parc Free House, Waunfawr

An ambitious attempt at a restaurant, brewery, and campsite that suffers from overextension. Beer is great, food horrible, layout strange, service friendly but sporadic. 6/10.

15 Oct 2005 10:15

The Three Tuns, Marylebone

Average pub with standard real ales. Fairly large. Comfortable when quiet. 6/10.

2 Oct 2005 14:51

The Golden Eagle, Bond Street

Comfortable easy-feeling place with well kept St. Austell's. 7/10.

2 Oct 2005 14:48

The Carpenters Arms, Marble Arch

Enjoyable relaxed pub with friendly service. I applaud the choice of real ales but a simultaneous tasting of three had curious results. One was quite cold, one hot, and the third was definitely off. Three cellars?? I'll try again and report back. 6/10.

2 Oct 2005 14:46

The Black Horse, Chorleywood

Comfortable country pub with friendly staff and patrons. 5 real ales (one on gravity) and decent food. 7/10.

13 Sep 2005 07:54

The Rose and Crown, Chorleywood

Exceptional home cooked food in a traditional atmosphere. Friendly service and one well kept real ale. 8/10.

9 Sep 2005 15:59

The Boat Inn, Aboyne

Wonderful real ales with a helpful and friendly host. Most welcoming to families. An adults only bar is also available! Good food. 7/10.

8 Sep 2005 20:51

The Lade Inn, Kilmahog

Home of the Trossachs Craft Brewery and wonderful home-cooked Scottish fare. Friendly and helpful staff and very welcoming to children. Log fires and a pleasant garden make it comfortable in any season. 8/10.

8 Sep 2005 09:16

The Swan, Bushey

Authenticity is its hallmark. Nothing fake, contrived, or plastic. 4 hand pumps serving Young's, Jenning's, and a guest. Friendly staff. Always an enjoyable evening. 7/10.

7 Sep 2005 08:51

The Red Lion, Bushey

Spacious non-descript pub with aforementioned locals, no negativity my night. Outdoor seating in back looks over car park. London Pride the sole real ale. 6/10.

7 Sep 2005 08:49

The King Stag, Bushey

Comfortable local pub. Nice decor with the ubiquitous Greene King IPA and Abbott Ale on for real ales. 6/10

7 Sep 2005 08:44

The Castle in The Air, Fareham

Friendly pub - recommended by our cabbie. Greene King IPA only real ale. 6/10.

7 Sep 2005 08:37

The Wellington, Portsmouth

Real ales listed on chalkboard at entrance (something I find very helpful). Pleasant decor inside and a concrete beer garden courtyard. 6/10.

7 Sep 2005 08:34

The Still and West, Portsmouth

As stated by all location and Gales Real Ale make this for an enjoyable pub. 7/10

7 Sep 2005 08:32

Abercorn Arms, Stanmore

Very spacious, standard Ember Inns establishment. Generally well kept with some outside patio seating. Usually 1 or 2 real ales. 6/10.

4 Sep 2005 11:00

Fishery Inn, Elstree

A McMullen's pub with average food and McMullen's real ales. Outdoor seating has a nice view of the lake, but unfortunately of the busy road as well. 6/10.

2 Sep 2005 10:06

The Sylvan Moon, Northwood

An average Weatherspoons pub, not as dingy as some, prices low as usual, standard food, real ale usually on, changing, and of varying quality. I've got no info on andy101's shutting it down comment. 6/10.

1 Sep 2005 17:03

Cock Inn, Church End

Hall & Woodhouse pub in a pleasant rural setting. Good selection of Badger Ales. Nice interior with an area for large groups. I've no experience of the food.

25 Aug 2005 11:01

The Case Is Altered, Eastcote

A very nice garden for pleasant days and a 17th c. interior for dining. Very friendly staff, good food and reasonable lunch specials. Real ale is usually Young's Special or Greene King IPA.

25 Aug 2005 09:46

Case is Altered, Old Redding

Great view looking south over the fields with a good playground. However, no other reason to go. Bad beer, bad service, bad food.

25 Aug 2005 08:07

The Moon and Sixpence, Hatch End

Dingy and not well kept. Real ales were on, but uninspiring.

25 Aug 2005 08:05

The Lazy Fox, Bushey

The menu and food is excellent, children are welcome, and there are usually two real ales on. However, the recent refurbishment tends result in divided opinions. Some say clean and tidy, others say plastic and fake. I like it.

24 Aug 2005 16:25

The One Bell, Watford

Anonymous (3Apr 2005)captures this pub perfectly. I visited in June and concur completely.

24 Aug 2005 16:11

The Trinity, Borough

I agree with Tuna (below). Sticky tables, sweaty rugs, sour beer. Steer clear.

24 Aug 2005 16:07

The Land of Liberty, Peace and Plenty, Heronsgate

A great selection of well-kept ever changing real ales. Great hosts! Parents: Under 14's only allowed in outside garden.

24 Aug 2005 16:03

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