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The Bell, East Molesey

Pingu89.....The additions (tacked on) to the building at the back look more like bits of abandoned garden shed. Are you suggesting these are protected ? If so, they don't do much for such a magnificent building.

3 Mar 2008 07:39

The Manor Inn, Godalming

If I said the previous review worries me slightly, I'd be seriously understating my personal view : "The steaks are really excellent, apparently imported from Argentina and well up to Argentine standard" Lets not bother with a discussion on 'air miles' and all that - why on earth is steak not being sourced locally or at least from within Britain. ?? I also notice that said reviewer has just recently joined this site. Click on usernames and you will see where others have been and what they've said about other pubs. PS what is "Argentine standard" compared to Aberdeen Angus ?

29 Feb 2008 09:58

The Bell, East Molesey

Pingu89.....does your reply to EDickster below imply that the view of the pub from the back garden will remain the same ? Are you suggesting the 'tacked-on' bits of building are 'protected' ? 5/10 so far as I vaguely suspect a tiny pinch of bovine excrement ! If I'm shown to be wrong, I'll ask the site administrators to remove my review,

27 Feb 2008 06:26

The Swallows Return, Worthing

Thank you cledlyn, clears that one up with no nonsense. Others please note, this pub / restaurant is also titled 'Something' on this site. 1/10.

7 Feb 2008 14:17

The Hare and Hounds, Donkey Town

Yes Tee Jay, it's origins lie in 1WW military history (pack-horse regiments) and relate to local social history as well. They were also cared for in that area after service. When I lived in Frimley I was told the full story by a fine old gent but unfortunately can't recall it accurately now. My apologies to other contributors for going off topic. I do however remember this pub as being a good solid locals boozer that served fantastic bacon and egg rolls at lunchtime.......ahh....ahh memories ! No rating left, too long since my last visit.

28 Jan 2008 07:19

Thomas A Becket, Worthing

Revisited 26 Jan, far better than expected. 4 real ales in perfect condition - yes, I tried them all ! Food, we had an evening meal and it was superb. (They are also noticeably proud of getting an ex military chef). Amenities, heated smokers area with a massive television showing just about anything you can (legally and morally) imagine. Custom, mixed, all age groups, well behaved and friendly. Prices, now very competitive. Overall, marvelous improvements compared to our first visit. ps, I've found the car park ! 8/10

27 Jan 2008 10:02

King Harold, Harold Wood

Mmmm.....I notice when I click on the previous 4 usernames, they all joined this site in the last 4 weeks and have only reviewed this pub ! Some just big it up, others are simply plain rude. Do I detect a touch of childish behaviour here because sure as hell, recent reviews are poor by any standards. No rating left as I've not been around that patch for several years when I worked there.

26 Jan 2008 12:43

The Queens Head, East Clandon

Ahh.....yes beersupper, several others have done similar daft things in the past and all made fools of themselves ! New users to this site, best to click usernames and you'll see where others have been and what they've said about a wide variety of other establishments. No rating left, I've not been in the Queens for several years.

26 Jan 2008 08:22

The William IV, Albury

Sorry my second use of the word 'rating' should have been 'review'.

14 Jan 2008 10:09

The William IV, Albury

localsadvice, welcome to the site, I see you joined today. As an ex local who grew up more or less in your area, my memories for the 'Billy' go back to the 'sixties' but my last visit was several years ago so I'll not be leaving a rating with this rating. To put it simply, some visits were good, most not so ! If it has improved, answer some of the previous negative reviews with specific descriptions of what has actually changed. If it's of any help, click on usernames and you'll see where others have been and what they've said about other pubs. ps truly local pubs rarely have home grown pork ! That Sir is bull**** !

14 Jan 2008 10:06

The Anchor and Horseshoes, Burpham

Interesting comments of late ! As an old Guildfordian who once visited this pub fairly regularly due to relatives who lived nearby, nothing appears to have changed a great deal ! Also, I strongly suspect a smidgen of social prejudice is now afoot after reading through these reviews ! This coupled with poor beer does not bode well for the future !! No rating left as it's about 4 years since our last visit and the light soup lunch we had (tomato) was cold and tasted more like liquefied puree. As for the old Green Man, best consigned to history and quietly forgotten. It too 'fell off the perch' long ago !

5 Jan 2008 11:50

The Angel, Soho

matt_k, You, my good Sir are 'up a tree' with your assumptions about Roger B ! Click on his username and you will see where he has reviewed before. He can't possibly be a Landlord of any pub ! You're also wrong about this pub, I worked opposite (St Giles) for years and in my humble opinion, you can stick the other pubs you mentioned - all overpriced, pretentious and full of wannabe entertainment types. Well done Roger B, good descriptive review.

29 Dec 2007 10:26

The Swallows Return, Worthing

Has anyone tried it recently ? In the past it started as one of the best in this area but slipped quite suddenly. No rating left, will visit again in early 08.

22 Dec 2007 10:58

Brondes Age, Kilburn

Can anyone tell if the previous review is actually a review of this pub or, just a rubbishing exercise of other nearby pubs ? On the other hand, what a litery style ! The words verbose and turgid spring to mind !

17 Dec 2007 14:48

The Weir Hotel, Walton on Thames

Things really are improving ! When we lived in Molsey until 2 years ago this pub was overpriced, littered with foul mouthed bare topped lager swilling yobs at the front by the river and inundated with screaming kids who were a downright nuisance to everyone except their parents who just parked their buts and abdicated all responsibility for their offspring! Well done to whoever is running the show now, we will make a point of visiting on our next visit to the area. 8/10 for the pleasure of reading the last two reviews !

15 Dec 2007 14:45

The Mucky Duck Inn, Tismans Common

We had a light soup (vegetable) lunch here about 5 weeks ago, very nice and fairly priced but just a bit mean on the portion sizes. They also have some very good accommodation facilities but it's best to check prices first. This is after all the Sussex / Surrey border ! ! 7/10

15 Dec 2007 14:16

The Gribble Inn, Oving

Dear..oh..dear, what on earth is all this turgid and verbose written nonsense all about ? It's one of the best pubs in Sussex so why are the locals moaning ?

13 Dec 2007 09:59

The Villagers Inn, Blackheath

Rabbitfoole, no one I know has a hidden agenda for slagging anyone (or pub) off. Almost all contributors tell it how it is in their own way and if that stings a bit, sorry pal, maybe a 'softer' website is more to your taste ? As a general rule, the following principles are applied by most contributors on this site:
* Adhere to site rules.
* Tell the truth as you see or experience it.
* Avoid bad language.
* Don't whinge just because someone disagrees with you or, your review gets deleted like many of mine do !

11 Dec 2007 07:15

The Cannon, West Molesey

God help the bar staff if they are now stuck with the drop-outs, banned etc..from the Surveyor ! see previous review.

7 Dec 2007 13:59

The Boatman, Guildford

Good God ! As an old Guildfordian, I'm alarmed at 13:50 for a burger ! See Snuzzlepig's review 6 Oct. At least Dick Turpin had the decency to conceal his identity before robbing one of his 'customers' ! Conclusion; some people have more money than sense, no matter how a burger is dressed up, it's still a pub-grub burger ! I should give the pub a rating but don't quite have the nerve as it's a long while since my last visit and suspect "I may be gone some considerable period of time" !

29 Nov 2007 14:50

The Villagers Inn, Blackheath

Note of caution, like beersupper I wrote this pub up nearly 2 years ago. Times change, the last time we were there not long ago, lots of 'clutter' in the garden and the food had that distinct 'ping-fling-and-bring' character to it. I am of course referring to microwaved and boiled in the bag products. If you're new to this site, best to click on usernames and see where others have been and what they've said about other pubs ! Anonymous postings should also be ignored. Rabbitfoole, best not to make assumptions as they ultimately disappoint all concerned. ps, I grew up in a nearby village and first set foot in this pub about 1969 I think !

29 Nov 2007 09:47

The Winterton Arms, Chiddingfold

Lets face it, relatively small, north side of the village by nearly a mile and directly in competition with 2 pubs to the south and 1 to the north. Me thinks, why bother in Chiddingfold, just go to the Merry Harriers. No rating left, last had a drink in this pub about 1974 I think !

27 Nov 2007 10:07

The Golden Lion, Goring By Sea

In response to the previous two reviews, I agree and suspect the Landlady is actually doing a very good job. This may also include getting shot of some social dross ! 7/10 (for pure effort and an okay pub)

23 Nov 2007 09:56

Brondes Age, Kilburn

werner_von_braun, correct ! Anonymous reviews that just 'big-up' a place without description are usually written by owners / managers / staff or a favoured customer. However, you should be more descriptive and specific as to what's actually bad about the place. Where possible, click on usernames and you'll see where others have been ! No rating left, not been in a boozer near you for several years.

23 Nov 2007 08:08

The Cranley Hotel, Cranleigh

Sorry Beersupper, 'Rectum-Portals' like musicman actually think they're clever but I must admit that one got past me !

22 Nov 2007 08:34

The Cranley Hotel, Cranleigh

Anonymous reviews that just speak positively about a place that is considered poor do nothing for this site. What has actually changed as the previous two anonymous reviews could have been written by anyone ! eg, staff / owners / favoured customers etc. If you're new to this site click on usernames and you will see where others have been and what they've said about other pubs. ps I grew up in and around Cranleigh and this place was one of the best until our last visit - see review 29 April 2006. We will return when someone describes What has actually changed for the better !

21 Nov 2007 06:56

The Three Compasses, Alfold

I would suggest username billblue (24 July) has written a very accurate review below. Recent postings are pure nonsense. No neil10 I don't have a vested interest in any pub and never have. I do however have a strong dislike for those who write pure offensive rubbish about communities of decent people they have little knowledge of. ps, the pub has a novel smokers area with an original idea for heating !!

18 Nov 2007 09:49

The Bell, East Molesey

Refurbished eh...well lets look on the bright side, a garden with grass, less tables and more space for children, a view of the back of the building that doesn't look like something the Taliban have had a go at, staff accommodation that's habitable without interference to a rumoured haunting and an ambiance that's representative of this pub and its unique history. Am I being a little over ambitious with these thoughts where big Pub-Co's are concerned ?

14 Nov 2007 09:45

The White Horse, Hascombe

Okay, I'm convinced. Any relatively new Landlord that directly responds to his customers in writing on this tried, trusted and tested website has got more about him than most. Apart from that, his explanation to Stoller regarding new menu ideas is well worth supporting and in keeping with the basic principles of pub-food.

12 Nov 2007 13:15

The Three Compasses, Alfold

I notice the previous strange review was written by someone who joined this site on the 2 Nov and has only commented on this pub ! Is it just possible said individual is a disgruntled customer or competitor ? Visitors, click on usernames and you will see where others have been and what they've said about other pubs. This pub and the Crown are actually very good country pubs irrespective of what idiots like the previous reviewer say.

10 Nov 2007 14:41

The Golden Lion, Goring By Sea

Four anonymous postings within 6 minutes of each other and it's only been rated by a total of 8 reviewers !! Me thinks something quite dastardly is afoot ? Perhaps it's another case of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). When MPD strikes on this site, all number of strange reviews appear and....yes.. you guessed no extra reviewers are recorded above ! I will ask the site administrators to remove said strange reviews but it may take some time as they have to deal with many cases of MPD. However, it's an okay pub in my book.

5 Nov 2007 15:27

The White Horse, Hascombe

anonymous - 5 Nov 2007 10:25, if you are seeking to defend this (declining) pub, it's best to use your username ! Otherwise your review could have been written by anyone eg. staff, owner, crony customer etc.. If you are new to this site, click on usernames and you will see where others have been and what they've written about other pubs.

5 Nov 2007 11:47

The Doric Arch, Euston

Posted by superparkerman, "Every day we have to deal with hostile and violent customers" Why are these people being allowed on the premises or served ? I would suggest your management needs to re-read the rules ! No rating left, not been in the Doric for at least 3 years.

4 Nov 2007 07:49

The Royal Oak, Guildford

Agreed Beersupper, it has in the past been one of the finest pubs in Guildford and the new 'keepers-of-the-ale' deserve a good start. Visitors, if you're visiting the Castle or their superb grounds and gardens, it's ideal.

3 Nov 2007 08:47

The Sussex Yeoman, Goring By Sea

I have asked the administrators of this site to remove my first review for this pub as it's no longer accurate, this pub has slipped a long way. Not recommended.

2 Nov 2007 07:35

The White Horse, Hascombe

One visit here was enough for us, pricey and pretentious without the quality. Not worth the journey out so will stick with the safe and known ie the Three Compasses at Alfold. Visitors should beware, most of these so called country pubs are not what they appear to be. Guildforddrinker has also given two good recommendations below. However, the Jolly at Bramley is a little 'hefty on the shekels' also but very good. 4/10 and I really am being generous.

31 Oct 2007 15:14

The Bear, Nyetimber

We had an anniversary lunch here yesterday, not bad and good value for money. Just a couple of minor points, table mats should always be used for hygiene reasons and a knife is required for the butter when served with bread for a soup dish. We got neither. It was also noticeable that the Landlady was working her tiny socks off and 5 other staff were in 'steady' mode. We will return but the staff need some proper training. 7/10

29 Oct 2007 08:07

The Walnut Tree, Runcton

I have revisited and my original review is no longer accurate after nearly 2 years. Standards have dropped noticeably and prices have been hiked for the food standard so I've asked the moderators of this site to remove my earlier review. 4/10 and I'm being generous.

27 Oct 2007 08:51

The Royal Oak, Guildford

Aleman and Beersupper, are you two running a private chat board for this pub or can anyone join ?

As an old Guildfordian, I feel a decent ordinary (laid back) Guildford boozer like the 'Oak' does not deserve your undivided attention to this extent.

Bugger off and review some other interesting pubs like the Three Compasses in Alfold or the Limeburners at Newbridge.

I will make a point of visiting the Oak again very shortly and either condemn or condone both of your views as valid or otherwise. Be good !

26 Oct 2007 10:05

The Europa, East Molesey

anonymous - 25 Oct 2007 21:44, if you're going to put up a defense for the Europa, it's best to reveal you're username. Otherwise, 'anyone' could have written it !! On another note, real change can only occur when the Landlord gets rid of some truly awful individuals that seem to migrate between the Hotham, Cannnon and Europa.

26 Oct 2007 06:10

The Europa, East Molesey

On the general scale of things, localgirl1970 is lucky!! She got ice!!!! That represents real progress from the Europa I remember when we lived locally until a couple of years ago. Don't dare ask for lemon or lime, they would probably bite the end off first !! Be thankful, it really has made progress.

22 Oct 2007 14:44

The Bear, Nyetimber

We had a morning coffee here recently and some real improvements have been made since my last visit several years ago. The menu (traditional) looks attractive and reasonably priced so we'll try the food soon. The garden is small but very nicely put together with good seating and smokers facilities. Of particular note, the garden is well protected from the weather.

20 Oct 2007 07:42

The Crab and Lobster, Bembridge

I often visited friends who lived close to the airfield until a couple of years ago and frequented the 'slab and crobster' regularly. In recent years I have seen it gradually slip from being a high quality pub/restaurant to a 'ping-fling-and-bring' catering establishment that's overpriced for its products and pretentious for its capability eg, impossible parking, cramped spacing and iffy service. No rating left as it's over 2 years since my last visit but that would have attracted a high 4 or low 5. Visitors, the 'Yarbridge' at Brading is real quality and the Propeller is a decent place for a drink if Paul is still running it.

18 Oct 2007 10:25

The Lamb Inn, Iron Acton

Looks like you've got a serious case of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) on your hands there MisterX but now you've sussed it, they'll disappear for a while and re-surface under another username or anonymous. The funny thing is - they actually think they are clever ! No rating left, not been in that area for a few years now. If you're new to the site, click on usernames and you'll see where others have been and what they've said about other pubs.

15 Oct 2007 12:43

The Devils Dyke Hotel, Brighton

This pub has been a sloppy 'ping-fling-and-bring' sort of place for the last 10 years or so but appears to be reaching new heights of incompetence, they are setting ever lower standards and failing to achieve them.

13 Oct 2007 10:56

The Tuckers Grave Inn, Faulkland

Oh...tut..tut apintofhalfandhalf, far too advanced for me is this 'Paintshop' stuff. I did live in Corsham after all !! More important stuff, is Knatch cider still available in that area ?

13 Oct 2007 08:48

The Cyder House Inn, Shackleford

Mr_loydevans, honourably noted and accepted my good Sir.

12 Oct 2007 14:34

The Richard Onslow, Cranleigh

"Affordable flats thats a cracking idea but where would all the yobs go??????!

The Cranley Hotel ?!

"This place is a pint and punch pub.Its owned by Punch pub co.And thats what you get when you drink in here"

Nice one Beersupper !!

ps, I went to shool in this village and this pub was a dump when I first set foot in it in 1969/70. Everything changes but nothing really changes !!

12 Oct 2007 13:16

The Three Horseshoes, Cranleigh

anonymous - 12 Oct 2007 10:53 is either 10 + years out of date or incredibly stupid ! The Boy and Donkey closed long ago. You must get out of that village more anonymous - 12 Oct 2007 10:53 !!!

12 Oct 2007 10:59

The Horse And Groom, East Ashling

I've only been in this pub once, very pretentious and terrifyingly overpriced. To be fair though, good ale and food.

11 Oct 2007 06:07

The Cyder House Inn, Shackleford

Thank you MrLloydEvans

I think what you really mean is "buyer beware" if we translate from latin. However, the term was originally used on this site by a grand old protaganist who travels by the username of 5thearleofwimborne in the Kent and London area.

6 Oct 2007 05:16

The Tuckers Grave Inn, Faulkland


Okay so you incinerated the curtains with the crisp bags, sounds like a sensible decision to me ! When do we get a credible picture on this site that does the pub justice ? If my memory serves me correctly, 7/10 is about right for the decent old boozer I remember. See you - and new curtains - after Christmas !!

5 Oct 2007 13:46

The Old House at Home, West Wittering

We visited this pub a few months back and it was poor but I notice my review has been deleted ! I also notice other less than complimentary reviews are no longer visible !! Message to the BITE team as follows; This pub is not good value for money quite irrespective of anonymous reviews.

4 Oct 2007 10:45

The Fox and Goose Hotel, Lancaster

anonymous - 22 Sep 2007 18:22, why write a good review anonymously ? If a place is good, describe what's good and it means something others. Anonymous reviews that just 'big-up' a place without description are often considered to be written by the owners / managers / staff or crony customers.

23 Sep 2007 06:39

The Vine, Tarring

pangolin, "The decoration doesn't work" is an unusual comment from someone with your experience !! In my simple opinion, a good all round pub that caters for most tastes which includes better than average smoking facilities, cleanliness, quality of ales, good garden etc..etc...etc.. It may be a little pricey by local standards get a lot more for your money. 8/10

21 Sep 2007 15:28

Something, Goring By Sea

I have revisited and standards have dropped. My earlier review is inaccurate and should be ignored. I've requested that beerintheevening moderators remove it as it's misleading. 3/10 for slipping so far and that's generous !

8 Sep 2007 10:37

The Olive Branch, Yapton

Visited 31 Aug with my wife for lunch (roast). Very good food that's cooked properly from fresh but do remember....this takes a bit longer to serve ! It's many years since my last visit and the differences are obvious in that a great great deal of money has been spent on what was not much more than a village beer bar. Visitors, good parking and worth a visit but to be fair, all Yapton pubs tend to be a bit better than average. We will visit again. 8/10

2 Sep 2007 11:25

Pub, Chilworth

Unfortunately this pub has become a pricey and pretentious 'snobs corner' in recent years but to be fair, the food is very good. As for previous references to members of staff, it's Surrey after all and many who work in pubs think the job is below them. My personal view, plenty of very good places around this area to eat and drink. Try the Three Compasses at Alfold for real value for money and professional staff. ps I grew up in your area and first drank in the Percy in 1967 !! 6/10

1 Sep 2007 11:09

The Half Crown, Benfleet

Anonymous 29 Dec 2005, "they came over to us and told us to move, as we were sitting at "their" table"

What has really changed in this pub - irrespective of the last anonymous review ? No rating left, not been around that area for years.

19 Aug 2007 11:31

The Trout, Goring By Sea

New management, enormous improvements and smokers are well catered for. Visitors, well worth the short detour. Well worth 8/10

19 Aug 2007 06:13

The Bold Forester, Mansfield

Wow, some vocabulary mysisterhasapenis possesses ! Is that a 'local' characteristic to writing pub reviews ?

14 Aug 2007 12:44

The Albany, Guildford

Kudos and credibility to you chrisconner for standing up for your business and business partners. It's just possible you're setting a standard that others envy ! Anonymous postings should be ignored or reported for removal.

8 Aug 2007 08:32

The Royal Oak, Pirbright

I'm pleased to read the previous review as it was an old favourite of ours until 2 years ago. However, it should be noted that Dreamcatcher166 has only been registered on this site since 27th July 2007 and has only commented on this pub ! Therefore, I hope it's not a member of staff writing fictitious nonsense ! If you're new to this site, click on usernames and you will see where others have been and what they've said about other pubs.

29 Jul 2007 12:15

The Kings Head, Chichester

We called in at lunchtime last week, had some superb ham sandwiches and salad accompanied by freshly made hot chips - there's a luxury not normally found in this part of the world ! However, it was noticeable that the smoking ban is tightening its pecuniary grip on their lunchtime trade. Sad really as this pub may be small in scale but it's always had huge character and high quality. 8/10

29 Jul 2007 11:46

The Albany, Guildford

I genuinely sympathise with the previous reviewer, steviec1211. Local paper reviews are rarely much value to the discerning customer as they are essentially a commercial exercise on the part of all concerned. As tough as it may be on occasions, this site and its 'contributors' generally get things about right and readers don't have to suffer the inane claptrap that food writers like to yap on about. I've also noticed over the last couple of years that those landlords who have kept an eye open to this site have done well. Now there's a marketing tool if ever there was one !!. See you in August as I haven't been in since renaming, refurbishment etc..

25 Jul 2007 11:39

The Fox and Goose Hotel, Lancaster

toneyknights I notice joined the site today and suddenly this place shoots up the ratings with only 3 contributors ?? If you click on usernames, amazing what you learn!

23 Jul 2007 09:46

The Fox and Goose Hotel, Lancaster

Tuna, I think it's called the Multiple Personality Disorder (MSD). When MSD strikes it's amazing how previously nondescript places rise in the ratings!!!

23 Jul 2007 09:42

The Cricketers, Guildford

Having not visited this pub for several years now, I'm slightly adrift on what appear to be far reaching changes in customer expectations. Specifically, and as an old Guildfordian myself, I can't for the life of me understand why parents would wish to take a baby into a public house. Forget any claptrap that's written about 'restaurants' in pubs, pubs are places that may sell food. They are not restaurants that sell beer and who on earth would want to subject a baby to a raucous environment. No rating left as I remember this pub as a superb place.

22 Jul 2007 10:52

The Hollytree, Walberton

Not bad as village pubs go but a little pricey at 2.70 for a pint of lager and 4.25 for a (very good) home made soup. 6/10

20 Jul 2007 09:10

The Black Horse, Findon

We called in for a light pate and salad lunch today (16-7-07) not bad but a bit dry and it lacked something in flavour. That said, this pub has changed considerably and is more of a roadside eatery now and one look at the menu.......make sure you're sitting down when you receive the bill !! 6/10

16 Jul 2007 13:57

The Astolat, Guildford

I think best wishes to the new management are in order, it's 8-9 years since my last visit here and it was just about as bad as any licensed premises could be. If the new management succeed in getting rid of those foul mouthed, low-life, semi-retarded morons I encountered, they will do well. This area has what I called in the 'sixties' real people, doing real things who live in a real community. I am of course referring to good old 'Dennisville' ! No rating left as it's too long since my last visit but I will make a point of visiting in August.

14 Jul 2007 14:44

The Shoulder of Mutton and Cucumbers, Yapton

I passed this pub yesterday and it's closed at present.

6 Jul 2007 15:36

The Black Horse, Binsted

Visited for lunch with my wife on 5 July, one of the very best to date. Set in open countryside and overlooking a golf course, woodland and some meadowland, this pub does a superb menu (including specials) that caters for most tastes at surprisingly competitive prices for this area. Their range of ales and wines is extensive by local standards which may explain their capacity for dealing with business lunches in a superb dining room (conservatory) and bar area. The garden is fully mature and picturesc with high quality (splinter free !) furniture. All in all, and .....immaculately clean, 9/10 for genuine value for money. Visitors, better value for money than anything I know of in Arundel.

5 Jul 2007 14:49

The Cyder House Inn, Shackleford

Visited recently for lunch, very over-stated and pretentious.

Food, seriously average but I suppose good by local standards if you have read previous 'anonymous' reviews. This coupled with eye watering prices is a fairly accurate description of this place. No, I don't expect this review to last long on this site !!

Visitors, best value for money in this area is the Good Intent or Jolly Farmer at Puttenham. 4/10 and that's generous. Previous 'anonymous' postings are probably written by staff or crony customers as it's plain daft to write good reviews without identity.

9 Jun 2007 06:47

Red Lyon, Slinfold

Visited for a soup lunch 7 June, home-made and it tasted nice but please don't puree what I imagine are (initially) very good vegetables. Chopped, diced or even shredded makes a traditional home-made vegetable soup and people can see what is in it !

Toilets; how about some sort of a refurb for the gents toilets, reminds me of something from the 'sixties'.

Smokers, this place has got the problem sorted, outside canopies, heating and good seating with nice tables.

Customers; Volvo's, BMW's etc.. adorn the car park and 'Ladies do Lunch' here' but I received a friendly nod from a couple of locals at the bar.

Value for money; this soup at 4.50 a bowl is a bit pricey but the ambiance of the pub and superb garden compensate. 6/10

7 Jun 2007 14:04

The Rowbarge, Guildford

tinliz1153, welcome to the site, 8/10 for the Rowbarge!!!! Has some miracle occurred here? If so, please tell us what it is! If the new management have got rid of the foul mouthed low-life oafs of all age groups, the Rowbarge will be a huge success and I for one congratulate them. If they fail in that, it will remain one of those 'Guildford Pubs' that civilised people stay away from. Please don't reply to this post on the Pub's site, send me a message by clicking on my username. No rating left, not been on a narrowboat in that area since our last visit and my earlier review!!

27 May 2007 08:35

The Devonshire Arms, Kensington

If the review by anonymous - 25 May 2007 08:23 is accurate then anonymous of 27 May 2007 00:57 would do well not to seek defense with daft excuses. The number of ales on sale is irrelevant if basic hygiene standards are not met and friendly staff is purely a subjective view. On a final note, best not to publish such reviews under the protective banner of 'anonymous' as they are often seen by others as just spiteful. If you are new to this site, click on usernames and you will get some idea where others have been and what they have written!! No rating left as it's years since my last visit to any pub in your area but I do remember some fairly dire places!!!

27 May 2007 07:31

The Somerset Arms, Maiden Bradley

Has this pub been abandoned ? Judging by its picture above, it's been boarded up and someone has put the keys back through the letterbox on leaving. Oh, and by the way, can anyone tell us where to stay for a visit to Longleat - preferably a Pub with accommodation that does food in the evening?? No rating left, not visited yet.

24 May 2007 13:51

The Quays, Mytchett

holepuncture, well said and accurate but they will try and get your review deleted soonest!!!

24 May 2007 12:12

The Woodman Arms, Hammerpot

Visited recently for a soup lunch, homemade mushroom and it was first class - though a tad pricey at a little over 4 each. The garden is now developing well - including the commemorative cherry tree - and the car park is greatly improved. Only criticism, awful (narrow) access from the A27 but will visit again 8/10

22 May 2007 13:36

The Oystercatcher, Littlehampton

Visited 22 May, not bad for a Vintage Inns development. It's what looks like a 17th century house with a wood-beamed-thatched extension at one end and a conservatory type dining area at the other. Of particular note, the internal wood beams originated in Liverpool as part of ships! On the beer and food side, the real ale is unusually cheap for this area at 2.30 a pint - food, wide menu but the coffee is overpriced at 1.70 per cup.
However, the garden and fishpond could do with a bit of maintenance as could the gutter (detached) on the end of the conservatory. 7/10

22 May 2007 13:24

The George and Dragon Inn, Chichester

Definitely at the 'upper end' of the hospitality trade least the highway robbers of the 16th - 17th century had the decency to conceal their identities before they relieved you of your hard earned cash. Not here, they can do it with the utmost charm, good manners and even want to go back again and again!!! Tourists, beware!

21 May 2007 08:57

The Surrey Cricketers, Croydon

Well put osgood - I will report my post (this one) for removal tomorrow when others see that the idiot you've described is in abundance in many pubs!!! Here's a deal, you have ours for a week or two and we'll have yours - then an evenings entertainment swopping stories on the rubbish they and their type spout! No rating left, I moved from the area years ago.

20 May 2007 11:00

The Propeller Inn, Bembridge Airport

Located beside Bembridge Airfield, good all round value for money. For tourists, have a look for a picture of Concord on the airfield in the bar!

14 May 2007 11:54

The Fountain, Chichester

anonymous - 15 Mar 2007 01:04, choice of ales is only quantity which has nothing to do with quality. You will find plenty of "choice" around Chichester and most of them taste like recycled bilge water from the nearby canal !. This pub is now almost certainly the best pub in Chichester by contemporary standards.

16 Mar 2007 07:52

The Kings Head, Llantwit Major

Update time, had a couple of very well kept 'Brains' bitters here on the afternoon of the 15 March, nice crowd but the landlord appears to be quite vocul!! 6/10

16 Mar 2007 07:41

The Old White Hart Inn, Llantwit Major

Update time, we had a meal here on the evening of 15 March, very good and some real improvements have been made since our last visit ie. beer is well kept now and no sign of any foul mouthed oafs. Big improvements 7/10

16 Mar 2007 07:38

The Royal Oak, West Molesey

Why all the anonymous postings for this pub ? When we lived locally, it was the best in the area and I'm now told on good authority that it's the only civilised, good value and quality pub left in Molesey.

6 Mar 2007 08:46

The Southdowns, Bognor Regis

visited 23 Feb for a soup lunch, very nice, hot bowls and a roll that was also hot and crispy. However, two minor criticisms; (1) butter portion containers are not normally little waxed paper pots that look remarkably like those little paper sauce pots that sit beside the tomato and BBQ sauce dispenser in Mc Donalds! (2) Corona lager is normally served with a bit of lime in the top of the bottle. Still quite a good place but beginning to slip behind its big brother up the road in Worthing.

23 Feb 2007 14:57

The Southdown Hotel, Broadwater

Interesting, this place generally gets a bad press from many corners but having passed the pub countless times and not been in, one thing that always catches my's immaculately clean and tidy looking and by that I mean it's hard to see the glass in the windows and the paintwork has been wiped down !! I will visit soon so no rating left yet.

23 Feb 2007 11:35

The Abinger Hatch, Abinger Common

Visited on 15 Feb for a soup lunch, very good, lovely surroundings and a professional approach to service. It was also noticeable that the four real ales on the bar were being give some professional treatment (cellar and bar pump) - nice to see as many pubs keep but in fact have absolutely no idea what they're doing with the stuff. The main menu looked good as well, only criticism, a very good home made soup deserves a hot bowl!! PS what on earth do they do with that big red double decker London bus in those narrow back lanes of the Surrey Hills ? 6/10

15 Feb 2007 14:46

Prince of Wales, Hampton Court

Sorry to disagree beeronaut, not a locals bar anymore, too many foul mouthed low-life in there at times. Go across the road to the Albion or up the road to the Bell or Poynze.

11 Feb 2007 06:13

The Fairmile, Cobham

anonymous - 5 Jan 2007 00:01, why publish such a good review anonymously ? We had a meal here some time back and it was poor so what has actually changed since then ? Good tip, answer some of these negative reviews and use your username then others can click on your username and see where you've reviewed before as a comparison. I'm sure you will forgive me but your review reads like that of a member of staff - which of course I'm sure you're not ! No, I don't expect this review to last long !

10 Feb 2007 13:32

The Fox Goes Free, Charlton

Visited twice now, one of the better examples of a downland pub with a sensible menu that's been prepared and cooked to high standards coupled with a choice of well kept real ales. However, be careful of the low ceilings if you are much over 6' but you will enjoy the downland views.

10 Feb 2007 06:31

The Trout, Goring By Sea

We've only been here a couple of times, nice place with a huge conservatory as a dining area, good outside area with a fish pond and a good pint but....a bit of foul language in the bar area ! I tend to agree with forresearchreasonsonly below (20 Aug 06)

9 Feb 2007 14:20

The Angel, Soho

"You seem to have to go through a dozen doors to find the toilet"

What on earth are you babbling about HorsesMouth ? Of course you go through several doors, this pub has got 3 separate bars and a courtyard area! What do you want, Belgian loos!!

7 Feb 2007 12:22

The Lamb Inn, Durrington

Under new management, looks promising if they can control bad language in the bars as this place has the potential to be a superb family pub with a good garden, easy parking and very good staff.

5 Feb 2007 09:28

The Crown, Alfold

Called in with my wife for a sandwich lunch on the 29 January, yummy (properly) toasted ham and cheese with a nice salad, two drinks 9.50 - excellent value for money but I accept some drinks are a bit pricey. There was also a friendly crowd of locals just chatting merrily in a mixed age group, A very good example of an ordinary village pub with high standards 7/10

29 Jan 2007 14:16

The Kings Head, Guildford

About 5 years ago I was sitting at a table on the lower back terrace/patio of this pub enjoying a couple of good beers with an old mate and witnessed (heard) the most fantastic 'chat-up' line of my life from a young chap (25ish) who was just above on the upper terrace !! if you want to know what it was then message me on this site. A very good all round pub and they do a smashing light lunch. First went in there in 1967 I think!

27 Jan 2007 14:50

The Bell, East Molesey

It would be one of the finest pubs in Surrey if the back of the building was attended to ! It lets the whole place down and looks more like a disused, vandalised and abandoned industrial premises.

20 Jan 2007 07:28

The Boverton Castle, Boverton

I'm sorry to hear of Frank's death, fine old Landlord and one seriously good chef. Now, spare a thought(pity)for anyone who thinks they can break the rules now Jan is a Civil Servant and holding the pen ! One of the very best Landladies I ever met. Best wishes to her and I'm sure the Bovvy is no longer the super pub it was.

7 Dec 2006 08:56

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