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Duck in the Pond, Harrow

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user reviews of the Duck in the Pond, Harrow

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use'd to drink down this pub years ago and it was crap, went back today and it aint changed, its stilly crap, place is ok, but the staff aint very friendly, some young chav bird behind the bar had a right atitude, foods ok for the money i spose, and the pints the same, mainly full of chavs or old folk, much better pubs around this way, would'nt go back again!
Trojan_1 - 23 Jan 2011 20:14
Four of us had Christmas lunch here on Christmas day. Sadly the whole event was not the festive experience we had hoped for!!
Walking into the pub/bar area and it could have been any day of the year. complete lack of any festive cheer. In fact i did think that maybe we had got the booking date wrong and there were no lunches being served that day!! There were hardly any decorations around the main bar or restaurant area. Although the serving staff friendly and polite, they did not wear any xmas clothing, hats, or even any red.
The tables were poorly decorated with a cheap paper napkin and tablecloth and a sad cracker each with the cheap contents and even cheaper jokes!!
2 of us had the melon starter which was basically a melon with the top cut off and a couple of grapes shoved in. Sadly the melon was rock hard and couldn't even be cut with a dinner knife!! The grapes inside ended up being catapulted around the room by dinners as they grappled with the melon bricks.
The main course was OK, if you liked only one vegetable and liked gravy, as this was poured all over the food without us being asked. The turkey was the texture of Bernard Mathews, but couldn't really been seen under the gravy so it could actually have been spam for all we know. There were no sauces or cranberry jelly either.
The pudding was a slice of xmas pudding with custard, again whether you wanted custard of not!! No brandy butter offered or even a bit of festive holly!
At 35 a head I guess 'you gets what's you pays for!' but I still think this was way too much, even for a Christmas lunch.

All in all a very disappointing Christmas lunch, as far as the food, atmosphere & surroundings were concerned.

Nice friendly serving staff, shame about the venue.
skiing_sloth - 29 Dec 2010 20:12
This pub is my home away from home, this is where I go to get away from the missus and speak to my good old friend BOUNCE and pusssy'olee. Bare old fogies in this gaff but you still gotta love the duck. Pours a good pint and for dirt cheap aswell, good old bounce thinks he runs the place and pussies out when old men wanna have him out, kinda jokes thou. Whoo next..... you got the sami diab look alike who thinks hes some sorta topman when hes nuttin but a diiiiccckkkkhheeeaddd, how can man ask man for id. But all in all what a great pub.
D.I.T.P all day everyday!
paulmacca - 27 Nov 2009 11:45
I have been a regular here for some time and im some what confused as to what has happend to the old manager Jody. She has been the only stable manager this pub has had since being an Ember. She was always here working hard but always took the time to have a quick chat with us, she seemed to run the pub pretty much on her own and did a great job! yes there is an occasional wait at the bar but that is what comes at these company owned places. I am confused as to why it has taken 3 people to replace Jody? She changed this pub around to a nice place to be where has she gone? I hope if she is not returning she will be replaced by someone who will love the pub as much as she did. But i am still confused as to why there are thses 3 releif managers here to do one persons job. I hope to see Jody back at the pub soon if not I would love to know which pub she is now at so i can visit her there, she was a great landlady and i jusy hope all her hard work here is not lost.
pubsuk - 30 Aug 2009 14:19
I have enjoyed many civilised mini sessions in this pub. Over the last month or so there has been a change of staff. The relief management are top class, friendly and accommodating with a splendid attitude. We certainly miss Stewart, the previous under manager, he's gone to seek new pastures, pity, a very popular gentleman with a, can I be of assistance approach, Sam is doing well and should step into Stew's shoes without doubt, again a very friendly ambitious pro. guy. The service recently has improved considerably. I must say that sometimes the waiting time to get a drink is HUGE, Ive been around pubs for many, many years . The, order food at the bar, served by the regular bartenders does NOT work. Drinks and food should be handled by seperate sections of staff, that's why punters walk out, it's a fact, who can afford to loose business these days anyway. The computer cock ups, the credit cards and the deviations from the menu, take so, so , so long to settle, so a guy, or shall I say my pal and myself get somewhat peed off when we only want a couple of pints and have to wait 10 minutes or so for the priveledge, TAKE NOTE SENIOR MANAGEMENT you need more staff attending to food, and a member of staff dealing with that only, along with a drinks pouring person attending to the drinks requirements for the food order. I have had my say and hope that my constructive critisism is duly noted. To sum up, keep up the good work Duck in the Pond, my mate and myself will see you tomorrow for a very comfortable pint or two in very fine surroundings. Well done Debbie ,Will and Mel. and staff, you're playing a blinder. PS I'm not a member of staff, just a satisfied punter.
poncyfosters - 29 Aug 2009 18:37
Have now walked out of this pub three times in the last year due to the worst service I have seen anywhere other than high st sports shops. Rude, disinterested staff who refuse to look at customers or monitor a "queue" (which there always is if there are more than 5 drinlers in the pub - despite 3 staff being on!). I don't mind staff having personal conversations whilst serving me, even when they're swearing or talking about how they were "off their head", but not when they are having conversations INSTEAD of serving people.

A real shame as there are a good, mixed crowd in there - old / young, male / female, black /white. If this place gets hit by the "recession", it fully deserves it.
londonsoul - 18 Jun 2009 21:10
i love this pub, i get along with all of the staff, had a gormet burger in there the other day.. it was one of the most amazing burgers ive ever had.

Ive never had a problem with the staff or food in there.. sometimes you get groups of younger people in there who can cause trouble.. but its usually stopped by the manager (who is a totally cool guy )

ive met many people that i used to know when i was younger.. even ran into an old dinerlady!

would definately recomend going here!
se_becs - 13 Feb 2009 22:54
Come here quite often for a quiet pint ...

... the beer is usually pretty good ... had the guest ale the other night (Bah Humbug - no thats not a comment on the quality it's what it was called) and was pleased enough to have a second.

On the ocassions I have eaten there the food has always been acceptable and the steak on grill night is excellent value.

On occasion the service can be a bit slow but I've never felt like going anywhere else because of it.
dGriz - 22 Dec 2008 16:34
Can only assume some of these reviews were written by staff or the mangeress of this ghastly pub. Problem is it is only the staff that believe tyhere is anything good about this place. It wins out because it is local and has a garden. The only thing worse than the beer is the attitude of the staff.

mike_007 - 5 Jun 2008 15:53
Sparsely populated on a Sunday lunch, this was later explained when sampling the food! Beer was decent enough, good pint of Duchy Organic-sticking to the beer appears to be the way forward in here.
BlindTiger - 18 Sep 2007 17:06
Haven't been here for a while, but wife (who was brought up round the corner from the Duck) says food was poo. Microwave massacre, no coleslaw, and bullet-style potatoes. Offer of free desert was politely declined for health & safety reasons.
private_pike - 3 May 2007 21:41
What a pub! Great food, great service, great staff, great choice of products, great garden, and well managed. Worth a visit.
bobz - 9 Dec 2006 22:47
Really like this place. have been going there off and on for like 10yrs. Great place for a meal or few drinks with the family. Nice bar staff. good inside. Great beer garden.
Scrappyno1 - 10 Jul 2006 19:02
Nice little pub, with great food (chicken burger stunning) and friendly staff and regulars, somewhat spoiled by the manager, who when there on brief occasions seems only to shout at customers and cause bother.
anonymous - 15 Jan 2005 15:50
A pleasant, clean pub, spaciously laid out. The gardens are a bonus in summer. Drinks are not especially cheap. It's what might be called a family pub, I suppose - the crowd is mixed and it's a generally calm kind of place to drink.
maxwurr - 22 Dec 2004 10:25
Boring. Nice beer garden if your looking for a quiet pub to drink in. No tvs or juke box just a load of odd furniture
Tara - 28 Sep 2004 17:27
Very good not to rough, an excellent place if you want the balance between a lively and quiet pub nice inside out.
JK_Rollin - 27 Aug 2004 23:24
good atmosphere, reasonably priced food, nice people!!
anonymous - 26 Apr 2004 21:39
This pub has an excellent quiz night on a Tuesday night. Also a good beer garden in the summer. Can't comment on the beer but a bit pricey I am told. The Diet Pepsi certainly is.
Claire - 5 Feb 2004 17:00

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