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The Duck in the Pond, Harrow

I have enjoyed many civilised mini sessions in this pub. Over the last month or so there has been a change of staff. The relief management are top class, friendly and accommodating with a splendid attitude. We certainly miss Stewart, the previous under manager, he's gone to seek new pastures, pity, a very popular gentleman with a, can I be of assistance approach, Sam is doing well and should step into Stew's shoes without doubt, again a very friendly ambitious pro. guy. The service recently has improved considerably. I must say that sometimes the waiting time to get a drink is HUGE, Ive been around pubs for many, many years . The, order food at the bar, served by the regular bartenders does NOT work. Drinks and food should be handled by seperate sections of staff, that's why punters walk out, it's a fact, who can afford to loose business these days anyway. The computer cock ups, the credit cards and the deviations from the menu, take so, so , so long to settle, so a guy, or shall I say my pal and myself get somewhat peed off when we only want a couple of pints and have to wait 10 minutes or so for the priveledge, TAKE NOTE SENIOR MANAGEMENT you need more staff attending to food, and a member of staff dealing with that only, along with a drinks pouring person attending to the drinks requirements for the food order. I have had my say and hope that my constructive critisism is duly noted. To sum up, keep up the good work Duck in the Pond, my mate and myself will see you tomorrow for a very comfortable pint or two in very fine surroundings. Well done Debbie ,Will and Mel. and staff, you're playing a blinder. PS I'm not a member of staff, just a satisfied punter.

29 Aug 2009 18:37

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