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Pitcher and Piano, Richmond

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user reviews of the Pitcher and Piano, Richmond

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The best location in Richmond and the worst bar. Nothing positive to comment on, the beer's awful, and the service is worse. I would only consider drinking bottled beer here in the rare event of actually getting served.

It does serve a purpose of being a wanker-trap and keeping the kiddies out of some of the nicer places in town.
BeerBelly666 - 25 Mar 2013 13:14
Simply awful. We live close by and finally (and foolishly) went there early on a Monday evening in July because it was sunny and there were some free tables outside (which is rarely the case in the summer).

After about twenty minutes of trying to get served (having earlier checked with a waitress if we should order at the bar), a waitress finally showed up. However, it turned out that the bar options were much more limited than those in the menu. Less than half the draught beers they claimed to have were available and those that were available were the bland generic lagers you could buy anywhere. And there was no real variety - e.g., no bitter.

I had low expectations for the food but sadly they weren't low enough - it ranks as one of the worst meals I have had in decades. I tried to order a burger medium-rare but was told they only did them well done so I swapped to the chicken wrapped in prosciutto - it was dry, tasteless and the mash potato was completely inedible. My wife had the salmon, which was again overdone, bland and simply tasted "off." Worse still, she spent most of the following night throwing up as a result.

The waitresses were slow and service was indifferent (although, in fairness, not rude).

I would certainly not recommend eating there under any circumstances and the beer selection is really poor. If you want a bland lager in a semi-decent location near the river, then it is probably adequate for those purposes but little else. I would be embarrassed to serve the low quality food that the Pitcher & Piano offers - it really isn't that hard to get salmon and mash right but they failed miserably.
mlpjam - 12 Jul 2011 11:52
Bog standard chain establishment with poor service and overpriced drinks. The key selling point of this place is its views over the river and its outdoor seating areas on a terrace. No real ales or ciders are served. At £4.95 for a bottle of cider, I won't be hurrying back. Staff seemed fairly disinterested in serving as queues were started to build up. Most were milling around doing odd jobs and chatting with one another rather than serving. Very similar to the All Bar One and Slug & Lettuce chains nearby. Whilst this one has the best location, it's probably pipped by the other 2 due to their slightly superior drinks range and service.
blue_scrumpy - 15 May 2011 08:45
Bunch of c*nts.

Standard pitcher and piano really.
shittington - 10 Jan 2011 22:22
I like this place, the terrace has a supreme location and if you get a table outside you will have a good evening. The only slight issue is if it is sunny it gets very busy and you will struggle to find said good table / good evening. The bars all serve quickly and has bouncers on busy days to subdue the questionable crowd it can attract. Can't think of a nicer place in Richmond to drink by the river.
thefourmusketeers - 3 Sep 2010 16:00
This bar is based an excellent location and probably the best area in Richmond however the standard of service leaves a lot to be desired with staff being very rude while serving customers and also staff while on duty are also drinking significant amounts of alcohol whilst on the job which shows a lack of professionalism while serving customers.
emperor - 18 Jul 2010 00:39
Brilliant location, soaks up most of the daytime sun on the riverside. This however presents a problem when the weather turns out well on the weekend, as every man, women, child, dog, cat and most other living organisms swarm to the river to bask in the sun and drink. Consequentially, this leads to growing queues to get in and slower than normal service, but this is the price you pay for a place in such high demand.

Having said that, if the stars align and provide you with both a warm sunny spell plus some free time during the week, this place is lovely. Taking in some sun on the deck while sipping on a Rekorderlig is one of the best things to do in the afternoon or early evening.

The food, while a touch pricey, is fairly standard for Richmond and you do get a serious meal for your money. I've not been game enough yet to try the New York burger, it sounds like it would be bigger than my head!
mcski - 20 Jun 2010 15:48
Myself and a group of friends went here on a Sat.
We were attracted by the pub's great location right on the river.
Unfortunately it was hugely disappointing.
The beer was served in warm/hot glasses, which the staff simply shrugged at when told, the drinks were overly expensive.
And the door staff, as someone said earlier, are the most obnoxious I've ever seen, and that's something coming from a Geordie. They seem like a bunch of thugs hanging around on the street corner looking at the skirt, and think nothing of pushing and shoving their customers around.

The location is perfect, the experience is the exact opposite.

Betamaxx - 29 Mar 2010 22:10
If you google "shellakasimmo", all you find is unbelievable glowing reviews of pitcher and piano 'pubs'. It makes me think that she works for thier marketing dept and this was her job for a day.
LukeD - 14 Jul 2009 15:27
It seems strange last reviewer only reviews Pitcher and Piano pubs, and always favorably!
Cedaroak - 14 Jul 2009 15:17
Fantastic Location, good service and resonable prices. My one bit of advice is: Get there early!
shellakasimmo - 14 Jul 2009 15:07
Whether you''ll like the P&p in Rihmond depends on what your into I'd imagine. Personally, I like nice beer, good company and some sort of atmosphere. The beer here is ok (usual chain beers but that's what you'd expect). Unfortunately, i found the crowd obnoxious, anodyne and had to gulp my pint down to leave asap. The middle of the road club beats almost managed to cover up the lack of any real atmosphere.
Shame, as this place has a brilliant position on the Thames. Ive been in there in the daytime and its better then!
allyp - 7 Mar 2009 23:36
The location is great, the place is ok (bit crowded and could do with a spruce-up), but the bouncers are the most obnoxious I've ever seen. It's the kind of place that's quite happy to sell it's customers £3 pints at 10:55, but then won't give them time to finish them without being harrassed.
blink - 24 Jul 2007 12:30
Such a shame, given the setting and views of the river, that place is so awful. May I recommend not going, so you dont end up paying £10 for a pie that was actually a splodge of stew with a ball of puff pastry flotaing on top. May I also recommend, if you insist on going, not ordering the mushrooms side order - £3 for 3 mushrooms? Bargain! Utter nonsense. Thoroughly unrecommended
Banner - 20 Jul 2007 13:41
Should be worth a visit to find if is as as the comments is Plastic and lipstick on your collar
GeeGeeStables - 11 Jul 2007 14:48
After a recent visit to Pitcher and Piano Richmond for a friend’s 25th birthday, I was so impressed by the overall experience me and my girlfriends had, I had to tell you about it! Firstly and most notably, the stunning terrace presented an absolutely picture perfect background for the celebrations. The P and P staff went out of their way to ensure we had a screamer of a night! It was free to reserve a space which left all the more in the pockets to familiarise ourselves with the amazing range of cocktails on offer. We became number one fans of their latest creation, ‘Finish in the Pink’, which was a mixture of Rose wine, vodka and fresh berries. Odd combination, but decadently presented and the taste was sensational! All in all I want to thank the P and P team for a dream night and I look forward to returning!
anonymous - 25 Jun 2007 15:07
rubbish, pretentious, overpriced (even for Richmond) incompetent service, badly designed bar area, staff who love themselves and women who wear more plastic than Barbie.

Should I go on?
anonymous - 9 Jun 2007 03:37
You want to know what this place is like on a Friday night? Read ALGIS100's review. That's your basic customer.

If youre a 'lad' who rates a pub on: the amount of make up the girls wear, the DJ AND if you wear 'pulling pants' then this place IS for you.

Or, put another way: if you are one of those blokes who buys a fancy car and drives up and down Richmond High St looking for girls to pick up then you'd like it here too.

I have to go here a lot because everyone who wants to meet for a drink in Richmond knows where the river is. I used to like it, back in 2002. The main problem is the weekend atmosphere, its half way between Richmond pub and Plays Las Americas. I am sure if the pub could talk it would ask to be painted a fake-tan orange. And the lager? thats good but you have to drink it with your elbows tucked in against your sides. Drinking downstairs is similar to reading a copy of the Metro on a Waterloo and City Line tube at 17:30. The service is poor but thats because doormen 50 Cent and Balrog upstairs let too many people in - the barstaff are over-stretched.

Henry's is even worse. Same clientelle but closer to you and your mates in the White Cross. Plus, I wrote a similar review about my experiences there at Easter and someone deleted it! Shhhh you haven't read this paragraph...

If I am honest I would recommend the Pitcher and Piano, it just depends what time of day youre passing. Its a 7/10 pub during the day and a 0/10 one on a late Friday/Saturday night.

anonymous - 1 Aug 2006 23:00
Update on burgers in here - they're shite. They've gone so far downhill it's not amusing. Don't bother, you end up with this burger-fat-soup on your plate when attempting a bite.
Still maintain that this place is the best around here for atmos, lively adult fun and location.
Never had too much hassle with service despite the bar being constantly jam-packed.
algis100 - 18 Jul 2006 11:12
0/10. Why? Full of pretentious b*stards who all look the same - spikey blonde-tinted hair, wearing paint-on pink or yellow t-shirts. 4 members of staff behind the bar, 2 customers at the bar, and it still took twenty minutes to get served. Waiter service also cack.
mad_mullah - 14 Jul 2006 18:09
Despite the extensive "bad burger" story below - I've had a bit of burger here onec or twice, if you pardon the expression, and found it very appetising in deed.
This place is actually great, why?
Nice location - by the river...Good size outdoor area...Outdoor BBQ when it finally stops raining...Attractive women in plentiful supply...Something for the ladies too...Not sure about poofs, don't really keep tabs on that sort of thing...Anyway...DJ on the weekends...Great cocktails...Nice burgers (apart from the instance below)...Good atmos...
Go. You'll enjoy. Wear your pulling pants.
algis100 - 25 May 2006 16:48
Excellent location but poor service and horribly overcrowded in the summer. "Barbecue" is overpriced and poor quality and should be avoided.
abacus3 - 13 Apr 2006 14:18
Where to start?? I've eaten in Pitcher and Piano's before.... but I have never, ever had such a disgrace before. Last time I ate in a "P&P" I had a burger..... Was nice, and cooked Medium (I was asked how I would liked it cooked)- It had crisp Iceburg, a large tomato slice, a freshly baked bun, and nice garnish, and looked like it was worth the £8+ price tag it had on its head...... Richmond - one stale, cold bun, a limp leaf (And I mean leaf) of iceburg which looked like it was two weeks old and I had no choice but to have the burger well-done.... and I swear it had been deep fried then microwaved.... no way it had seen a char-grill.... and apparently handformed in house..... that would explain why it was about half the size of the one I had eaten in a different pitcher and piano. The garnish was brown iceburg mixed with some soggy tomato and cucumber. Funnily enough I didn't eat it.... didn't even complain.... paid the bill and left, and will `certainly never return. My friends meal was a curry which looked like cat sick with factory cubed chicken.
Typical of a "chain" bar.... though at least with the Slug and lettuce you have some consistincy.
The 2 rating is because the pint of staropramen I had was very cold and they sold Chiroc Vodka.
anonymous - 19 Dec 2005 16:52
Bog standard here but pretty good. To be honest, it's a nice place with nothing bad or really good about it. Food nice.
Randy_Campbell - 17 Nov 2005 13:53
Quick drink in here last saturday night,it wasnt too packed and the service was quick & efficient...ok atmosphere as well.
EdgarBriggsMI5 - 21 Sep 2005 20:15
Just spent all afternoon in this pub, great pub, service bad, more down to Wolverhampton and Dudley being tight on wage costs as the staff were rushing their ass off...

Two staff on the whole of outside on a hot day???

By the way some cleaners inside the pub, would be good ..., customers usually like to sit somewhere clean and tidy, just a basic requirement..

10/10 for the staff who remained really nice and pleasant throughout the whole day..
shame the menu is the same in the other w and d pubs just about £2 dearer in a P&P!

pubcustomer - 23 Aug 2005 19:18
I do actually like the new decor, (it's a bit 70s but it works somehow) but it's a bit of a meat market and prices are extortionate and it takes forever to get served cos the bars are tiny. Always packed, wouldn't eat here cos looks like an overpriced disappointment from what I've seen.
Cleversaz - 2 May 2005 15:44
Had lunch there on a hot Saturday lunchtime. Drawn by the great location overlooking Thames but regretted it as soon as the food arrived. Overpriced, poorly presented and, in the case of the steak baguette, a complete rip off. As more people arrived more tables were produced in the front area until there wasn't a spare inch of space. And they insist of taking a credit card which isn't returned until the bill is presented for payment. Will not return!
Martine - 1 May 2005 10:52
Fantastic location! That's about all though. It gets really packed & the service is consistently appalling.
pinot - 24 Feb 2005 17:58
This pub is serving double shots of spirits when you think you are only getting a single measure... be careful you will be drunk faster than you thought in this bar and have a very empty wallet.
According to the bar staff 'double shots are standard'....
Sarah Millett - 1 Nov 2004 11:34
Nice in the summer with its patio over-looking the river, but the space at the bar is ridiculous for a place that holds so many people.
Zod - 16 Sep 2004 17:00
Hell on earth. Cram into a over-crowded pokey bar, playing bad dance music at decibels making conversation impossible, attempt to get drunk but fail miserably once you run out of cash after your first round.
TheGP - 10 Aug 2004 14:13
Supposedly Over 21's only but no sign on the door. Having been looked over by 2 bouncers - I suspect we were not admitted because we didn't fit the profile ( I'm 55, my students were 18 with ID ).
We all went elsewhere, and I will not be returning.
Helen Wyld - 3 Jul 2004 10:28
typical richmond posers pub. nice views on the riverbank, and people who are drinking there only because they feel they need to. some fantastic dolly birds are always present though, particularly in the summer, and that makes the overpriced ale always slip down a little smoother.
Stuart - 24 Jun 2004 14:39
Always busy, limited spoace downstairs. nice bar.. in the summer has a good beer garden!
J00 - 25 Mar 2004 17:21
If you like being judged by your clothing, pose here.
Liam - 5 Mar 2004 01:14
Great location.
Shame its a P&P. Would be such a nice place for a decent pub!!
Daniel - 16 Jan 2004 16:26
Always busy, very overpriced and full of the local young-and-loaded types. Typical mobile conversation is "Yah, really, no, sure, half a mil, no I wouldn't bother either".
Right on the river and good views from the terrace area. No parking and no real atmosphere. ave a pint, go to the cash point and move on.
anonymous - 8 Jan 2004 10:07
This bar is always very busy and it's hard to get served unless you're female, blonde and gorgeous, which of course always has an upside.
Noel - 27 Dec 2003 12:53
Poor lager ( ie: Stellar), poor decor, hardly anywhere to sit. A place for the Richmond 'elan' who think the place could fit in with the environs of Hoxton.
Good for: Men who change the hair in keeping with David Beckhams latest effort.
thenationofjames - 26 Nov 2003 16:04
Contray to some of the other comments, I quite like this place. In the summer its absolutely packed - but they all are down by the river. Rest of the time its lively enough but you generally can get a seat.

Some nice eye candy to :P
Richard - 17 Nov 2003 13:01
This is a really lame pub. I was in there the other night enjoying a crawl around Richmond- and this place makes bad pubs seem brilliant.

The average punter seemed second only to the Litten tree crowd in Kingston in obnoxiousness.
David - 15 Oct 2003 16:32
who's the fox i saw at court the other day, mmmm nice heals honey! the salmon salad is gorgeous, and they do good pimms. i quite like it but i shouldn't say that cos i'm from a rival bar/pub.
anna - 4 Jul 2003 15:37
Ok it's got a great location but the food is overpriced and very average in quality. If my memory serves me correctly there's only 3 beers on tap (Stella, Guinness and a bitter) Probably best avoided unless it's a hot day and you feel like drinking lager in the sun.
John - 10 Jun 2003 12:55
The best place in Richmond without a doubt. People who don't like it should stay at Edward's.
Omar - 22 Apr 2003 15:40
So much fun on New Years eve. Fantastic view of the river, nice patio.
Chris - 6 Sep 2002 16:42

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