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The Pitcher and Piano, Richmond

Simply awful. We live close by and finally (and foolishly) went there early on a Monday evening in July because it was sunny and there were some free tables outside (which is rarely the case in the summer).

After about twenty minutes of trying to get served (having earlier checked with a waitress if we should order at the bar), a waitress finally showed up. However, it turned out that the bar options were much more limited than those in the menu. Less than half the draught beers they claimed to have were available and those that were available were the bland generic lagers you could buy anywhere. And there was no real variety - e.g., no bitter.

I had low expectations for the food but sadly they weren't low enough - it ranks as one of the worst meals I have had in decades. I tried to order a burger medium-rare but was told they only did them well done so I swapped to the chicken wrapped in prosciutto - it was dry, tasteless and the mash potato was completely inedible. My wife had the salmon, which was again overdone, bland and simply tasted "off." Worse still, she spent most of the following night throwing up as a result.

The waitresses were slow and service was indifferent (although, in fairness, not rude).

I would certainly not recommend eating there under any circumstances and the beer selection is really poor. If you want a bland lager in a semi-decent location near the river, then it is probably adequate for those purposes but little else. I would be embarrassed to serve the low quality food that the Pitcher & Piano offers - it really isn't that hard to get salmon and mash right but they failed miserably.

12 Jul 2011 11:52

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