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Username: thefourmusketeers

Age: 36

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The Assembly Rooms, Epsom

Standard Weatherspoons, therefore great for the start of a night out. Very big, easy to find seats, very cheap and wide range of drinks. Also very light and spacious which gives it an airy, echoey atmosphere and is usually really lively. Definitely the best place to start a night in the town.

3 Sep 2010 16:26

The Amato, Epsom

Really nice pretty pub with awesome garden. Nothing bad to say other than the interior is fairly small so I imagine in winter it gets very crowded. But this would only be because I imagine lots of people would want to come here on a regular basis. Very quiet and worth a visit in summer for sure.

3 Sep 2010 16:24

The Marquis of Granby, Epsom

Terrible, unfriendly place and would not reccomend. It has a niche grungy clientele and the staff are completely disinterested in doing anything except talking with fellow staff or the grungy locals. My entire sports team, mostly smartly dressed in shirts / smart jeans, was once turned away, despite being the only customers, because a few people were still wearing the tracksuit bottoms they had worn after the match. This was dealt with in a stunningly rude fashion by a staff member who had dreadlocks, a sloppy t-shirt and earrings through his eyebrows, talk about a hypocrit. We were dealt with in far friendlier fashion at the Albion where the landlord was friendly and, shock horror, actually seemed to want some business on a quiet evening. On a few subsequent visits nothing has convicned me that this is anything other than a dirty, grungy, student bar that has a specific clientele and no wish or inclination to change this. Avoid, unless that description appeals to you

3 Sep 2010 16:21

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