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I have lived in East London all my life and have always had a busy social life going to all different pubs in the area, Now sadly there are not a lot of discent pubs left in the area and hopefully might pick up a few tips on where not to waste a night out or to have a good one.

Username: Sharraban2006

Age: 63

Sex: female

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Ensign Ewart, Edinburgh

I was given a trip to edinburgh for a christmas present by my children and tried to see everything in 4 days. we went to the ensign for a meal on the way to the castle, which i found to be disgusting I ordered a omlet and salad., the omlet was folded in half and was to size of a CD when unfolded and the rest of the plate was covered in different coloured letteuce Qrt of a tomato and 2 slices of cucumber.I am afraid I eat only the Tiny omlet and left the rest my daughter had a jacket potato and that was green and hard and the plate was covered in the salad the same as I had. We left our food drunk our drink and warned the people just about to order a meal. (They got up and left) The pub itself had loads of character but the fool let it down.

29 Dec 2006 00:13

O'Gradys Bar, Ilford

I agree with redvarnish3 was a brill pub a couple of years ago, tried to get in there on St Patricks Night (no chance) but did go in there ,last new years eve and not a good as the year before, lots of KIDS which spolt it as we were looking over our shoulders waiting for a fight. There are a few stalls at the bar and nobody moves when you try and get away from (NEAR) the bar with your drinks and you always get someones drink spilt on you so dont wear anything that is dry clean only! I think if the manager gets the age of the customers checked out and gets the kids out and the oldd customers might be happy to come back .Dont forget a pub is only popular while it is fasionable to drink in by youR mates but the old regular is the loyal customer that will keep those till bells ringing.

10 Nov 2006 22:26

The Langthorne, Stratford

Not been in ther for years after my drink got spiked and knew nothing about the night before!!! hope it is changed but dont think I want to find out thanks.

10 Nov 2006 22:12

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