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Username: Lindacfs44

Age: 57

Sex: ?

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The Marquess of Anglesey, Covent Garden

Saw bloke who looked like a penguin bend down to pick up his cigar. The Shark kicked him up d’ole arse and whilst recovering Gallagher lit his cigar en route back to terra firma. Gold dust kept shouting out large one. Morkel then fingered Lottie at Leicester Sq tube.

Deitmar Hackman

7 May 2021 23:33

The Radcliffe Arms, Hitchin

Gone to pot since lockdown. Staff very rude finished a pleasant afternoon and basically got turfed out by the " manager" very rudely and abruptly for going five minutes past our booking. Place was empty anyway so why the panic.
Guvn'r just lost further takings and goodwill from the Avenue, Finches and Chiltern Rd Association.

Thought he was Robbie Williams which is fine by me, talentless twat..

6 Dec 2020 12:53

The Flying Horse, Broadgate

Excellent boozer, like the Sweeney and Minder, full of faces, helpful bar staff, a real contender for sorry Arthur I must have been lying..

Always running

6 Nov 2018 17:27

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