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Username: Heart_of_Gold

Age: 34

Sex: male

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The Woolpack, London Bridge

Good beer, especially when they have becks Vier in Becks Vier glasses. Have had some very good staff and some poorer ones. In gneral friendly enough place, but as previous reviews have alluded too, their attitute changes somewhat as 11pm approaches as about 1 member of staff comes up to you every 10 seconds reminding it will be time to leave soon.

Good that they take bookings for areas in advance and table service is a plus. However, I feel the pub is miss-managed because it should treat regular customer's better. Last time we were in there, after spending hundreds of pounds already we were informed that table service would stop immediately and we would have to chance it at the bar which was 3 or 4 deep all the way round.

Better managed and it could be a great pub.

26 Sep 2011 17:32

The Lord Nelson, Cheam

Went in here the other Sunday evening for a quick couple before a Chinese with some old friends.

Decent London Pride, reasonable selection of lagers. An attractive young bar lady with a nice smile. Would have tried to get her number if I was in there for longer.

Clean, trouble-free and bright. I will be returning when in the area.

26 Sep 2011 17:23

The Harrow Inn, Cheam

Very reasonable food and drink prices. Sometimes the bar service and quick and efficient, and other times it is slow and poor.

It was at it's best 5 years ago before too many 18-24 year old Sutton clubbers started beginning their nights in here. Have seen some terrible fights outside the place.

Hadn't gone in a long time before returning for my birthday with around 50 of my friends and the pub was reasonably quiet but had a much nicer atmosphere to it. That was a Wednesday night so not sure how it is at weekends these days.

26 Sep 2011 17:22

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