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Chicago Rock Cafe, Aylesbury

Good selection of sensibly priced ales, food O.K., Staff friendly and efficent. Not too many "benefit boys" get in there, and weekends see potential Brokeback Mountiain extras, standing around in groups.

28 Oct 2011 13:30

The Litten Tree, Aylesbury

Now been cleaned up a lot. Friendly Staff, more than reasonable food and a good selection of sensibly priced ales. Smartarse door staff spoil it a bit at weekends though.

28 Oct 2011 13:24

The Dark Lantern, Aylesbury


28 Oct 2011 13:19

The Grapes, Aylesbury

Now called STARS BAR, it has set it's sights on being a venue for pre-pubescent boys and girls. lots of noise!

28 Oct 2011 13:18

Mendoza, Aylesbury

Lots of 50-60 somethings,all trying to appear like COOL teenagers. Lots of shaveheads wearing shades.

25 Oct 2011 13:25

The Harrow, Aylesbury

Takeout a second mortgage if you want to buy a round in there. Mens toilets are not for the faint hearted.

25 Oct 2011 13:20

Aylesbury Ex-Services Club, Aylesbury

Not too many ex-servicemen there, and run a bit as a closed family concern.

25 Oct 2011 13:16

The Plough, Aylesbury

Seems like they are getting it right. Ale is now well kept and food is good value for money. Staff are cheerful and helpful. Still a few oiks getting in there and some of the 'seedier' women are now unwelcome!


2 Jan 2010 13:20

The Plough, Aylesbury

Started under the new guise as a Sizzler Inn o.K.. Sadly the clientele are not up to the standard of a place where you would take close friends.Front bar has gained a crowd who shout profanities at all and sundry,and some boisterous boozed up women.

2 Jun 2009 13:35

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