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Comments by trekliquid55

The Marlborough Head, Farnham

This used to be a great little pub until recently as a temporary manager has moved in here and destroyed it. No one wants to hear about your lesbian antics Jadi, no one wants to know how you will have jaw ache from seeing you lesbian lover on holiday. And no one is interested in your collection of marital aids. and no, no one wants to physically fight you., they want you to leave and the sooner the better.

12 Feb 2015 16:36

The Trafalgar, Aldershot

This is my all time favourite pub, no frills, no bullcrap, no young idiots. I used to drink here constantly years ago and still visit now and again, brilliant honest proper pub.

18 Jul 2010 20:13

The Jolly Sailor, Farnham

bloody expensive, clicky landlord/lady, ok for locals but I was frowned upon as were my friends.

17 May 2010 11:19

The Wheatsheaf, Aldershot

Now shut for good. gone.....

12 May 2010 20:04

The Goose, Aldershot

went here on a whim as I met with a friend in town and decided to go for a chat and a pint, biggest mistake of my life, table was FILTHY with dried on beer and my glass stuck fast to it, asked foreign barstaff girl to wipe table and after getting through the language barrier, she did a poor job and merely wetted the table and made the stickness sludgey. Had to find another table as I was getting stuck to it by resting my arms on it, other table the same, FILTHY.
My friend decided to order a burger, it arrived and he nearly lost his teeth on it as it was rock hard and burnt, I did not bother with food as if the front of house tables are minging what are the ones in the kitchen like?
visited pub in the day and it was dingy with no lighting up one end and stank of rancid stale beer that had soaked into the carpet. Health and safety need to have a poke round here, this was THE WORST PUB I HAVE EVER BEEN IN, and I am nearly 40 and have seen a few dives in my time. Disgusting.

12 May 2010 19:59

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