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Ship Inn, Newcastle

Was in on a Monday evening prior to a gig at the Cluny, so expected it to be busier. It wasn't. Served an ok pint of Moorhouse's Pendle Witch by a disinterested barmaid who seemed more interested in doling out samples of cider to the 'regulars'. Zero atmosphere and crap music so I supped up and went to the Cluny which was packed. Will know better next time

18 Nov 2014 20:40

The New Bridge, Newcastle

Popped in here for lunch and a couple of pints on a quiet Monday lunchtime. Impressed with the decor and the beer, so ordered the chicken, leek and mushroom pie. Usually when something is described as home-made, the food arrives within five minutes and obviously isn't. This couldn't be further from truth with my meal. Twenty minutes later I had a superbly cooked pie with a delicious steaming mound of mash in front of me. I would have complimented the chef but that's a big tragic, so will do it here instead. Will definitely visit again next time I'm up this way.

18 Nov 2014 20:30

The Hartwood Hall Hotel, Chorley

Not bad for a few swiftys before heading elsewhere, especially in summer. Quick service, ok food and ok beer, just the usual selection though. They do rooms as well if you overdo it and can't find your way home by other means.

16 Jan 2012 17:41

The Crown, Chorley

Once you get past the ahem, warm welcome and the massive dob-off live in dog that drapes itself on a sofa near the bar it's actually ok in here. The pool table is in ok nick, if you can find a decent cue, the beer is cheap and ok (nothing special like) and the electronic juke box has some decent tunes so you can bang out some balls while banging your head to some RAWK if that's your bag. Wouldn't make a night of it in here though...

16 Jan 2012 17:33

Derby Arms, Chorley

Called in here on route to Rivi Barn while I was waiting for a taxi thought I'd have one to take the edge off. Beer was just ok and took 10 sheets out of the quiz machine. Pretty quiet for a Saturday night, a few locals who gave me a good coat of looking at, obviously everyone knows everyone in there, it wasn't unfriendly just not friendly if you know what I mean. As I left for me joe baxi a crowd of overdressed couples blundered in, so glad I left. Sure it's ok as long as you've lived near Eaves Lane for at least five years....

16 Jan 2012 17:27

The Clog and Billycock, Blackburn

Went here on a Sunday after its re-opening at around 4.30pm expecting it to be fairly quiet. It was busy but got a table fairly quickly. As has been stated, this is owned by the Three Fishes people and has a pretty similar menu, i.e. local produce and dishes. Ordered no probs and food arrived about 15 mins later, it was excellent, and prompted us to have desserts which were also fantastic. I also had a nice pint of Thwaites Arkwright which slipped down nicely, shame I was driving so could only have the one. Admittedly the place was v busy as we left and the chalkboard showed a wait of 40 mins minimum. My only "complaints" were the heating was on, despite it being a sunny day, and the bar staff were over-worked. They were very pleasant though and apologised for keeping people waiting. Oh, and they'd run out of bread!! Apart from that, we'll deffo be back, probably on a weeknight though.

7 Oct 2008 19:45

The Wheatsheaf, West Beckham

Admittedly I only went for a couple of pints in the evening as we were staying locally. I was on my own but had a good book for company, and was looking forward to a pint of Woodruffe's or at a push Greene King. Unfortunately the landlady looked at me like I I'd landed from Mars and all but sneered as she passed the pint across the bar, I felt like I had to apologise for distracting her from the vital business of talking about the price of crabs with the one other drinking customer. I sat down with my beer (which was deeply average, lukewarm and tasted flat), the waiting staff then clocked off and gathered around the entire bar, which put me off venturing up to dare to ask for a refill. Then to cap it all the radio went on over the PA, 'tuned' to the local commercial tinpot FM station, playing some crappy dance track in scratchy reception. That was the last straw and I left, never to return...

3 Aug 2008 19:53

The Queens Head Inn, Harlow

I was off drinking beer when I visited, but the range of wines were great. The food, although standard pub grub, was excellent and the welcome warm. And we could set up a tab which I'm sure was totted up wrong at the end of the night (in our favour!). The only downside was that I couldn't find the gent's toilet door which was outside and had to hang on till closing time. That could have been down to the vodka though...

11 Jan 2008 19:26

The Pub, Lancaster

Went here for the first time recently to watch a mate's band play, and have to say it's right up my street. Friendly barstaff, pool table, absolutely fantastic jukebox and to top it all, they've got a Twilight Zone pinball table tucked away upstairs. Took me right back to my mis-spent youth in London. Just a pity I don't live in Lancaster! If you like your rock loud and fancy a good night out, get down there.

15 Dec 2007 23:36

The Royal Oak, Riley Green

We went when it was quiet, and the service was a bit random even then, main courses were average but it's worth visiting for the Thwaites a gander's at the incredible revolving dessert showcase!

26 Apr 2007 13:11

The Cask Bar, Castlefield

Definitely one of the hidden gems of Manchester, we always gravitate here after a night on the ale. Friendly bar staff, ace jukebox, usually plenty of room to sit. Highly recommended but maybe I shouldn't or else everyone'll be there. Avoid the black Budvar though, it's lethal!

3 Oct 2006 14:54

The Traders Arms, Mellor

This used to be a good village boozer with snooker table, snug etc. Now it caters more or less exclusively for diners, with drinkers being forced to sit at the bar or wait till after 10pm to get a seat. Nice Rovers memoribilia in the bogs though. have a slash and remember the good old days...

30 Nov 2005 19:14

Boatyard Inn, Riley Green

Went here for Sunday lunch recently. Very friendly bar staff, nice selection of food, excellent carvery. Get there early though, it does fill up. Bit far out so you'll need the car.

30 Nov 2005 19:10

Lucid, Manchester

It's closed and not before time. No doubt the local rozzers had something to do with it if you know what I mean.

7 Jun 2005 17:14

The Square Albert, Manchester

Er, sorry to say, it's now closed with no sign of reopening. Shame cos it was always worth a visit if you were in a big group, most of that end of Manchester is now trendy bars.

24 May 2005 19:56

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