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Comments by ploughmans

The Shakespeare's Head, Islington

Always been a great pub. Staff are always friendly, managment always go above and beyond to please. Allround good Pub. Very clean.

22 Aug 2011 18:38

The Exmouth Arms, Exmouth Market

It is such a pity that this Pub was run into the ground. 15 Years ago it was a great night out. The Pub was full of locals. You were always made to feel welcome, and with out a doubt in for a real good night. I feel that it is such a shame that the real English old pubs are now becoming a thing of the past. Give us back the old time Pub we all loved so much.

22 Aug 2011 18:13

Wilmington Arms, Exmouth Market

I have lived and worked in the Clerkenwell area all my life. On Sunday 21 August i decided to show my friend around some of the pubs in the area. We went into the wilmington and ordered a bloody mary for my friend, when he brought the drink back to the table it was full of white floating bits, which looked like off milk. we went back to the Bar and was told that the barman had put Horse Radish sauce in his drink. My friend said that this was not the way to mix this drink, to then be told by the very rude barman that he had been a coxtail barmen for three years and that was the way it should be mixed. We insisted that we wanted another drink, which was given to my friend reluctantly. We finished are drinks and left. I would never again wish to drink in this Pub. I own three bars of my own, and have for 25 years. The staff are rude, Aragant, and clueless.

22 Aug 2011 17:56

The White Swan, Charlton

they do a mean cappocino

16 May 2010 10:31

The Royal Oak, Charlton

nice to be greeted with a smile by friendly barmaids for a change.(good looking too).good local feel to the place.different bitters every month(hobgoblin at the mo)

16 May 2010 10:30

The Anchor and Hope, Charlton

great food,decent beers/lagers and cider and good 'local' feel to the place.and you cant beat sitting outside in the sun near the river. enough said !

16 May 2010 10:24

The Antigallican, Charlton

i popped in on the way down to the river for a walk.they have a wierd little italian behind the bar.......(not sure about him).....could have mafia conections !!!! not the best selsction of beers ,but the black stuff was ok

2 Feb 2010 19:42

The Man of Kent, East Peckham

visited the man of kent on recomendation of a friend. glad to say ,was not dissapointed.very friendly barstaff,great atmosphere and the food was top notch !
will be returning shortly for more of the same. cheers

14 Apr 2007 11:12

The Horse And Groom, Charlton

pubs full of mugs and wannabee's, steer clear

20 Apr 2006 15:01

The Bugle Horn, Charlton

this is a millwall pub,but we let some of the anoracks in for the banter !

20 Apr 2006 14:58

The Wellington Hotel, St Just

this is a great little place to sit and have a few pints outside in the square.scrumpy jack on tap is worth popping in for alone !the food here is excellent(the cheddar ploughmans and the steaks are great value for money,and i have it on good authority that the cottage pies not bad) i've been coming here for years and hope to keep doing so!!!!

20 Apr 2006 14:43

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