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Shoulder of Mutton, Wendover

Chain pub. But don't be put off as it's actually not bad at all. In fact, I'd say its pretty good. Nice range of beers on tap, which rotate. Normally a local ale or two included. The food is consistently good and very reasonably priced. Massive beer garden with lots of seating to the rear. The staff all seem friendly and the regulars that drink there are also a nice bunch. Not a unique characterful pub, but also not a soulless chain either, so a good compromise for anyone looking for a consistently good pub.

8 Jun 2013 14:31

The White Lion, St Leonards

Went out of our way to try this out now it's under new management. Beautiful old English pub set in a lovely village. When we went (April 2013) it seemed like the landlord was in the process of trying to get it back up and running. Few nice local ales on tap. Cash only till (no cards) and no real food (yet). Time will tell if this old pub becomes as good as its former years.

8 Jun 2013 14:26

The King and Queen, Wendover

Brilliant pub! Really great little place just off the high street. Nice food. Friendly staff. Small but nice beer garden at the rear. Can't really fault it.

8 Jun 2013 13:52

The Village Gate, Wendover

Have given this pub the benefit of the doubt again and again but it still comes up short. Been for 4 meals here now and, to be honest, I won't give it anymore chances. Dreadful service from disinterested teenage lad the last. He spent ages chatting with his mates and ignoring customers. Brought our food out with no cutlery -
Politely asked him for some knives and forks and he never came back!

Food isn't great. Time before last the burger was cold and raw. sunday roast was stringy beef meat and table next to us complained as veg was so hard they couldn't get a fork into it.
Has had a big makeover and is trying to present itself as a fancy gastropub but it's really not even close to being that. I really wouldn't bother again.

8 Jun 2013 13:49

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

Beautiful old pub steeped in history, but not much else going for it. Average food. Average service. Limited ales (Fullers) and a tired restaurant and bar menu. Have eaten, drunk and stayed here and have to say nothing really impressed me. Especially not the food. One saving grace is a lovely old barmaid, but that's about it. Shame as it could be so good in a prime location.

8 Jun 2013 13:39

The Pack Horse, Wendover

Feels like a 1970s working man's boozer on a council estate. Not the sort of public house you'd expect to find on a hill with all the 17th century cottages. Has a wide choice of ales on tap but to be honest from the choice of pubs locally in Wendover I'd say there are friendlier, more comfortable, and nicer pubs to visit.

8 Jun 2013 13:34

The George and Dragon, Wendover

Good old pub with ales on tap and really great Thai food at a reasonable price. Would defo recommend for a low key quiet evening meal with friends.

8 Jun 2013 13:25

The Fez Bar, Putney

From my knowledge this bar with a dance floor (you can’t really bring yourself to call it a club) has had several changes of ownership in the past few years. None able to stamp any authority or character on the place.

Most people use it as a late night watering hole when the rest of the far better bars surrounding it in Putney are closed.

Take a second to close your eyes and picture a poorly lit cellar with no ventilation, no fire exits, over priced booze, and unpleasant rohypnol carrying men strutting their stuff on a badly done illuminated dance floor - now you’ve saved yourself the trouble of visiting Fez.

4 Jul 2006 15:08

The Rocket , Putney

Over priced, over rated, and, considering its amazing location, overdue new ownership to sort it out.

Don’t waste your time here.

4 Jul 2006 14:56

The Jolly Gardners, Putney

This is the Jekyll and Hyde of bars – by day a nice friendly pub with reasonable food and pleasant and efficient bar staff…but by night the complete reverse is true with awful service and dried out food (from sitting under hot lamps due to awful service).

Like many places in Putney now, it suffers from the antipodean’s “Costa Del UK” attitude. Much like the scummy Brits who go to Spain to get rat arsed and annoy the locals, a minority of the not so nice Aussies, Kiwis, and South Africans appear to flock to Fulham and inevitably spill over into Putney with the same “let’s get rat-arsed and pick a fight” attitude.

Hop on the train to Barnes. Much better bars on the river.

4 Jul 2006 14:53

The Minnow, Weybridge

What a shame – is the best phrase to sum up the Minnow.

The food is actually good and the selection of beers and wines is excellent. However, the staff are, quite frankly, awful. Rude, unhelpful, and inconsiderate. I’ve been here 5 times now, and on each occasion someone was treated with contempt or total disregard. It’s like the staff want everyone to go home, so that they can close early.

The staff totally let the place down.

I have a feeling "Angelina" (see other reviews) works/manages this bar. Who cares if the Minnow has been graced with celebrity visitors!? You can go for a drink in Covent Garden or Soho and see countless celebs. But everyone cares when their night is tainted by the bad attitude of rubbish bar staff.

A bar that could be easily remedied by better staff. What a shame.

4 Jul 2006 13:03

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