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The Racehorse, Carshalton

My information (from someone closely involved) is that this pub has undergone a change of management and some staff have left. It was closed for redecoration yesterday, but is due to reopen today (Friday 5 February). I understand it will remain a gastropub.

5 Feb 2010 12:10

The Red Lion, Ilford

Following recent (endless!) renovations, this is apparently no longer a pub (nor called the Red Lion) but a restaurant.

24 Oct 2009 16:09

The William the Conqueror, Manor Park

Over the past few days dodgy big guys have been removing the furniture. Now it's thoroughly tinned up, with one of those 'secure' doors. So not only has it been thoroughly closed, but it might have been a crime scene..

3 Sep 2009 17:42

The William the Conqueror, Manor Park

They've just redecorated and got some live music on, was some cowboys playing country last week, if that's your scene..

16 Mar 2009 13:10

Lady St Helier, Morden

According to my OH, Wyndham's comment about the toilets can't be true, as it seems the old cinema was completely demolished (not adapted) and a DIY store erected before we got the buildings which are currently there.

7 Oct 2008 20:52

Aberdale, West Knighton

The address should be spelled 'Shackerdale Road'. Feel free not to put this up if you edit your typing, fellas ;-)

20 Sep 2008 08:00

The Queens Head, Beddington Corner

"Lease for sale" says the sign outside this week..

1 Sep 2008 02:47

The County Tavern, Northampton

WHen I was in Northampton in the early 90s the CT was notorious for giving short measure, which the then staff would defy customers to take or leave. Has it improved?

31 Aug 2008 07:37

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