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Windmill Inn, Weald

What a great pub! 12 (local) real ale beers on. As I was driving I had to limit myself to a pint of Goacher's Fine Light Ale (3.7%) but there were several stronger beers available. Warm, sunny day so we ate outside. Superb menu at reasonable prices. Friendly, efficient service. Highly recommended

27 May 2016 14:04

The Jolly Farmer, Blacknest

What a great pub! Visited yesterday evening on the year's first comfortable sitting outside evening. Sadly, they have just discontinued the Gale's HSB but the Fuller's London Pride and Gale's (Fuller's) Spring Sprinter were in great shape. As well as fine beer and very friendly staff the food was good, too! Partner had grilled squid followed by the trout special, and I had the lentil and bacon soup followed by leg of rabbit stew. Delicious! And sitting outside was a bonus!

7 May 2016 11:22

The Grantley Arms, Wonersh

Oh, dear! The soul of this once heavenly village pub has now been torn out in the interest of making a quick buck on over-priced, under-sized meals. Fortunately the beer is still excellent, served just as bitter should be. (Timothy Taylor's Landlord and Dark Star when we visited.) But the food….! Magnifying glasses should be provided so you can find the food on the plate! My two tiny pieces of venison were miniscule, chewy and tasteless. My partner's burger was dry and tough.
This was our first visit since the "refurbishment". We did so love visiting this pub, but now…How have the mighty fallen!

I'm going to give this pub a decent rating because this is a beer website, and the beer was truly good. But we won't be eating here again!

4 Dec 2015 11:16

The Sir Roger Titchbourne, Alfold Bars

Village pub in delightful setting with views over meadows. Excellent beers, we chose Irving's Spinnaker.
Sadly though the management have got problems. Should have realised when we saw the large "Staff Wanted" board. We arrived at 8pm knowing they served food until 9pm. With only one person behind the crowded bar it took 20 mins to get our drinks. When we asked for a menu we were told there was an hour's delay on food. We took the menus out to the beer garden to make our choice and had just fought our way back to the bar to place our food order when the chef burst out of the kitchen saying, "Kitchen's closing - no more food tonight!" Very disappointing as we had travelled quite a way to visit the pub as it had such a good write-up in the "Good Beer Guide".

8 Aug 2015 09:11

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Marsh Green

Sadly, completely closed and no sign of re-opening! Another "good'un" bites the dust!

30 Jul 2015 18:45

The Portcullis Inn, Tormarton

Sorry! Should have confirmed that the pub is now known as the "Major's Retreat" though your till receipt will still say "Portcullis Inn"!

16 Jun 2014 16:38

The Portcullis Inn, Tormarton

What a delightful pub - in my opinion what a true country pub should be! Locally-brewed real ales, kept to perfection, and real pub food, not all that "drizzled in this" or "sprinkled with that" rubbish! A caring, helpful landlord who is able to intelligently describe his beers. Quiet position, yet just a few minutes from the M4. We broke our journey from Swansea to Surrey there on a Sunday evening. What a godsend and how refreshing to find a pub that serves evening meals on a Sunday. We'll be back!

16 Jun 2014 16:34

The Anchor, Ripley

The previous reviews are now out of date as the pub has just been taken over by the owner of Drake's Restaurant, almost opposite. It reopened a few weeks ago having had a makeover. OK, this site is to comment on beer in the evening but I visited at lunchtime! 3 real ales on: Timothy Taylor's Landlord, Tillingbourne Black Troll, and Greene King IPA. I don't drink GK, I had a taste of the Black Troll, but settled for a pint of Landlord. Very refreshing if served a little cold for bitter.£4 a pint (I don't think I've had to pay that before for a pint of Landlord outside of London!) The staff were very friendly although it took them quite a time to bring salt and mayonnaise for my chips. I also had a cup of almond soufflé soup, whatever that is. Tasted fine. Don't think they will be serving pie and mash in the near future. For an evening drink and meal I imagine it would be quite comfortable. The tables are not cramped together and one area of the bar has a wood-burning stove. I visited because I live in the village but the prices are just about high enough to dissuade me from visiting regularly!

21 Jan 2014 16:19

The Lion, Leavenheath

Not so much a pub, more a restaurant with a small bar area. Nonetheless there were three real ales on. Greene King (which I never touch!), Growler's Growler Bitter (3.9%), and Crouch Vale Brewers Gold (4.0%) The three of us who were drinking all opted for the Crouch Vale, a pale golden ale very reminiscent of Summer Lightning. and it was superb. A pint just slipped down before the starter arrived!
We were having Sunday lunch and the place was very busy and the staff were obviously stretched but extremely friendly and patient. My roast beef was possibly the best pub roast dinner I've had for a long, long time. Beautifully cooked and so succulent.

1 Oct 2013 15:51

The Onslow Arms, West Clandon

Called in on a Friday evening - our first visit since the pub was refurbished. It was a warm summer's evening and the place was heaving, with plenty of atmosphere. The "cliquiness" of the old pub has fortunately gone. The car park was full but we managed to find a table easily enough. They had just put on a new barrel of Surrey Hills Shere Drop which was very pleasantly kept. As I'm a creature of habit and it being a Friday i had the fish and chips. To die for! The whole menu looked very interesting. Very friendly staff and despite the pub's being busy, the service was speedy and efficient. Well recommended.

13 Jul 2013 09:35

The Compasses Inn, Gomshall

Visited on a Thursday evening - our first visit for years (since the days when it was renowned for its Gibbs Mew Bishop's Tipple beer). Excellent range of Surrey Hills beer - had the Sheer Drop which was kept to perfection. Sat in the garden for an excellent (pub food) meal. I had sausages and mash in a large Yorkshire pudding - a dish which is increasingly difficult to find in Yorkshire itself these days! Thoroughly recommended. One word of caution. Only visit on a Friday evening if you like loud live jazz music!

13 Jul 2013 09:23

The Good Intent, Puttenham

Wonderful visit! We called in on a sunny, hot Friday lunchtime and got one of the last tables in the garden (we had the dog with us). The resident Rhodesian Ridgeback gave our dog a warm welcome.
I have never tasted better Hop Back Summer Lightning. Kept to perfection! The regulars are Otter Ales, Doom Bar, and Timothy Taylor Landlord. Summer Lghtning is a pretty frequent guest ale here and there were several others. As we were out walking we stuck with the bar menu - steak sandwich with onions and chips. Delightful! It must be a good 10 years since we were last at this pub - it certainly won't be another 10 years til we come back! Highly recommended for those who enjoy quality beers.

5 Jul 2013 17:09

The Cricketers, Cobham

Visited on a sunny, but not too warm, June Friday evening. The setting beside the Green is marvellous. Three excellent real ales on. We only sampled the Surrey Hills Dew Drop which was beautifully kept, but they were also serving Sharp's Doombar and Fuller's London Pride. Inevitably this is more of a diner's venue rather than a beer drinker's, and we opted to eat outside though the temperature was beginning to drop. Not helped by the fact that after swiftly serving the starters, they promptly forgot our main meal! Eventually the meal arrived with profuse apologies. We were offered a free drink in compensation! The food is good, though a little expensive. We stuck to the only real pub food on the menu, as opposed to more pretentious dishes - beefburger and fish and chips, both of which were very enjoyable. Kids abound in the evening, but there is the large Green for them to occupy themselves on.

11 Jun 2013 15:24

The Olive Tree, Jacobs Well

On a beer website it would be good if contributors could say what beers are served and how they are kept!

31 May 2013 18:28

The New Inn, Amroth

Thinking of a cosy evening in a nice pub? Forget it here!

Beer - Good
Food - Good
Attitude and service - appalling!

If you're not a local then don't expect your presence to be acknowledged for at least 10 to 15 mins. The staff just look through you and carry on talking to their local customers.

Sharp's Doom Bar well-kept. Rev James off. Also noted Abbott Ale on sale.

9 Aug 2012 23:51

The Anchor, Ripley

Pub closed "until further notice" and sign says lease available to rent.

19 Nov 2011 15:58

The Hautboy Inn, Ockham

This pub has been closed for several years!

19 Nov 2011 15:56

Ye Olde Windsor Castle, Bookham

I certainly wouldn't go back to this pub, despite the beer's being kept fairly well.

A group of six of us went for dinner on a Saturday evening. Six of us ordered starters, and the six of us ordered main meals with two ordering side dishes with the mains. After a long, long wait five starters appeared - they'd forgotten to prepare the sixth! Following another long wait five mains arrived - yet again they'd forgotten to do one of the orders and also had forgotten the two side dishes. As the forgotten sixth meal had to be prepared from scratch the five "lucky" ones had to go ahead whilst our sixth guest had to wait another long time for her meal. Absolute incompetence!

Yesterday evening we went to the Plough at Effingham, not far away. What a contrast! Delightful meals, great beer, and absolutely professional, friendly service!

17 Sep 2011 09:27

The Drummond Arms, Albury

I really enjoyed this pub, though it is probably true to say that it is more a diner's venue rather than a drinker's. The staff were friendly and welcoming, there was quite a "buzz" around, and on a cold evening the roaring open fire was most cheering!
The beer is kept well: London Pride, Adnams Broadsword, TEA. Great to have bitters served at the correct temperature rather than at lager-cold! The beers are complemented by excellent food, though if there is a large group dining in the conservatory your order can be a little slow.
Only complaint: on one recent visit there was a small kid sitting at the bar and another running up and down behind the bar! Not adding to the ambience of a pub evening out!

6 Apr 2011 17:38

Hogsmill Tavern, Worcester Park

Called in at lunchtime today. 2 out of the 3 handpumps were London Pride, the third was Young's Best. Both Pride pumps weren't working. One dreamy girl behind the bar (or not as she had to keep going to get things eg cups, sugar etc from another room). I was second in queue and it took 20 mins for me to be served. (Chose Strongbow cider in the end!) Another 20 min wait when ordering food and, you guessed it, another 20 minute wait to order coffee! Never again! Desparately short-staffed!

6 Apr 2011 17:25

The Jovial Sailor, Ripley

We live in the village, and called in for an evening meal to see what it was like after the recent refurbishment. We needn't have bothered. Still the same! Only one real ale out of three on, no-one to serve at the bar, and not a smile from one member of staff. Awful! We left and went to the Bull's Head at Clandon.

5 Jan 2011 19:29

Farmers Arms, Muker

Another delightful visit to this charming pub. We were pleased to meet Darren, the new landlord, who took over the pub just a few days before Christmas! A local lad, who served his apprenticeship at the Tan Hill Inn, seems the ideal choice to blend the requirements of both locals and visiting walkers and tourists. He is aware of the high prestige this pub is held in amongst the walking community, and his priority is to retain its reputation.
At the time of our visit he had just 3 real Ales on - Black Sheep Bitter, Theakston's Best and Yorkshire Dales Cock Robin Cottage (3.9%), a Christmas Ale. It's early days for him yet, but he is considering at least one stronger ale.
Pub food was great - ideal for the cold, snowy, windy day we were there, and there was a great open log fire! We had the Hot Beef Baguette, gravy and chips. and the Chilli con carne. Both delicious. At the moment he serves food from 12.00 to 2.30pm, and 6 - 8pm, but as the number of walkers builds up through the year he is hoping to start the evening food at 5.30pm to cater for walkers who want a hit meal at the end of an afternoon.
We've been coming to this pub on our visits to Swaledale for the past 20 years and wish Darren and Emily every success.
PS Dogs welcome!

5 Jan 2011 19:24

The White Horse, Shere

What a disappointment! This pub used to heave and be full of atmosphere. We visited on a warm, summer Friday evening, and the place was like a morgue, and only a third full! Worst of all, three of the five real ales were off, leaving Adnam's 3.7 and Deuchars 3.8. Hardly a wide choice! Were told by off-hand staff that the three ales would be off until the Sunday! What sort of management is that? We sat outside for a meal (we were the only ones outside), and I have to say the food was tasty, although my beef bourgignon was presented in a way I have never known beef bourgignon presented before! A short walk up the hill after the meal gave a clue to the pub's unwelcoming atmosphere. The nearby William Bray (formerly the Prince of Wales was bursting at the seams, with a real buzz. Doom Bar and Shere Drop were on, but I'm afraid gastro pubs are not our scene!

3 Jul 2010 09:48

The Shepherd and Flock, Farnham

Don't visit any more as they no longer serve Ringwood Old Thumper!

14 Jun 2010 18:13

The Seven Stars, Ripley

You what, MagicMoments?
This is the Seven Stars site, not the Sadler's Arms!

14 Jun 2010 18:10

The Bulls Head, West Clandon

Hey, cb2k4, whatever you had to drink at the Onslow Arms, I want some too!
This is the Bull's Head page, not the Queen's Head! ;>)

8 May 2010 17:48

The Worcester Park, Worcester Park

Thankfully not a gastro pub, but excellent beer. Superb pint of London Pride, beautifully kept. . Friendly, welcoming staff, and comfortable seating.Well done!

8 May 2010 16:57

The Royal Oak, Holmbury St Mary

Visited with friends on a wet November Saturday evening - a wonderful oasis! Landlord very friendly and helpful, the waitress a little more reserved but very efficient. The quality of the Ringwood Best and Exmoor Gold was excellent. We also enjoyed the food - very tasty.
(Not sure why davidgla thought 67.50 was excessive for all that the four had - this is SE England, after all!)

16 Nov 2009 08:21

The Jolly Farmer, Worplesdon

Found this pub quite by accident (satnav brought us down a road we don't normally use)! Best discovery we've had pub-wise for quite a while, and we now visit at least twice a month, usually on a Friday evening..
OK the menu is a little pricey and not particularly wide, but in our opinion a pub stands or falls on the quality of its beers. The Gales HSB is kept in tip-top condition and served at exactly the right temperature for a bitter, which means you get the proper taste. The food also is very tasty, albeit served a little pretentiously, and both beer and food can be enjoyed in a great relaxed atmosphere either indoors or in the garden (patio heaters). A great place!

28 Sep 2009 12:31

The Woolpack, Sopley

It seems that the owner of this website should re-name it FITE, or Food In The Evening, as so few "reviewers" seem to understand the purpose of the website, and make absolutely no comment about the type or standard of beers available. Frankly, I'm not concerned whether you think The Woolpack is a pub or a restaurant; what I want to know, primarily,is what quality of beer does it serve. It is, of course, useful to know as well what the food is like, but that information is available elsewhere. I enjoyed my few pints of Ringwood 49er (it didn't have far to travel!) on my recent visit. It had been kept beautifully with a light, fresh-hopped bouquet. Incidentally, we also had an extremely tasty meal in the conservatory!

16 Oct 2008 11:27

The Thames Court, Shepperton

Think the owner of this website should re-name it FITE - Food In The Evening! Only a couple of the 35 "reviewers" actually mention the type or quality of the beer on offer, which I believe is actually the purpose of the website. Rant over!!

16 Oct 2008 11:04

The Thames Court, Shepperton

Was not expecting anything much, beer-wise, from this rambling, riverside "tourist" pub, but I was very pleasantly surprised! The Timothy Taylor Landlord and Fuller's London Pride were in excellent shape, beautifully kept and served at just the right temperature for bitter. As the barman commented, "We're a real pub, sir; we know our beers!" I visited on a Thursday evening and it was easy to find a table, but I do know it gets very bust at the weekends. Added bonus: the food was very good, too. Again, real pub food!

16 Oct 2008 10:53

The Jolly Farmer, Bramley

Another great evening at the "Jolly"! On a Friday evening my partner and I frequently visit from the other side of Guildford because it's a fine place to celebrate the end of the week! Chris and Steve certainly know how to choose their beers. I had Hog's Back HBB and Sharp's Doom Bar, and she had a couple of pints of Palmer's (Bridport). All great-tasting and beautifully kept. Food was good, too. Bangers (venison and herb!) and mash! Lovely! Our favourite pub in the Guildford area!

16 Oct 2008 10:36

The Shepherd and Flock, Farnham

Why does the pub no longer hold the Cask Marque?

3 Oct 2008 09:12

Sir Douglas Haig, Effingham

Oh, dear! What has happened? The pub has changed hands, and you can no longer get a pint of good Gale's HSB, the one redeeming feature of the place. The HSB was kept on whilst it was a Fuller's house, but alas, no longer!
Went on a Sat evening to watch an England World Cup Qualifier game and the place was like a nursey, with little kids climbing all over the furniture or trying to get darts onto the dart board. Meal was very mediocre, and vegetables stone cold. Never again! We've invested in Setanta Sports now!

3 Oct 2008 09:07

Wetherspoons, Victoria Station

Wetherspoons on Victoria Station was as busy and as noisy as ever, but the Itchen Valley Hampshire Rose was on top form, and only 2.39 a pint. Also available was White Horse White Giant, Greene King, and (from Ireland) Wexford St Patricks. No-one expects a quiet country pub at one of the busiest railway stations in the world, and it is very satisfying to find an outlet of real ale to enjoy before the cut-and-thrust of ploughing through commuters!

16 Mar 2008 12:19

Rubbing House, Epsom Downs

I'm very pleased to hear that runninghampster considers pub toilets "generaly not a place to go for a fun night out."!
Visited for a birthday party last night - only two real ales on. Had several pints of London Pride which seemed in decent condition, and the food was very acceptable. I imagine the draw of the place is its proximity to the Racecourse, but as it was dark, couldn't really comment on this. Atmosphere was spoilt to a large extent by groups of young women (girls?)who couldn't take their alcohol, and spent the time screeching and cackling etc.
Not really a pub I'd choose to go back to.

14 Mar 2008 13:29

The New Inn, Send

Yes, it's all been said really. This pub is fairly local to me and I visit fairly frequently. The real ales (always including a Ringwood) are always kept in good condition, which is why it's in the Good Beer Guide, I suppose, and the reason I continue coming. Also, in the summer, it is in an idyllic setting next to the canal. When you get to know the staff they are not as cold as they first appear, but I would agree that they do need to go on a customer relations course! Once last summer, one of the staff got quite heated and offensive when I pointed out to him that he had brought me the wrong meal! In its favour is the fact that they serve hot meals on a Sunday evening.

14 Mar 2008 13:09

The Millwright Arms, Warwick

Brief visit here before going on to eat at the Thai Elephant. Very friendly pub, with beers kept in top form - I had London Pride. Hope to be able to stop longer on my next visit!

14 Mar 2008 12:55

The Welby Arms, Allington

As damn near perfect a country pub as you could hope to find. Set near the village green it has a lovely welcoming open fire, and tastefully furnished bars. A regular stopping point for us on our journeys north. The staff are friendly and really know their beers, which are kept on top form. The house regular is Timothy Taylor's Landlord, which means we never sample the other beers on! On this visit these were a brew from Titanic, John Smith's Cask and a.n.other whose name escapes me for the moment. The menu is supplemented with a specials board and the food has been excellent on all our visits. Bar meals are available all days except Sundays, but we opted to eat in the restaurant this time as we were staying overnight. The Beef Byron and Pork medaillons were to die for, and you don't need a mortgage to buy a bottle of wine!
The only negative points we found were in respect of the accommodation, which is housed in a row of converted garages. The rooms could not be faulted on comfort or tasteful decoration, but where they did fall down was on noise insulation, or complete lack of it! Not only did we have to listen to the couple next door's 'in flagrante delecto' performance half the night, we were then subject to their post-coital pee-ing, farting, and poo-ing routines in glorious surround-sound!
Nonetheless, though we shall probably not stay overnight again, we shall continue to visit the pub whenever we are in the area.

14 Mar 2008 12:39

The New Bowling Green, Warwick

Great Pub, with tons of character. Visited on a very chilly day at lunch time and the bowl of Scotch broth went down a treat, as did the welcoming log fire! Beers kept in excellent condition. The Young's Winter Warmer was in top form, as was the Everard's Tiger the following evening. Food only served at lunchtime, but there are plenty of places to eat well in the evening after a visit here!

10 Mar 2008 11:39

Rubbing House, Epsom Downs

Thought this was a beer website! Last 5 reviewers don't mention beer. I need to know if it is worth visiting for a decent pint!

2 Feb 2008 10:45

The Woodfalls Inn, Woodfalls

Nice pub to have a drink and meal in, as long as you eat in the bar area. Dining areas lack atmosphere, and seem remote from the 'action'. Had a lovely couple of pints of Ringwood Fortyniner and an excellent liver and bacon. Staff friendly.

23 Jan 2008 09:28

The Shepherd and Flock, Farnham

Has to be the best pub for miles around.Beer and food on top form, especially Ringwood Best and Ringwood Old Thumper. The shepherds'pie and crayfish and leek crumble were to die for. For the first time ever had to sit in the restaurant area as a large party were eating. IMHO this restaurant area, normally a white elephant would be much better developed as part of the bar, say with alcoves etc. All in all a great evening!

23 Jan 2008 09:22

White Lion Hotel, Ambleside

Visited one day last week for a lunchtime drink and snack. Used to serve an excellent pint of Bass, but no longer does. However, the food is good, the staff friendly and there was an exciting range of Christmas ales. Great!
Wrong! Whole experience ruined by noisy, out-of-control kids running around the place, playing the machines, jumping on the furniture, leaving piles of rubbish whilst glassy-eyed parents(?) stared into oblivion, surrounded by empty glasses and bottles, or left kids on their own while they went out for a fag! We learn by our mistakes. Next time, it's back to the Golden Rule!

9 Jan 2008 12:33

The Fighting Cocks, Godshill

Visited this pub for Saturday lunch after a gap of 32 years! The place has changed out of all recognition - food was most appetizing with a good menu choice and the real ale, particularly Summer Lightning and Doom Bar, was expertly kept. Fortunately the idyllic setting of the pub never changes. Long may it remain so! We shall return - hopefully sooner than another 32 years!

18 Oct 2007 18:22

The Fish Inn, Ringwood

Very enjoyable Saturday evening spent here. Busy but not hectic. Food was excellent. Real Ale also very good, especially the Timothy Taylor Landlord. No problems with staff unwilling to change barrels. we shall definitely re-visit.

18 Oct 2007 18:08

The Jovial Sailor, Ripley

We live in the village and have seen this pub go up and down over the years, a little like a roller coaster. Have to say that, both beer- and food-wise, it is not on one of its "up" turns at the moment. At times it is down to one real ale, and the menu is far more limited than it used to be. Service is not wonderful, either, especially if you've only called in for a beer. It is a chain pub, Chef and Brewer,and has pretensions of being a restaurant. A few years ago it was really setting standards: well-kept ales and imaginative cookimg, and we used to enjoy visiting, but now we tend to visit only if forced to, eg cooker breaks down or unexpected guests turn up needing a quick meal!

12 Oct 2007 14:02

The Plough, Effingham

My partner and I are regular visitors to this pub and would commend it heartily to anyone, either for a pint or a snack or meal. The welcoming landlord leads a team of friendly, efficient staff, who go out of their way to make customers feel at home. This is a former Young's house and they serve an excellent pint of Special (despite pressure from the new brewery to push Bombardier) and our favourite is a "Ram Rod and Special" which is always generously interpreted! In winters they keep the Winter Warmer to perfection. The blackboard menu is supplemented by a daily specials board and food is individually cooked and offers variety from chips to substantial meals. Our favourite pub in the area.

12 Oct 2007 12:46

The Parrot Inn, Forest Green

This pub has a lot to commend it. It is in a lovely setting and has a great choice of real ales, and the food is very good. For warm, summer evenings the garden seating is excellent, and, in winter, the inside is quite cosy. In my book it would rate at least a 9.5/10 if it were not let down by the service. There seems to be absolutely no urgency in serving customers and at times there even appears to be no-one behind the bar. The bar can be difficult to approach, with drinkers sitting/standing at it, and then you have to order food at another location. The other evening (mid-week) I queued for 20 mins to order food, only to be told that they had suspended food for ten minutes. They wouldn't take my order but told me to come back. When I did return after 10 mins I was told they were still not taking food orders, and it took two more return visits before I could order. Sadly, this was not a one-off experience of poor service. There definitely seems to be a problem of under-staffing or un-focussed serving. Shame, because as I said before, this has the makings of an excellent country pub. (There is also a restaurant, but I have not eaten in it.)

12 Oct 2007 12:26

The Holmbush Inn, Faygate

A pub with a warm welcome, wel-kept real ales, renowned for its excellent traditional, home-cooked food, and superb service! The Fuller's London Pride was excellent and I also noticed King and Barnes Bitter. My Fisherman's Pie was to die for. Vital to book at weekends!

14 Feb 2007 18:48

The Black Swan, Martyr's Green

Apologies! Reference (on 28.9.06) to Timothy Taylor Landlord should have read Ringwood Old Thumper (was confusing this place with Olive Tree at Sutton Green!)OT is a fantastic beer but, unfortunately, served here at far too cold a temperature for bitter, so full taste not achieved.

2 Oct 2006 08:48

The Black Swan, Martyr's Green

If you want to see an example of 21st century vandalism, go no further than this pub! It must have cost hundreds of thousands to desecrate this place!Formerly affectionately known as the "Mucky Duck" it was the epitome of an English country pub, which made it an ideal location for several films, tv programmes such as Inspector Morse etc. Gone now is the bank of at least a dozen real-ale handpumps, the atmospheric pagoda-style sitting area at the front of the pub, and the variety of fascinating and friendly "locals". Also the door-step bacon sarnies!
It is now a loud, brash, brightly lit wine bar-style place frequented by thrusting, upwardly-mobile chinless wonders who enjoy being overcharged for unidentifiable cuisine, and who couldn't tell a pint of Old Peculier from a pint of Perrier. Only redeeming feature...they do serve Timothy Taylor Landlord!
Far better to continue along the road to The Plough at Effingham!

28 Sep 2006 17:36

The Gate, Ifield

Lovely-looking pub with atmosphere but the busy Saturday evening we went it was hopelessly understaffed. Just one bar person and one working in the restaurant. Obviously staff sickness can't be foreseen, but a pub like this really should have a standby list of p/t staff it can call on. Although we had a table booked it was 20 mins before we could even order a drink, and getting further drinks during the meal was almost impossible. Food was good, beer eg Fursty Ferret pretty mediocre. Not an entirely successful dining experience!

17 Apr 2006 09:05

The Royal Oak, Guildford

As far as I know it's the only Gales house in Guildford, although I suppose I should now call it a Fuller's house! The HSB is kept just right - nectar! Noisy, smoky, exciting. A great pub!

7 Mar 2006 02:04

The Bulls Head, West Clandon

Good, honest country pub. Home cooking - pies a speciality and Courage ales and Speckled Hen. Landlady very friendly and welcoming, landlord less so! Pool table.

7 Mar 2006 01:59

The Still and West, Portsmouth

Well, it's all been said already. Have to admit it's the location which is the biggest attraction - food and beer ok (esp fish & chips in paper!) but the bitters are kept at lager temperatures. Sacrilege! God knows what's going to happen to Gales HSB when Fullers strt brewing it in Chiswick. I see they've already introduced London Pride here. Let's ope Fuller's keep the pub on - they'd be mad to let it go!

7 Mar 2006 01:54

The Jovial Sailor, Ripley

Greatly improved from 18 months or so ago, the JS is a Chef & Brewer house with a very good (and reasonable) menu and well-kept beers. Friendly (though constantly changing) staff. Hog's Back TEA and Hop Garden are often on. Large log fire in winter and sunshades and outdoor tables for the better weather Very popular for Sunday lunch.

7 Mar 2006 01:45

The Seven Stars, Ripley

When we first moved to the village we used this pub regularly because the food and beer were good. Unfortunately, over the weeks, the landlord became just too rude and obnoxious, so we have reluctantly settled elsewhere pub-wise.

7 Mar 2006 01:37

The Buckingham Arms, Shoreham by Sea

Great "local" pub with an impressive range of well-kept real ales. Great pint of Hopback Summer Lightning. Only minus point - doesn't do food in the evenings!

7 Mar 2006 01:27

Farmers Arms, Muker

Really warm welcome when we called in for a late afternoon drink at new year. Really good pint of Black Sheep "Rigwelter"! Also first pub I've found offering Jaegermeister schnapps to warm you up on a cool day!

15 Jan 2006 17:54

The Jolly Farmer, Bramley

We have been visiting this pub for the past 3 years and we think it is great! We have found the many and ever-changing cask ales to be kept in excellent condition, and the food, though by no means cheap, is also extremely well prepared. Last week we both had trout to die for! The landlords make a point of making early-morning visits to the London food markets to source their meals. The ambience is terrific and there is always a buzz (Friday evenings anyway!)

13 Jan 2006 18:26

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