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Bohemen Sportspub, Oslo

A proper football pub, showing any game they can get their hands on. Very lively when Valarenga, the local team, are on the box. Friendly atmosphere, and really close to the centre of town.

1 Jul 2005 12:18

Charlie's Bar, Copenhagen

Not much to add to the comment below- I popped in for a quick pint whilst on holiday, and ended up staying for ages. Very friendly staff, a good atmosphere, and a much more genuine pub than a lot of the rather grim chain warehouses that litter the city

1 Jul 2005 12:15

The Old Ship, Hackney

Great place to watch the football if you want to have a seat and no difficulty getting to the bar! Nice and handy for the tube station as well.

4 May 2005 12:49

Via Fossa, Canary Wharf

At the moment I work at Canary Wharf, and think that almost all of the pubs are grim- particularly on a Thursday and Friday night when all the bankers, lawyers etc. start getting lairy. There are few things as depressing as a bar full of posers trying to upstage one another.

Although to be fair, this pub is better than most of the others in the area as its got at least some character. but if you are heading in on a Thursday or Friday, don't go expecting to get a seat, or even find somewhere to stand without being constantly barged by posh drunks!

29 Apr 2005 15:17

The Old White Lion, East Finchley

Recently re-opened following a refurbishment, and its certainly quite a bit trendier than it was before, as well as pricier. The food is good though, and there are some interesting beers and cider on tap. And its right beside the tube station which is handy!

29 Apr 2005 15:12

The Tuesday Bell, Lisburn

This is as close as Lisburn has got to a chain pub, and although its not as grim as the multiple All Bar Ones, Slug and Lettuces and O'Neills on the mainland, there is a real Whetherspoons vibe about the place.

Before you know it, the town will be over-run by Starbucks and Subway!

20 Apr 2005 14:48

The Nelson's Head, Bethnal Green

Good place to get away from the Hoxton trendies without risking being beaten to death with a shoe for not having lived in East London for at least two generations.

20 Apr 2005 14:32

The Hawkhill Tavern, Dundee

Although I lived in Dundee for 4 years, I never once went into this pub. Each time I've gone back I've been there though, and its a good, straightforward place to have a pint and watch the football.

20 Apr 2005 14:27

The Westport Bar, Dundee

Great pub for seeing new bands, and not a bad place for a pint on non-gig nights either. far enough away from the university to ensure that there is a more mixed crowd than in some on the places nearby. tends to get pretty packed if there is a gig on though.

20 Apr 2005 14:25

The Balcony Bar, Dundee

Good pub for quiet afternoons, with a decent juke box and a pool table upstairs. when i was a student in Dundee, the barman would sometimes play our cds if the place was quiet.

20 Apr 2005 14:19

The Sebright Arms, Bethnal Green

Recently moved to the area, and have been very impressed with this place. Lots of room, friendly staff, cheap drinks and no sign of any bother.

14 Feb 2005 17:33

The Florist, Bethnal Green

I'd heard great things about this place, but ended up feeling rather disappointed. they seem to have stopped doing food, and the pint i ordered was both flat and warm. plenty of trendies hanging out there though, so presumably it has more subtle charms than beer and food....

14 Feb 2005 17:23

The Albion, Bethnal Green

a great pub for all football fans, owned by a Baggies fan (hence the name)! the friendly bar staff, beer garden and football memorabilia plastered all over the walls and ceilings mean this is the place to watch Euro 2004 if you can find yourself a seat.

i live in north london, miles from the pub, but will probably still try to head there for some of the games just because its such a football fan's paradise!

7 Jun 2004 16:28

The Dove, Bethnal Green

Nice food and good beer. always filled with trendy types though...!

7 Jun 2004 16:25

The Drum and Monkey, Archway

Just keeps getting better! Music, lots of football, nice people, Niall- possibly the greatest landlord in London, and not a single new-wave mullet or retro American baseball cap to be seen!

12 Mar 2004 09:36

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

the City of London has lots of great pubs scattered around, but this is probably still one of the best. not much room, but a good atmosphere and a fine mix of people as well.

8 Mar 2004 16:26

Crown and Goose, Camden

had dinner in here about a week ago, and the food was really, really good. i don't think its really a place for just popping in for a pint though, as its pretty pricey, and the food element is clearly what the management are aiming to promote as the main attraction. which is fair enough really!

8 Mar 2004 16:24

The Intrepid Fox, Soho

good in the daytime before all the wannabes turn up!

3 Mar 2004 12:03

The Tap 'n' Tumbler, Nottingham

As Nottingham pubs go, this has to be one of the better ones if you like rock music. its also very handy for concerts at Rock City and club nights at the Rig as well. great juke box, although the elitist attitude of some of the throwback locals is a bit irritating, even if it is inevitable! not being a die-hard Iron Maiden fan is not a crime...

22 Jan 2004 15:16

The Salutation Inn, Nottingham

lots of great nooks and crannies. well worth a visit along with Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem. am constantly surprised that both pubs aren't always packed with tourists.

13 Jan 2004 17:13

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

Lovely pub, and going in feels like stepping back in time, particularly the upstairs bit.

13 Jan 2004 17:11

The Purple Turtle, Reading

Great little bar if you are a loaded media studies student who can afford to spend four or five quid on a drink! otherwise, not much in its favour. although if you happen to live in Reading, there aren't going to be very many options anyway.

13 Jan 2004 16:33

The Hercules Tavern, Holloway

This pub is quite frightening! not too bad if you are with other people, but i wouldn't be too keen on going in on my own after dark.

13 Jan 2004 16:28

The Gatehouse, Highgate

Rather too big and sprawling a place to feel all that friendly, but the food and drink are indeed relatively cheap (at least by Highgate Village standards). there are nicer pubs on the high street, but they all cost more!

13 Jan 2004 16:22

The John Baird, Muswell Hill

Good pub for a Sunday lunch while the football is on. also just across the road from the cinema, so very handy for a pre/post-film pint. plenty of room inside, and a comfortable atmosphere as well.

13 Jan 2004 16:19

Robinsons, Belfast

Just up the street from the Crown. staff don't seem so friendly if they don't know you already, and it can take a while to get served as a result. food looks very good though, and not a bad alternative if the Crown is too full.

13 Jan 2004 16:16

The Crown Liquor Saloon, Belfast

A great place to take visitors to our fair land, and should always form part of any tour of the city. fantastically detailed interior, and if you can get a booth, the afternoon/evening will fly by!

13 Jan 2004 16:14

Cucamara, Nottingham

Am relying on the views of a friend (Lee), who loved this place and always raved about it and the great cocktails. considering how much he hated the city as a whole, this bar must be fantastic!

13 Jan 2004 15:58

Hagues Bar and Lounge, Lisburn

Been a long time since i was in this pub (about 7 years!), but used to go there quite a bit with old school friends. good juke-box, and a nice place to have a quiet pint.

although for all i know it could be totally different now!

13 Jan 2004 15:55

The Ship, Soho

Normal pub, but that in itself is quite a novelty in London! the staff seem nice, although it can be difficult to find a table, as it tends to fill up very quickly. well worth having a look in, particularly as part of a pub crawl (which has to include the Intrepid Fox!).

13 Jan 2004 15:52

The St Johns Tavern, Archway

I'd give it 8 out of 10 for the food and the staff, both of which are great. I've only been there about three times, but the menu is very impressive. not so keen on the clientel (I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to the posh media/art student types that seem to hang out there!). to my mind its not really a pub though- more of a really nice place to eat before settling into the Drum and Monkey across the road for the rest of the evening.

13 Jan 2004 15:31

Quinn's, Camden

Bit expensive, but a nice looking pub and great for reading the weekend papers with half an eye on the sports on tv. seems to stay open very late as well, which has to be a good thing.

13 Jan 2004 15:28

The Devonshire Arms, Camden

Great place to pop in for a pint on a saturday afternoon before it gets too busy. probably not everyone's cup of tea (or absinthe), and there can be a bit of an arrogant attitude among some of the goths at times, but as long as i get a table and am left alone, i don't really care!

13 Jan 2004 15:27

The Intrepid Fox, Soho

Great variety of music, and a good place to escape from the bustle of Oxford Street. i prefer it in the afternoon than the evening though, as it can get rather packed. very diverse crowd, but some of my friends have been hassled for not wearing the right clothes, which is a pity. quite a lot of the people in there are disdainful of those different to themselves (which is rather ironic!).

13 Jan 2004 15:22

The Woodman, Highgate

Friendly bar staff, and a generally relaxed atmosphere. there are pool tables, and the football is usually on in the background. can get quite busy around the screen on a sunday afternoon. since the demise of the Shepherds pub (now Boogaloo), the Woodman has become my favorite alternative for a pint on the way home from work.

13 Jan 2004 15:20

The Drum and Monkey, Archway

Good pub for meeting up with friends and watching the football. friendly bar staff and actually has a character of its own, rather than being part of a soulless chain!

13 Jan 2004 15:16

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