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Comments by TrickyG

The Brew Wharf, London Bridge

I went here at 11:00 on Friday 22nd December and thought it was great. Admittedly it was pretty empty so I can't comment on service when full but he beer was excellent and the staff really friendly and courteous. Would definitely visit again!

2 Jan 2007 13:07

The Little Brown Jug, Chiddingstone Causeway

Had Sunday lunch here yesterday. Food was excellent and I had a spectacular pint of Hardys and Hansons "Rocking Rudolph" (which I recommend you try should you be lucky enough to see it!).

Slight downside was one of the waitresses who really had no clue what she was doing but otherwise first rate!

4 Dec 2006 15:01

The Cock Horse, Hildenborough

The landlord here is possibly the rudest man in the pub trade. His customer service skills are similar to those of an angry alligator.

Beer is OK though and the pub itself not bad. Food was excellent. Will probably go back but just hope he has a day off...

1 Dec 2006 15:03

Dorset Arms, Sevenoaks

Closed its doors for the last time last night. Will be sorely missed by rats and cockroaches but nobody else. Rot In Peace.

1 Dec 2006 12:51

The Carlisle, Hastings

OK pub but agree with the "drink from bottles" statements below. I had a pint of something brown and did not dare finish it for fear of ending up on the toilet all night.

If loud music and certain amount of dank and darkness are your things then you will love it here. I had a great evening. Pretty sure someone got murdered here many years ago which is pretty cool too. Well not for them obviously but you know what I mean.

1 Dec 2006 12:30

Dorset Arms, Sevenoaks

Went in last week and heard the fantastic news that this grief hole is finally closing (a 36th Italian restaurant for sevenoaks no doubt). A little concerned about where the neandrthal clientele will drink now though - hopefully they will crawl back under their stones and disappear for good.

24 Nov 2006 15:35

The Slug and Lettuce, Tonbridge

Went back here last night a few months after my last visit. Would not have gone by choice but some mates like it so I felt obliged and I had heard it had improved.

Well, let me tell you right now it is just as crap as it ever was. All the draught beer tasted like someone had poured ammonia in the barrels. After giving up on beer we tried a bottle of wine which tasted of vinegar and domestos. Finally settled on very expensive bottled beer instead.

It is filthy and full of scumbags (though to be fair most pubs in Tonbridge are the same). Staff are inattentive and will only serve you when they have finished serving their mates. If you have the gall to complain about anything they stand, open mouthed, and stare as if they want you to tell them what to do next.

I will not go back again. If my mates go there when I am with them I will sit in the Castle opposite, have a decent pint and wait for them to finish.

This place stinks. Close it!!!!

24 Nov 2006 11:43

The Black Horse, Tunbridge Wells

Astonishing change! This place used to be a decrepit dinghy stinkhole and the kind of place you would only go if you wanted your dog put down but did not want to pay a vet.

Now however, all that has changed. It is clean, bright and friendly. Beer is excellent and there is a fantastic relaxed atmosphere about the place.

Congratulations to the new landlord on a great job. Will be back soon!

16 Nov 2006 15:17

The Middle House Hotel, Mayfield

nice pub and nice beer but full of pretentious tossers talking about life in "the village". avoid unless you have a shotgun, green wellies and a spaniel.

20 Oct 2006 12:38

The Fire Station, Waterloo

I don't have a problem with the tramps and beggars per se, my issue is that this pub seems to have an "open door" policy for them and does nothing to encourage them to leave. If I want a beer next to a bearded urine soaked individual I will go see my gran!

I don't like to be hassled when I am having a beer and, as the customer, I don't see it is my job to get rid of these people. When they do come in the bar staff invariable disappear!

10 Oct 2006 15:15

The Sussex Arms, Tunbridge Wells

Great pub now after a few years in the wilderness. Good selection of beers and bottles and a great pool room downstairs. South African behind the bar (never met a nice one) but other than that highly recommended.

5 Oct 2006 12:31

The Punch and Judy, Tonbridge

every time I have been here the barstaff are more drunk than the customers. I have literally had to spell out orders to have them understood here - disgraceful!

That said, it actually is quite a nice place. Very Irish with lots of nooks and crannies so you can usually have a good chat with your mates. Beer is OK but they often seem to run out of things especially early in the week.

28 Sep 2006 12:25

The Imperial, Southborough

Very disappointing. Went in to watch football during the world cup because a sign outside said "free nosh at half time". Don't know if anyone else got one but I certainly did not - ended up just having a burger.

28 Sep 2006 12:13

The Beachy Head, Eastbourne

Average to poor beer but if you have walked (or even driven) up you will welcome it). Service pretty second rate but you expect that in a faceless place like this. Real complaint was the food - my girlfriend ordered a caesar salad and it came back (and I kid you not) with probably half a pound of grated cheddar on it. We complained only to be told they had run out of parmesan so the "chef" had improvised. In the end it was all inedible but on reflection, gievn how filthy the place was, that was probably a good thing!

26 Sep 2006 17:07

Motion, Embankment

More of a wine bar than a pub but OK never the less. Went in Saturday evening pre-theatre and had a bottle of pinot for only 9.50 - happy hour from 5-7pm! Great snacks too all reasonably priced - will definitely use this one again!

25 Sep 2006 14:30

The Fire Station, Waterloo

OK I guess if you don't mind being hassled by beggars and tramps! Good selection of beers wines and spririts and a great place to meet before going elsewhere. At its very best early doors Saturday lunchtime for a swift eye-opener before heading into town!

21 Sep 2006 16:11

The Cricketers Inn, Meopham

Nice pub, nice setting, good food, good swervice. Excellent for a summer Saturday lunchtime - highly recommended.

19 Sep 2006 14:32

Boadicea, Charing Cross Station

Splendid little hostelry serving a fine selection of well kept, traditional engish ales and exciting foreign lagers. Staff are exotic and imported specially from all parts of the globe just which ensures every drink you order will be substituted with some alternative, presumably from their homeland. If nothing else, this place is worth a visit just to see the unique airconditioning system which seems to fill the whole place with an overpowering aroma of vomit, urine and sweat. My favourite little corner of London.


19 Sep 2006 13:14

The Moon Under Water, Balham

Wonderful pub filled with charming customers and keen attentive staff. Ale is good and reasonably priced and there is an extensive and innovative cocktail list which always provides a nice surprise. Food menu is limited but quality is excellent and won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Only joking. This is a total sh1thole and not fit for humans to eat/drink in. If you ignore this warning and decide to go then make sure you wear a stab-proof jacket and have eyes in the back of your head. Full of losers, alcoholics and general scumbags. The only thing that would make me return is if I owned a flamethrower.

Stay away at all costs!

9/10 - Good Pub Guide (p1ss soaked tramp edition)

14 Sep 2006 12:53

The Bat and Ball, Leigh

OK village pub but nothing really special. I guess it is a "locals only" place really. Take yuor banjo and you will be fine!

13 Sep 2006 11:53

The Humphrey Bean, Tonbridge

Cheap but it is just not worth it. Pay proper prices and drink where you can relax in a comfortable atmosphere. Unless you are married to your cousin I suggest this one be avoided.

11 Sep 2006 13:48

The Coal Hole, Strand

this pub is OK. when we went food and drink were all OK and service was good once the Polish girl behind the b ar understood what we wanted (same as 99% of London pubs). Biggest complaint was people smoking in the non-smoking area and staff just ignoring it. Other than that, spot on!

1 Sep 2006 13:59

The Rose and Crown Hotel, Tonbridge

Not bad but a bit expensive. That said it is primarily a hotel so you expect to pay a little over the odds. I have always found the staff charming though some of the residents have been a little obnoxious.

1 Sep 2006 13:52

The Half Moon, Hildenborough

Great lunchtime pub with good selection of beers and a reasonable bar menu.

Not been there in the evening but am sure it would be just as good.

1 Sep 2006 13:48

The Ivy House, Tonbridge

Excellent pub Sunday to Thursday but goes steeply downhill at weekends. Maybe too many people just make it feel uncomfortable...

Anyway, beer and service always good and it is a good place to go with mates for a chat. Kitchen franchised to a Thai restaurant and the food is spot on!

1 Sep 2006 13:44

The Slug and Lettuce, Tonbridge

This place really is pretty dreadful! Draught beer all tastes really bad (not just once - have been half a dozen times) and is vastly overpriced. Bottles are available but often they are not cold enough to enjoy, wine is OK but pricey and staff are rude to non-regulars. OK if you want a place to pose and you have more money than sense but not really what I call a pub!

1 Sep 2006 13:41

The Harp, Covent Garden

Excellent in every way. Went after seeing reviews here and vas completely impressed. Beer was kept as well as any I have had and the staff are more friendly than any I have met in London before. will be going back soon to try the famous sausages!

1 Sep 2006 13:28

Ryan's, Southborough

Great little Irish type pub. Always something going on and you are guaranteed a friendly welcome. Beer is always great and service can't be faulted. May seem cliquey at first but try starting a conversation and you will be treated like a regular! Excellent place!

30 Aug 2006 14:12

Horatio's Bar, Brighton Pier

This is the funniest bar in the world! Staff are always helpful and pretty friendly and drinks are ok if a bit dear. The very best part is some of the customers who go there - like kicking out time at a victorian freak show. Go there!

30 Aug 2006 13:02

All Bar One, Covent Garden

not much really wrong with this apart from the faceless "chain image" which they all have. Drinks wen had were excelent and, as stated below, staff were really friendly and hard working. Given it location you cannot grumble!

30 Aug 2006 12:04

The Sherlock Holmes, Charing Cross

There last Saturday evening and thought it was great. Beer and service both excellent and a great cross section of customers made excellent viewing. Would definitely go there again!

29 Aug 2006 16:34

The Poacher, Tudeley

Went here years ago when it was called the greedy pig or something and swore I would never return. Imagine my surprise then when I was taken here by a friend and found how much it had changed. Completely unrecognisable in every way! Beer, food and service all excellent - would highly recommend for a family lunch. Excellent stuff.

17 Aug 2006 12:38

The Old West Station, Tunbridge Wells

Went in this while the wife was shopping at Sainsburys next door and got the impression everyone there was doing the same! Usual Beefeater type place. Food and beer average but nothing to complain about. OK if you like that sort of thing I guess! On the upside, the girl behind the bar will make you smile (you will understand if you go!)

14 Aug 2006 11:28

The Halfway House, Rose Hill

Really enjoyed this pub. Stopped for a swift pint on a journey back from Brighton and was really impressed. Beer and service were excellent and the menu looked superb. Will definitely be eating there next time!

14 Aug 2006 11:24

The Merry Boys Inn, East Peckham

Great little pub with good beer and pickled eggs. First time I have seen a jukebox which only plays banjo music.

2 Aug 2006 12:39

The Riverhead, Riverhead

Its not all that bad! Pub/Bar area is a bit sterile but then it is a Harvester Restaurant. Bar food was pretty good and arrived promptly. Beer much the same as in all these places but nothing to complain about. Staff friendly and corteous. One ever so slight complaint was that the no-smoking area in the bar is right next to the smoking bit so the smoke just drifted through. Not nice when you are eating...

1 Aug 2006 13:25

Mackenzies Cafe Bar, West Malling

OK but at weekends the upstairs turns into a sweat box full of tragic divorcees. Not a bad thing just don't go there with your partner! Always clean though and service is excellent.

1 Aug 2006 13:02

Ye Olde Chequers Inn, Tonbridge

much better now than a year back but the DJ is a nightmare. He is the only one I ever heard plead with everyone in the pub to call their other halves to come up...

27 Jul 2006 13:03

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