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Comments by ToxtethOGrady

The Market Porter, Borough

One of my favourite pubs in the country, be it early Saturday or late Sunday evening, what better place to wile the hours away and drink yourself into a fuzzy haze and forget all your troubles.

23 Apr 2011 11:41

The Dolphin, Macclesfield

Nice pub, pub of the year I believe, I found it pretty decent, Robinsons can be a bit restrictive, but Dizzy Blonde and Ginger Tom are excellent ales.

22 Apr 2011 23:53

The Old Ship Inn, Macclesfield

I'd agree with the below, great untouched old school boozer, massive roaring fire, great in winter, usually good ales from Storm on tap.

22 Apr 2011 23:50

Boat House, Shrewsbury

Superb setting, decent ales, but I should have guessed it'd be too busy and full of idiots out because of the sun, too many children and funboys hogging the bar and asking for pints of water!

22 Apr 2011 23:48

The Loggerheads, Shrewsbury

Great looking pub, but just got halves in here as the generic boring beer you can get anywhere let it down for me.

22 Apr 2011 23:46

The Coach and Horses, Shrewsbury

Really nice old pub, great beers, friendly locals, let us try a couple first too, took me back to somewhere in London in look and feel, rickety staircase was a challenge though.

22 Apr 2011 23:45

The Dolphin Inn, Shrewsbury

Good pub, not a bad selection of beers, seemed a decent setting, dogs in one room, big leather settees in the other, had a bit of a snooty locals type of feel about it, only ever so slightly, mind. More than welcome.

22 Apr 2011 23:43

The Three Fishes, Shrewsbury

Cracking olde worldy pub, had a decent choice of beers and good food too, my only gripe with this place was the lack of any beer garden or outdoor seating to the front, maybe on a less hazy day that wouldn't matter.

22 Apr 2011 23:41

The Admiral Benbow, Shrewsbury

Cannot fault this place at all, great boozer with a really good selection of ales, they support the local breweries too which all seemed a nice tipple to me. Nice chatty landlady, nice pleasant surroundings and a beer garden to the rear.

22 Apr 2011 23:39

The Waters Green Tavern, Macclesfield

I've already reviewed this, but it's a great pub with a really clued up landlord who loves having good ales on, great all year rounder with a big roaring fire in the colder months, if you want a fun-pub with fizzy lager pop go elsewhere. Mind yer language though too.

22 Apr 2011 23:36

The British Flag, Macclesfield

Not a bad locals pub, says a Freehouse but still has a look and feel of Robinsons, I got a dicky tummy the one and only time I drank here too.

22 Apr 2011 23:33

The Uxbridge Arms, Notting Hill

A lovely old pub just a quick jaunt from the hustle and bustle and crowds of Notting Hill, you feel a million miles away from the hectic hoards in here.
Very friendly and an enjoyable place to visit.

20 May 2010 22:34

The Cock and Bottle, Notting Hill

Enjoyed a long session in here on a Saturday evening, superb local type boozer in what I think is a great, but obviously touristy area.
Hogsback TEA on handpump one of my favourites, I'd like to be sat in there right now.

20 May 2010 22:32

Bromale, Bramhall

Not a surprise to see this with a poor rating, ugly building surrounded by such beauty as in the Ladybrook valley and Bramhall Park, not to mention the tudor house this place takes it's name from.
Decided to pay this a visit prime time Saturday evening, large interior with three rooms, only one of which the 'games' room seemed to be open.
It was like walking into The Slaughtered Lamb from an American Werewolf in London, everything stopped and I had an uncomfortable few minutes as I was treated like a very unwelcome party pooper.
The bar was full of ignorant people who actually had the nerve to ask why I was in there and was I lost, they also told the barmaid how to pour my Guinness properly, depsite all drinking lager.

20 May 2010 22:26

Corbieres Wine Cavern, Manchester

I like this pub, it's different, like the Star Wars Cantina. As I've mentioned previously. They should drop the Wine Bar title as it isn't And the outside decor looks like an 80s 'live at Jongleurs setting', it isn't.

PLEASE NOTE - Please change the Pacific Bitter, it;'s absolutely vile and has been for at least 19 months, taste's and stinks of smoke really, really badly. I have complained, I'd dare any member of staff to sample it!!

good place, good looking, good jukebox, so lets make the only ale on tap something decent please! My shout would be for Manchester brewed Marble beers which is THE best beer in town and criminally only served in 2-3 pubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 Feb 2010 01:22

The Keans Head, Nottingham

If there is any justice the female in the duty manager role tonight will be sacked very soon! Unbelieveable, horrendous cheek tonight when she declared my acquaintances and I had "had to much too drink" so wasn't serving us. How dare she decide what amount we've had, (we weren't slightly wobbly we'd been drinking choice real ale over the course of several hours and were on a pub tour of the city) which by the way was around 4-5 pints over 4 hours and lots of walking around. She made us feel like drunken scum! Is she a barmaid or a pathologist? Absolutely livid and as a result I won't visit here again until she has been let go!!

27 Sep 2009 00:56

The Sir Ralph Abercrombie, Manchester

Stumbled across this pub recently after having to leave our chosen venue when it was invaded by a bunch of vile pondlife.

Nice pub, friendly staff and a couple of Copper Dragon ales on. Good outdoor area in the sun.

9 Aug 2009 11:09

The Olde Vic, Stockport

About time this was done up, looks like it may be in the process now, but it's been like this for months, a very old building and one that ought to take pride in itself and look as good as the Crown down the road.
Good little pub, good choice of ales don't be put off by the scruffy exterior.
A minor quibble unfortuantely though, it seems to have a real Sale Sharks bias, which as a football fan of the club that's been across the way for over 125 years it's a tad annoying.

8 Aug 2009 12:38

The Fly in the Loaf, Liverpool

Nice pub, reminded of me of a proper London boozer. Good selection of ales and loads of foreign beers if you're into all that malarkey. Agree about the staff, makes a change for quick helpful service, nice to sit at the front watching the local talent stroll by.

23 May 2009 01:15

The Pilgrim, Liverpool

Enjoyed an evening's drink in here last night, good choice of guest ales and a nice mix of people, studenty but in a good way, only snag was it seemed to close, quickly. they didn't mess about.

23 May 2009 01:13

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

Decent large old pub with resident Cains beers to chose from, Triple Hop this months offering was nice, fantastic interior too.

23 May 2009 01:10

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

Recently set sail on the good ship Baltic, fantastic little boozer full of character almost overlooking the sea, worth the little walk, enjoyed two or three house ales, Baltic Gold being one of them, poured by the most beautiful of barmaids. I'd return if it wasn't an hour away.

23 May 2009 01:09

The Ten Bells, Shoreditch

Decent pub with great history and original features, a little too packed for my liking though, would be better during the day time I guess, and although full of witty/daft grafitti the toilets were bloody 'orrible.

12 May 2009 22:23

The Marble Arch, Manchester

Finally managed to visit this place after threatening to for a while, fantastic pub with it's own micro brewery, enjoyed very nice pint of the home brewed JP Best, superb tiled interior a joy to behold!
Pretty busy which is to be expected when there's a great pub pretty much out on it's own.

10 May 2009 17:28

The Crown and Kettle, Ancoats

Great old pub with strikingly cool original features, large bar and snug in the back, great selection of ales on aswell. Mine's a pint of Northern Soul.

10 May 2009 17:24

The Castle Hotel, Manchester

Great traditional looking pub with all it's original features, the only Robinsons brewed pub left in Manchester, it's good to see it re-opened but the prices have shot up stupidly with it's new trendy overhaul.

10 May 2009 17:19

The Castle Hotel, Manchester

Great traditional looking pub with all it's original features, the only Robinsons brewed pub left in Manchester, it's good to see it re-opened but the prices have shot up stupidly with it's new trendy overhaul.

10 May 2009 17:19

The Centre Page, St Pauls

A good little backstreet pub away from the busy 'shaky bridge' needed a pint after a long treck from Westminster and this was a decent little stop, sat outside where there were a few tables (no beer garden) admiring the view, bearing in mind it was a hot summers afternoon the view was rather nice!

5 May 2009 17:48

The Churchill Arms, Kensington

Visited this place for a swift one on a Saturday early afternoon, great typically looking London pub for a northerner like myself, bit expensive but 'when in Rome' as they say.

5 May 2009 17:44

The Red Lion, Westminster

Enjoyed a pint of Morrisey Fox in here last Saturday, thought it was shite out of a bottle but was a very nice pint, slightly expensive but hey, look where we were. Nicely quiet considering it was tourist central outside, visited a few times and it's an enjoyable location overlooking such a grand view.

5 May 2009 17:41

The Blackbird, Earls Court

Not a bad pub, not somewhere I'd travel to visit, but was staying just across the road so had an hour to spare, quite expensive if I remember rightly, but it is that there London, most pubs have barstaff who speak little English so don't expect any help with recommendations, then again that's proabably my fault for a lack of 'Camra' man knowledge.

5 May 2009 17:34

Crown and Goose, Camden

Nice little pub away from the hustle and bustle of the main Camden drag, enjoyed a pint of Adnams Bitter sat in the sun, a nice part of the world I'd visit again.

5 May 2009 17:29

The Edinboro Castle, Camden

Visited sunday just gone, not a great selection of ales, Timothy Taylor was off, but the Pride was a nice pint, Sierra Nevada in bottles too. Nice place to while a bank holiday weekend away rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous (ok the odd minor celebrity)

5 May 2009 17:26

The Town of Ramsgate, Wapping

I had the pleasure of visiting this place this Sunday early evening supping a pint of Cornish ale (Sharps Doombar) in the garden over looking the Thames a lovely place, please transform me back there.

5 May 2009 17:24

The Dragon, Nottingham

Great pub on the high street. Enjoyed several Deuchars which were very well kept in the interesting beer garden.

28 Mar 2009 14:39

Canal House, Nottingham

Possibly a tad obvious for the natives, but being a daytripper to Notts on several occasions, I found this a great pub with a unique feature being the canal going through it. Top Castle Rock ales on tap and considering it's a few yards from cruddy chain bars a superb alternative and very close to the station.

28 Mar 2009 14:25

The Castle, Macclesfield

This pub's been closed all day/night the last few times I've been past, but appears to have been tarted up outside, has it closed?

14 Mar 2009 23:18

The Waters Green Tavern, Macclesfield

This is a surprisingly good pub, always a good choice of real ales on, pool table, jukebox, classic old school and untouched decor, just the way it ought to be.

22 Feb 2009 21:16

The Prince of Wales, Macclesfield

Great quirky little pub, always a good choice of ales, gets busy at night time, big roaring fireplace and comfy seats. Free pool aswell.
This is probably the best pub I've visited in Macc, always lovely ladies behind the bar too, which is nice. TT Landlord on tap last visit.

22 Feb 2009 21:06

Ye Olde Admiral Rodney, Prestbury

Absolute cracking pub, olde worldy, great features, small but nice garden to rear, quaint village setting with the very nice Robinsons Dizzy Blonde on aswell. Shame the same cannot be said about it's inhabitants the locals/regulars obviously don't know how rude it is to stare at people, wouldn't go back in a hurry, shame really.
At least we were served in here, the pub up the road just looked at us like we'd gatecrashed their private party.

22 Feb 2009 21:01

The Lass O'Gowrie, Manchester

Traditional olde worldy pub with a mix of modern and trendy, good ales on tap and some cool decor, Jabba The Hutt behind the bar, always seems overly busy though, I'm not one for beating his way to the bar past a multitude of elbows.

1 Feb 2009 00:06

The City Arms, Manchester

Great little pub tucked slightly away from the madness of a city centre, Real Ale a-plenty! Blackboard on the wall, Hemingway quotes and Dylan on the jukebox.

1 Feb 2009 00:02

Kings Hall, Cheadle Hulme

Recently received some Camra recognition for it's offering of ales, which to be fair it does have a fairly decent selection most of the time.
Being a Wetherspoon pub it's what is to be expected, far better during the daytime before the riff-raff come out but by no means as bad as the other 'spoons' you could visit.

13 Oct 2008 01:18

The Portobello Gold, Portobello Road

visited this place a few times when in London, great little place full of character including the smallest toilets I've ever seen, decent choice of ales, laid back, was open later than anywhere around it last time I visited.

1 Jun 2008 18:07

The Peveril Of The Peak, Castlefield

A pub full of character, a real pub as stated below, better in the afternoon in my opinion as it's always busy at night, great for a post film pint after a visit to the Cornerhouse nearby.

Pics on the wall suggest plenty of famous people have visited this place.

21 May 2008 00:27

The Briton's Protection Hotel, Castlefield

Superb old school pub, great choice of ales and I think I counted eight different choices of Jack D last time I looked. Nice untouched interior and a decent garden to the rear, pretty busy in the evening.

21 May 2008 00:23

Corbieres Wine Cavern, Manchester

A great little place, as said below no 'Sharon and Darren's' in this place, jukebox is famous, and there's always something decent on whenever I've been in, it's like the Cantina in Star Wars!

Only snag is the choice of Ale, could be better.

21 May 2008 00:16

The Castle Hotel, Manchester

Superb little pub, very friendly and as said below a bit tatty but not without charm - sums it up well.
Back room is like an old Aunties cluttered living room, but that's not such a bad thing perhaps? this place could be anywhere which is good.

21 May 2008 00:13

The Captain Kidd, Wapping

Fantastic location visited on a couple of occasions with the Prospect down the road it's a decent area to spend a 'touristy' day or night, and always fairly priced Sam Smiths which you either love or hate.

21 May 2008 00:04

The Prospect of Whitby, Wapping

Great pub which I deliberately went out of my way to visit last month, excellent pint of Timmy Taylor outside overlooking the river, amazing view could have stayed all day.

21 May 2008 00:02

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

Always visit this place when in Nottingham, bit obvious and touristy perhaps but it's a cracking pub.

20 May 2008 23:58

The Boot Inn, Chester

Decent boozer full of character, typical Sam Smiths pub with very well priced ale, visited several times and always worth a pint, food is decent too.

20 May 2008 23:55

The Crown Inn, Stockport

Arguably the best pub in Stockport, which sadly isn't difficult as the choice is not vast.
Great friendly atmosphere, always busy, multiple rooms, fantastic choice of ales and a great location.

20 May 2008 23:49

The Armoury, Stockport

Decent location for football fans, both home or visiting supporters, not the best choice of beer and a pokey beer garden to the rear.

Personally stopped going in here due to local armchair 'football fans' who don't seem to want real fans from Stockport drinking in here and make them feel unwelcome whilst they play darts on matchday despite having every other day of the week to play pub games.

20 May 2008 23:46

The Royal Oak, Stockport

Not a bad pub, Boddingtons on tap, not a bad choice of ale, always busy on matchdays with a fairly steady service, small garden to the side.
Landlord doesn't seem very keen on having lots of football fans in his pub which makes me wonder why he runs the place! Rude on several occasions.

20 May 2008 23:40

The Alexandra, Stockport

Great 'old school' Pub, just off the beaten track, friendly staff, great traditional feel, great choice of rooms, TV room, quiet rooms, pool room and decent jukebox, also a great beer garden too.
different seasonal ales on tap from local brewers Robinsons, currently Top Tipple last summer was the lovely 'Dizzy Blonde'.

20 May 2008 23:37

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