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Comments by StephenM123

The Tipperary, Fleet Street

Before the smoking ban and when James and his colleague ran it I loved this pub - it has a real Irish feel (including the menu). Since then it has had a number of landlords (I suspect I may have missed some no longer being a regular visitor to the area). Anyway I popped In for old times sake. Guinness was not up to scratch and it just feels like a rather cramped pub rather than slightly unique. I read a book once called "Never Go Back" once - maybe it was right!

Enough reviews for a day. Time for my meds, supper and bed. zzzzzzzzzzz

23 Sep 2016 18:26

The Seven Stars, Chancery Lane

Visited for old times sake. Neither Roxy nor her cat were there. Despite being 6' 2" and over 15 stone I seemed invisible as the bar staff served legal types who had arrived after me! My pint of Darkstar was good but the Adnams wasn't quite right. Not sure how it should be changed but something need changing!

23 Sep 2016 18:15

The Oak Tree, Harpenden

The pub closed suddenly about a year ago and looked as if the staff and customers had just vanished. After a refurbishment it re-opened this spring as the Oddfellows Arms. And it is a bit odd being neither a pub nor a café. Why do Europeans manage to pull the café bar concept off so much better? Felt rather cliquey and unfriendly when I visited. My pint was average but very expensive as was everything on their menu. Better pubs nearby.

23 Sep 2016 18:03

The Skew Bridge, Harpenden

Visited recently for the first time in a couple of years. Time seems to have stood still since the landlords saved the pub. Limited selection of beers. My pint was OK but nothing special. Better beer 100 yds down the road (and a more exciting menu).

23 Sep 2016 16:39

The Malta, Batford

A pub that has really found its feet after becoming a freehouse a few years ago with an excellent range of well kept beers. It also serves the best breakfast within miles!

23 Sep 2016 12:39

The Gibraltar Castle, Batford

I have known this pub for many years but never visited it regularly as it never felt quite right. It shutdown around the time of the Euros but there are now signs of activity. Hopefully the intention is to re-open it rather than develop it (prime location opposite a green and a river). However what it will need is a good landlord/landlady. The last landlords were out of their depth (they were temporary), the previous landlady cliquey and even 25 years ago unfriendly. Also the beer has only ever been average. Lots of unfulfilled potential though.

23 Sep 2016 12:36

The Cross Keys, Gustard Wood

We came over this way as we fancied a pub lunch out in the country. On entering the locals looked up and went silent not unlike the pub with the same name in a nearby High Street! The barman then appeared and they went back to their whatevers. We ordered our drinks and food from a reasonably varied menu, paid and went into the garden. My pint was OK but no more. Why is it that these days most pubs have a couple of real ales plus a guest or two they are often less well kept than they were a few years ago. So can’t really recommend.

As to the food – my chips were good and my partner’s chips were good as well. As for the rest of the meal it reminded me of the fayre supplied to the pub trade by the company with a name that reminds me of car parts supplier.

We might come back as part of a group on a lazy Sunday afternoon but otherwise not worth the detour!

21 Aug 2015 18:20

The Sun Inn, Welwyn Garden City

It has been a few years since I last wrote a review. Slow recovery from an accident followed by serious (unrelated) illness meant that pints of beer were mainly off the menu. The new me (4 stone lighter) is only meant to drink 1 – 2 pints a day which means I am more critical than ever about beer quality!

Anyway onto the present. It is years since I had been to the Sun as the drunk that ran it more or less banned me when told him off for being rude to friends. So when I heard that new people had taken over I thought it was time to visit again. What a change! When we arrived it was warm and welcoming. And the most important thing about any pub was that my beer was in perfect condition! My partner and her friend were also very happy with their wine (Sauvignon Blanc I think?). The food looked good and we will be coming back for lunch at some stage.

Well done to Stewart and ? for turning things around. Much appreciated!

7 Aug 2015 13:53

The Carpenters Arms, Harpenden

One of only two places in Harpenden that serves well-kept ale every time. The other is the pub up the hill although they are often a little too cold.

5 Nov 2012 18:19

The Bell and Shears, Redbourn

Like the other pub I just commented on this one was closed just when it was getting better. Has now been redeveloped. Walk down the road and you will get a decent pint in the George.

5 Nov 2012 18:09

Oak Tavern, Welwyn Garden City

This used to be a pub to avoid but the new landlady turned it around this year. Her reward - the pub has been sold under her to become a Tesco Metro. I will be shopping elsewhere in protest now!

5 Nov 2012 18:03

The Brache, Luton

Plenty of comments about food but none about the beer. Well this is a restaurant and not a pub so not even sure why it is on beerintheevening. Best thing I can say about the food it is better than the Old Bell down the road! Choice of beers limited but then if you are drinking they push the wine rather than beer.

21 Oct 2012 10:13

Peppercorn, Kinsbourne Green

After various relaunches this is now Charlies Restaurant and Bar. The restaurant is a rather expensive Chinese one (smallish portions) whilst the bar is more for wines, cocktails and lagers. OK if you are desperate for a drink at 01:00 a.m. but not really a pub!

20 Oct 2012 09:19

The Brocket Arms, Ayot St. Lawrence

I classify this as a summer pub and the other evening we visited with some friends. Fortunately the rain had stopped and we were able to enjoy the garden before it got too chilly. The beers were in excellent condition. Having seen an excellent first-rate of the restaurant in a local rag we decided to check the menu. The food offered was definitely not gastro just very expensive! No wonder the restaurant was quiet.

9 Jul 2012 18:57

The George Inn, Redbourn

Under new management. They seem to be tidying the place up and, importantly, serving a couple of well kept ales. One to watch!

30 May 2012 19:08

Amble Inn, Harpenden

The Amble Inn rising out of the ashes (figuratively speaking) of the Dolphin was a good concept. Sadly though it fails to deliver. Food rather average making it overpriced for what it is. Usually have some decent real ales on but starting to remind me of the Dolphin. Best to amble on by!

11 Mar 2012 12:43

The Skew Bridge, Harpenden

I was told last weekend that the Skew Bridge had actually re-opened a few days previously. As the comments were favourable I decided to visit yesterday evening with a couple of friends. What a change! The interior has been totally redone with the same colour schemes in both bars, the big screen and pool table have gone, and the loos are completely new. The landlord looks somewhat familiar and knows his stuff. There were two real ales on. The Doom Bar was excellent and my friend said the same of the Pride. A few people were eating and the food looked good and not overpriced. This venture deserves to succeed and I think it will as for the first time in about four years there appears to be a steady hand on the helm. Hopefully as trade builds up a few guest ales will be added. Will be going back to try the Sunday lunch in a couple of weeks.

It makes me think that sometimes the scores should be zerod when a pub rises phoenix like from the ashes (figuratively speaking) as recent history drags the score down.

8 Mar 2012 18:02

The Skew Bridge, Harpenden

There was meant to be a grand re-opening last weekend. It never happened! What is going on? Like the Three Horseshoes a pub in need of a decent landlord.

28 Feb 2012 20:05

The Cricketers, Redbourn

As I have just commented on the Cricketers' sister pub (now closed) in Harpenden I though I ought to add a comment here. The Cricketers is the second best pub in Harpenden. There is always a decent selection of well kept real ales. The bar and restaurant overlap less than they did in the Three Horseshoes. the one time I ate here the food was somewhere between good and excellent although a long time coming. If you see a load of VWs outside it is best to go on unless you are a fan. Overhearing endless conversations about the merits of the latest thingymegig or the ideal flywheel weight is tiring!

22 Feb 2012 13:26

The Three Horseshoes, Harpenden

A phone call this morning from a friend in Harpenden informed me that sadly my prediction of last spring has come true. However I get no satisfaction from that. Considering the landlords run the Cricketers in Redbourn I had expected something different from the concept that failed last year. Like the Skew Bridge across the common a pub looking for the right person to manage it.

22 Feb 2012 13:18

The Skew Bridge, Harpenden

Passed this pub on Tuesday and it is closed yet again. I only visited it a couple of times and have to agree with the previous posters comments. On one occasion the landlord bent my ear about how bad the previous people were. Sadly this has happened three times recently. The pub has potential but it has never been realised. Please lets have landlords with a joined up business plan!

4 Nov 2011 20:49

The Baton, Marshalswick

For an area where some houses approach 1m you would expect a better than average pub. Visited last Saturday and It's not! It's the sort of pub you expect in nearby Hatfield town centre. That name escapes me, as using WiFi in Scottish borders after leaving WGC after tea. Night porter offering a selection of malts so no more beer tonight!

30 Jun 2011 00:42

The Pump House, Brighton

Oh dear! They need to visit their sister pub in London, the Blackfriar, to learn about keeping beer. In the morning flush the pipes of the beer that has been sitting all night. Won't bother again as 100s of pubs in Brighton!

7 Jun 2011 00:29

The Dorset Street Bar, Brighton

There is being laid-back and there is being laid-back! Despite four members of staff hanging out it took nearly 15 minutes to get served. The Deuchars was only average so did not bother with another. Maybe it's classed as trendy, maybe it's beacuse I am over 40 but can't see any point in going again.

6 Jun 2011 13:09

The Three Horseshoes, Harpenden

Was re-open when I was in the area at the weekend. Same model as before - i.e. expensive gastro pub. They always have well kept ales but no lower cost eating options. Warm summers evening a jacket (potaoto) and a side salad would be enough for many. I suspect that as gastro pub it has no real long term future.

31 May 2011 13:11

The Cross Keys, Harpenden

Apparently there will be no Harpenden Beer Festival this year as the usual premises were not available to CAMRA. Anyway the Cross Keys has leapt to the rescue and is holding its own at the end of the month. Hope there are more beers than on the flier as it lists only the three regulary available.

18 May 2011 12:49

The Skew Bridge, Harpenden

Apparently new management are on the way. Hopefully they can make something of the pub standing on the edge of Harpenden Common. Two skill sets I hope the new managers have are i) the ability to look after a real ale and b) the ability to prepare some decent food!

7 Mar 2011 18:41

The Bull Inn, Redbourn

YAL - yet another landlord - again. This has become a pub in search of direction. Will not bother again until next year. Pleasant enough pint though.

16 Oct 2010 14:00

The John Bunyan, Coleman Green

Potentially one of the best pubs in the area. The beer is always well kept and the food excellent. All I would like to see is a guest ale or ales but I suspect McMullens do not allow this. It is also worth ringing up before visiting on a winter's afternoon as you may find "all day opening" does not last "all day"!

2 Oct 2010 13:29

The Sun Inn, Welwyn Garden City

Average pub. Decent beer usually. Often very crowded with people who think overpriced pub grub is gastro food. ""Long and Short" has better beer and atmosphere.

30 Sep 2010 15:43

Long Arm and Short Arm, Welwyn Garden City

This is my nearest decent pub. It fact it is more than decent it's great. Well kept beer and decent 'value for money' food. Favourite local!

30 Sep 2010 15:39

Doctors Tonic, Welwyn Garden City

Near me. Old age starts at 25 here and I am over twice that. Absolutely the grimmest!

30 Sep 2010 15:35

O'Neills, Welwyn Garden City

Near me. Sadly, even grimmer and worse beer than The Cork!

30 Sep 2010 15:32

The Cork, Welwyn Garden City

Near me. Beer OK'ish otherwise grim!

30 Sep 2010 15:30

The Punch Tavern, Fleet Street

Truly grim! Only worth a visit if you have friends visiting from Japan or the US. Please up the ante guys!

18 Sep 2010 13:27

Castle Arms Inn, Snape

Pleasant enough pub but expensive for what it is - more like Surrey stockbroker belt prices. Clientele in the main seem to fall in the group described on the internet as "silver surfers". Excellent couple of local pints - very well kept. So worth a visit for the beer but food/rooms too expensive for me. A pity!

4 Sep 2010 13:39

The Seven Stars, Chancery Lane

A small pub with a long (400 year) history - apparently Dirk Bogarde used to drop in half a centuary ago. On to now. You would be hard pressed to find more ignorant and arrogant staff, and the beer is not brillant either. Worth a visit if sight-seeing otherwise not worth the bother!

4 Sep 2010 13:22

The Tipperary, Fleet Street

It must be four or more years since I last visited this pub. In those days it alternated between two landlords both of whom very friendly and intelligent but did not suffer fools gladly. Anyway all change. It is now run by a couple who appear friendly on the surface but in reality are so only to their own little clique! Onto the beer. I had a pint of Adnams and all I can say is that it was allright. Anyway I then decided to have a Guiness for which the pub has claims to fame but again I have had better. Like the nearby Seven Stars this could be a great little pub if run by the right people!

4 Sep 2010 13:17

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