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The Kings Head, Pebmarsh

The King's Head pub is a little more than a simple village pub. Having been closed for a while, it now has an able landlord in Joe, who knows what he wants. The pub dates from the 15th century but is spacey and airy with beer gardens front and back. My party had Sunday lunch of local fresh produce and loved it. No juke box or noisy machines. Beer at the normal prices for the area, which brings me to the star in the King's Head crown. Joe has negotiated with the Mill Green brewery of Boxford to provide two bespoke brews for the pub: Promised Land and La Vallette, of which only La Vallette was available during our visit. This turned out to be a delicious pale beer with 3.2 alcohol. We couldn't get enough. Host Joe had another five draught beers on offer but had done away with most lagers, retaining only Becks and Stella Artois. The staff were young,friendly and active, making our visits over the weekend a relaxing pleasure.

9 Aug 2015 13:07

The Beulah, Leeds

Not closed, for some reason it is closed Monday and Tuesday.

19 Dec 2010 12:44

The Coal Hole, Strand

Well, I went on a return visit, just to see if there were any major changes (who am I kidding, I was dead thirsty having just flown in from forrin climes). The bar was quite full as was the alley outside. The bar was manned by four attentive staff who all knew what they were doing and what beers they had. I like the idea of tasters, but I stuck with what I knew and had four lovely pints of Timothy Taylors.

18 Jun 2010 08:02

The Old Mill, Saxtead Green

This is a large, family run village pub. It has a large restaurant area and a smaller area for the "just thirsty". The husband and wife team seem to put a lot of time and effort into it, the wife also being the cook.

I was with a group of 35 folk who were staying nearby. Some of our group went here on arrival on Friday afternoon and were surprised to be asked to leave at 2.45. We soon learned that this is normal for this area.

The food was varied and excellent but it was the beer that made the place memorable. The Inn boasts that all it's beers are casked conditioned. On the Friday evening they were coming to the end of a cask of Yorkshire Terrier, which we made sure ended earlier than anticipated. It was replaced by Hook Norton and another very potable brew which name I forget and we got through a lot of that over the weekend.

The downside is that after serving the evening meal, they start clearing away the bar paraphenalia, which had me looking at my watch and wondering why they wanted to close at 9:00 pm. They didn't close of course, but you got the feeling they wanted to.

So, in short good food, great beer,strange atmosphere.

22 Mar 2010 13:53

The Beulah, Leeds

This very large pub stands alone at the head of a valley commanding a great view along Cockersdale. It is old, being mentioned as a Census station in early censuses for Farnley.

I worked here in the heatwave of inflationary 1976, when the customers were five-deep at the bar every night. Nowadays the customers are few. The strictness of drink driving laws is certainly a factor as the pub is comparitively remote. The layout and decor has been messed about with over the years, but it is no better or worse than it used to be, except that the windows have all been replaced with WHITE plastic frames, which clash terribly with the building and interior decor. They have also again covered over the fireplace where a child's skeleton was discovered which gave the reutation of the pub being haunted and a child's sobs being heard. Can they leave nothing alone?

What about the beer? Well they boast having cask Tetley (big deal), but it is never on when I am there as the inexperienced staff don't know how to "attach" it. The other bitters are cooled (aargh!).

I still pop in there, but I cannot take my eyes of those window frames. The barman's mock cheery "alright mate?" grates against my memory of when one was greeted by "Good evening sir".

22 Mar 2010 13:50

Delirium Cafe, Brussels

I was sat next to Joel, the owner of this place while he was at HIS favourite place, Le Corbeau. Never had time to visit so thanks for the comments letting me know what i missed!

8 Mar 2010 19:17

A La Mort Subite, Brussels

Definately worth a visit just for the old-fashioned atmosphere in this large bar. A bit pricey of course, but if you just want an ordinary Jupiler go next door, it's the cheapest bar in Brussels and the barmaids are fun, "Touche pas!"
I thought I had left my mobile phone here, I hadn't but the staff turned the place upside down looking.

8 Mar 2010 19:14

The Rose, Crowfield

By the way, the pub is called The Crowfield Rose

11 Feb 2010 14:45

The Rose, Crowfield

Wandered into this pub with a thirst on, but cannot remember the decent brew we had. We were hungry but there is no food, though the landlord said that had his wife been in she would have found something for us, which scores high with me. Decent, a bit spartan but genuine pub. Like many of the pubs around here, it closes at 2:30 in the afternoon!

11 Feb 2010 14:44

The Ten Bells, Stonham Aspal

I was looking for a pub which might have Earl Soham Beers. A bit strange coming in and the bar being half obscured by the staircase. Even stranger was a huge and aged air conditioning unit that was right above the spot where one stood to order beer. It was almost at head height and I felt I was going to be "beamed up" any second. Good steak decent beer and draught cider and an absolute delight of a young waitress who thought everything was wonderful and to work in a pub was the greatest career in the world!

11 Feb 2010 14:41

The Angel Inn, Debenham

Tried the Angel and found it a pleasant place. I had joked with the slim cook that he wasn't a good advert for the food but the food was good and covered the large plates. My colleague had been eating the same item in different local pubs (8oz steak) and this was easily the best. The locals were very friendly.

11 Feb 2010 14:29

The Old Fox, Bricket Wood

Nigerian lager? WTF?

1 Oct 2009 06:53

The Waggon and Horses, Sudbury

Lovely hoppy St.Austells beer on tap! Good large food helpings. Attentive, smart and friendly food waiter, who seemed a bit out of place in a 'real man's pub'.

1 Oct 2009 06:29

So Bar and Eats, Knaresborough

I have visited every pub in Knaresborough except this one. With such a huge choice of traditional pubs available in thie small town, I cannot bring myself to enter an establishment who's short name ia an ejaculation.
So! I won't go! I'll be in Blind Jacks if you need me.

23 Sep 2009 05:25

Mother Shipton Inn, Knaresborough

There cannot be a guide to pubs in Knaresboough without starting with this ancient, stone-roofed Inn.
It has to be one of the most attractive ubs in a great setting - in the Nidd valley by the side of the river, with the petrifying well and Mother Shipton's cave behind. Inside the furniture is all antique settles and tables. One large ancient table came from Guy Fawkes' home! The hooks for hanging hams are still in the roof. I can't even remember what beer they serve but it doesn't seem to matter here.
There is a beer garden round the back by the river where a robin will eat from your hand.
Every Boxing day there is a tug-of-war with the Half Moon pub on the other side of the river
Bad point: Fruit machines clash with ancient furniture.
I hope the place is still open. I know the Mother Shipton Park is for sale again but I could swear there was a for sale sign on the pub itself.

17 Sep 2009 20:27

Ye Olde Three Tuns, Thirsk

I just love this place. Whenever in Thirsk I go here first.

17 Jul 2009 09:52

Nags Head Country Inn, Pickhill

The Nag's is the only pub in the village and manages to balance the excellent hotel sectiion with a taproom of great repute, a difficult task that they have pulled off well.
Dealing with the tap room alone then, it is large and pleasant, with photographs of military jets and other paraphenalia donated by the local RAF stations. The beer is always fine and due to an excellent restaurant, you can get a bit more than the standard pub grub.
On one trip there, the day's menu was chalked up inside (it never seems to be the same two days running) and I got the feeling that the menu consisted of whatever had been poached the previous evening, though I am sure that's not the case.
I ate there just the once and chose the gammon steak, expecting a dry, quarter inch slice with a pineapple ring. To this day I have not forgotten that meal! When it came it was an inch thick and covered the whole plate, juicy with some kind of brandy sauce. Absolutely delicious.
Visitors may notice that the walls are covered by cut ties. The staff have for years harvested the ties of unsuspecting customers with the help of a pair of large cloth shears. So beware!

14 Apr 2009 07:13

The Town Hall Tavern, Leeds

Back again, just to see if the beer was as good as last year. Well it was! I tried a selection from the four Taylor's draughts on offer, so good!
They had Weston's Organic cider on as well, which I tried and it was absolutely delicious.
For those customers who don't fancy any of the above (sad!), there is Carlsberg, Amstel, Guinness, Peroni, San Miguel, Becks, Urquel and Stow Cider on tap, with another eleven bottled beers (of which only Newcastle Brown was domestic!)
Friendly chatty staff too.

24 Mar 2009 19:46

Royal George, Stagsden

Visited here covered in mud, but nobody minded. Beer was fine, staff were friendly. Skittles in tap room, the other room looked more like a restaurant.

7 Mar 2009 10:35

O'Shea's, Luton

I walked through the damp, empty streets of Luton to get tto this pub. I opened the door and was hit by a wall of noisy conversation, heat and colour. After recovering I ventured in to find that I was in the aftermath of the Ireland v England rugby match. Half the clientele were in either England or Ireland colours and all getting on like a house on fire. A band was trying to play on the small corner stage but they had a lot to contend with.
The barstaff numbered six, including a tiny girl who looked like an elf. I got served instantly every time I held up my empty glass. The beer wasn't much, no real ale, so i stuck with John Smith's.
The locals were very friendly, and many introduced themselves to me, which was pleasant.
Despite the lack of decent ale, i would visit again.

7 Mar 2009 10:31

The Black Horse, Luton

I visited this place on a Saturday evening, encouraged by earlier revues. I left the choice of real ale to the barman and, thoiugh it smelt and tasted thoroughly hoppy, I couldn't drink it. It was dead. the decor and clientele could be described as 'Bohemian' but scrtuffy is probably nearer the mark. It was, however, a very friendly place and the mixed group of customers all seemed happy.

7 Mar 2009 10:24

The Angel Inn, Leeds

Terrible. I had a foreign guest and we did the four alley pubs. This was by far the worst.
It wasn't the spartan design and furnishing, or the strange customers, though they set the atmosphere. I didn't like the layout. The bar is in the smallest room which has a big pillar in the centre. There wasn't a seat to be had and you could either stand in front of a roasting fire (nice touch, but too much for a small room) or clink to the pillar while folk bashed baby buggies into you.
The other room was larger, with seating around the edge, like a waiting room, so if you are standing, then it's uncomfortable, nothing to lean my bulk against. But it was the staff I didn't like. A more miserable pair of black-clad young bar staff I have never met. It seems that they had no interest in pub or it's customers. We escaped to the alley, with it's "No smoking in this alley" sign. Sad. I'm not going through all that just to enjoy a pint of Sam's.
In the end we left our drinks and went back to Whitelocks.
10 points for the fire and the beer, minus 8 for the atmosphere and staff,

9 Feb 2009 11:26

The Scarbrough Hotel, Leeds

Tried another visit Friday evening but it was packed. Well dressed doorman was telling folk to remove their hats - and they did! Tried again the next day but the small of the previous night drove me over the road to the Prince of Wales

7 Feb 2009 09:55

Prince Of Wales, Leeds

Great news about the reopening. It has had a total refurbishment without damaging the fabric of the building. It seems larger now, probably because the shelves over the bar have gone. The rest suits the buiulding.
Four cask beers and no smell of new paint thankfully. Black Sheep, yum, yum!

4 Feb 2009 16:39

The Vale of York, Carlton Miniott

I went with a local for a bit of grub in the early evening. They had an Earlybird menu which is limited but excellent. The landlord is new here but he knows his business and was very attentive. They had York Brewery on tap and as I had never tried it, I thought I'd give it a go. It was just so damn good that I put off all thoughts of driving home and sank pint after pint of the wonderful stuff. The locals were easy and friendly and I didn't want to leave.

29 Dec 2008 19:19

Mr Foley's Cask Ale House, Leeds

Popped in herte on my way home from the Central library. A friendly girlie behind the bar and three Sunderlanders propping the bar up actually introduced themselves and nearly offered to buy me a drink. only an urgent meeting made me leave.

23 Nov 2008 17:55

The Scarbrough Hotel, Leeds

The pub is still ok. I still miss the two rooms though. I was looking forward to my annual visit last week but the place stank of paint and I was happy to leave.

23 Nov 2008 17:52

Prince Of Wales, Leeds

Closed? I am gutted!

8 Sep 2008 07:04

The Wheatsheaf, Leeds

Oh Dear! All boarded up now. Another pub bites the dust.

26 Apr 2008 11:21

Tap and Spile, Harrogate

Real mixed crowd here. The landlord ws kind enough to let me see his well-stocked cellar. Loads of beers, but often some very poor real ales. One of the few pubs left in the centre of Harrogate.

5 Dec 2007 18:30

The Stone Trough, Rawdon

I ate there once, never again! The place was freezing as they didn't turn on the heating until the pub opened (it was sunday) The food was poor and the staff were moving furniture around us while we ate.

5 Dec 2007 18:27

The Bull Hotel, Halstead

Friendly and tolerant local staff. We actually had a few dances and nobody minded. Decent food.

24 Nov 2007 07:16

The Coal Hole, Strand

I stubled into this pub after a long walk and was immediately pleased. Amazing decor! Very busy with a mixed crowd and as we had invalids with us we had to sit, but nobody had problems sharing their tables or giving up stools. The staff are efficient rather than friendly, but the gem was Timothy Taylor's landlord! I wouldn't leave until I'd had three pints and it was marvellous! I wanted to try London pride but it was off, though they hadn't turned the badge round.

24 Nov 2007 07:13

The Eagle, Cambridge

I visited the great looking pub at late lunchtime, so I understand that the atmosphere would be better of an evening.
My first impression was marred by two small children running around shrieking. I am not fond of foreign staff in English pubs as is now the norm, and the Eagle was no different, having a Rumanian barman. The employee who clears the tables was kind enough to take and collect my food order.
I ordered Chicken Curry. Now from my experiences, curry is a hot spicy dish. What I got could at best be described as slightly peppery. It couldn't make it's mind up if it was curry or chicken supreme. When I commented on the dish's lack of curryness, I was told the chef was Polish, as if that served to explain everything (shades of Fawltey Towers). I was hungry so I ate it. A big mistake. I have just about recovred from the gastro.intestinal nightmare that followed. Nobody would stand near me for three days. The other diners around me (yes, diners not drinkers)were mostly foreign tourists, including some Koreans who photographed everything, bless 'em! Revisit? Yes, but only for the decor.

24 Nov 2007 07:07

The Pickerel Inn, Cambridge

Are there two Pickerels? I ask because the one I visited doesn't match the descriptions below. The beer was crap; warm and dead. The place was dull and empty. The Polish barmaid was off slight interest as she appeared half barmy bless her! Doesn't open until noon, if the staff turn up on time. My crowd went over to the Baron of Beef on the other side of the bridge for a better kept pint and friendlier staff. I would return, but only on an evening to compare.

24 Nov 2007 06:56

The Baron of Beef, Cambridge

I made the pub my first port of call as the Pickerel doesn't open until noon. I found the Speckled Hen excellent, as were the other beers, and at a perfect temperature. Plenty of seating space and a covered area outside for the nicotine addicts.

24 Nov 2007 06:50

The Waggon and Horses, Great Yeldham

Excellently managed, pretty barstaff, decent beers, fine accomodation, good food, amiable host and friendly regulars.

24 Nov 2007 06:46

The Ram Inn, Firle

I attended a metal detector rally near to the Ram, so I was in there a few days in a row. Yes it's foody, but I had a very enjoybale time. The staff were absolutely fabulous. One of them actually give me a lift back to my tent when the pub closed!
I punished the Harveys Bitter at 1.90 and was always reluctant to leave.
I applied for the job of 'old git sitting in the corner telling local stories to anyone who'll listen for free beer' but they turned me down.

17 Nov 2007 08:01

The Skyrack, Headingley

Good for a scrap. People were rolling around on the floor both of my last visits.

12 Nov 2007 18:57

The Vesper Gate, Kirkstall

Large pub, mainly for locals. Large childrens room. Quiz nights etc. Comfortable enough.

12 Nov 2007 18:55

The Butchers Arms, Pudsey

Ah the Butchers! I have watched this pub change over the years. Now it's a decent Sam Smiths pub that is PACKED during the day! Very friendly locals who will talk to you if they see you are alone.

12 Nov 2007 18:51

Board Inn, Knaresborough

Used to be dead scruffy but let us put bands on and was always very ameniable and friendly. I hope it hasn't changed too much.

12 Nov 2007 13:02

Blind Jacks, Knaresborough

A popular place with locals and visitors. Small, so you will end up sharing a table with strangers, which is a good think. Not an old pub though, this place opened in the late 80s. I always visit when in Knaresboro'

12 Nov 2007 13:00

The Roman Bath, York

Looks ok outside, interesting view of the roman remains under glass at your feet. I felt very uncomfortable in there, as though I was totally unwanted. Very sinister. I hope it's changed recently

12 Nov 2007 12:55

The Black-a-Moor Head, Selby

I love this bar. Whether full on a friday night or for a pint at lunchtime, this was the pub I chose.

12 Nov 2007 12:43

Ye Olde Bulls Head Inn, Beaumaris

My very first pint in a pub was here. They must have known I was 14 but never bothered me. Worthington E back then!

12 Nov 2007 12:41

The Harwood Inn, Pannal

Every time I call here, which is about once a year, something has changed. I once visited with a friend, who was a brilliant pianist. He saw the piana in the bar and had to play. The pub filled with Mozarts 21st until the landlady came and told him to "stop messing about!"
Ah, memories!

12 Nov 2007 12:39

Tan Hill Inn, Keld

I called there in a storm and the pub was without electricity. By chance I had packets of candles in the car which I traded for beer. I was very reluctant to leave my place by the fire at the end of the day.

12 Nov 2007 12:35

The Bankhouse Inn, Pudsey

I have visited this remote pub twice and was unimpressed by the very unfriendly staff who seemed to want to be alone.

12 Nov 2007 12:30

The Greyhound, Tong

Dreadful, snobby, clientele, good beers but poorly kept (warm Timothy Taylors). Stone-flagged floor. Great if you like Toby Mugs. This is by far the most unfriendly pub anywhere in the west Leeds area, and I have given it many chances over the years.

12 Nov 2007 12:27

The Orange Tree, Thornham

Yes, definately 'gastro brigade' and pricy. BUT! it was the only pub in the area which allowed forty muddy and dishevelled metal detectorists to hold their own quiz night. Nice staff but hardly speak English. I discussed the refurbishment with the new owner, who actually was very convincing. He said the place was absolutely neglected, needed complete refurbishment or pulling down, and as he was doing it, surely he should be allowed to create something succesful rather than what it was before, an underused local?
Well I couldn't totally disagree, though I still have a bill for two pints and two grassburgers (rocket on everything!)which i show folk as an example of English prices.

11 Nov 2007 08:17

The Old Fox, Bricket Wood

I camped near this pub, so had to use it. My, what prices! The landlady says the landlord is a miserable git, and she should know! Nice, interior, with mixed old furniture.

11 Nov 2007 08:10

The Gardeners Arms, Bilton

I have visited this stone-built pub on and off since 1976. Then the pub was so strange. They used to brew their own beer in the stables next door. The place looked like it had been furnished from an old works canteen; all formica and lino. When the eventually realised it wasn't the sixties anymore, they tidied it up a bit, and in pulling off the crappy panels, they re-discovered a huge fireplace in the first room. The bar has to be the smallest in the world, Jammed in under the stairwell. This pub was the subject of a poem.
Watch your head when you go in.

11 Nov 2007 08:05

The Flying Dutchman, Summerbridge

I used to visit this pub often as my girlfriend lived near. It's boring. Everything is adequate and no more. I gave up on it and went to the much livelier and rougher Pub in Dacre Banks.

11 Nov 2007 07:57

The Butt and Oyster, Chelmondiston

This pub drew me in due to it's position. It just seemed so welcoming. The staff were efficient but had that little coldness that sometimes comes with efficiency. Friendly crowd who didn't mind our football group.

11 Nov 2007 07:53

The Gas House Tavern, Cockersdale

Very large Pub. I got banned in 1976 and haven't been back!

11 Nov 2007 07:50

The Valley Inn, Drighlington

A small, multi-roomed pub overlooking the Cockersdale Valley on the old Leeds-Halifax Road. Sam Smiths I believe and very nice. Friendly staff and despite it's remote location, very 'local'. Darts etc. Worth stopping at.

11 Nov 2007 07:48

Nags Head, Farnley

Ah, the poor Nags! This is an old pub, and the only one in the village of Farnley. It has been messed about with so many times. It has a very close clientele who dictate the closing hours. Beer is unremarkable and fluctuates in price on the whim of each succesive landlord. This was my first pub, when it used to be a proper village pub. I only go there now for convenience, and I always regret it.

11 Nov 2007 07:45

Gamecock, Bramley

A large, multi-roomed, purpose-built estate pub on a busy junction. Nothing remarkable.

11 Nov 2007 07:41

The Wheatsheaf, Leeds

A very ordinary stand-alone pub on a busy junction that has got busier. This was my matchday pub as it was near to Elland Road without getting too crowded. I am pleased the pub survives and continues to do well.

11 Nov 2007 07:39

Whitelocks, Leeds

It's famous, ancient, very interesting but oh so small and crowded. They have better beers now than the Scottish & Newcastle stuff they used to serve. Well worth going out of your way to visit.

11 Nov 2007 07:35

The Victoria Hotel, Leeds

Hard to add anything to the comments made. Very good food, amazing decor and suprisingly decent beer. Happy staff and a very mixed clientele, which is not surprising with the law courts close by. I always take foreign visitors to this pub first.

11 Nov 2007 07:28

The Scarbrough Hotel, Leeds

I used to love the "Taps". It had two large rooms, the lounge and the tap room, with a small difference in the price of your Tetleys depending if you were stood on carpet or lino. The facade is still original but the old interior has been ripped out and the two rooms made into one. Another old NF pub in the seventies, it is unfortunately more upmarket nowadays.

11 Nov 2007 07:25

Prince Of Wales, Leeds

This great little pub always has good beer and decent food, friendly staff and friendly regulars. It hasn't changed from when it was a great NF pub in the late seventies, unlike the other two locals, the Black Lion and the Scarborough Taps.

11 Nov 2007 07:22

The Adelphi, Leeds

This was always an interesting pub. Overlooked by many as it is over the river from the city centre. Great Tetleys as they only have to bring the barrels from next door. I spent many happy Friday nights here when they had the "Bowie Club" upstairs,

11 Nov 2007 07:18

The Dog Inn, Halstead

This Pub took in 5 weary foreign travellers and didn't overcharge for the basic rooms. The beer was great and the barmaid a stunner! I am looking forward to another visit there this month.

11 Nov 2007 07:13

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