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Comments by Anubis99

The George Inn, St Mary Bourne

Under new ownership, and it looks as though the pub has it's name back again!
Still the after dark, (non-Nude) pole dancing bar in the front bar, however the back bar is now open all day, still a good line up of bands for the evening sessions. Good venue for the alternative/indy/metal crowd of Andover. Unfortunately they will not be able to compete on price having a Wetherspoons next door undercutting them by a pound on most pints.

15 Apr 2010 10:40

Sunset Bar, Perranporth

Long trek up the steps to the bar, good views across the bay. Not much in the way of ale on the go when last visited.

15 Apr 2010 10:34

Green Parrot, Perranporth

Yet to have a decent pint of beer in this place, always seems grubby. Not yet braved the food. Can get very busy at the height of summer, particularly with the car park to the rear.

15 Apr 2010 10:32

The Tywarnhayle, Perranporth

A big pub, can get busy at mealtimes, not overly impressed with the standard of food for the price. Big screens for football and sports, outside seating area. A couple of ales on the bar, not too bad a venue for a drink on your way around town.

15 Apr 2010 10:28

The The Upper Deck, Perranporth

This pub has seen mixed fortunes, upon last visit it had scrubbed up soemwhat and was again offering a decent range of beers including local cider. It is still a busy place after dark with the younger population and to this end seems to offer a range of evening entertainment. A pleasant enough place to spend an afternoon.

15 Apr 2010 10:25

The Crook and Shears, Upper Clatford

Ownership has not changed, prices are worse than ever and custom seems at an all time low. The food menu is just as outrageously overpriced as the beers and I really do resent being charge 75p just for a small bag of crisps.
It is a real shame, the pub has a lot of character and a lot of potential, aside from a few regulars they seem to rely on passing trade and a rear skittle alley/bar for functions to bring customers in the door.
The darts board was scrapped years ago as it got in the way of tables, visiting with a cribbage team to play the pub side can be a very expensive trip with many sticking to the one drink!
Far better and cheaper pubs in Andover

16 Dec 2009 15:57

The Jolly Farmer, Cliddesden

Not a bad place in the summer to sit in the garden, prices are quite steep for food and beer though the ales always seem to be well kept and fresh.
Main bar can be somewhat cramped and the location requires having to drive.
Not a bad place to visit, just be sure to take plenty of money.

16 Dec 2009 15:15

The Golden Lion, Viables

Weekday lunchtimes this pub can be full of thirsty workers from the nearby offices in Jays Close. Weekends it is frequented by locals and can be pretty quiet. The food is not bad and at least all home cooked, prices for food again are reasonable with regular 'specials' on a chalk board.
It is a quite spacious pub with two rooms though only the lounge bar seems to ever have service with the public bar being reserved for a pool table.
Smokers are well catered for with a wooden heated shelter to the rear overlooking the car park.
Yes the place is somewhat tatty in places but for an out of the way pub the prices are not too eye watering with a pint of bitter being 2.50 a pint.
All in all not a bad place to visit, though it can be rowdy at times with drunken office workers. Probably not best for those of a nervous temperament

16 Dec 2009 15:02

John Russell Fox, Andover

Can't rate it much higher, service can be intermittent depdending on staffing and customers. Beers vary from drinkable to downriht bad due to the long range of ales and lack of pull through on many. Still it is the cheapest watering hole in town and long may it remain so. It's a Wetherspoons so no surprise that it is exactly the same format as every other.

1 Nov 2009 17:55

The Town Mills, Andover

Full of kids these days, upstairs was filthy uncleaned tables and mess everywhere. landolord making an effort with a couple of real ales but little pull through means a usual crap pint.

1 Nov 2009 17:52

The Magic Roundabout, Andover

Another one of the Greene King pubs of Andover, designed to cater to families with kiddies play area. It does have an over 18's bar for adults only but the place still serves the same microwaved, grilled and fried meals and overpriced beer.

5 May 2009 16:51

The Kings Cross, Cardiff

This used to be Cardiff's premiere Gay pub, a give away being the rainbow flags in the windows. Situated at the top of kebab alley aka Caroline Street. It remains a more pricey venue than other pubs in the area.

5 May 2009 16:42

The Watering Hole, Perranporth

This is certainly NOT the cheapest place to get a drink in Perranporth but being placed directly on the beach they have a captive audience for beer and food. This said, the ales are local and well kept and the location makes it a great stopping off point on the long walk back across the beach.
It does get very busy at peak times with the wooden picnic tables always in demand.

16 Feb 2009 11:41

The George Inn, Andover

Ok, firstly the picture above is some years out of date!
This pub is now almost two pubs in one, the lower bar - known as Lynotts Bar is the smaller of the two and is now a Pole Dancing establishment (non-nude!) whilst the upper bar is mostly given over to being a live music venue. It caters for the Rock/Alternative musical genre and crowd and is a hit with many of the younger Goths, Punks, Emos etc. Sometimes has some decent cover bands on and local acts as well as open mike nights. Not the cheapest of venues but it is open later into the night.

24 Oct 2008 16:05

The Watering Hole, Perranporth

Expensive but good beers, great location however!

11 Jun 2008 16:55

The Danebury Hotel, Andover

Visited again a week or two ago, Friday night and it was awful. Same sticky carpets and floor, vastly overpriced drinks and a barn like 'disco/dance' hall at the rear. Still somewhere best avoided unless really desperate for a beer later on or you've been refused entry everywhere else!

27 May 2008 14:45

The Angel Inn, Andover

The oldest pub in Andover and a lot of history, generally well kept couple of ales from the Greene King line in IPA and Abbott. Very small pool room but otherwise decent sized front and rear bars. Maybe not as trendy a place now for the younger drinkers of Andover but a good place to visit for a few drinks with friends.

27 May 2008 14:32

The Foresters Arms, Andover

Amongst the trendy loud music bars up and down the High Street The Foresters manages to retain a semblance of a traditional pub. Not bad beer and prices that are reasonable. It is not the biggest of pubs so can get a little cramped at busy times but worth a look in if you are in town. Not the biggest real ale range but normally a couple on the pumps and quite well kept.

27 May 2008 14:29

The Crook and Shears, Upper Clatford

Crook & Shears is soon to be under new ownership of the leasehold so may be some changes. For better or worse remains to be seen! Prices are very expensive for what is on offer and unfortunately unlikely to change :o(

27 May 2008 14:12

The Plough Inn, Grateley

Dead as a dead thing last time I visited. Nice big pub with a lot of potential, will have to return to see it for an evening to really get a feel for the place though the beer was ok.

27 May 2008 13:38

The Lamb Inn, Andover

Not been into The Lamb in years then a couple of recent visits. It is a small pub and tucked away from the rest of the high street of NAdover, however it does serve a range of decent ales often changing. Can be a bit quiet but put some music on the well stacked jukebox and rack a game or two of pool or throw some darts then it's a great little place to go. One of the better pubs in town now I reckon.

27 May 2008 13:34

Lardicake, Andover

Excellent last time I visted, lovely well kept ales and reasonable prices. Not bad for a pub just a short distance from high street

22 Jan 2008 18:55

The Propaganda Music Canteen, Andover

Expensive and getting served when busy is damn nearly impossible. If you do want better service best to book a table and stay for waitress service to table.. crazy at peak times.

22 Jan 2008 18:53

John Russell Fox, Andover

Just a cheap watering hole, normally full of Andovers Space Cadets and hard core alcoholics. Not bad real ale selection but never enough pull through so invariably a bad pint. Best to stick to lager.
Crammed on Fri/Sat nights with all the kids before they go clubbing. Very much chav central

20 Mar 2007 14:41

The Walnut Tree Inn, Appleshaw

Strnage place, lovely old country pub. Sunday carvery seems popular. Ales not too bad and price was ok but a bit of a drive to get to it!

24 Jul 2006 10:32

The Red Lion Country Inn, Clanville

Very expensive and overpriced grub. Not so much a pub as a restaurant. Some Ales on but too pricey to really go there for just a drink!

24 Jul 2006 10:31

The Foresters Arms, Andover

Seems Green King are changing all their pubs from managed to tenancies. Strange little place rather like drinking in someones living room. Not too bad on price but duno what happened to the big screen for matches. never even thought about eating here it's a drinking establishment rather than gastro pub!

24 Jul 2006 10:06

The Town Mills, Andover

Wonderful old building with a lot of history, inside is modern and quite smart. Can be very cramped in the evenings and more like a sauna though the small riverside garden is a good retreat. Loos are still pretty awful. Normally keeps a couple of Wadworths ales on the go.

24 Jul 2006 10:04

The Danebury Hotel, Andover

Stupidly expensive, carpets and bars still sticky, certainly would never recommend anyone actually stay there as the back rooms are now just another nightclub on Fri/Sat nights. Free entry early on but 5 after midnight!!

24 Jul 2006 10:01

The Life, Andover

Pretty mediocre, the only real challenger for cheap drinks to Wetherspoons during the day but completely lacking anything other than mainline lagers and bitters. Food is not much different to Wetherspoons

24 Jul 2006 09:59

The Angel Inn, Andover

Has certainly changed over the years and whilst it doesn't seem to bad it does seem pretty empty these days with little custom.

24 Jul 2006 09:57

The Magic Roundabout, Andover

Vile, expensive drinks and overpriced microwave grub. Ok for kids I guess but it's just A.N.other chain pub

24 Jul 2006 09:53

The Crook and Shears, Upper Clatford

Not bad range of beers, nice garden and skittle alley attached. lovely pub, lots of character, good atmosphere. Shame about the prices!! Food is way overpriced and pretty mediocre being all frozen adn reheated/fried stuff. Beer is good but ridiculously expensive. Service can be slow at times when staff are taking food orders

14 Jul 2006 12:01

The Shears, Collingbourne Ducis

Not cheapest food but very good and excellent service. A lovely setting and good beers

14 Jul 2006 11:36

The Weyhill Fair, Weyhill

Food prices have been hiked up somewhat but still pretty good grub. Beer is good though mainly Fullers range. Beer festival is always a good one and is all weekend this year :o)

14 Jul 2006 11:35

John Russell Fox, Andover

Typical Wetherspoons, lots of beers and cheap too! Very reasonably sized place though never enough bar staff on duty particularly at busier times. Food is little to write home about but is cheap and varied.

2 Aug 2005 16:37

The Queens Head, Ludgershall

Traditional pub, reasonably priced food and real ale though only normally one or two. Good size place with plenty of seating outside and inn, it boasts a skittle alley/function room to the rear and an impressive thirteenth century fireplace. Recently redecorated by new owners it remains a popular venue for all ages though sadly lacking in any traditional activities such as Darts or Snooker/Pool.

2 Aug 2005 16:24

The Crown Inn, Ludgershall

Pub remains unchanged as loud modern big widescreen tv for football. Not a real ale pub and quite pricey for a village pub. Still it serves it purpose and has a late license until 2am Friday and Saturday nights with the usual attractions of disco and karaoke with Sunday afternoons being popular for watching the football.

2 Aug 2005 16:20

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