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Comments by Amarok

The Hand and Heart, Peterborough

Bram keeps a cracking Pub, beer is top quality and welcome is warm. A little off the beaten track but well worth a visit.
a Hidden Gem

19 Dec 2012 12:42

The Nags Head, Peterborough

Sadly now closed :-(

26 Nov 2011 20:29

The Prince of Wales, Peterborough

Now Closed :-(

26 Nov 2011 20:26

Bar Bloc, Peterborough

One of the best stone buildings in the city centre and was once a temperance hotel. Was the Royal until ‘refurbished’ and renamed to the Bar Royal. Now call Bar Bloc

26 Jun 2008 21:50

Geneva's, Peterborough

Great news, after my comments we are now back to Real Ale with Fullers London Pride and a Guest Ale to sample.

16 Nov 2007 11:56

Barley Mow, Hartford

This is a Charles Wells pub

17 Feb 2007 19:52

The Cross Keys Inn, Peterborough

after a re-vamp and new management the Cross Keys is definately one to visit! Just out of town, lovely locals, friendly staff and interested management from John and Theresa.

15 Feb 2007 23:01

The Boys Head, Oundle Rd

Called in today and found the pub very friendly

10 Feb 2007 17:35

The Blue Bell, Maxey

The Blue Bell is a delightful village pub crammed with memorabilia that offers a warm welcome to both locals and tourists alike. Fine cask ales are sourced from all over the country, but you can always count on finding London Pride inside

2 Feb 2007 19:19

The Malt Shovel, Northampton

Perfik Pub :-) as Pop Larkin would say. 10/10 I say if you are in Northampton head for the Carlesburg sign and you will spot this oasis

31 Jan 2007 23:23

The Solstice, Peterborough

Great drop of London pride :-), my last visit I was too pissed to notice the staff but they were on the ball

29 Dec 2006 00:31

Geneva's, Peterborough

with no real ale in the place more of a tramp steamer than a cruise ship Shame :-(

29 Dec 2006 00:25

The Palmerston Arms, Peterborough

Excellent Pub,check out the Pork Pies, beautiful

17 Dec 2006 22:32

The Ostrich Inn, Peterborough

Beer is Excellent Everards , but they have now taken to playing Drum and Bass so bring cotton wool

17 Dec 2006 22:27

Geneva's, Peterborough

Sad to report the new captain is NOT stocking London Pride or any real Ale, Shame

17 Dec 2006 22:25

The Langley Tap, Langley Burrell

Always pull into here for a pint or two if I am in the area. Last year they had London Pride, this time it was Wadworth 6X they keep a great pint and the foods good :-)

22 Aug 2006 21:09

The Dunstan House Inn, Burnham on Sea

A Youngs pub in Somerset, I did a double take. The pub and beer are first class. So if you are staying at the local Haven site pay them a visit

22 Aug 2006 21:06

The Tudor Oaks Hotel, Stotfold

Always has 5 or 6 Real Ales on the Bar. Beer, Staff and surroundings are delightful. I usually stop on a Thursday evening to sample that weeks selection :-) It is Right on the A1 at Astwick

7 Jul 2006 01:24

Geneva's, Peterborough

Paddy has left so its under new Management. The London Pride wasn't as good on my last visit I hope the new owners get it together. Same friendly staff just needs a good captain

7 Jul 2006 01:09

The Test Match, West Bridgford

Just like stepping onto the set of Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot the Art Deco interior is fantastic I fell in love as soon as I walked through the swing doors. The staff were friendly and the Beer was good quality. Can't wait to visit again

15 Jun 2006 22:48

The Comet, Peterborough

Hello sir, I think you missed my point. Before you took over, the Comet was listed in the Aviation Pub guide book along with the Harrier. Now its listed where ? Heavenly Bodies??. Since the demise of the De Havilland Comet Airliner your pub is now a Big Pub in Peterborough much the same as the Big pub down the road. A quick search on the net lists a Halleys Comet in MK a lost opportunity me thinks

15 Jun 2006 22:40

The Ostrich Inn, Peterborough

Did anyone see the opening scenes in American Werewolf in London when the boys enter the pub and everyone stops talking a looks up. You get the same welcome when you enter Bogarts. Apart from that the beers OK

15 Jun 2006 22:22

The Comet, Peterborough

Nice big Pub, shame they had the pub sign changed, it used to have a De Havilland Comet Airliner, It now has a modern Halley's comet image. Another bit of british heritage gone

27 Mar 2006 16:22

The Sportsman, Peterborough

Listed as a free house, but the beer wasn't too good, no handpumps and the back room was like a opium den with the air thick in 'Herbal' cigarette smoke. Didn't spend too long there....

27 Mar 2006 16:16

Crooked Billet, Stevenage

Sorry I meant Stevenage

12 Mar 2006 00:49

The White Hart Inn, Lyneham

RAF Lyneham Regular

4 Mar 2006 20:16

The Mallard, Lyneham

Regular Airmans Haunt from RAF Lyneham

4 Mar 2006 20:15

The Peterborough Arms, Chippenham

Used to drink Here in the 1970's as a RAF ERK from nearby RAF Lyneham. A favorite watering hole for the RAF

4 Mar 2006 20:11

The Bell Inn, Stilton

The Bell Inn, historically an important stop on the Great North Road between London and York, is one of the finest surviving examples of a 17th century Coach House in the country.

Renowned as the birthplace of Stilton Cheese and situated in the village of Stilton, The Bell has stood on its present site since 1500, though earlier incarnations, (as long as 1437) have been recorded.
The current buildings date from 1642.

3 Mar 2006 22:58

Chequers, Orton Wistow

Nice Modern pub, handy for the Business lunches from the near by Enterprise park during the day, Evenings can be a bit quiet. But Hey if you want a decent pint give it a try. The chinese and chippy are just on the corner as well

3 Mar 2006 22:49

Lady Lodge, Orton Goldhay

A example of how not to design a pub,(Built in the 80's designed by LEGO) That said the Staff are very friendly and the beer is the usual 'Working Mans Club' selection. Mabey some Horse Brasses and Handpumps ?:-))

3 Mar 2006 22:45

Charters Bar, Peterborough

Loads of character, Loads of Beer what more do you want ??. Highly recommended, especially during the summer

3 Mar 2006 22:41

The Solstice, Peterborough

A youngsters Pub in the evenings, I went one evening in 2005 and witnessed a young girl preforming Felatio on her boyfriend on the dance floor, makes a change to Karoke ! But full marks to the management with 2 Hand Pumps, offering an alternative to Stella and Fosters. Nice drop of London Pride or IPA :-)

3 Mar 2006 22:37

Goodbarns Yard, Peterborough

Good honest Boozer, Great staff and great beer. Well worth a visit. They really try hard so top marks to them

3 Mar 2006 22:32

The Brewery Tap, Peterborough

The second Cathedral in Peterborough. One for God and this on for Beer. Shame the council are looking to knock it down. Sits out on its own since the demise of the 5 Bells. Well worth a visit and the sister pub (Charters) moored on the river. Oakham Ales are the mutts nuts they take pride in the product. Check em out

3 Mar 2006 22:29

The Wortley Almshouses, Peterborough

10 out of 10 for Sam Smiths. CAMRA use the Wortley Almshouses on their advertising. With its sister Pub on Oundle Road (Botolph Arms) they serve the cheapest beer in Peterborough. Saturday nights are fun, mostly frequented by the cast of the rocky horror show. Check it out :-))

3 Mar 2006 22:25

The Drapers Arms, Peterborough

A large Pub in Peterborough, No to sure where they are going with this ?, when it was the Old Monk it was Light and airy, with the staining of the wood and a general darkening of the decor I suspect they are trying to potray a Dikensian feel to the place. time will tell, shame they don't do London Pride anymore Happy Daze at the Old Monk !

3 Mar 2006 22:21

The Botolph Arms, Orton Longueville

Very Nice pub, set back from the road, looks more like a Manor House with flagstones on the floor. This is a Sam Smith Pub, Very keen prices :-). Great pub all year round with roaring fires in the winter and plenty of open space in the summer. Try it

3 Mar 2006 22:14

The Cherry Tree, Peterborough

Sorry to see the poor comment in 2004. All I can say is I have been to the Cherry tree in 2005 and 2006, No complaints so far, good selection of beer, very friendly staff. Nice boozer

3 Mar 2006 22:10

The Palmerston Arms, Peterborough

10 out of 10. It don't get any better than this. If you like real ale this is the best in town

3 Mar 2006 22:08

The Coalheavers Arms, Peterborough

With the Palmerston, Cherry Tree, Charters and the Coal Heavers a nice gentle crawl :-)

3 Mar 2006 22:06

Geneva's, Peterborough

Nice drop of Fullers London Pride
Geneva's is more of a Long Bar than a Pub. Plenty going on through the week with Karoke on Fri and Sat, can get very packed on occasions. staff are friendly. If you are in Peterborough Pay it a visit

3 Mar 2006 22:02

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