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Edwards, Wimbledon

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If you have been to an Edwards bar before you know the score, big open bar with not a lot going for it. Nothing decent on draft so was bottled cider all round. Worth popping in as part of a pub crawl otherwise don't bother.
Mad123 - 14 May 2012 09:45
Real Beer drinkers avoid.
bloodylimey - 19 Dec 2011 17:01
Full of chavs on a Friday and Saturday night. Suprisingly it doesn't take as long to get served as you think it might when it gets busy. Reasonably good bar staff and some decent drinks deals during the week.

Would only really go there to laugh at the youngsters of today and remind ourselves of what we were or weren't like when we were their age.
Heart_of_Gold - 26 Sep 2011 17:07
Ahhhh Edwards...I thought I knew what I was getting when meeting a few work colleagues for a drink a few weekends ago....this is what was in store for me:

The Doorman were eratic at best...the people in front of us had just been turned away from The Slug & Lettuce when we walked up; due to one of the members of their group swaying and being greatly intoxicated. He appeared to be a scaffolder, but due to the fact of his shiny black shoes and the girls he was with (im sure their mothers would not have approved of what they were wearing) they got in...congratulations!

Due to the ratio of men:women......3 guys 2 girls it took a lot of decission making on the part of the doormen for our group, ok we are not the best looking chaps in the world but I thought my Reiss suit was suitable atire. After much energy expelled on the part of the doorman we got in

I can best describe The Edwards as a youth took an age to get a very cocky young man dressed in jeans hanging off his bottom.....whatever happened to the staff uniform?

The music was a plus however loved listening to the eclectic mix of cheesy tunes and girls aloud....even I didnt feel out of place

The young man from earlier (Mr Scaffold) proceeded to be ejected from the premises after feeling up one too many young girls....good effort

All hail the new Wetherspoons!
sebastian24 - 3 Mar 2009 07:10
Edwards is part of a large chain which alson owns All Bar One and O'Neills. It has no soul. It is for people who like large chains. It is very average. And it closes very very early so be warned.
seanthompson7 - 2 Mar 2009 21:44
wow was really impressed with this placve had herd somethings but was more than pleasently suprised the service was fast and efficient and all the staff looked like they wanted to be there and were having as much fun as i was would deafinetly go back
akellochi - 8 Feb 2009 22:18
Having not been down to Edwards for years, a friend managed to drag me in last saturday. I was pleasantly suprised, and it was not the rnb den that i remeber. Although decor looks slightly dated, the atmosphere was excellent. I tried the 2-4-1 burger offer they have on, finding the food tasty and the service fast. As the night went on the music was great - i never expected to hear some of my fav`s like MGMT and vampire weekend being played. All in all a great night out - ill definatly pop back soon
dAVE84 - 23 Jan 2009 14:03
I was out at Edwards last Sat night and had a great time although my favourite barmaid was not to be seen but luckily she was collecting glasses later and that put a smile on my face.

This has to be my favourite place in Wimbledon as I went there for my birthday and had one of the best nights out this year! I would prefer mor r n b music but as long as there are hot women there The Jamaican Brothers will be there in full force.

dunusinghe123 - 7 Oct 2008 13:21
Edwards is the best bar in Wimbledon as it is lively and has many beautiful women on a Friday and Sat night out. Not only that but the bar-staff are gorgeous, the brunette is my favourite as she is stunning!

They also play great music ranging from RnB, Dance and some 80's disco classics. The dance floor always gets packed and you always have a top night out there.

In fact im off there tonight. Just hope that brunette barmaid is there.
dunusinghe123 - 18 Jul 2008 10:25
Edwards Wimbledon is a great night out and a much improved bar. The food is actually pretty good for a pub and comes out promptly.

It is worth going to Edwards Wimbledon just for the bar staff. They are hot, especially the blonde one! wowawowo!! Also the girl with brown hair... how you doing?? They are a great team who work efficiently and strive to make each and every customer's evening a pleasurable one.

The music is great on a Friday with a top class DJ, Saturdays are also pretty kool. Sunday features a live band and is a great day for chilling out.

People can say what they want about the venue but it is always jam packed on the weekends... I know where I'm heading in a bit!!
jake1234 - 11 May 2008 13:25
It will sound strange, but there used to work a boy in Edwards in Wimbledon, in 2005, he was picking up the bottles. His name was Diego and was from Brazil. If somebody knows what happened to him, please let me know.
My address is
Thanks a lot.
anonymous - 19 Jul 2007 15:11
In recent weeks when i've been going the doormen have been asking everyone for ID even if they look 50!
Not only this but they have now taken to asking people with hooded jackets/coats to take them off BEFORE you enter the building
It's going downhill
anonymous - 29 Nov 2006 13:12
With Yates/RSVP/whatever its called now, it like a little patch of Croydon transplanted into Wimbledon. Mostly full of the type of chav tw@ts who think they're not chavs just because they don't wear burberry baseball caps, but nevertheless is an alright place to go if you simply wanna get hammered. Bar staff are alright and have personally never had a problem getting in with scruffy jeans and trainers, but agree that over 21s policy is a bit stupid when most of the girls in there are 15! Would probably close down if the tram link to Croydon was stopped.

I hope they stop the tram link to Croydon.
anonymous - 24 Sep 2006 12:16
This refers to Friday and Saturday nights:

When this place first opened it was alright, but having gone back recently on 2 occasions I think the 'character' of the place has changed for the worse.

There is a lot of attitude floating around amongst the blokes and it now seems to attract the kind of guy that used to go to Yates down the road but who now 'finks he's better than that innit'...

No more queues to get in though I noticed,...perhaps not as popular as it once was?

Dance foor is packed and they play cheesy commercial tunes which if you like or are drunk enough you'll enjoy. Bar service okay, not not great either.

The attendent in the mens bathroom is still annoying and gives you the evil eye if you dont tip him for handing you a towell (when will bar management learn this is frustrating for customers?!?).

anonymous - 7 May 2006 15:10
Sorry, the door policy is pathetic and the bouncers could communicate a little better. Seems ok inside for a kind of pub/club. The place down the road doesn't look as good but there is a better attitude all round.
anonymous - 10 Dec 2005 12:10
I have been going to edwards for nearly two years and I love it. The BAR staff are cute, the people are friendly and the bouncers are sound. Chris, Darren and Mark are three crazy guys who do there job properly and brighten my night up. Thursday and Friday nights have a good atmosphere (and very cute guys) So get down there. Watch out for little russ and the slapping hand tho, it's brutal on your ass!!!!!!!!!!
nuttynat21 - 17 Apr 2005 19:24
In response to Gray, Im not naive, thought it was obvious that "shoes and shirt" comment was sarcastic...apparantly not.
anonymous - 11 Apr 2005 13:52
Nice place for a sunday lunch - quite and very friendly staff. I don't use it during the weekends as I too work in pubs but the missus sings it praises.

As for "people in shoes and shirts don't fight" - you seem rather naive to the real world. To suggest that clothes change your attitude rather than the amount of stella you throw down your neck is a little silly.

And yates is a shit hole - staff are nice though!
Gray - 4 Apr 2005 22:58
Aspirational watering-hole for Yates drinkers. That is not a compliment.
Benny_Boy - 2 Mar 2005 16:37
Sorry mate, you seem a little confused. Im not a 'chav' nor do I look like one or behave like one...maybe this is why I have discovered better places to have a good time than Edwards' chains Wimbledon branch.Im perfectly happy wearing a shirt and shoes (everyone knows people in shirts and shoes don't fight, or at least thats wot out of town pubs and clubs think), tho you'll find most places dont require this in the year 2005, and are happy if you look well dressed.EVEN IN A TSHIRT BELIEVE IT OR NOT!.Now, you say edwards is a chav free what about the loafer wearing, earring wearing lads that roam this place?And, has it occured to you that maybe you dont have a problem getting in because the doorman, and I quote "he is my mate"?The reason I mentioned Yates WAS because its an absolute shit hole not because I love it, but still they have managed to employ doorstaff who can communicate with customers thro good humour and general edwards they seem to have been handed the job of doorman, and adopted meathead mentality with it.
shicoshinery - 2 Mar 2005 14:32
chris the bouncer is a mate of mine and i can vouch for him and all the other bouncers, that there all wicked people! and to (anonymous - 21 Jan 2005 14:09)yeh mate yates allows trainers and hacket tops and burrbery caps! any chav skum can get in there but thats only because its a place were people go to fight and walk into wall and all the other sutpid things skum do! over last the year yates has called out the police 70% more times than edwards have u know why! because edwards dont allow skum or people dressed like skum so if u think a club/bar that allows trainers and burbery caps is a nice venue then bye bye chav skum! sure edwards wont miss u too much!

wicked bar nice staff great food! nice bouncers!
n0z1e - 5 Feb 2005 02:04
STOOPID BOUNCERS! Don't know where they got the doorman from, they are the most miserable have seen anywhere, and seem hell bent on turning you away at the door.Even the doorstaff at downmarket Yates are more friendly and chatty!Recently, turned away after being told that it had become over 25's...very infuriating when you look couple of meters beyond the bouncers and there are shit loads of girls barely old enough to drink.On the 'over 25's' occasion rang up and asked what their door policy was,door manager (Stuart?) said it was over 21's and he'd never heard of any 25+ policy.He said in future to ring the bar if experience problems with the gimps on the door.All very well trying to estabilish a averagely upmarket bar,but there are other ways of achieveing it....upmarket places in Clapham and central London are never a problem to get into!
anonymous - 21 Jan 2005 14:09
This pub used to be a favourite of mine until recently. The bouncers are complete wan**rs. They get jealous if a girl's having a good time wiv you and throw you out if she starts undoing your shirt. It aint my fault! Never gona go back to this sh*thole.
sweetboy2000 - 25 Dec 2004 14:05
I wnet to Edwards tonite to find my fiance who said he was inside and that I should meet up with him and his friends, the bouncers would not let me past the door because I had "trainers on". Come on this is London, you change into trainers to go home the pricks. My mobile phone was totally dead and he would not let me in just to let my fiance know that I was okay he said it was "not his problem". I used to think it was a good pub but there is no way that I am going there to spend my hard earned cash and be made to feel like a criminal.
Jackie - 1 Oct 2004 21:15
im a regular at edwards it is a great nite full of fit lads the drinks are flowing music is great worth getting dressed up for
kim ashton - - 30 Aug 2004 21:06
Went there 2 weeks ago, couldnt get in as we were wearing trainers, fair enough we thought but then a guy wearing shorts and trainers came out. We asked why he had been let in and the stupid bouncer could not give a satisfactory explaination.
Mr Vincent Mancini - 16 Aug 2004 09:46
i've been to edwards on several occasions, im a regular, the staff are fun and can sometimes be cute, and the doormen are really nice, chris i think is his name is a real sweetie. worth going to talk to him. great music and if you buy two glasses of wine u get the bottle free. always a good thing
a sexy minx - 26 Jun 2004 19:46
excelent bar.If only it closed later than 12.Best days to go there are thursday 4 the R'N'B listeners or for any1 that likes to body pop and robot on d dance floor. and Sats for a mixture of tunes and for a graet vibe.They even have the bongo man and a sax man playing to d beats fo the songs. security is tight no trainers allowed at al. All bar staff are friendly and polite. the best bar in wimbledon for definite!!!
lisa - 7 Mar 2004 22:32
The only thing these prats are worried about are your shoes. They will not let you in if you are wearing any shoes remotely resembling trainers (and this includes Diesel, Prada, Oxo, and Royal Elastics). Single guys, do not go as you will be made to wait in a queue whilst everyone else with woman are let in before you - totally sucks!!
Therry - 19 Feb 2004 19:09
Seemed OK, full of South Africans, but that is not a bad thing. Fire Alarm ended the evening early though.
Mike - 15 Feb 2004 00:03
Brilliant Bar but watch out for the posh Stuck - up Wimbledon High girls, they can really ruin a night......Go there but dont approach them sober...or Drunk
Girl - 12 Feb 2004 17:54
great memories of this place. many 4 shot challenges with the rest of the dog and fox crew. good service, OK prices, also the place me and domi first kissed while sober! worth a look even on a sunday evening. good fun
coxy - 12 Feb 2004 08:31
Best nite out in Wimbledon, great atmosphere, good music and excellent staff. Helen the tequila girl ensures a good nite out!
DANNY - 21 Jan 2004 11:23
Excellent bar especially friday and saturday nights. Fantastic shot girl if u dont want to go to the bar yourself!
megan - 17 Dec 2003 11:16
best place to be on a friday night if you are in Wimbledon.. or near it. decent music, good service and nice surroundings + a curry house directly opposite! Forget Yates' if you have any taste at all!
julie - 25 Sep 2003 16:17
Edwards - before the Wimbledon branch arrived, I had only been to the one in Richmond, which I found to be quite awful & full of awful types.. so I wasn't pleased to hear about an Edwards on my doorstep! BUT, now I am pleased it landed! It's by far the best 'lively' bar in Wimbledon. Thurs/Fri/Sat - open a little is pumping..& if u know some of the staff,the drinks are flowing faster! Friendly staff,good service,has some decent dj's for this type of place.Toilets well clean,never a queue! Nice sofas too! The best bar round here at the moment!
JOO - 25 Sep 2003 15:40
Oh Dear!! I must of gone on a different night to Tim!
Its O.K but definately worth jumping on the district line to the Hammersmith one, 100 times better.
dawn - 23 Aug 2003 20:47
It's a great nite out, music is fab, bar staff amazing.....
tim - 16 Aug 2003 00:44

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