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Woodies, New Malden

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Come to this pub most weekends as it is a pleasant oasis in the suburban sprawl of south west London. Even some of the knuckle dragging locals with their aggressive hounds can't spoil it; however, the abrupt barman who barked at my 12yo old son "no children allowed at the bar" as he was waiting to help me carry the drinks outside have ensured lost customers. Of course the Licensing Act says no such thing, it is just the landlord's own made up rule but as it is clear they don't want children in the establishment I will happily go elsewhere. Obviously the landlord is too dense to realise that the margin on children's drinks is far more than on alcoholic ones.
ManuelOPere - 4 Jul 2016 17:27
haven't been here for 3/4 years,still an excellent place.veranda been added since my last visit which is great.still some outside seats too.enjoyed vast amounts of bowmans elderado beer.great 80s disco for my mates birthday,staff were a bit of a walk to get to,but you can get a 265 bus to south lane from fountain roundabout.walk under the underpass,alleyway takes you to woodies and back to A3 bus stop 5 min walk.
hoppyal - 9 May 2016 11:39
This former cricket pavilion is a little off the beaten track. But it's worth going just to admire all of the sports memorabilia covering every inch of wall and ceiling space. Much of it centres around local teams such as Wimbledon and Fulham. The ale range is reasonably good and you can check what is available on their website. Yesterday there was Twickenham Naked Ladies & Sundancer, Weltons Heat Was In The Very Sod, Fullers London Pride & ESB, Adnams Broadside & Youngs Bitter. Cider was Wyld Wood. Food is served from a counter and is probably fairly popular, given the counter has its own staff. But there was a strong smell of fish. We weren't sure this place was open on arriving shortly after 11am yesterday. The door to the veranda was open. But the door to the bar was not. The veranda was nice and warm anyway! I'm not sure I'd hurry back here as it's a good 15-20 minute walk from either Malden Manor or Berrylands stations where trains are also fairly infrequent. In addition there's no other pubs nearby. The nearest place listed on here is the Manor, which is now a Co-Op!
blue_scrumpy - 17 Jan 2016 16:55
My second visit yesterday approx. 2 years after the first although I did not previously post a review. The interior remains unchanged with a choice of 6 ales with the walls and ceiling totally covered in sporting memorabilia. However a large covered and spacious verandah now sits to the front with further tables outside and these were proving popular in the sunshine. New toilets have also been installed very recently. Being a converted sports pavilion it has more of a feel of a social club than a pub but this is absolutely no criticism and I will certainly return.
yellowfever - 12 Apr 2015 18:59
I caanee ne say that this poob isnee nae gut. But what I can see is thaat this poob is a one, foor sure, that'll ginnee a wee tickup. By which, I mean, is a doozy of a wee tickler an ba thaat I meen is a wee powerrnify of a plase. Aye. Sure, as yo knew. Praper crafer nifty aye. Top daag, an thy after me doon. Cannae tell ye who mach tha plase a praaaper hammed aye, boot tis a preep greet cham. Chas/
albertfox - 19 Mar 2014 19:52
Somewhere different - the walls are covered in memorabilia garnered over the last 30 years. This pub is worth a visit just to look at the history on the walls and ceiling. The beers are excellent and you will generally get 5 good real ales.
johnq2db - 17 Mar 2014 21:34
Just found out that they will not be able to show the Saturday 5:30 games and the Monday evening games on Sky. So the only footie games that will will be the 12:30pm games on Saturday on BT sport. Not much good if you follow footie and other sports. Its a bit much when it purports to be a Sports pub. Might have to get them under the trade description act!
Waterlife - 1 Aug 2013 14:44
End of an era Ben the barman has left and now no more sky sports bang goes footie on Sundays, cricket and any other sports. Shame will have to find another pub to watch the footie
Waterlife - 30 Jul 2013 15:58
I've been coming here on the way back from football matches for years and I do love this place! It always seems to have a good selection of well kept ales and the service has always been fine, even when the place gets packed, which it sometimes does on a Saturday early evening, particularly when there's a match on the box. You could spend weeks trawling the sporting paraphernalia on the walls and ceilings here - must be a massive fire risk, but it's great fun!
beer_monster_smudge - 10 Sep 2012 14:54
Excellent carvery lunch, great flavours, big portions, worth £9.25 per head - we were served without delays even on Easter Sunday when they were very busy and had two sittings, it was a great atmosphere, and we like the extraordinary decorations of all the old sports memorabilia. Friendly happy place to be, tucked away, hidden secret.
squirrelette - 8 Apr 2012 16:42
A wonderful find. From the outside you might think it's a bit odd - a converted sports pavilion. Inside a very friendly welcome, excellent choice of well kept real ales and very good home cooked food. Next to the training ground for AFC Wimbledon and ideally placed for pre-match food & beer.
thewickingman - 25 Mar 2012 21:03
Took a mate from Essex to see the place, he thought it a bit eclectic and a touch "60's".....Beer on form as always, service with a forced smile (but you wouldn't have it any other way these days).
loveleedshatebates - 5 Sep 2011 14:08
'memorabilia ' I have just been scrolling through all the posts on here and the word 'memorabilia ' keeps coming u and it is making me feel very very old! As so much of the memorabilia is mine(or was).

Now living in Australia, i crave a pub like Woodies(and a decent curry). They just do not exist here.

Have many good memories of Woodies and i have been told that there are a few faded photos of me still on the walls.

Was last there about four years ago and i noticed somebody had stolen the 1977/78 ipswich town FA Cup winning teams autographs! GIVE IT BACK!

Also, i worked there part time when i was 18 under the expert tutorlage of the fearsome JOYCE!! Does anybody know if she is still alive? Really respected the lady, she taught me a lot, and not just about beer. She had old fashioned values and also posessed a wicked right hand to the back of the head if you were not out of her pub by twenty past!

Enjoy Woodies, i did!

thephoneman2000 - 27 Aug 2011 06:42
If you visit Woodies' website, it will tell you that it's 'New Malden's Best Kept Secret.' It's so secret, that we had to phone to find it. Boy, are we glad we did.

The superb experience began with the aforementioned phone call. The assistant manager (hi Ben) was so impressed with our determination to visit his establishment, he'd chosen two of the seven (I think) available real ales for us, poured them before we arrived, and bought them for us. He made us drool with a description of last weekend's beer festival (and it was a proper festival at that, with loads of beers on tap), and the brochure from it. We couldn't have been made to feel more welcome.

The pub is indeed hard to find - it is in a sports' ground, but not the LSE sports' ground (important to note - it's where we looked first). There is a large car park behind it, and the building is a single story oddity - it doesn't hugely resemble a pub. Once you walk in though, your eyes will be assailed with ... stuff.

The pub is football themed, but not in the kind of eight-million tellies blaring the Chelsea game at full volume. Whilst there are a couple of LCD televisions, indeed, showing the footy, they are not hugely obstrusive. Instead, what makes this a football pub is the sheer amount of memorabilia on the walls, ceilings, tables, bar - indeed, every available space. It is, even for a non-football fan like me, fascinating.

The beer is superbly kept. I had a couple of pints of one Redemption's offerings (I had tried their beer before when they first opened at a beer tasting). It was just right - the temperature was spot on (just a little below room temperature), and it was clear and tasty. This is clearly a pub that values its real ales.

The staff - all of them (even those not working but using the pub as their local) were amazingly friendly, kind, funny and welcoming (if a bit squeaky - you know who you are! mwhahaha).

There is a small beer garden/smokers' corner. It is neat and tidy, though not amazingly interesting (compared to the pub's interior, especially).

This is a pub I will certainly be visiting again - if I lived a bit closer, it would be a pub I'd be happy to call my local.

Visit soon.
mattygroves - 26 Aug 2011 13:30
Excellent beer festival last weekend - many thanks to Linda, Roger & all the staff. Looking forward to next year's festival now.
craftman - 23 Aug 2011 11:26
Had a good beer there on Saturday. Did not seem at all 'clickly' but that might just be the time of day I was there. The 2 mates I was with went through the range of bitters and found them all spot on. Not over keen on the decor, reminded me too much of old Jacks steak house up town ( a truely great place, he will be v much missed, RIP). The Carling was very acceptable. Shame it's a bit out of the way if you are going by train. Will definitely be making a return.
Barbeerian - 24 Jul 2011 15:06
I must be the only reason who doesnt rate this pub, its far too clicky
baz66 - 8 Jun 2011 09:31
As much as I love this pub I do feel that if your going to attract people from miles around based on your footy themed walls you should prioritise the football (in this case the L1 play-off final) over a Rubgy charity game (England v BaaBaa's).
loveleedshatebates - 31 May 2011 15:44
Worth exploring - even on a Six Nations day. A good range of beer and pleasantly eccentric.
meurglys_iv - 24 Feb 2011 17:10
Good value quality three course Valentine's dinner justifiably sold out. Joyfully over-indulged (perhaps?) on delicious Kings Horsham Bitter (3.8%) and returned home a very happy man with my chauffeuse. This place is a real hidden gem. Thank you so much for a great evening.
craftman - 23 Feb 2011 00:28
What a joy to find - bags of character and friendly welcome by very hospitable landlady who is clearly a real ale aficionado and keeps an excellent cellar. Hepworths Sussex was superb. Also tempting were a real ale from a Wiltshire micro-brewery and a winter warmer from Dark Star. Choice of three guest ales posted on the website plus regular Adnams, Fullers & Youngs (really Charles Wells!) and Thatchers cider on draught. Arrived too late for food but they still managed to provide a small cooked pizza which was just what was needed. Did not want to leave and will definitely return - especially for the Sunday lunch as icing on the cake of the sort of delightful discovery not experienced for some time.
craftman - 12 Dec 2010 01:13
Thatchers Traditional real cider - might well be the only source in Greater London. Ifound this fine house when a photo of the bar was on the cover of 'London Drinker', showing the Thatchers pump. Caught a bus here and sure enough... Friendly (& dog-friendly) house, I saw no sign of the hostility to strangers reported in some reviews. I'll certainly be back.
jgurney1 - 4 Dec 2010 17:30
Just moved to the area and quickly made this my local. Bags of character. Best pub for miles around (ive tried them all) Lots of ales on tap.Staff always friendly even when busy, It is a proper local where the staff know everybody's name. Pub grub ok. Love the sports paraphenalia that cover the walls and ceilings. A little bit out of the way but at least it keeps the oiks away, not that they would be tolerated in here. Sky Tv and sports constantly on show. Not surprising given that it lies in middle of sports ground with football pitches.
upmejacksie - 30 Oct 2010 18:45

Attended the beer festival the other week with 3 friends on both Friday & Saturday and would raise ,belatedly,the following points:-

Having a 25 yard bar in the tent with only 2 serving for most of the time on Saturday was a bit of a disaster.

At one point , 4 of the beers requested out of 5 early Saturday afternoon were unavailable.

Ridiculous pricing...would respectfully suggest that the 15p over the £3 could have been given to the charity you were promoting which would have saved me being persistantly requested to buy raffle tickets.

Inadequate seating arrangements in the beer tent thank goodness the weather stayed reasonable.

Next year it will be Friday only for us as we will be among drinkers and not hoardes of kids and pushchairs. Was speaking to a party of guys who had made their way over from Farnham/Farnborough way on Saturday and they agreed that the beer selection was pretty good but they will only come on the Friday as they said it was the first beer festival they had been to in years where there were so many families...I well know that Woodies is very much a family pub so I think that the Camra members who I meet regularly may well stay away.....maybe a good thing?

Earlhamcourt - 6 Sep 2010 20:49
Slerpy, please STOP posting abusive, irrelevant and mildly racist comments. These are becoming extremely tiresome and annoying and you are in danger of bringing CAMRA into disrepute. Stick to real pub news and beer range / quality.
beerlover666 - 19 Jun 2010 11:43
like the pub from american werewolf in london, if you aint local your not welcome
baz66 - 20 Apr 2010 13:09
This pub is brilliant except for one thing. That Ben behind the bar needs to get his act together. Abusing the customers isn't on, except when it's Rob. Not sure about his beard either. There's only room for one ginger behind the bar.

woodiesbarstar - 2 Feb 2010 21:02
I don't know - some people. Dear Slerpy, I am of Eastern European origin, and like the fact that you British like your pubs. I'd treasure them deeply because it's one of the great things about the UK. As for the fact that the barmaid was of Eastern European origin? I drink there regurarly, and she's likely French. You say 'Eastern European' like it was a bad thing, you ignoramus. You are a disgrace to Woodies and Britain, Slerpy. You mention the Tiger Inn at some other place. Great pub, and now please go drink there.

arkaye - 31 Oct 2009 23:23
This apparently is the only converted pavilion that is now a pub. The barmaid yesterday was of Eastern European origin and had about as much charm as an unfed boa constrictor, i'm never overly impressed by women wearing stomach revealing tops and the aforementioned stomach wobbling all over the place as they waddle around.Seven beers were available, four were the typical ubiquitous regional stuff. Every ale was a darkish malty beer, it was like Ashes to Ashes 1973 and golden ales have not been invented as of yet.Well, I had an Ascot -" off the rails" it was drinkable without being enjoyable.The outside seating area is the big draw here with at least an acre of well tended sports field to look at.A Mini Cooper car rally was obviously taking place.The place is an absolute shrine of sporting memrobilia which would take roughly a month to a shrine it is somewhat dusty cough cough! if I saw the recapturing of the Ashes here it would be dear to my heart as it is in John's, that in my case is the Tiger Inn in Bridport- not easily forgotten !
slerpy - 27 Sep 2009 18:12
Well known pub housed in a wooden former sports pavilion located in a back street of New Malden close to the A3.

I visited this pub last Sunday, coinciding with the last day of the pub's 5th Annual Beer Festival, which had started on the Friday, and which featured approx 50 real ales and 6 ciders in a marquee on the playing field at the front of the pub. As well as the Beer Festival,there was a BBQ on the large terrace outside at the front.

The pub itself is decorated with a splendid collection of sporting memorabilia - football programmes, ticket stubs etc throughout the pub. Beers on inside the pavilion were Adnams Broadside, Fullers ESB, pride, Youngs Ordinary plus several guests.On the right inside the pub is a raised seating area where Sunday lunch was proving popular.

In the beer tent outside most beers were priced at £ 3.00p, with several stronger ones at £ 3.20p.Southern micros dominated - eg Surrey Hills, Twickenham, West Berkshire, Whitstable, W J King for example. All beers sampled were in good condition and, despite the hot weather, at a perfect temperature. Most beers had started to run out at about 4pm, but my disappointment was quickly forgotten by returning to the pavilion and seeing the last few Australian wickets go down in the Oval Test, thus giving England the Ashes 2-1.

So Woodies will always be in my personal memory bank as the pub where I saw England regain the Ashes.

The pub is listed in the 2009 CAMRA Good Beer Guide. It's a bit of a trek from New Malden Station, but I think it's worth it and I'll make a point of looking out for next years festival.
JohnBonser - 27 Aug 2009 11:56
Dropped into this excellent pub for the first day of their beer festival yesterday afternoon. The festival continues until Sunday. Rather an agreeable afternoon actually. I had a half-dozen of the 50 or so ales they had on, and all were in good nick, and were made all the more enjoyable by being able to watch England demolish the Aussies at The Oval. The festival itself was well organised, with a beer marquee set up on the playing fields adjoining the pub, serving most of the festival ales on offer, with a handful more being available in the pub itself. Almost all of the ales were priced at £3 per pint. I also had a very good plate of chilli con carne and rice for £3.50, although I have to say that the portions sizes were more like a snack than a meal, and could have been a bit bigger. Good day nonetheless, all the better for meeting up with Maldenman and Trainman again.
RexRattus - 22 Aug 2009 09:43
Come here every saturday with my nan and grandad awesome food for such cheap prices, highly recomend the liver and bacon aswell as a few others on the varied menu. Lovely atmosephere and a great place with such good character!
adnap - 23 May 2009 01:02
Went yesterday for the first time in 6 months (which is criminal given i only live about a mile away), as i remember it, decent range of ales, I tried Pigswill and Hop after mssing out on Hepworth's Old Classic. Also had a good meal for a fiver!!

As an aside, big thumbs up to who ever orginally tiled and fitted the gents, great job.
loveleedshatebates - 21 May 2009 12:55
A popular pub with CAMRA members with its fine range of real ales and regular beer festivals. The pub, which was a sports pavilion is located in a quiet cul-de-sac in a residential estate and overlooks a large sports field. It has a large patio area but you can hear the drone from the nearby A3. Inside it is a fire inspector's nightmare with every bit of wall and ceiling covered with sports pictures, programmes, newspaper stories and other articles. Excellent choice of real ale which is changed on a regular basis and is served well. Plenty of comfortable seating and there was a large food counter but it was open when I was there.
boozers_knows - 27 Apr 2009 20:48
A good antidote to system/chain pubs. Excellent beer, will definitely come back here and try the lunchtime fare another time.
villageidoit - 18 Feb 2009 17:43
Or expected, should I say. The trouble-causing element expect to do just that. The non-trouble-causing element want to have a few pints and chill out.
rainlight - 24 Aug 2008 10:24
A CAMRA favourite and with good reason - range of beers but also a down to earth pub with interesting decor and a regular beer festival. Re the previous comment, the real ale set are fairly self-patrolling, like science fiction fans (there is an overlap) - bad behaviour isn't tolerated within the community.
rainlight - 24 Aug 2008 10:21
We were at the festival Friday & Saturday lunchtimes and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Stayed in the beer tent most of the time and how pleasant it was to witness a load of beerded (or should I say bearded?) guys with an average age of at least 55 downing a good 6 or 7 pints each with no bad behaviour whatsoever. Just goes to show that those people who want to greatly increase the price of beer to cut down on bingedrinkers should go to a few Beer Festivals to see that it is age that makes all the difference.

Earlhamcourt - 18 Aug 2008 16:16
I also was at the beer festival and can only comment on the beer and the pub. Has the feel of a sports club bar inside, although I was mostly outside enjoying the festival beers. Inside the regulars are Pride, ESB, Broadside and Ordinary with three rotating guests, often from local breweries. For the festival they had 46 beers on stillage in a tent in front of the pub, all of which were reasonably local.

Definitely worth a visit.
GuideDogSaint - 17 Aug 2008 17:20
I like this place, despite its scout hut appearence, despite the dark interior, despite the chav attitude of some of its customers, despite the sourfaced food lady, I like it. Beer always good and varied, love the memrobilia on the walls and ceilings and since the smoking ban its worth taking the kids in.
loveleedshatebates - 14 Mar 2008 14:53

CAMRA Kingston and Leatherhead Region have awarded Woodies "Pub of the Year" for the third consecutive year!
Thanks and well done to Linda and all her staff!
shefroger - 3 Mar 2008 14:24
Nice bar-Nice clean cellar-

pubtaster - 10 Dec 2007 21:00
Parking is a problem sometimes!

The Sports Field operators have made it clear to their "users" that parking should be in their ground (along Windsor Ave) and walk to this field.
But people are people!
A gate and an operator is a bit of overkill!
Some of the "watchers" do use the pub and watch through the fence!
Some of the players do also use the pub!
Given the unique location the other problem is that "away" sides don't realise that the Pub is not the "Club" pavilion with changing and shower facilities.
They also get indignant when the staff say they don't know which field they are playing on!

shefroger - 11 Oct 2007 11:43
Have been coming here for years and I really enjoy the choice of beers and the friendly customers that I have got to know. A gripe that I have heard a few locals mention is the fact that:-
A) Some days the carpark gets absolutely chocker with cars belonging to footballers who do not use the pub and
B) If people (including locals) parked correctly there would be a bit more room.

Come on shefroger, have you got an answer to the problem?

Lots of love
Earlhamcourt - 9 Oct 2007 12:58
Every seen American Werewolf in London? If you dont attend 7 days a week your get a 'filthy look'. I went once 3 days in one week & they were pleasant then didnt go for a month so next time it was evil eyes again. Grow up - its a PUBLIC house not your front room!
baz66 - 1 Oct 2007 10:53
In my view just about the only pub locally that is consistent and worthy of patronage. Quirky place, walls and ceilings festooned with mostly old sporting paraphenalia such as programmes, posters etc. A great range of ever rotating ales, good honest well priced food, Sunday lunches are excellent value. All beer menus posted on here by the landlady usually weekly.
Maldenman - 24 Sep 2007 13:31
Enjoyed another great Beer Festival (minus the summer weather). A fine selection of real ales, ruined by the tuneless strumming of the idiot band who insist on driving away the punters with their pathetic wannabe act (were they warming up or playing??).
thebunster - 22 Aug 2007 23:05
Thanks shefroger for the BBQ information. Can't wait to come to Woodies now that it's smokefree at last!
thebunster - 4 Jul 2007 21:07
I was in there yesterday afternoon. The sandwiches are great value at around £2.60 a throw; The Surrey Hills Gilt Complex and HBB were excellent, but the Heelstone was even better. Personally I don't mind seeing these weekly beer updates on the site.
RexRattus - 4 Jul 2007 09:55
The BBQ starts at 4 pm 'cos the Full Sunday Lunch Menu stops taking orders at 3 pm. This allows the last orders to be completed and the staff to clear up the kitchen and start the BBQ at 4 pm which goes on until about 7 pm weather and customers permitting!

If you are there at 12.30 - food is available from main food counter and includes "burgers"!

The BBQ is a supplement to the main food counter.

Hope that helps to explain the vageries of Woodies BBQ!

shefroger - 4 Jul 2007 09:07
I'm baffled, as a 'passing trade' drinker, as to what the problem is, with some people. One of them is considering if BITE regulations prevent 'over-description'. Oh dear... Another complains about 'regulars' being overloaded with info. As passing trade, I'd say the management sound both kinder, and cleverer, than those two complainants. Personally, I like hearing about what beers are on offer. I like Woodies for the care they take - the staff do take care to newcomers and I've been treated well there as a newbie drinker living in W Park. It makes me recommend Woodies to friends.

arkaye - 25 Jun 2007 23:38
Popped in for a BBQ burger last Saturday lunchtime only to be disappointed. Why oh why does the Woodies weekend BBQ start at 4pm?

Do the good folk of New Malden really want burger and beer as a late afternoon/evening meal?

Very weird. Very Woodies. ;-)
thebunster - 21 Jun 2007 20:21
I doubt will be going to New Malden any time soon, but what eh hey! I like the idea of someone so enthusiastic about the beer they sell that they post a weekly list on a public forum. Trouble is that the lists make my eyses glaze over. They are way too long and they do not work. For 11th June there are 3 new and 3 next beers, fair enough; but listing 13 future beers is pointless. A single line naming breweries would do.

Better would be a a few lines with highlights and a link to a website.
bradwan - 19 Jun 2007 15:18
Under the Review policy of B.I.T.E. it quite clearly stsates that they are happy for owners and staff to post details about their pub OCCASIONALLY so why oh why does dear old shefroger bombard us every week with an update of the beer menu. We are locals after all and usually drink the same beer so do us all a favour and stop filling up the site with are the only (and I mean only) pub that I regularly visit on the site that does it). No doubt you will delete this comment of mine as you have done to others that I have might actually be to your advantage to keep it on so that others can agree or disagree and possibly even voice an opinion as to what they would like to see on the website. See you Friday!!!!!
Earlhamcourt - 19 Jun 2007 14:51
Went there the weekend with my family, will definately go back. Really interesting pub. Very comfortable(no music), good range of beers, excellent value for money food. Well done.
openhanded - 24 May 2007 17:16
I think that Woodies serve the best Sunday Roast in Surrey, and as a lady i appreciate the feeling of being safe and welcomed by warm friendly staff
monroe - 8 May 2007 17:38
Best pub in Surrey with a fantastic range of beers. I'd recommend to anyone male or female. Friendly staff,good service, great atmosphere. Keep up the good work.
Freddyluggs - 3 May 2007 16:49
I hit upon this place when cycling back from work, and was glad I did - good atmosphere and good beers. I took my family there and they liked it, too. I'd personally keep all the memorabilia and ditch the screen, but that's just me. But I like it even with the screen, and it keeps me cycling, doesn't it?
arkaye - 30 Apr 2007 12:50
This should be a nice pub, and take away the majority of people who drink there and it is, but unfortunately you cannot take away these people. A rude, ignorant backward rabble who scornfully look down on you if you are not a frequent patron. It always seems like you are not accepted until you become one of them. No thanks. The beer is good though. If you do go, get a large crowd together and then I bet the locals won't be so intimidating. Idiots the lot of them
anonymous - 23 Apr 2007 13:40
Voted CAMRA Surrey pub of the year for the second year running. Well done and well deserved.
anonymous - 23 Apr 2007 00:16
These up-to-date beer lists are very useful.

This pub is worth going out of the way for - not been in one quite like it. Beer is the top reason - but there's also a good atmosphere, a dartboard, TV football and sport memorabilia all over the walls. It's not too noisy though - good place for a pint and a quiet chat as well.
Roodeye - 21 Apr 2007 17:37
Always a pleasure to visit this pub, truly best ale around, & i visit many pubs !!!
Brewerytech - 16 Apr 2007 07:57
What a find - well worth the longish trek from Malden Manor or Berrylands station (even long if you get lost). Lovely atmosphere, superb walls of memorabilia, and great ESB - what more could a man ask for?
hotrods - 14 Apr 2007 08:08
Well done to Linda and the rest of the Woodies staff. Your attention to detail makes our beer drinking even more enjoyable.

Please pass on a "hello" to Chloe if you are going to visit her, trying putting a file in the cake.
woodiesregular - 13 Apr 2007 16:48
Was Chloe the cute blonde one?

I do hope she hasn't left..... enjoy her did. chatting that
anonymous - 17 Mar 2007 17:42
Farewell, then, Chloe. The place won't be the same without you.
newmalden - 12 Mar 2007 20:22
Visited Woodies at lunchtime today for the first time in some years and gratified to see that it has remained pretty well unchanged, apart from the outside area which seems to be better laid out than it was before. Ales were excellent as well - guests were Stonehenge Heel Stone and Surrey Hills Shere Drop. Only had the Heel Stone and ESB, but both were superb. Food is good and reasonably priced, atmosphere and service is friendly, - I shall definitely visit again.
RexRattus - 25 Feb 2007 22:33
Love it, love it, love it. Woodies has unique charm and character and may not be everybody's pint of bitter, but if you want a trouble-free, friendly 'real pub' then this is a pub for you. Off the beaten track, it's a locals pub, but not (I feel) in a threatening or alienating way. A good choice of real ales and guest beers and a fantastic beer festival in the summertimes. The staff here try really hard to make build the character of the place. In a world of clone-pubs, this place is unique, well worn, lived in, friendly and downright bloody brilliant. If Woodies were a person, I'd marry it. Mind you, I'd insist that it washes first.
thebunster - 25 Feb 2007 18:48
This pub has been an excellent extension of my living room for a few years now.

All the beer is excellent because the lines are cleaned after every barrel - please take note chain pubs!!

Staff are friendly and helpful with some operating a slightly naughty undertone - love it.

keep up the good work
woodiesregular - 19 Feb 2007 15:57
Woodies Freehouse

Real Ale List - 15th February 2007

In addition to the "regulars" ESB; Broadside; Pride & Youngs the three guests are:

W. J. King & Co - New Beers Resolution - 4.2 %
Cottage Brewing - Evening Star - 5.0%
George Gales - Swing Low - 3.8 %
W. J. King & Co - Valentine Ale - 4.1 %
Cottage Brewing - Champflower - 4.2 %
Cottage Brewing - I. K. Brunell - 4.4 %
and to follow (in no particular order - other than alphabetical!)
Crouch Vale - Snowdrop - 4.2 %
Crouch Vale - Brewers Gold - 4.0 %
Dark Star - Hophead - 3.8%
Dark Star - Old Ale - 4.0 %
Dark Star - Original - 5.0 %
W. J. King & Co - Old Ale - 4.5 %
Mighty Oak - Morden Gold - 3.8 %
Mighty Oak - Burnt Wood - 4.0 %
Stonehenge Ales - Spire Ale - 3.8 %
Stonehenge Ales - Pigswill - 4.0 %
Stonehenge Ales - Heelstone - 4.3 %
Stonehenge Ales - Sign of Spring - 4.6 % (Green!)
Surrey Hills - Shere Drop - 4.0 %

shefroger - 15 Feb 2007 11:25
Woodies Freehouse
Real Ale List - 6th February 2007
In addition to the "regulars" ESB; Broadside; Pride & Youngs the three guests are:
Sharp’s - Sharp’s Own - 4.4 %
Cottage Brewing - Between the Posts – 4.6 %
Cottage Brewing - Wessex Growler – 4.0 %
W. J. King & Co - Horsham Best – 3.8 %
W. J. King & Co - New Beers Resolution – 4.2 %
Cottage Brewing - Evening Star - 5.0%
and to follow (in no particular order - other than alphabetical!)
Cottage Brewing - I. K. Brunnell - 4.4 %
Cottage Brewing - Champflower - 4.2 %
George Gales - Swing Low – 3.8 %
W. J. King & Co - Valentine Ale – 4.1 %
W. J. King & Co - Old Ale – 4.5 %
Stonehenge Ales - Spire Ale – 3.8 %
Stonehenge Ales - Pigswill – 4.0 %
Stonehenge Ales - Heelstone – 4.3 %
Stonehenge Ales - Sign of Spring – 4.6 %

shefroger - 6 Feb 2007 14:10
Woodies Freehouse
Real Ale List - 16th January 2007
In addition to the "regulars" ESB; Broadside; Pride & Youngs the three guests are:
Archers - Archers Arrow - 4.0 %
White Star - Frostbite - 4.5 %
Youngs - Winter Warmer - 5.0 %
Archers - Fat Belly Boozer - 4.1 %
Wheltons - Old Cocky - 4.3 %
Wheltons - Horsham Old - 4.5 %
and then
Wheltons - Ashes to Ashes - 4.4 %
Archers - Empty Pockets - 4.4 %
Triple fff - Alton’s Pride - 3.8%
Triple fff - Moondance - 4.2%
and to follow (in no particular order - other than alphabetical!)
Cottage Brewing - Evening Star - 5.0%
Cottage Brewing - Between the Posts – 4.6 %
Cottage Brewing - I. K. Brunnell - 4.4 %
Cottage Brewing - Champflower - 4.2 %
Cottage Brewing - Wessex Growler – 4.0 %
Sharps - Atlantic - 4.8 %
Sharps - Sharps Own - 4.4%
Sharps - Eden Pure - 4.4 %
Sharps - Doom Bar - 4.0 %

shefroger - 16 Jan 2007 23:52
Great Pub. Excellent range of real ales. Fantastic atmosphere - was there an hour before I realised there wasn't any music. Highly recommend.
anonymous - 6 Jan 2007 05:02
Woodies Freehouse

Real Ale List - 28th December 2006

Crouch Vale – Amarillo - 5.0 %
1648 Brewery – Winter Warrant - 4.8 %
Hogs Back - Old Tongham Tasty - 6.0 %

White Star - Majestic

and to follow (in no particular order - other than alphabetical!)
Archers - Good Intentions - 3.7 %
Archers - Archers Arrow - 4.0 %
Archers - Fat Belly Boozer - 4.1 %
Archers - Empty Pockets - 4.4 %
Hogs Back - Winter Meltdown - 5.0 %
White Star - Dark Destroyer - 4.7 %
White Star - Frostbite - 4.5 %
Youngs - Winter Warmer - 5.0 %

The Manager tries to arrange the guest ales such that there is one from each brewery available (3) as well as the 4 regular ales being Youngs Bitter, Fullers London Pride, Fullers ESB and Admans Broadside

shefroger - 28 Dec 2006 10:11
Woodies Freehouse
Real Ale List - 20th December 2006
In addition to the "regulars" ESB; Broadside; Pride & Youngs the three guests are:
1648 Brewery - Ginger Nol 4.7 %
Dark Star – Winter Solstice 4.2 %
Moles – Mole Lang Syne 3.8 %

Crouch Vale – Amarillo 5.0 %
1648 Brewery – Winter Warmer 4.8 %
Hogs Back – T. E. A. 4.2 %

and to follow (in no particular order!)
Dark Star - Hophead 3.8 %
- Winter Meltdown - 5.0 %
Hogs Back - Hop Garden Gold – 4.6 %
- Old Tongham Tasty – 6.0 %

shefroger - 20 Dec 2006 12:09
What an unusual place! Fascinating to look around all the memorabilia from sporting days past. . . And 7 real ales although I only tried 2 and they were both excellent :-)

The food is basic but very cheap. The staff were incredibly friendly and were real characters.

Will be returning here for a proper session so I can try all of the beers!
slugbreff - 18 Dec 2006 13:04
Takes a bit of finding - but in a desperately poor area for pubs, it is well worth making the effort to do so
JohnBonser - 8 Dec 2006 12:51
Real Ale List - 6th December 2006
Hepworth – Pullman 4.2%
1648 Brewery – Original 3.9 %
Hogs Back – Ripsnorter 5.0 %
Hepworth – Iron Horse 4.8%
1648 Brewery – Signature 4.4 %
Hogs Back - Hair of the Dog 3.5 %

and to follow (in no particular order!)

1648 Brewery - Winter Warrant 4.8 %
1648 Brewery - Ginger Nol 4.7 %
Dark Star - Hophead 3.8 %
Dark Star - Winter Solstice 4.2 %
Dark Star - Winter Meltdown 5.0 %
Maldon’s - Ba Humbug 4.9 %
Red Squirrel - Gold 4.5 %
Crouch Vale - Amerillo 5.0 %
Moles - Moles Lang Sign 3.8%
Archers - Robin Red Breast 4.0 %

shefroger - 6 Dec 2006 08:58
Guest ales are currently a selection from brewers J A King, Wheltons, and Stonehenge. Archers will follow and Triple fff later in the month.
At the bar today is:
Wheltons Liquid Lunch 3.9, Stonehenge Great Bustard 4.8% and Red River 4.8.
To follow:-
Wheltons Horsham Old 4.5, and Old Cocky 4.3
J A Kings and Horsham Best 3.8
Stonehenge Spire Ale 3.8
and then:
Archers: Special 4.3%, Sir Nigel Gresley 4%, Trick or Treat 4.4, Autumn Mist 3.8
and thereafter:
Triple fff Rock Lobster 4%, Stairway 4.6%, Moondance 4.2% and Alton's Pride 3.8%
And then:
a selection from Cottage Brewery from Somerset.

The Manager tries to arrange the guest ales such that there is one of each brewery available (3) as well as the 4 regular ales being Youngs Bitter, Fullers London Pride, Fullers ESB and Admans Broadside
shefroger - 20 Oct 2006 13:21
The Beer Festival was excellent!
40 differing real ales.
Totally different experience from most pubs - The building and memorabilia make it unique and the location makes it difficult for all but the very determined to find.
Apart from Foster, Becks, Kroneberg, Scrumpy Jack and John Smiths there is always Fullers ESB, Admans Broadside, London Pride and Youngs Bitter as well as three guest ales!
I am advised that a selection from Dark Star (inc Double Chocolate), Hopback and Crouch Vale are due to be on during the next month as the current selection from Archers comes to an end (temporarialy)
anonymous - 21 Sep 2006 12:33
I have only come here when the beer festival has been on the last 2 years, but on both occasions have gone into the pub as well, as the festivals were held outside in tents.

Haven't graced this place for an evening but its a valid effort. The memorbellia on the wall is a sight to behold. The pub also seems to not waste a valuable inch and still have a far amount of space. And the selection on tap is good!

Well worth a visit
the_original_rawnsleys - 24 Aug 2006 16:08
A very idiosyncratic pub, a wooden former sports pavilion whose walls are covered in sporting articles and memorabilia. A dartboard makes you realise how rare those are in London pubs these days also. There are several real ales and a beer festival in August. It can be hard to find - but fortunately there is now a sign pointing down the track off Thetford Road that it is on. Once you have found it you will be glad that you did.
beeronaut - 19 Aug 2006 09:50
One of my nearest pubs but not the warmest welcome - very much a locals - and the bar staff & customers show it. Excellent ESB though.
Ziggy66 - 2 Aug 2006 21:34
Selection of beers now at an all time high!
Recently had Dark Star beers and TripleFFF beers all of which have been superb
Cant' wait for the beer festival weekend of 18th August.....
Leicester_Fox - 22 Jul 2006 13:19
The pub is now going great guns again after a difficult period. However, the dodgy "dealings" of some of the regulars, especially on a sunny sunday afternoon with their families sitting at the same table, leave a lot to be desired and should be stamped out rapidly!
anonymous - 17 Jul 2006 13:07
Visited on a Bank Holiday Monday, and was amazed at how packed the place was. Also was blown away by the sporting decor adorning every surface in the pub. I was also very impressed with the real ales and the ESB was spot on. Excellent.
Alexh1982 - 3 Jun 2006 08:17
Unique pub! Known as New Malden's best kept secret! 7 Real Ales always on, in addition to at least 4 lagers as well as most of what you would normally expect from a local pub.

Good food - Sunday Roast - Lunchtimes only!
Live Music alternate Saturdays - Quiz alternate Sundays

Getting back to what it used to be after some "doldrums". CAMRA Pub of the Year "Richmond and Leatherhead district" this year!
anonymous - 15 May 2006 13:08
Marketing psychologists will tell you that a certain amount of difficulty in achieving something helps to increase the ultimate sense of reward. Hence, for example, one-armed bandits are easy to put money into, but to pick up any winnings (as if) you have to stoop down and feel around in an implausibly long trough, eventually coming up with your 20p coin with a feeling of real triumph. So, the trek to Woodies may be long and arduous, but boy is it worth it.

For such a pub to exist anywhere without the safe and healthy people closing it down or the breweries homogenising it is pretty remarkable by itself. That it should thrive and prosper in New Malden - base camp for Daily Mail readers - is a miracle.

The thing is, I'm not particularly interested in the big screen and the sports events. I'd be more attracted by a pub with a huge sign outside proclaiming 'Here! Live conversation!'. I've never stuck around for the quiz night and seem to have missed the live bands completely. I can't even comment on the food, preferring to drink in pubs and eat in restaurants.

But for all that, Woodies still offers something magical. I suppose it's what we used to call atmosphere and what today is known as ambience. True, the great range of beers helps, as does the enormous collection of (mainly sporting) ephemera that adorns every square millimetre of wall and ceiling space. And the customers - shouty football fans notwithstanding - who represent more of a cross-section of the neighbourhood than any of the other pubs in New Malden, thus lending the pub the social balance that, in my opinion, every good local should have.

In the end, it probably comes down to the management. It is they who determine the 'feel' of a pub, and in Woodies case they are quite happy for it to remain quirky, interesting, welcoming, rewarding and, for the area, utterly unique.

Give it a try.
OK_just_a_quick_half - 11 Apr 2006 16:06
The beers are good and its great during the hot summer months as there is a cricket pitch next door where you can sit down. The problem is that unless you are driving (and there is a big car park) then its a pain in the arse to get to. Also, it gets real busy at times and there is a shortage of floorspace. I don't know if its true but apparently a lot of old bill go there off duty so drink drivers beware.
pianoman - 10 Apr 2006 18:04
Not sure about the blonde barmaid being HOT! More like Lily Savage but without the personality or the looks!
anonymous - 17 Mar 2006 17:00
Its a great pub. Enjoyed it when Pete ran it. Holds a lot of fond memories, the quiz notes were entertaining. Could never understand how the team finishing fourth won the quiz but what the hell the beer and company were fantastic. Must get back some time soon.
smurfy33 - 21 Jan 2006 14:33
I prefer to listen to the guy with the "terrible laugh" that listen to the seedy, vulgar things that some of the other regulars get up to in the pub. He may be noisy but he does shut up if you tell him unlike others.
anonymous - 17 Nov 2005 11:47
The annoying laugh guy is actually a really lovely person and he never has anything nasty to say about anyone. Carried away he may be but a nuisance he is not, the pub wouldn't be the same without him. Also - The blonde barmaid is HOT!!!
rugbyfan05 - 14 Nov 2005 15:15
I hadn't been there for a few years until last night - glad to say it was just as good as I remember it. Great beer & a remarkable, unique interior.
anonymous - 11 Nov 2005 08:41
Seven real ales, 4 regular and 3 guests - apart from other top pressure and lagers, ciders etc.
Now that is a proper pub!
anonymous - 24 Oct 2005 11:30
Witnessed an old boy going to the bar and barmaid pulled up two pints of bitter but the guy wanted lager.She then tried to make out that he and his mate had ordered bitter for their first round (which they had not but the guys on the next table had) and then she tried to make out that she had given him change (which she had not)Bar staff should be taught that if they serve the wrong drinks and then try and pull a fast one regarding money and are proved wrong that they should at least have the manners to graciously apologise rather than pull an insolent sour face and walk away . I spoke to the guy later on and he was genuinely upset that someone should question his honesty and was wondering whether he would stop going there after 10 years a regular.
anonymous - 30 Sep 2005 16:43
The guy with the terrible laugh which is accompanied by a load of vulgar swearing should be banned from this pub for life...he spoils it for everybody (or nearly everybody as the landlady has yet to get rid of him so she must like it) What a pity as I know a few people who used this pub regularly but dont go there any more because of this guy.
Earlhamcourt - 1 Sep 2005 16:40
This pub is really cool the land lordy is lovely , some of the regulars think they own the place but if you can ignore them its really good. glad the land lady is back , some eye candy at last
anonymous - 31 Jul 2005 16:58
The quiz needs to be sorted out, I quite agree, it's a bit cack these days. Yes, the pub is far, far too smoky. Still love it, though.
newmalden - 21 Mar 2005 18:50
Food is good value for money but the beer is about the most expensive locally ..could be a good idea to ban smoking on the upper level so that food can be enjoyed ....
anonymous - 16 Mar 2005 11:38
Paddy86 - 27 Jan 2005 14:20

you're having a bubble. well it doesnt seem to need them because at the moment its busier than i've ever seen it. seems that its run better (although more expensively) now without steve - bless him though. i liked steve better than these new people for sure!!!

and a quiz once a month? whats that about! bit easy too innit?

andrewlurchmackay - 6 Jan 2005 00:44
Has anyone heard the Woodies adverts on Radio Jackie? "Step into another world", indeed. I never thought they'd actually advertise the place. They must be in trouble. I hope it survives, though, because the new landlord/lady is/are very nice, and the staff are now actually friendly, which is a shocking change, one I'm still coming to terms with. Woodies has reclaimed its mantle as best pub in New Malden.
newmalden - 4 Jan 2005 17:55
Left a message recently but it doesn't seem to be listed. Am I the only one who thinks bringing back music night is a good idea?!
BT - 21 Oct 2004 18:10
woodies is great, the foreign owners dont want to pay the subscription for the telly - thats why no more sky sports.

unfortunately *bad news* steve has handed in his resignation and has left of this week. so no more langers. and raucous laughter

the futures in the balance so get down there and make sure the new landlord does it justice!
mackers - 7 Oct 2004 16:27
Crivens, has the quiz been stopped? I thought that was a temporary, summertime thing. The quiz *is* Woodies. How disappointing.
James - 1 Oct 2004 17:02
This pub has gone down hill rapidly. It no longer shows Sky sports anymore. so no more footie,Ryder cup, Rugby etc! Also there is no quiz anymote on Tuesdays. Go down the Berrylands ther is a good one on Tuesday's there. It seems thta the pub is now just for a few priviledge locals and does not want to attract new customers
Charles - 8 Sep 2004 15:21
What a place, bloody hell, needs a good clean if you ask me! But has acres of character and atmposphere, would never eat there cos it's bloody filthy, actually I heard they do the best chips around so maybe I would, hey, anyway, it's fun and quirky and give it a go!
Jane - 17 Aug 2004 11:32
There is a fledgling acoustic music night at Woodies every other Saturday. If you're a musician and fancy playing to a small but keen crowd do come down and have a go (call the pub for more info). The regular players are all pretty good, indeed some of them are ex-pro. However it would be refreshing to hear some newcomers - or even some of the oldcomers playing some different stuff once in a while?

I'm glad to see this pub hasn't changed a bit since it left the safe hands of Pikey Pete. I'm looking forward to creating some memorable hangovers here this summer.

Arguably a coterie pub on occasions, but on balance a brilliant boozer for all ages.
loz - 2 May 2004 12:13
proper pub has improved by miles
since take over of new landlord
(irish)steve staff are very are one in a millon food is fantastic live music is playing every other sat.also the world beer and dry roasted nut flickers drink here. highly recomended give it a try yourself.
stu - 17 Mar 2004 16:16
Still the best pub in New Malden by a country mile, but these are worrying times. The new landlady is very nice, but the new quiz is rubbish compared to the old, Pete-based one, and this makes me very sad. Nothing ever lasts forever, I suppose...
James - 17 Feb 2004 16:23
excellent! especially in the summer!
neetieb - 27 Jan 2004 19:06
I have been coming to Woodies since 1985 before the present owners were even in residence. It does have music (sometimes even live music) and the staff are on the whole very friendly and efficient. I can quite honestly say it is the only good pub for miles. (What Landlady?? Goldfish 20.10.02)
Bee - 4 Nov 2003 18:45
This is the only pub to go to in new malden... Proper range of beers at reasonable prices... See if you can find it, its worth the effort.
steve - 26 Aug 2003 17:11
I like a drink. There's plenty of alocohol in woodies. NO MUSIC THOUGH. I haven't eaten the food they try to sell because I believe PUBS ARE FOR DRINKING not eating. A seafood stall would be a good idea so people could buy FOOD OUTSIDE the pub. This pub should sell LOWENBRAU the best larger in this world we live in. It doesn't sell Lowenbrau which is bad, it should sell LOWENBRAU the greatest drink EVER made. At the end of the day there's plenty of booze in this place, that's the only good thing about 'Woodies', it's NOT the best pub in the parish.
Booze - 3 Aug 2003 17:08
Its great. Cosy and sells nice beers. Well tended, with big screen TV in the corner
Andrew - 13 Jun 2003 20:25
What a fantastic pub! The staff are always friendly and treat everyone like a local. A pub I am happy to sit in alone. Love the memorabilia and the atmosphere for games. No wonder it's a well kept secret!!!
Liz D - 2 Apr 2003 12:55
The only right-proper decent pub in New Malden. You only know where it is if you know where it is. The quiz on Tuesday is legendary; spoken of in hushed, reverential tones as far away as Sweden, and the range of beers and ales is also top-proper. Massively recommended.
Jimbo - 10 Feb 2003 00:50
What!! Whats the point in watching football in a pub that doesn't allow you raise your voice.An 8 year stint was possible because only recently have they turned the gaff into a drinking library.And as for CAMRA,they are about as useful as a pair of sunglasses on a bloke with one ear.The atmosphere is equal to a regional chess championship for the deaf,and the place is as welcoming as the colloseum was for the christians.
terry christian - 20 Jan 2003 12:56
Good, good beer. An out-of-the-way gem.
DeviousDave - 13 Jan 2003 16:43
How can i watch an England international here if they don't open the doors?
Nigel - 9 Jan 2003 14:47
Hmmm, what a surprise, someone who was barred from a pub is slagging it off!! I would question 2 things about Woodies - if it is so crap, how come you were a 'regular' for 8 years? If the Thames is more appealing for a pint, why did CAMRA award Woodies for it's beer in 2002?
As Tone said this pub's appeal is that it really doesn't need to advertise and sell itself. People who go there will generally go because of good 'word of mouth' recommendations. Passing trade is probably zero. It is good to watch sport down there esp. England internationals when you literally can't get through the door. The beer is good quality (widest range of Beer AND lager you will probably find in any pub for miles around) and it's a friendly atmosphere. Excellent sport memorabilia on the walls and ceiling as well.
Check it out and make up your own mind.
JBH - 9 Jan 2003 14:30
I have observed the comments written by the previous punter in regards to me being a "one off" visitor. I would like to emphisise that i had been a regular punter for about 8 years before being barred. I think the staff there are rude and inconsiderate. They seem to have a vendetta against anyone who wants to watch football. I bet that TONE! works there as this would be the only reason to suggest that this is a good boozer. " Trust me the beer is brilliant and the staff excellent." Do me a favour!. I would rather drink a pint from the River Thames and the Barmaid looks like an extra from "Halloween". I would seriously suggest going down The Fountain for a decent pint
pigeon - 19 Nov 2002 17:37
Best thing about this pub apart from the excellent beers is the fact that they don't stand any crap from one off visitors being abusive (see pigeon's remarks!) This pub thrives on nobody knowing it is there! Trust me the beer is brilliant and the staff excellent.
Tone - 15 Nov 2002 18:28
Dont believe this boozer. Went down there to cath the old Hammers v Charlton match. Got my seat early doors and straight away the tart form behind the bar is giving me the needle, saying "One more and youre off". She sounded like the referee. Anyway 60 minutes gone and its 3-3, i was behaving myself (apart from a few F's and C's shouted out in anger). Anyway to cut a lon story short. We were 4-3 up with one minute to go, when..........charlton score. I went potty. Called the barmaid a tart and all sorts. She barred me for that(unbelievable). I wouldn't suggest it as a good drinker
pigeon - 29 Oct 2002 17:40
The best thing about this place is Youngs Bitter and all the football programees, I like laughing at the old programmes, they were a lot cheaper twenty years ago then they are now, I'm amazed they are in such good condition.
The worst thing about it is the photograph of Alexander Fergurson and the landlord above the bar. It puts me off my beer.
It lets dogs in, which can be a turn off if you are eating a meal. It has a screen which shows sport. Important to arrive early to secure seating with a good view of the screen.
Dan - 21 Oct 2002 12:47
Best pub in the area by a mile.

Changing menu of well kept real ales, friendly staff, good reasonably priced food, large screen for big sports occasions.
Rod - 29 Aug 2002 14:13
Situated a little over half a mile from the High Street, this pub is a bit of a pain to get to by foot, but it is so worth it. This pub smacks of truly unique charm inside and out; it's an old cricket clubhouse on the outside and an instantly likeable bar on the inside. Literally every available space is covered with historical sporting memorabilia, mainly football programmes. The only negative for this pub is that it can get very smoky and the food can be a little meagre, but on the whole this pub is truly superb. The real strength is its landlord and staff. Over the last decade, at least, the staff have been without exception extremely friendly, courteous and splendid.
Loz - 8 Aug 2002 21:48
Friendly enviroment
Paul - 16 Jul 2002 12:41
It is a quality pub.
Charlie - 5 Jul 2002 14:46
Has super cute "I own this pub" dog

got anything to say about this pub?

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