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Ealing Park Tavern, South Ealing

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user reviews of the Ealing Park Tavern, South Ealing

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I finished off a 6 pub crawl here yesterday evening. I'd heard that they now brew their own beer under the name Long Arm Brewing. So it's an improvement on my last visit. They had 4 of their own ales on - OK IPA, Smoked Stout, Bridie Flipper & Lucky Penny, in addition to Adnams Bitter. The Smoked Stout was good. Still a food-oriented pub. But I'll have to give it another go, when I'm more sober!
blue_scrumpy - 1 Jan 2016 15:43
Used to frequent this pub a couple of times a week several years ago but got really fed up with slow bar staff. Now pop in once in a very long while - as bit is a nice bar and building (and convenient before a curry at Months!) - it seems much quieter and I'd thought the service had improved... but there yesterday (18.10.13 ) we walked out because the service was poor: all for bar staff being communicative - but not chatting to punters for longer than necessary, on their mobiles or walking past waiting customers when the bar is busy... won't be back for another long while.
sairfecht - 19 Oct 2013 09:40
ful;l of snubs and roast was pretenious shit
sundayroastie - 24 Oct 2012 17:12
No. Used to come in here when it was the Penny Flyer and you'd find Brentford fans (the non-agressive type) enjoying a pint before a match down the road. Now you get the feeling they'd be looked at with horror by staff intent on serving them something called 'focaccia' rather than beer.

A couple of unexciting ales on, but I fancied a cider. None on tap, bottles of Bulmers only, at £4.85 a pop.

The one positive is the excellent garden/yard out the back, very nice indeed. Pity it's attached to a very poor attempt at a gastropub.
cid - 22 Aug 2012 08:10
I seem to remember coming here around 15 years ago. Last night I returned but wasn't overly impressed. There were a fair few drinkers. But you could tell that the focus is still on food. 3 basic ales were on - Batemans Rosey Nosey, Courage Best & Sharps Doom Bar. The drinking environment is quite pleasant, with large windows, wood panelling with paintings and wooden floors. Ok, but nothing special.
blue_scrumpy - 29 Dec 2011 22:51
Friendly staff, great food, relaxed atmosphere - what more could you want? Oh yes .... the oysters are superb, and the Sunday roast is scrummy - great gravy! The manager bends over backwards (on a good day!) to ensure all customers are well looked after. By the by, could someone post some better photos - these do not do the building justice, it's a fine old place!
cornishcreamtea - 12 Nov 2011 20:30
Having recently been promoted I decided to treat some friends and family to dinner. I called and made a booking at the The Ealing Park Tavern for 6 people. I chose TEPT on recommendation of a colleague who had been there only a few days before. I have to say he was spot on! As soon as we walked in we were greeted by the manager (we initailly thought he was American) who confirmed our booking. I explained to him the reason for our booking and also that I had an extra 5 people to add to the booking.... He didn't bat an eyelid and simply said it wouldn't be a problem. He asked if I would give him a moment to re-arrange the table. We waited in the bar and had a few drinks. The lady behind the bar informed us that we could simply order drinks and then add them to the final bill once we've eaten in the dinning room. A couple of minutes later the manager appeared and informed us that our table was ready and we were welcome to it. We decided to chill in the beer garden for a bit and then move onto the restaurant. After finishing our drinks were taken to our table and there was more then enough room to accommodate all of us. We had a fanstatic meal from starters to desserts !The quality of the food came as a pleasant surprise, so much so that we approached the kitchen to personally thank the chef! I have never had a better tasting piece of cod! 10 out of 10 from me. The service was superb, and even though the dinning room was full, we never felt forgotten or abandoned by our server. We could tell that there was a way in which things were done to make everyone feel at ease. The attitude of the manager and staff were one in the same and there was a genuine feeling of pride in what they were doing. The best part of the evening was when it dawned on us that the restaurant had closed and we were the only ones left. The manager invited us to stay and relax as long as we liked. We moved in to the bar area to have another round of drinks. Although they were closed, they were very accomodating and allowed us to have a few more cocktails before we departed. As the manager was preparing drinks for us, one of the staff memebers (who had already finished her shift) came back around the bar to help him out! It was team work from start to finish! I had the best time that evening, and proudly told all of my friends via an email the following morning. I did some digging and found out that the managers name is Halo and the lady behind the bar is named Hayly. Thank you very much to the both of you, the chefs and the rest of the team! You capped off a great day for me. T.Devali
peaceofmind - 18 May 2011 10:12
Sad to say this place is heading in the wrong direction. Have been eating and drinking there for many years but of late it's been ever more dissapointing.

Food is currently just-competent, but not exactly exciting or remotely VFM.

Wine - they used to do loads and loads of wines by the glass. Not any more.

They used to do a great range of ales. Not any more.

I passed by this very evening. There were less than a dozen people in the huge bar. A year ago there would have been 100+++.

There are so many other places that are better in every respect, I can't see we'll be going back any time soon. It's not a disaster, just nothing much to draw you there.
mark555 - 6 May 2011 22:23
If your a millionaire, this is the place for you.
mrbee - 10 Feb 2011 17:22
I have been coming here for a number of years in its name change history. I went with 2 friends for a meal last night (08/01/11). I didn't like the menu as it didn't have enough vegetarian options, for me and waht was there seemed overpriced. So I decided not to eat. My friends were happy to eat and I was happy to sit with them at the table and have a couple of drinks whilst dinner was served. Firstly I quite like the surroundings, secondly the waitress, who was only on here second day, was very pleasent and knowledgable, thirdly my friends enjoyed the food immensely and fourth and most important what an arrogant, rude, sad, on edge, foolish and indiscreet manager. I believe he is from mainland Europe, for all of those that need to be aware. If you must rebuke your waitress just because one of a party of 3 decides not to eat DON'T stare at the customer as you talk to the waitress about the lack of income from the table, DON'T talk so loud you can be heard. DON'T assume that everyone is going to like the menu the whole time. DON'T go off on one when you have other empty tables in the dining area. But DO take her to one side to explain your inappropriate managerial skills, DO learn the basic customer service skills that all your staff seem to have but you clearly have no idea of. DO get some counseling also; you clearly need it. On that note I will not be visiting here again, I advise you ALL to have a hard think before returning here or visting for the first time. You clearly aren't a customer just a number and treated differently dependent on your expenditure.
rayb - 9 Jan 2011 10:47
The food is good - but the minimalist open-plan style is cold and uncomfortable. The beer range is good and well-kept, but I liked this place before it went arty. It's okay to eat in but 'public house' it ain't.
palealice - 23 Nov 2009 17:07
To me this pub represents an interesting contrast between old and new. On the one hand they have retained a number of original early 20th Century features – bar back, curtained draught excluders round the doors, etc, and on the other they have introduced the modern minimalist features such as solid wood scrubbed tables, bare boards, hard wooden chairs, and distressed leather sofas and low tables. The picture is completed by the potted plants scattered round the sides struggling for life and the enormous chalk board displaying the wine list. So, essentially something of a gastro pub then, but with separate restaurant and drinking areas. I didn’t eat there so can’t comment on the food, but previous posters speak highly of it. As to the wall decor – nothing worth mentioning. The young lady who served me was very friendly, but I suspect that this pub will never be very welcoming for someone who, like me, likes the more traditional pub. But they did have three real ales on – Ruddle’s Best; Harvey’s Bitter; and Brakspear’s Bitter – plus two more handpumps not in use when I was in there. The Harvey’s was OK. This is not really my type of place (for some reason I never seem to really like pubs painted battleship gray), but OK if you like these sort of minimalist gastro pubs.
RexRattus - 21 Oct 2009 10:19
Can't agree with recent posts. I went there for the first time with my brother recently. OK, it's a gastropub, get over it. I had the best meal i've ever had in my life, and the service was excellent and attentive. Sure, it's a bit 'yuppie', but i actually like all the wood and the sofas, and the beer i had (Pride - or was it Doom Bar?) was well kept. There are more pubby pubs locally, but the food hear was beyond reproach, and the manager really knew her stuff - all of her recomendations were spot on. So rating for food 9, pub 7.
properpublover - 27 Aug 2009 17:11
'Cocktails', 'Restaurant'. I thought a tavern was supposed to be a pub.
Nitronitro1 your review is totally opposite to the last few reviews for this place.
Maybe it's changed hands. Your not the licensee by any chance are you ?
Grailhunter - 14 Jul 2009 14:25
I visited the Ealing Park Tavern last Friday with my girlfriend after being reccomended by my parents and we had a fantastic time. We arrived at about 7.30 pm and decided to have a couple of cocktails. The bar staff were very friendly and the ambience was great with a Dj playing .
Our meal was fantastic I had Lobster which was the best I ever had and my girlfriend had the duck .
The restaurant was buzzing and the staff were very efficient without being intrusive.
I would definately go back and I was in my girlfriendss good books for days
nitronitro1 - 14 Jul 2009 14:14
Visited on a Saturday night and it was dreadful. The place was dead and there was an awful jazz (ahem!) duet playing. Made me feel depressed and couldn't wait to get out. Won't be going back. Beer below average at best.
Hanwale - 30 Apr 2009 17:45
Totally agree with other reviewers. It's like a morgue in here, even when it's full. I can't fathom it, maybe they need a feng-shui expert to take a look or something.
realalesnob - 28 Apr 2009 19:47
Can feel a bit dead inside, which is a shame, because it's a very lively pub. Need to do something about all that wood in there - add some drapes, or something.

Sat down for a propaa meal in there. Food was nice, but didn't get much change out of eighty sheets.
aldhous - 27 Nov 2008 15:08
It looks a very attractive building from the outside but inside is completely lacking in atmosphere. Caters mainly to the Sunday Lunch Brigade. Lots of chavvy oiks swearing at each other. The bar staff are ignorant and rude. Worst pub in the area.
ixion - 5 Oct 2008 17:48
I finally managed to have a couple of beers in here today; maybe it is only closed on Monday lunchtimes!

The barman was cleaning when I walked in and it took him a couple of minutes to spot me, but when he did he rushed over and served me quickly with a please and thank you. Landlord, Marlow Rebellion Smuggler, Hoegarden, Heineken, Amstel, Staropramen, Guinness and Addlestone cider were all available and a pint of Amstel was £3.20.

As mentioned before the beer garden is a little different, but the place settings and large wine glasses set on most of the tables let the gastro cat out of the bag.

The Penny Flyer was never a great pub, but as stevos has mentioned, this maybe a step too far in the other direction.
Strongers - 22 Jul 2008 13:56
I’ve not been in here for about 10 years, when it was the Penny Flyer. I was hoping to pop in this afternoon (13:00) for a couple of cheeky pints, but alas it was closed and had no signs of opening during my lunch break. I did a quick sweep of the outside to see if I could find some opening times, but there were none.

Whilst I was looking I caught the eye of someone inside who quickly turned away, maybe they were robbing the place.
Strongers - 19 May 2008 13:57
Couldn't really make up my mind on this one - the inside was quite open-plan and lacked atmosphere.

Range of ale was decent but unimaginative (although it was served well enough).

Quite enjoyed the concrete jungle beer garden - it's a bit different and was a nice place to sup my beer in the sunshine. So marks there.

I'd say it was worth stopping off for, but not necessarily going out of the way to visit.
Quinno - 12 May 2008 20:54
nice place, good food and service but too overpriced to be a regular haunt.
jinglebell - 15 Feb 2008 13:50
agree with previous comments about this place being pretentious and over-priced - the food is good quality, but the atmosphere and service is not always as friendly as you would expect. range of beers could be better. Trying to be more Gastro than Pub - which for me is a shame. Somewhere in between this and the preceeding Penny Flyer would have been much better!

stevos - 15 Oct 2007 14:52
A reputation for good food and ales. Personally i go to pubs to drink rather than eat, that i do in restaurants. A pub that is a better eatery than a hostelry is a restaurant with a bar. The focus here seems to be with the food rather than serving people at the bar. It's one of those places where you can easily find yourself wearing a cloaking device whilst waiting to be served at the bar- expect to wait ages to get served.

attractive staff- not very observant of people at the bar with empty glasses (or who have just walked in.
imaginarynumber - 4 Aug 2007 10:59
Fantastic atmosphere. Superb food, always top quality. Service is ALWAYS extremely pleasant, however it can be a little slow (good for Saturday night with friends, not so good for a quick business lunch). Have probably been there 10 or so times and always left feeling very full and happy!
ashleywinston - 1 Aug 2007 09:32
Seems to be quite a popular and welcoming place, without being raucous. Good mix of people. Haven't tried the food yet, so cannot say yay or nay on that front.
E1_Norton - 12 Jun 2007 15:25
Atotal and utter pretentious rip off
weston - 30 Mar 2007 12:14
I totally agree with the review below but one. We took Our Mum there for her birthday and waited 1hr 10 minutes for Our food to arrive we could see some of it waiting for 25 minutes prior to it being brought over to us, even then there was about a time difference of 15 minutes before we all received our meals. Hence some of them were cold. I was sat right beside the kitchen and the chefs turned my stomach, they did indeed have dirty fingernails. Our food came to £132 we gave the waiter £160 and 20 minutes later had still not come back. When we asked after him we were told he had finished his shift. Obviously decide that he deserved a huge tip for the dismal service (he took 20 mins just to ask what drinks we wanted 1 vodka and coke, 1 mineral water, 1 coke and 3 diet cokes) and he managed to get this wrong 3 times. Then when our meal finally came a simple request such as no yorkshire pudding, extra roast potatoes instead please had been ignored. He took away the yorkie but never brought and extra roasties) All in all we walked out starving me cos I could not bring myself to eat the food after watchibg the chef cook it, everyone else because it was ridiculously tiny.. I felt so sorry for my Mum and will definitely never eat in here again. To top things off our chef was sat in the bar having a drink when we left and im my opinion been brought back in to give us our change. We should not have been told they did not know where he was.
anonymous - 15 Mar 2007 15:49
My husband and I were recommended this pub by a client. Since trying it over a year ago it has become a favourite spot for dinner. The service is always very helpful, friendly and prompt. The food a fair price for the portions and with a daily changing menu there is always something new to try. The only down side we find is the dessert menu is very limited and not overly exciting. All in all, I would highly recommend.
biddilou - 10 Mar 2007 18:19
I don't like to say it but I think I preferred the notorius Penny Flyer, at least you knew where you stood with that pub. I paid almost £30 for a bottle of white that can only be described as rats P**s.. The food (for 6 of us) took 55mins to arrive and was tiny (I know its trendy to serve tiny meals) but we were all bloody starving afterwards, also because it was bland and unimaginiative (no matter how dressed up it sounded on the menu) and we couldn't eat the little we had. The couple at the next table actually took one look at our meals and got up and walked out. The chef on full view cooking has filthy fingernails which really turned my stomach. Didn't hand round for a drink after!!

anonymous - 16 Feb 2007 11:30
This is our absolute favourite food pub in Ealing. Top Class food and worth every penny. Highly recommended.
Smithson1225 - 25 Aug 2006 15:30
Food was lovely... unfortunatly the service wasn't as good.

Will give it another go soon...
martinbarwick - 15 Jul 2006 11:43
opps meant staff not stakk below (scatty)
anonymous - 7 Jun 2006 17:57
This is a lovely little pub, I had my 18th birthday here years ago when it was the Penny Flyer (it was the only pub in Ealing that would cater for 18th at the time) and I am glad to say that it has improved vastly. Its a lovely place to come for some yummy nosh on a Sunday and then just chill out in the bar for the rest of the evening as the atmosphere is so relaxing and the stakk really take care with preparing your drinks.
anonymous - 7 Jun 2006 17:56
Fairly large pub with a strong emphasis on food & wine; bare floorboards and wooden furniture, with a number of the chairs in a hazardous state of disrepair!

Felt comfortable though; good service and a decent range of ales in good condition: Black Sheep, Hog's Back TEA and Wychwood Hobgoblin; two other pumps had the clips turned around.
Rich66 - 5 Mar 2006 16:39
Been here a few times in the last few months and have to say it's one of my favourite pubs, but definately somewhere to go to for the night rather than a meeting place due to it's poor location. If it was nearer to Ealing Broadway it would be swamped, and would probably not be half as good.

Good selection of real ales, seems to be a free house and a wide range of beers always available. Good wine selection and a nice atmosphere.

The main reason to come here though is the food. Every time i've eaten here it's been fantastic, only complaint would be that there is only ever a single vegetarian option.
ealingwomble - 19 Feb 2006 17:27
This place is very typical of the new Gastro Pubs that have sprung up around london. i have eaten here a couple of times and the food was on the whole excellent, with the separate restaurant being quite homely and a pleasant place to eat. However as a pub it falls somewhat flat. There's a reasonable selection of drinks though it leans more towards the Premium Lager style beers which aren't for everyone. also although the decor is very nice, it's rather lacking in atmosphere.
scousemouse - 27 Sep 2005 14:22
My local and I like it. Good beers, a varied wine list and nice tapas style bar snacks. The food in the restaurant has always been excellent when I've eaten there although it ain't expecially cheap. And even though everything in it, from the patio to the picnic tables is concrete, its a great garden for summer afternoons
monkeyDave - 5 May 2005 20:19
Good place, nice atmosphere, no loud music (you get out of if hearing properly). Food is very good, yho the choice is limited. The pub is not really a pub, but more a wine bar. This place loses marks on parking availability. Have a good insurance... Pity could have been a 8/10!
Beer_Belly - 15 Feb 2005 20:06
i agree the food sometimes is abit hit and miss now,but still great tony now i see.if he left because of money you should of payed him whatever.all my friends say its a great some of the staff now no offence,not good!
sara - 1 Oct 2004 13:59
Much truth in previous comments, but I live very locally and have had dinner here many times (I love the atmosphere and service) and have seen the quality of the food go up and down. Staff not overly keen to indulge even the most diplomatic complaints. I now think twice before spending my money on dinner (why is it always SO SALTY?), although the bar and garden are lovely and the wine list is great - really varied and not outrageously overpriced. EPT be warned; it's dangerous to rest on your laurels!
Holly - 13 Sep 2004 20:03
Must book as packed every weekend visited over the bank holiday fully booked put accomodiated us, great dining area for a pub very professional & friendly staff, great food, only compliant was air conditioning a little to high but they did try to tunn off for us - would definately go again
Anne Enright - - 16 Apr 2004 12:23
this pub is fantastic, nice food and great wines,this pub is 10/10, foods is all fantastic, relax around here...this is the best pub around in london.
India ( boss's daughter) - 11 Apr 2004 19:34
Agree with all previous comments, so sick of all those nonsense plastic Irish chain's and All Bar Ones that look the same, this is a tasteful contemporary bar with a traditional feel and all of it's original period features have been restored with care and charm. Great food (pricey but good) and a great eating hall with a real wow factor. Fantastic place.
anonymous - 19 Mar 2004 14:49
Cannot fault food, wine and service all 1st class.

Only moan would be tables a bit cramped in - might be worth losing a couple and give a little bit more space.

Atmosphere also great with music in background. But most pleasant was the fact that families were there but children well behaved - will be there again soon with famili and friends.

rating 8.5 out of 10
Richard - 16 Feb 2004 18:43
Just about to book a table there for the 4th? time - local to me love the food and the bar is nice too - would recommend
Andy Oldham - 15 Nov 2003 14:11
Use on my (rare) visits to Griffin Park. Well worth an hour or two's relaxation after the game. Haven't tasted the food, but the beer is top-notch. An object lesson in how to renovate a Victorian gin-palace which has fallen on hard-times. Pub-cos take note.
derek - 4 Jun 2003 13:18
Fantastic Pub. used to go in here years back but it went down hill visited for first time in decade after being recommended. cannot recommend highly enough myself. Excellent refurb all wood floors leather sofas but not in a tarty way. Restaurant now where pool snug was and food is fantastic and not atall pricey. Best pub in area now
Seamus Callan - 14 Apr 2003 16:01
Refurbished Renamed(back to 50s name)Transformed into fantastic pub. Penny Flyer was a dive The Ealing Park Tavern is a find. Beer great Food excellent (before terrible)This is how to do up a run down pub great success
arturo-morales - 19 Mar 2003 13:05
I have had some excellent meals here - but last night it was the best ever – pheasant – wonderful – can not recommend this place highly enough - but what I can’t understand is how he stays so slim !!!
William - 3 Jan 2003 05:57
Stylish gastro-pub with delicious menu and beautiful outdoor landscaped patio garden. You have to book to get a table on Fridays and Saturdays. Menu can sometimes be a bit avant-garde and poncey, e.g. snail cream
Stephanie Dominy - 2 Sep 2002 17:27
Used to be the notorious Penny Flyer. Now reverted to a more simple stylish pub with an excellent restaurant and bar serving Wadsworth 6x amongst others (Note: Restaurant is so popular that you cannot normally get in without booking on any night!)
Martin Carr - 11 Jul 2002 13:38

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