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Crown Tavern, Clerkenwell

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user reviews of the Crown Tavern, Clerkenwell

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Pub number 2 on my Friday night crawl.

The sun was shining, the evening was balmy and the pub was absolutely packed with hipsters & trendy locals.

Packed outside with inside also very busy but quick enough to get a drink.

5 pumps which had the following ales on Timothy Taylor Landlord, Caledonian Duchars IPA, Black Sheep Monty Pythons Holy Grail, Sharps Doom Bar and Everard's Xingu. I opted for a pint of Xingu and it was very good. As well as the ales they also had Camden Hells Lager, Fruli & Bernard Dark on tap.

This is a lovely old building that used to have a theatre upstairs but it’s now a dining room. Attractive tiles on the outside lower wall and parlour style stained glass doors.

Overall a very attractive pub, good beer choice and busy. Definitely worthy of a stop on a pub crawl in the area.
lezford - 13 Aug 2014 13:00
What is the great London obsession with standing on the pavement outside pubs? At least it means you can get a seat inside.

Typically madeover central London venue serving expensive but decent beer as a sideline to shifting meals at the sort of mark up that makes me realise I'm in the wrong job. There's better and cheaper close by.
djw - 10 Apr 2014 00:28

Were. Basic English innit.
Chief_Chufty - 23 Feb 2014 21:21
Met up with friends there to introduce tem to pubs in the area, there was 3 cask beers on ,we had hopback winterlightning, staff were more interested in us having food ,too cold to sit outside ,inside everywhere was people eating, left !

william85 - 23 Feb 2014 19:15
Rudest bar staff ever. Beer tasted a bit off too, far better places in Farringdon and Clerkenwell than this joke, that's for sure.
WillUsherSmith - 14 Jul 2013 01:35
If a barman tried to palm me off with slops from the drip tray I would simply walk out - either that or I'd pour it over his head! I shall avoid this pub and others should do the same.
Tewin - 27 May 2013 12:26
This should be a really good pub. BUT…

(1) Their website (which publishes a completely different food menu from the one they actually serve) explicitly says they open at 9:00 on Saturdays, when in fact they don’t open until 12:00. When I pointed this out, the barperson said “I don’t know who produced that website, but it’s wrong.”. Uh?

(2) The Orchard cider is excellent (not “real”, for the purists, but all the better for that as far as I am concerned); but £4.50 a pint seems a bit extreme.

(3) There is neither hand dryer nor towels in the women’s loo.

All of those points mark it down for me.
Lizzie13 - 2 Dec 2012 17:19
Went there last week, when I had to learn that they serve slops. They empty the trays under the pumps into glasses and serve that to customers. That's not cool, especially since their prices are pretty steep. I've been a customer for years and used to like this pub, but I won't be coming back.
crawler42 - 24 Oct 2012 11:02
I used to go here in the 1970s and 80s, and have very happy memories of a well run, friendly and pleasant pub. The place has been done up, obviously since; and the beer too. There's a recession in all but name going on, not that I can't afford to drink, but this is one place that is having a laugh on the pricing front. Your best off, buying drink off licence at a shop and drinking outside on the public benches in the square. Particularly if your a smoker, as the staff try to shoo you away from sitting and smoking along the frontage. Best in fact to go along to the Gun makers just down & up the hill to the right. Better beer, cheaper, more charming staff and tobacco tolerant outside.
3Brassballs - 17 Aug 2012 11:54
Went to The Crown with some friends who were having a birthday drink, and was very surprised. Having read some of the comments here, I expected to be fleeced, drink foul beer and not eat well, but the 'bangers and mash' was lovely, and the beer (most important criteria for a pub!!) was good, both bottled - Goose Island 312 (thoroughly recommended) and The Cutthroat Porter which was lovely!! Comments about the staff here had me looking around for the rude one's who were going to be waiting, but despite the fact that the pub was really busy, the team seemed very courteous and professional; good to see given they have to go up and down stairs with drinks and run many, many tables of food and drinks. Our friends had been in during the rugby earlier and again, no complaints!! It's not the easiest job working behind a bar - sometimes I feel some of the people who complain a bit too much here, should do it for a day, then you'll see why people can't be automatons and have even their best intentions tested from time to time.... Relax - you're supposed to be enjoying yourself remember!! The Crown - solid and reliable boozer - would go back for sure!!
mikeypr - 1 Apr 2012 12:09
The most disgusting pint ever, I found something at the bottom of my pint of Pride and took it to the Manager who said "accidents happen and stuff falls into the drip tray" so how does the slops end up in my pint?????? He confirmed that it was clean and that it was standard practice at the Crown Tavern. I have been drinking there for 2 years and this has started since a re-fit and change of management. I will not be going there again and neither will any of my staff at work, who were all regulars. If you go, check out the pint glasses they leave under the taps waiting to serve you the dregs, nice and dirty!
Customer2012 - 28 Mar 2012 20:17
I used to go to the Tavern for some time. Service was always poor, but yesterday it just was over the top. I will not be going there ever again. After a few drinks, a very miserable bartender refused to sell me a drink and then for no reason asked me to leave because as he put it "I was rude to him". Things escalated to the manager and when I asked what I did specifically, say or do to upset him, he would not give me any reasonable explanation. This genius assumed I am drunk and told me to leave. Of course I had a drink (I WAS IN THE PUB, DOH!) but nowhere near to cause any trouble. It was simply humiliating what they did and I will never ever go there again. Also I will tell all my mates about it. I know a few dozen people in the area, I will tell everyone to AVOID this place. They are not worth my money or my friends money.

Apart from that incident service was ALWAYS poor.
tommyboynice - 13 Jan 2012 16:15
Nice enough place but quite pricey for some folk. Welconig though and pleasant enough.
ng10 - 5 Dec 2011 20:14
round there today, been newly painted inside tastefully...had a couple of Roosters Wild Mule ,tried the Landlord and finished with a new for me anyway cider of which they had 3 on, if laid back is what your looking for this is it
hullcityfan - 20 Nov 2011 20:32
Sat outside watching thre sun go down with a nice pintof T/T Landlord and some Fullers Summer ale, not cheap but reasonable prices
hullcityfan - 24 Jul 2011 10:11
A couple of years ago The Crown was one of the best pubs in the area. High praise, considering the abundance of great boozers in Clerkenwell. On recent visits, however, it seems that standards of excellence have slipped ever so slightly. The eclectic range of bottled beers behind the bar has significantly diminished, whilst the cask offerings are also fairly prosaic. The bar staff have never been the most accommodating bunch, but this has been the case for as long as Ive frequented the joint.

Don't get me wrong. I still like the pub, and it has a lot of things in its favour. It is at the heart of Clerkenwell Green, one the most historic areas of London. A young Stalin and Lenin were first rumoured to have meet here back in 1903. I don't buy into that, but it's nice to imagine them tucking into pints of Pilsner Urquell.
Misk. - 14 Feb 2011 16:59
This is simply one of the best pubs in the area; probably the best if the weather is pleasant.

It's often busy but the friendly staff are usually up the the task of dealing with orders quickly. The ale selection is wide and varied, but due to volumes served one or two are usually being changed. I note that the lager and wine selection looks pretty good, but didn't try from either.

The pub is spacious and able to handle the large volumes of customers well, music levels are spot on providing atmosphere without making it hard to talk. The outside area is great, with a lot of seating and next to a very quiet road.

I go there whenever I'm passing and have time.
Rapscallion_1980 - 13 May 2010 12:36
Retreated to here after a disappointing experience at the Fox & Anchor. The place was busy with a pre-wedding gathering at the Church around the corner, but it was still easy enough to get served and procure a well-kept pint of Chiswick (incidentally, the beer choice was not amazing here; Landlord, London Pride and an unavailable guest ale my only options). I found this a very pleasant boozer to sit down and have a drink in. Piped music was unobtrusive, and you get the sense this pub has managed to upgrade itself over the years to reflect its trendy location without compromising its appeal and atmosphere. My favourite pub I've so far encountered in the area.
ChrisP87 - 21 Mar 2010 08:04
I enjoyed the Crown a lot. It's much bigger than the photo suggests - it's an L shaped room extending to the right of the photo and at the end of the L there is a further room. Plenty of pleasant seating and a mixed crowd when I was in on a Thursday evening. Three or four beers on offer including Brains and something called Right Flanker. Music on in the background but not intrusive.

The pub was busy but not unpleasantly so and I found it (along with the Sekforde) to be pretty much the best in the area.
murgatroyd - 6 Dec 2009 21:53
One of the nicest and best beer pubs in London. A superb setting for a film or tv play too. Great outside area for smoke, talk and snooze in the cool, cool cool of the evening.
Princemonolulu - 28 Aug 2009 10:25
Gave this place a go based on a personal recommendation and was pretty pleased with it from a drinkers point of view.

There were a couple of quite interesting ales on offer, along with an impressive selection of overseas and continental beers. My ale (one which I hadn't tried before) was in excellent condition.

The pub interior is quite airy and spacious, with a relaxed atmosphere on my Friday evening visit. It was busy though, I ended up with a small section of shelf to myself but nevermind, it was a Friday after all...

As I usually stick to scoffing Subways when I'm out and about on pub crawls, I can't pass comment on the standard of the food.

Would recommend this place on the strength of my visit and will make a point of going in there again soon.
Quinno - 9 Feb 2009 19:36
having just seen the comments in here , Looks like a continued theme here, I met a mate who works nearby in here and we witnessed 2 females being told that the pub is not a "fast food" outlet. the girls said they had been waiting 35 minutes. now I dont know but 35 minutes seems a bit long. esp when the place wasnt that busy. we had had a burger king meal on the way home, now that was fast food. whoever owns this place needs to look carefully at how much trade is being lost due to bad service and rude staff. beer was in good condition , cant remember what we drank..
The_Pub_Inspector - 22 Nov 2008 13:03
I work near the crown and our office frequently visits this pub. I have stopped going there becuase of the service. It always takes ages for the food to arrive and the bar gets too busy which means long waits for a drink. i went back there yesterday for the first time in months because a colleague had his leaving lunch there. a collegue and mine ordered 10 mins later than the others and we had to wait over 40 minutes for the food to arrive. another colleague actually cancelled his order because it took too long and he had to return to work. when our food arrived the waiter told us that we could order a free drink from the bar as compensation for the long wait. we didn't ask for this. i went to the bar and explained to the guy behind the bar what his colleague had said. he then said in a kind of jokingly way that i cannot have a free drink. i ordered 2 anyway as i believed his was joking. he kept asking me to pay for it and i told him that i won't becuase it was offered to me in compensation for waiting long for the food. he then turned around and said that he is the bar manager and they don't do free drinks and i can pay for it or leave it. i left. i returned later that day to speak to him and to explain that because of his behaviour at lunchtime i am here to cancel a booking i made for a large group for pre-dinner xmas drinks. he still didn't apologise, but simply crossed us out from the his book and continued being annoyingly arrogant. i have never been treated like that before. i can't believe that this guy calls himself a manger. a manager should have the best interest for his pub to make money and keep the punters happy. they obviously don't care so why should i spend my hard earned money in this place. i will not go back after this very bad experience.
MaryAl - 22 Nov 2008 12:45

This has the makings of an excellent pub. There is a good selection of wine, a decent selection of real ales, and a superb selection of bottled beers and ciders from around the world (I favour the Liberty Ale). The lunchtime burgers and chips are excellent (Ive also had the club sandwich which was good, though not as noteworthy as the burgers), and the prices reasonable for the area (though the beer is a little steep). They have a promotion on - on Mondays, most wine is 10 a bottle.

What lets this pub down is the service. Whilst its largely friendly (with one exception), it is cripplingly slow. I have waited 6 or 7 minutes just for my change, whilst the ever changing bar staff attempt to fathom out the till. If this were the exception, youd smile and shrug it off, but it happens every time I go.

This is a shame, as this pub would get a solid seven out of ten from me otherwise - the mix of drinks, seating styles (from high stools to cosy chairs; from window-airy to niche dark and cosy) suit a wide range of clientle. I have gone in with folk my own age (40ish) and much younger (20ish) and all have found something to amuse (including a selection of board games). They just need to sort their service out.

mattygroves - 19 Nov 2008 09:57
I has such an unpleasant experience that i thought i would write about it. Along with my work team whom i frequently visit local pubs with.
It was just before the busy lunch time rush and i ordered a glass of coke, this was extremely watered down and along with a stack of ice. I'm not fussy but the drink didn't taste like coke. So i politely asked if i could exchange the drink for a glass of orange juice, this was fine. I didn't fancy anything on the menu apart from the sticky toffee pudding with icecream, my favorite. I ordered this and told the bar lady that it was to be served at the same time as the food as i was not eating a meal. This was done, however i was given a folk and as most of the icecream had already melted (due to the time it took to serve the food but i was ok with the melted icecream) i asked for a spoon. I waited and waited and waited then i decided to go down stairs and get a spoon myself. I tried to but there weren't any spoons. I asked the frosty lady at the bar (who in fairness was quite busy) and eventually got a spoon. I went back to my completely melted desert. Everyone at the table had nearly finished their meal and i just couldn't be bothered to complain. So i just ate and went.

The service in this pub is rapidly decreasing. It used to be brilliant. Now it seems that if you want something the staff wont be happy to help. Busy yes, but busy/customers is what keeps people in jobs, isn't it?
nixie - 7 Oct 2008 15:41
This is a great pub, when it's not packed to the rafters. Until recently, I'd always found the Crown too crowded and noisy for my taste. I'd only visited there on Friday evenings when customers spill out onto the street and engage in endless skirmishes with the staff who plead, threaten and cajole them not to stand on a certain section of the pavement (apparently it annoys their neighbours, who call the police). However I had lunch here recently with colleagues, and my perceptions were changed totally. Everyone agreed the food was delicious. What's more the ale was excellent, the atmosphere was sunny and relaxed, and the service was friendly. Really, you couldn't ask for more. I'll be back again for sure, but not on a Friday evening. 9/10
foxski - 1 Oct 2008 02:19
Was my favourite place when I worked in the area: decent food, nice staff, couple of real ales, lots of space outside to drink your pint without standing on the road.

Pretty much what a pub should be really!

Only big negative is that food orders tend to turn up at random times, annoying if you are still waiting for your plate when your friends have already finished theirs.

trickyb - 26 Sep 2008 14:42
Have now finished with drinking in this pub. I have no idea why they don't put more bar staff on - it's just a nightmare to get served !!
Loretta_Lush - 31 Aug 2008 14:16

mitch76 - 9 Jun 2008 16:09
Great place to go for a drink - friendly barstaff, nice clientele, not too pricey. Lots of little nooks and crannies to sit in and people watch. Steer clear of the food though - I had bangers and mash and the mash had about a teaspoon of salt in it. Also has a lot of tables and chairs outside in the Square - great for smokers as you are not standing in the road looking like a git.
stuartw - 24 Mar 2008 16:37
Really like this pub but I'd find it difficult to tell you why. Found by accident last year at six on a Saturday evening late in October after leaving the Seckforde Arms - which I was supposed to have liked more than I did. The Seckforde that night unfortunately was as dead as they come and I felt (unusually) a bit out of place. After leaving early and with time to kill I popped in here and the difference couldn't have been greater. Struggled to find a seat with loads of people in the 'back room' playing board games, plenty of life. Felt right. Felt comfortable. Brought my wife in the following night, something I don't normally do (visit a pub twice in the same London trip - not take the wife out!) and although it was after ten on a Sunday night was still lively. Returned again this month and the place is definetly growing on me. Nice one.
Boothers - 15 Feb 2008 11:41
This is the worst place to get your lunch from. Ok, the food is good but the service is appalling. Very very slow, often the wrong order.
I have never been there and have them get the order right. A houmus sandwich once took 45 minutes to arrive! It's cold! What are they doing in that kitchen.
Unless you have a 3 hour lunch break don't order here! It's such a shame as the food is really quite good.
Annabanks - 29 Oct 2007 14:27
Great place for apres work drinkums, the clientele are a nice young and attractive bunch and very friendly, the barstaff are very friendly and helpful. I had no problem being served even though they was somewhat of a scrum at the bar, the bar staff seemed very quick and efficent. Good selection of International Beers, some real ale for the hopheads, but quite a limited selection so I dont think they would make this place their own.
theregent - 8 Sep 2007 10:21
Tried it on a Friday evening and was very disappointed. The server at my end of the bar was inept - too busy trying to be cool and showy and not actually serving people in turn. I gave up after 20 minutes in which his friends, ladies and those shouting the loudest had been served first. Saw a few people complaining about short measures as well.
Food was quite good though.
Think it deserves a second chance at a quieter time before I write it off, but for now I agree with the earlier posting: avoid Friday evenings.
anonymous - 4 Jun 2007 12:00
I'm lucky to live close by, this is mu local! great food, great choice of beer, quirky (and yes: very European) interior. On warm days you can lounge in the green (sorry: piazza), an added plus.
Only draw-back: it's frighteningly popular with the after-work crowd, which makes the pub a no-go zone on friday evenings.
nfrei - 7 May 2007 14:41
After eating very good food at the Crown on a few previous occasions, the events of my recent visit are especially disappointing. I ordered at the bar Starters and Mains. These were delivered together. When I said that I didn't wish to receive these together I was accosted by a very loud bullish manager who insisted that his wife who had served me had not got it wrong. He stated that their policy is unless you specify, you will get all food delivered together! I was then re-served with my Mains Course re-heated and only lukewarm. By this stage we had given up complaining as we were dealt with very rudely and loudly which was very embarrasing. I would recommend that anyone attempting to order food here makes it very clear that they don't want their starters, mains and desserts to all arrive together!
Ann20 - 24 Apr 2007 22:03
There were only so many glowing reviews of this place I could read from Stonch, before finally setting out to see what all the fuss is about.

I stopped by here late on Sunday afternoon, and I'm now a convert. I approached the place with skepticism: I'm not a huge fan of M&B pubs, and didn't really like the pub in its old form about 5 or 6 years ago. However, they have done a great job with this place since. It took me about 5 minutes to decide on what I wanted, eventually going for a Liefman's Goudenband. My fiancee decided upon a 500mL Schneider Aventinus, which caused me to feel a bit of a beer inferiority complex (size matters......), until I tasted the Goudenband, and felt more than satisfied with my lot.

Even after ordering two fantastic beers, there was still a lot of "Oooooh! I didn't see that one" grumbles, and mental notes of what to order next time. The service was friendly and excellent as well, which itself puts this place several notches about The Rake, who seem to have hired the closest living resemblance to Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons.

The interior was pleasant (a good combination of historical features and modern approach), although we decided to sit outside and enjoy the first truly nice weekend of the year. Despite being in central London, the square out front is very calm and peaceful, and almost feels........dare I say it...........Eurpoean.

Anyway, a wonderful, wonderful pub. I can't go back soon enough.
topdog_andy - 12 Mar 2007 12:58
Just to confirm - there is real ale here: Adnams Bitter and Timothy Taylor Landlord. Also real cider on hand pump in the form of Thatchers.

In terms of bottled beers, in London only The Rake, Quinn's and the White Horse have a selection more interesting.

Vastly underrated place.
anonymous - 18 Feb 2007 12:18
What are you on about, there's almost always real ale in here?
anonymous - 7 Feb 2007 00:17
Still no pumps working. A pub with no beer - is this place way ahead of its time in setting a new trend or something? It seems like a determined effort anyway.
cardamom - 6 Feb 2007 12:18
Met a friend there this evening, for the first time for some years.

No bitter or real ale on - and they didn't seem concerned - and the friends white wine was expensive and not terribly good.

We went round to the Betsy Trotwood and .....

zorrodp - 1 Feb 2007 23:43
Was in here last night. Nice cosy pub. Good crowd of people. Good efficient service. If lived local then this would be a worthy local. Worth a trip.
HLC - 21 Jan 2007 15:39
NYE party here was great, hats off to all the staff who worked at double speed all night - despite the crowds, service was absolutely excellent and there wasn't a dry glass in the house. This place has been completely turned around - six months ago it was a lovely pub with painfully slow, unfriendly bar staff. Now its an absolute joy.

I prefer writing shitty reviews - but credit where credit's due. This is now the best all-round pub in Clerkenwell.
anonymous - 2 Jan 2007 14:31
In the spirit of fair assessment I looked in again when I was back in the area and two of the four pumps were in action; both the Timothy Taylors and the Adnams were in good condition. Wasn't eating but the food served to a nearby table looked good in both quality and portion. Huge windows provide a light, airy feel in the afternoon.
trainman - 12 Dec 2006 11:48
Went in yesterday lunchtime. Four handpumps, no beer. What's the point?
trainman - 30 Nov 2006 11:50
I found this a comfortable pub, with an interesting range of beers. In addition to those already mentioned, Cantillon gueuze is pretty rare, and I've never seen Franziscaner on draught before. Good range of Trappists too although the bar man bizzarely rolled the bottle of Orval on the bar to get all the sediment. I've seen this with German wheat beers but never a Belgium beer! Food was bland.
Kallisti - 19 Oct 2006 14:02
Service has definitely changed for the better. Owners are still the same (massive pubco Mitchells & Butlers) but management is clearly different.

Beer bore stuff below for those who are interested (Conniwot can stop reading, if indeed he is reading at all):

The beer selection is indeed impressive but then always was in this pub, as with M&B's other pubs of this "unbranded" variety across London. If anything the recent shake-up has left an equal amount of choice in terms of different continental beers, but inferior and less interesting examples in my opinion. Budvar Dark is gone for example. They have added Maredsous blonde on tap - unusual, but in all honestly I think it is no better than Leffe. Sleemans Honey Lager from Canada has been added, quite nice but nothing something I'd choose very often.

Having said that, I notice a third hand pump has been installed - and they had a pump clip on it for real cider (Westons) - however the dozy barman was puzzled by its existence and it wasn't hooked up to a cask. Hopefully this means they are going to try and have an interesting guest in addition to the Adnams and TT Landlord they have been serving for some time.
anonymous - 17 Oct 2006 11:40
I think this place has been taken over by someone else, as i was in on friday and what a suprise.
Fast efficient service, and a great range of draught beers. But more suprising was the dining room upstairs, a beer menu with food sugestions!!!!! I've heard of beer matching but never food matching!!

Well done to the new owners i'll definately be back.
nomis - 16 Oct 2006 22:16
I walked in to this pub on a Friday night and was initially pleased by the surroundings. The service was somewhat odd though, firstly, the service was very slow, the barman informed me that the manager was doing admin, but told me that he was actually avoiding work as he had a hangover.

Then I was given my pint in a plastic cup instead of a glass - despite the fact that I had informed the barman that I was drinking inside. I don't like drinking beer from plastic cups, but more annoyingly if I wanted a pint of beer that comes in a special glass such as Frulli or something similar then I would have been given a glass - quite annoying really

These sort of happenings went on all evening, suffice to say that I won't be rushing back.
mike2004 - 3 Sep 2006 19:29
No Potato headed Media types? GYAC it's in Clerkenwell FFS! I'm sure the beer has improved if you can actually fight your way to the bar to order it!
ted_maul - 5 Aug 2006 00:05
Looking at other people's reviews of this pub the bar staff must have changed. I found all the staff to be be really helpful and friendly. And there is a nice selection of beers (but nothing you wouldn't find elsewhere) and the prices seemed average for Clerkenwell.

However I did think the pub lacked atmosphere.

And The food is overpriced.

Basically I wouldn't go out of my way to come here.
jackgavin - 4 Aug 2006 14:51
Yes, the staff seem to have been changed completely recently. Mr Rude Barman is still seen partolling the streets of Clerkenwell but I am pretty sure he no longer works here. If such a thing is possible, the beer selection has actually improved or at least changed(Budvar Dark and Sleemans Honey Lager now available, though a few things have been pulled).

This pub is constantly busy in summer, and the London Oasis public art thing has only increased the crowds. Nonetheless service is no longer snail's pace and I have ceased to be annoyed by this place.

Good news all round then.
anonymous - 27 Jul 2006 10:10
Well fortunately it seems to have changed: no rude bar staff and no potato-headed media types. In fact, the bar staff were efficient and as friendly as possible given the huge amount of people wanting drinks, and to sit in the spacious outside among the interesting mechanical/electrical sculpture thing. Good ale (unusually for Clerkenwell bars), good wine and ambitious food. All they need is a couple more bar staff at busy periods great place to hang out on a summer's evening
lolhend - 19 Jul 2006 14:20
Funny I just went into this pub for the first time today and came across, guess who? Yes, the rude b*stard barman!!! I luckily didn't have to deal with him but, his monosyllabic grunting to his colleague who was trying to help me make a reservation, made me feel ill. Get rid of this man - this is not hospitality!
roase1978 - 30 Apr 2006 19:20
This is a local of mine, I think it is a great pub but the comments below about the staff and the one bar man in particular are completely true and fair. Wish they would sort it out.
anonymous - 28 Apr 2006 11:04
A real dilema this one: We work locally and have been here a number of times.
Everytime with out fail, one of us, usually all of us thouroughly disgusted by the ignorant pathetic barman. So why do we go? The food is actually really good!!!!
I can only think the reason for keeping him is so that the pub doesn't get too busy and controls the number of diners. If this is the case well done, it's working, we would certainly be here more frequently if he wasn't. Sack himchef !!!!
anonymous - 28 Apr 2006 10:54
Such a frustrating place. The food is excellent and a lovely place to sit outside in the summer, but the staff, one gentlemen in particular, is incredibly rude. I can't believe he hasn't been sacked or left as he is so miserable.

Don't go unless they get new staff. I would be embarrassed if I owned the place.

SparkyD - 28 Apr 2006 10:24
i like this pub, no-one else does although pepepepe and I agree that the librarian bar-man is rather obnoxious & rude. It is also far too hot inside with far too many nathan barley lookalikes
yellow_head - 19 Apr 2006 15:00
no eye contact and rudeness from barman
pepepepe - 19 Apr 2006 10:52
Gus, notice you're a big fan of the Green. I must say I find the kind of customer you see in here far preferable to the smug kind you see through the picture windows of the Green, mewling infants in their laps. But there you go, horses for courses.

I agree with you about the food - ropey. But pubs aren't about food and this one hardly sells itself on it. If you want a restaurant with a couple of token beer taps look no further than - the Green.
anonymous - 10 Apr 2006 17:07
bad experience with lunch. Staff were clueless and not that bothered. Typical pretentious fish fingers on ciabatta type fare and it took an hour to arrive. Decor okay and it has a nice aspect on the corner. Brimming in the summertime with outside drinkers, but mostly loud, media d*head types with stupid haircuts and banal conversation.
gus120970 - 10 Apr 2006 16:12
Brilliant beers, standing outside here in summer is heaven. Loads of tables outside. Staff are a laugh. Food is standard fare but the drinks are amazing - I love it love it love it.
fragileonamonday - 4 Apr 2006 16:29
dis is d booza where Lenin and Stalin met in 1905 innit
Optiman1917 - 4 Apr 2006 09:57
New oriental barman serves short, flat measures and then won't do anything about it. Twerp.
anonymous - 17 Feb 2006 08:25
Shayman, was it the short haired black guy who shouted tosser at you? He can be rude.
anonymous - 4 Jan 2006 14:00
Nice looking pub but the staff on both my visits have been slow, inexperienced and rude. The Prices are ridiculously high for this area of London.

The worst part is that if you ask for a short they automatically give you a double. A discussion with a boy who claimed he was the "manager" lead to the revelation that this is bar policy and culminated in him shouting tosser at me. Nice. No wonder there was an ambulance crew seeing to an unconcious customer at the time.

Shayman - 4 Jan 2006 13:52
Wonderful in many ways, but I agree with RebelBhoy that the service is rubbish - the bar manager can be a right knobber. On the plus side it has a brilliant (though recently diminished) selection of drinks. Staropramen Granat, Leffe, Fruli, Kupper Kolsch all on draught, Erdinger Dunkel in bottles which is cool. As I say the drink selection has been trimmed of late, they explained to me no-one was buying the bottled belgians and the great Herold Black (a good and rare Czech dark lager) so they cut them. The real ales aren't very well kept so I'd give them a miss.

As for atmosphere - the music is chilled and inoffensive and the decor is a good nod to the traditional features while giving a relaxed and modern ambience. Attracts a variety of people, and thankfully virtually no one in a suit ventures in here.

If you like this pub, try the Castle by Farringdon station which is a bit livelier and has almost exactly the same drinks selection but with better service.
anonymous - 14 Dec 2005 14:08
Service is appalling.....I mean really bad.
Good range of beers, if you can be bothered waiting for them.

Nice setting on a sunny day though. Might want to get yourself a carry out before you get there though.
RebelBhoy - 23 Sep 2005 16:06
Great place to meet for lunch time drinks in summer as it has use of the giant forecourt area in front of it.

A good range of imported beers on tap but service can be a bit slow as everyone hits it for the lunch time rush.
mdon - 10 Jun 2005 14:00

got anything to say about this pub?

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