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Username: nixie

Age: 36

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The Crown Tavern, Clerkenwell

I has such an unpleasant experience that i thought i would write about it. Along with my work team whom i frequently visit local pubs with.
It was just before the busy lunch time rush and i ordered a glass of coke, this was extremely watered down and along with a stack of ice. I'm not fussy but the drink didn't taste like coke. So i politely asked if i could exchange the drink for a glass of orange juice, this was fine. I didn't fancy anything on the menu apart from the sticky toffee pudding with icecream, my favorite. I ordered this and told the bar lady that it was to be served at the same time as the food as i was not eating a meal. This was done, however i was given a folk and as most of the icecream had already melted (due to the time it took to serve the food but i was ok with the melted icecream) i asked for a spoon. I waited and waited and waited then i decided to go down stairs and get a spoon myself. I tried to but there weren't any spoons. I asked the frosty lady at the bar (who in fairness was quite busy) and eventually got a spoon. I went back to my completely melted desert. Everyone at the table had nearly finished their meal and i just couldn't be bothered to complain. So i just ate and went.

The service in this pub is rapidly decreasing. It used to be brilliant. Now it seems that if you want something the staff wont be happy to help. Busy yes, but busy/customers is what keeps people in jobs, isn't it?

7 Oct 2008 15:41

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