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Snowdrop, Lindfield

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Under new management for two weeks, visited at lunchtime for a drink and to check out the food and were not disappointed. Usual pub standards both hot & cold on the menu plus specials (beef & merlot casserole, liver & bacon, pork & mustard casserole), we both had an excellent fish pie, and friendly and efficient service. Sunday roasts come in small, medium and large sizes.

Dog friendly too.
c_and_j - 16 Mar 2014 20:47
Home made chicken kiev with baked beans featured on the menu on my last visit, how odd...
c_and_j - 14 Apr 2012 18:59
I last ate at the snowdrop inn late June and must admit as a chef myself I was very impressed with the upkeep and overall vibe of this little abode in the outskirts of Lindfield but had not given it a review which I was meaning to do like many places before me the drinks were faultless I believe there lines are cleaned on a regular basis as the ales were crisp and clear service was okay but could be improved on,
The food which I'm usually pay more attention to being a 3 rosette chef myself and many years of experience was by all means such a delight, possibly the best pub/gastronomic experience I had in this type of establishment.
BUT and I feel saddened by this in the past few months I visited mid September and at the beginning of this month I feel let down from such a high and been given such high expectations from my first visit that this former little gem seems to be letting standards drop, the staff are not as welcoming my first visit and seem disorganised in there work place but I could not fault the ales as they still are outstanding quality and very refreshing, but the biggest disappointment being the back of house in the creation and presentation of the food has dropped ten fold, which I cannot understand the reason for this the menu is hardly the reason as my first visit was outstanding but recently the food lacks love in the look and taste being very bland and not tasteful by any means whether it was the chefs day off that I had on my first visit or change of staff I do not know as I asked the waitress but she stated uses the same chef that has ran the business of the kitchen for the past year which I believe cannot be true as in my experience no real chef drops his standards that much in 3-4 months, anyway I can honestly say I shall be avoiding the snowdrop inn until I hear that standards have been raised once again and the food is once again a taste sensation with the return of there most amazing gravy I had ever tasted out of a pub kitchen in which now seems to be 3rd grade in comparison.
I hope to be writing a better review in the future for this ONCE extravagant country retreat.
So please don't lose what you once had otherwise it's a shame we add another restaurant to the list of broken dreams and giants that once were.
Gordon .

Topchef_101 - 14 Oct 2011 02:07
From memory, a really out-of-the way pub with a good atmosphere.
tommo5 - 4 Aug 2011 16:22
Called in with an old friend today and we both enjoyed our lunch. The pub was beautifully clean which we both commented upon. Staff were very welcoming and very helpful. The lunch time menu didn't have a great deal of choice but what we had was cooked and presented nicely. I had no idea this place existed until I saw it in LIVING magazine and am now glad I found it down a little country lane. I will definitely go back again to see what is on the evening menu. Car park at the rear and flat easy access for my elderly friend made it a very good choice all round.
sackvillemum - 1 Jun 2011 16:46
Having heard this pub had been renovated and was under new management since a disappointing visit some years ago, decided to give it another try and see what changes had occurred.

It has certainly been spruced up and is bright and shiny but therein lies it's main problem. It's all rather soulless.

The staff were pleasant enough but not very able. A quantity of drink had been spilled on the floor in the doorway between the bar and the back room and after a considerable time one of them asked the other if they should clear it up. This should not have required either the question or the delay.

On the plus side, the beer was good. It's a former King & Barnes house so is now Hall & Woodhouse with the usual offerings they provide. I tried the Firkin Fox, which was very good. The food was also good and good value too though the menu is limited.

In summary, bland but with potential.
gareth1011 - 29 May 2011 09:00
Having been messaged by the chef, it appears the pork belly wasn't re-heated in the microwave but cooked in stock, hence the soggy crackling.... Although he boasts he has had compliments in Italy for his Gnocci, I did not enjoy this dish. I have only ever had this, home-made or in other restaurants (not supermarket bought as he suggests) and I have enjoyed better elsewhere. I see however that around the same time the Chef messaged me, someone else reviewed his food very favorably so pay a visit and decide for yourself!
princesstigger - 18 Jan 2011 14:30
Have just had Sunday lunch at The Snowdrop Inn, Lindfield, West Sussex. We both had the Pork Belly roast, which tasted fantastic and then for dessert I had Banana & Caramel Eton Mess and my partner Chocolate & Raisen Tart. We did spend time looking at other peoples plates as they came out and everything looked great.

It is great to find a small welcoming pub, with a cosy fire in such a great setting serving excellent food at great value for money. This is our 2nd visit to The Snowdrop following a recommendation from a friend who had eaten there just after a new Head Chef started in Nov 10. We will be recommending to all our friends and family. A rare find.
LovesGoodFood1 - 16 Jan 2011 19:11
Went for dinner here on 30th December. Nice selection of beers and very friendly staff. The menu was very nice and I had Belly of pork to start and Gnocci for my main.
Belly of Pork Starter: Plate cold and food luke warm. This would have been a very nice dish if served hot.. also I suspect that it has been re-heated in the microwave as the crackling was soggy.
Gnocci Main: Again, cold plate and food not very hot. The sauce was really really nice but the Gnocci itself was not very good.
All in all an ok meal, but quite pricey for pub grub. The menu looked very nice, but did not live up to expectations and the prices charged. Would give it another go as the potential is there.....
princesstigger - 5 Jan 2011 08:08
Been twice now to the pub, well where to start no food chef ill, landlady can not even make a sandwich. Very cold no heating, no fire. More staff than customers. Landlady hardly there and when she is she never seems to be working. Drove past a few times always seems to be shut !!! Not even open Christmas Day. God I wish the last landlady and landlord never left. When they had it, it was always warm they worked hard and you always got a warm welcome. As for the food it was fantastic. Please come back if you read this we all miss you.
hahaha123 - 23 Dec 2010 21:18
My partner and I went last night after hearing it had been resurrected by new management (we'd had a poor experience there a year or so ago and hadn't been back since)

I have to say we were really pleasantly surprised. Good selection of beers on tap (mostly from the Badger range, e.g. Badger, Fursty Ferret etc. and a few lagers), friendly staff and really good food.

It looks like they rotate the menu daily (as the menu had the date printed on the top). We shared some Calamari with Aioli to start, then I had the Steak and Ale pie and my girlfriend had lamb with mustard mash. everything was freshly cooked and tasted fantastic - more gastro pub that the usual fare and really reasonable prices for the quality. The total bill with two rounds of drinks, a starter and two mains was 36.

Thoroughly recommended
Doogs14 - 1 Sep 2010 15:39
Apparently, this pub has reopened, concentrating on food. No first-hand reports of quality standards yet,though.
fridge - 26 Jun 2010 10:44
At last i find a lovely pub with great beer, super food, excellent staff and a an interior that just screams " have another pint"...and its shut!
Bo bleeding hoo.
An utter tragedy.
bewen1956 - 22 Mar 2010 10:44
Have just arrived back in Sussex and find the old pub closed well that didn't last long. We hope that The Snowdrop soon reopens we will give it a try when we are back this way. Good luck to anyone that takes it over.
brixhampete - 21 Mar 2010 12:55
Well i just got back from a loverly meal at the Snowdrop on this wonderful Sundays afternoon and would like to recommend this to anyone looking for great tasting food and great beer, i took the time to read the above comments and it seem's to me that they have been written by the same people (negative) if you take the time to read them yourselves you'll realize they are all based around destroying this wonderful pub i also want to add you can no longer hear MICROWAVES in the kitchen as you could before they pub changed hands, finally id like to add that since the new owners have changed hands i've been in there allot more as i like to sit in the the bar witch i now can do while watching T.V enjoying a pint as i couldn't before as there was always a child in there watching kids programs, i have also been into the Ardingly Inn recently and found the beer tasted really quite awful almost as if the pip's whore never cleaned how ever im not here to make negative comment on pubs i was only writing to let you how wonderful my meal was and i most deferentially recommend this to others, I hope the new owners stay and i wish the old one's never return to ruin this pub again.
Charliegreen - 13 Nov 2009 14:21
We ate there last night, and yes the food and owners have changed but it's still as good as many other pubs, just maybe not as inviting as it used to be.

We're not calling for the return of the old landlords as we never know them, we just think that the place has lost some of its character which was a mix of the place, the beer, the food and the service.

We will probably go back again, but not very soon.
YetAnotherChris - 12 Oct 2008 10:19
Sadly, it appears that comments on this venue appear very suspicious. Having been looking for a venue to book Christmas we searched all reviews in the Mid Sussex Area. We noticed posters and reviews here appear to have a hidden agenda against the current landlord and landlady. If readers then pop on to the Ardingly Inn reviews, it seems that posters here have popped up there recently in support, clearly friends of the new landlord there.

This is sad because some posters here who have been trying to trash the place, not only have the same grammar layout, but hold different registered names. If you look at the other reviews they have posted, they refer to the previous landlord and landlady to 'Braders and Fiona' ! Come on you lot, the game is up, you are not affecting the Snowdrop you are bringing the Brewery in to question allowing this behaviour to carry on. It is apparent where all this is coming from.

Leave this review site for genuine people and not a scam, I would call on the Brewery to stop this immediately from source. Also if you want to register under different email addresses choose a different style of grammar !

So who has been exposed ! Serious reviewers should ignore the suspicious reviews on this site.
Higgsters - 4 Oct 2008 19:55
I think you are forgetting that the purpose of this site is to review the pub, not to review other peoples comments.
ilovetodrink - 3 Sep 2008 23:00
How easy it is to be anonymous on the internet and say just what you like without thought or care - a bit like the so-called 'lager-louts' who behave so badly when they are holidaying abroad. Anonymity seems to bring out the worst in us and, in this case, has enabled one or two to attempt (fortunately unsuccessfully) to wreck the lives of two young people who work very hard 7 days a week yes, 7 days a week - to make this pub an enjoyable place to visit.

In order not to be accused of hiding behind anonymity myself, I will freely admit that, as from a month or so ago, I work at this pub. I also visit as a customer and in both situations, have occasion to move through the pub and over-hear comments from customers. I have yet to hear anything less than the natural response of people enjoying a good meal in a very pleasant environment.

Customers are given every opportunity to comment or complain and, while this can occasionally happen, I defy any pub, restaurant or business to claim to be 100% complaint free. As someone once said "You can please all the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time - but you can't please all of the people all of the time".

Clearly the one or two people writing derogatory comments below are the ones who will never be pleased unless they succeed in getting Mike and Julie out. As a personal message to the posters of these small-minded and vicious comments - don't hold your breath. People are doing just what you suggest - they are voting with their feet and returning again and again.

If the Snowdrop doesn't suit you - might I suggest you find somewhere else to go? Most rational people would take that course.

Some of the comments posted here can be seen as so untrue and so malicious that one suspects the writer may have something of an axe to grind - over and over again.

To the publishers of this site, I would warn that some of the comments in previous posts appear to be the act of a malicious person and could be construed as libellous.

Tendaleep - 30 Aug 2008 11:33
You see this is what we can't understand, why is it that some people seem to think the pub is wonderful and there are no problems! All we can say is that we tell it as it is and the last meal that we had just four days ago was VERY poor. Staff running around like headless chickens and how stupid do they look in those uniforms you don't expect that in a country pub smart yes but not...!! We are not interested about lets get the previous people back to run it, all we want is a Snowdrop that is worth coming to for a nice meal and a drink, but that is not going to happen for sometime. We work with the general public and you will all be VERY suprised how many people talk about the Snowdrop, ordinary people that WERE customers people that don't know about this site but it is that 'Word of mouth' One disatisfied customer equals one hundred. Again I say listen to the passing customer you will learn a lot.
brixhampete - 26 Aug 2008 20:49
I couldn`t agree more with smileysmile there are some really nasty minded folks about, come on give Mike and Julie a chance. I have visited the Snow Drop twice in the last four days and can only say how friendly and welcoming it is, also a big pat on the back for being so child friendly, as on both occassions my grandaughters were with us and they were very accommodating. Now on to the food it is so nice to get food that is what I call real food, served hot, freshly cooked, nicely presented, well served and last but certainley by no means least so very very tastey you will be seeing us again soon
genijean - 26 Aug 2008 18:45
Forgot to comment on the eerie awkwardness of all the staff
CHIPS007 - 26 Aug 2008 14:32
Bring back Bradders/Fionna and Jimmy the Joint, before the place is closed. What a nightmare!!!!
CHIPS007 - 26 Aug 2008 14:29
What a great shame that Hall & Woodhouse are STILL not taking any notice of all the complaints they are receiving from the very few occasional visitors to this once great little pub. It does seem to us that once people see how things have changed for the worse they never return. We have yet again been VERY foolish and been back to see just IF we have got it wrong, but enough is enough is it one big joke or are we missing something here. How did the new staff get their jobs? How can Hall & Woodhouse STILL advertise the pub as a FOOD LED establishment? Will it close for good? Because if we were to run our company like that we would never survive! We are customers (or were) and not mouth pieces for the pub, we are the people that the pub needs to keep it alive, but it will die if things to not improve.
brixhampete - 24 Aug 2008 21:38
What can I say... It's an absolute disaster! I used to visit The Snowdrop regularly and always enjoyed the friendly atmospere of the once traditional country pub. Having known about the arrival of new owners through a friend I was doubtful as to whether they would be able to keep such a well kept pub but I thought I'd give them a chance to prove themselves. Oh how I was wrong! The grumpy landlady - who may I say was rather innapropriately dressed - welcomed us with an awkward smile while the the clueless staff ran about trying to please her. The relaxed style of the pub has changed to a strict managed house theme with waiting staff in uniforms fit for a trashy burger joint. Gone with the style and atmospehere of the pub is also the great food. I always looked forward to my Sunday roast with the freshly carved meat, golden potatoes and not to mention the stuffing balls and the delicious real gravy! However all I got was a tasteless, dry selection of meat, burnt potatoes and what tasted like salty Bisto gravy. I'm highly disapointed with the way the new tennants have taken to running this once treasured pub and will definately not be returning.
HaroldBishop1 - 24 Aug 2008 11:28
I can no longer take all this trivial gamesmanship. All of those who, like myself, have seen and experienced the decline and fall of this pub, and all those who sign on in various names to boost positive feedback, the answer is plain for all to see. Vote with your feet, it is not as though there are a shortage of drinking establishments in the area, the majority of which are more welcoming ( I note that most of the time the pub looks closed in the evenings) and less hectic ( I was sure the law dictated last orders at 2250hrs? And drinking up time 2320hrs? Perhaps someone could clarify?)
Nemisis - 23 Aug 2008 21:00
Still my favourite, and one of the few remaining "real" pubs in the area. Real ale, real food, and whatever next, real people!! The new licensees seem to be doing a good job as the pub appears busier than it has for a long time. Some of the adverse comments on this site seem a little too contrived to be real to me - a jealous competitor perhaps?? From what I have seen the new landlady is more than pleasant and eager to please - but hey, what the hell if she isn't sometimes? If people want false smiles and "have a nice day" service there are more than enough places to choose from! Just leave this and other pubs with genuine character (and characters!) alone, and let me and my (also slightly less than perfect!) friends enjoy it without you.
smileysmile - 21 Aug 2008 23:12
Oh dear! What has happened to my old local then? Been away for a few months and thought we would give the old place a visit. Friday night and well what can I say no nice greeting from the staff and you would have thought there would have been as the place was nearly empty perhaps that's why! What has happened to the fantastic meals? I have had a better ready meal from Tesco's. I was told the pub has been taken over by new tennants blimey all I can say is 'Must do better'. Don't think we will go back. Great pity.
brixhampete - 17 Aug 2008 16:22
I too have visited this place, in passing, on numerous occasions and have had the chance to compare it with many similar places throughout the Sussex countryside. Despite Mr. Jarrett's protestations I must concur with the majority. The atmosphere's the thing you see, there isn't one anymore. When the real ale was available, I must confess, it was some of the best around, but you'd have to visit earlier in the week as they seem to run dry with alarming regularity. Is Mr.Jarrett the official spokesman of the Snow Drop? It seems if his wife is empolyed there, his views may be a little one sided?
Nemisis - 10 Aug 2008 20:37
Enough is enough. My wife works at the pub, and I, along with a large number of regulars eat and drink in our LOCAL. The miss information being supplied by other people is really begining to annoy us. Food in the pub IS NO LONGER MICROWAVED. The staff, are friendly,cheerful and offer table service. Yes the new landlord and ladylady are still finding thier feet, but are doing a magnificient job. Anyone wishing to experience a great evening out should come along for themselves. Unlike some who feel they have to hide behind ficticious names, I am Dave Jarrett and am happy to take any questions about my local.
sussexdave1961 - 1 Aug 2008 00:22
Had a really bad meal at the Snowdrop Inn a month or so ago and can see from the other reviews posted that nothing has changed since!!

The landlady was so rude and I can see that she hasn't changed her manner from the sound of it.

Family and friends have all stopped going to this pub due to my terrible experience. I wonder how long it will remain open??
MarthaJones - 29 Jul 2008 13:38
We went back to the Snowdrop last night to see if this had improved, BUT THEY HAVE GOT WORSE! Nearly all the meals are frozen and zapped in the dreaded mircrowave one customer was given a meal they never ordered only to be told 'it must have been put in the wrong box' So much for 'Homecooked meals'. The landlady is SO rude and the 'New Staff' don't really want to know. What a shame that this once superb country pub has gone this way. Question, Why have Hall and Woodhouse allowed this to continue? Is it because they cannot find anyone else to run the pub? We feel it is too late now to save this once gem of a pub. I give it a 1 for the beer.
wivelsfield - 26 Jul 2008 20:07
Well I plucked up the courage to come to the snowdrop again last week to give the new owners another chance. I still think the new landlady is the rudest person I have ever met. She looked miserable all evening when I was there - I don't think you could have paid her to smile. I was disappointed with the pub overall and wont be returning. Please someone kick the new owners out!
ilovetodrink - 24 Jul 2008 22:40
What on earth has happened to one of the best pubs in town???
Ever since the new landlords took over i havent heard one good thing about the pub!
I ate there a week or so ago and the food was so boring, what happened to the amazing menu?
Also i heard they sacked the young lady who was the chef there??? Why the hell would you do that?
Id like to say a big big big thank you to the new landlords for ruining the pub. Thank you so much!
The_Rev - 21 Jul 2008 12:41
I have to say this pub has gone dramatically downhill when the new owners took over. It used to be a pleasant pub with fantastic food however the food now is boring pub style and the bread rolls we were given did not taste fresh, almost like they'd been defrosted before being served to us!

The landlady did not greet us with the usually happy faces that greeted us before. Instead she looked miserable, dressed inapropriately and made little/no conversation with us - not the sort of thing you would expect in a quiet country pub.

I will perhaps visit again but only if pushed for anywhere else to go!
ilovetodrink - 14 Jul 2008 14:06
It was a bit of a shock to discover the change of Landlords. I have been visiting the Snowdrop regularly for the past 20 years and have seen a few landlords come and go. (Does anyone know where the previous landlords moved to?)

The pub remains a well kept and tranquil place to enjoy a drink - more of a lunchtime pub for me. The beers are alway in good condition and they have regularly featured different guest beers.

I hope the new Landlords can keep up the standard of beer - I was there a week ago and the beer was still very good.

It's a shame that the new landlords have decided to abandon the fantastic and eccentric menu in favour of typical pub fair. For an out-of-the way pub, you need to have something special to attract people and I fear that this will have a detrimental effect - only time will tell.

I haven't eaten there since the change - what I saw being served look well presented.

leahk - 16 Jun 2008 10:31
I agree with Marie81 I think that Lazerinie and Bunnygirl are the landlady especially as they have posted comments on the same day within half and hour of each other. How does Bunnygirl know what was said to different members of staff that night, was she listening into peoples conversations?? My friend was also given an incorrect telephone number and email address when wanting to complain to the Brewery. I think that the landlady has a lot to learn about customer service. Shame really as this used to be a loveley country pub with good food. However, I wouldn't recomend it to anyone now.
Daisyboo - 15 Jun 2008 19:40
Shame this pub has a new landlord and landlady. It's gone very down hill. Having only drank in there since I cannot comment on the food, but the incredibily long delays would put me off. As for the manner of the Landlady, it is appauling. Having heard her make up a telephone number and and email address for upset customers to complain to, after they had to wait two hours for their main courses, I would not eat there, neither would my guests. Not sure they've heard of customer satisfaction! Think Bunnygirl and Lazerinie must be the Landlord/lady!!!
Marie81 - 13 Jun 2008 22:16
I would just like to respond to a recent comment posted on this website about the Snowdrop. I also ate in the pub that night and would like to say I had a wonderful time. The staff were polite and very helpful. The food was equally as good ans it has been and I will most certainly return on a regular basis for another wonderful evening!
Lazerinie - 30 May 2008 13:44
I think your comments are unfair, I was in the pub that evening and everyone seemed perfectly pleasant. The new owners have only been in there a week and if you had problems they at least deserve a second chance to prove themselves. I did, however, notice that you made different complaints to different members of staff, some of which were completely unjustified.
bunnygirl - 30 May 2008 13:13
Abit fat 0 for this shambles of a so called pub. The wiating stuff running round like headless chickens whilst "Management" stayed in the background for most of the evening. Will not be returning there & will certainly tell everyone i know to go elsewhere too.
madj - 24 May 2008 10:22
Nice country pub that serves good beer and great food. The curry is delicious and the mixed grill is fantastic. Never found the staff to be anything but friendly, so worth a visit in my book.
chunkypetersplat - 17 Feb 2007 15:36
My partner and I ate at The Snowdrop recently and although the Badger beer was nice and the food was reasonably ok (if a little pricey), our experience was totally spoilt by the bad tempered landlady. Perhaps she was short staffed because she seemed to be waiting on tables as well as running the bar, but that's no excuse to be rude to customers. She had a real attitude, and when my partner asked for a receipt, she scowled and slammed it down on the bar.
We were speechless!
anonymous - 3 May 2006 02:36

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