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O'Neills, Kingston Upon Thames

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user reviews of O'Neills, Kingston Upon Thames

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The second of the two pubs I visited before attending the local Suede gig at the Hippodrome a week or so ago.

Hadn't been there in ages but the vibe was fairly similar as to what I remember although it has had a bit of a paint job.

I think in the day they are now aiming more at the lunch crowd as it does have a bit of a restaurant feel with a lot more tables than there used to be.

Not really a haven for real ale drinkers but then again Irish or in this case Irish theme pubs are not really geared up for that.

They had Brewdog Punk IPA on keg which I opted for and enjoyed and wasn't as extortionately expensive as I thought it would be.

I remember when this place used to sell Guinness Red which I was very partial to when I worked locally in Kingston about 10 years ago. I haven't seen this in a long time so possibly Guinness discontinued it. Shame really as it was a a really nice beverage!
BeerGutt - 31 Jan 2016 20:06
Went into this pub for only the second time ever (the first being a few days over ten years ago) because it, unlike practically everywhere else in Kingston, was open on Boxing Day evening. Not too bad, lagers better than bitter and no bar snacks at all so we were forced to make a detour on our way home. Butcombe Chris Moose ale and Brewdog Punk IPA. This used to be the Apple Market Inn but not for a while.
rainlight - 27 Dec 2015 18:39
Came here on a Saturday night figuring it would be like every other O'neils, but to be honest it wasn't as good. You get this snobby vibe from a lot of people who come here (Which isn't the pubs fault really) and the live music was just plain awful. You couldn't even hear the singer, and she was using a lyric book to sing a long to which I thought was very unprofessional. Overall, I wouldn't say this was a bad pub, really. It's just populated by Snobs who think they're too good to go clubbing, and the live music (on this occasion) was quite poor.
lovedoc - 8 Jun 2015 13:29
Bog standars O'Neills, about the same as anywhere really. Good policy on football though.
Tourmalet - 3 Mar 2015 16:15
Went in today to watch the footy with the girlfriend and have a burger. Weird vibe, half the place given over to what looks like a pizza express type setup. Good guiness and food.
TommyRogers1979 - 2 Nov 2013 23:45
Must compliment the enthusiasm of the young girls who staff this pub. A pity the Anglers does not take a page out of their book.

Popped in last evening following our stroll from Richmond to Kingston for a beer and a bite. Beer good, food good, staff excellent.
ericstadd - 24 Sep 2011 09:23
Same as the other o'neills - decent choice of beer, good prices, decent munch...

whoagigi - 4 Dec 2008 14:27
what can i say about o'neils? good beer, good guiness and excellent bar staff. it's just a shame about the management, i've never been in another pub where the management can take all the fun from your day/night out. we all know the type, working on a friday night so wants to ruin everyone elses. I just cant get my head around where these people come from. He's in the same league as bouncers who don't let you in becuase you haven't done up your laces. I think he even slicks his hair to the side and shaves a square looking mostache on his days off which was big back in the 1940's era. Don't go there for the football either as if you even look like your having a good time you'll be told to shut up or leave. there are many pubs to watch the football in, the druids head, the mill, the willoughby..... however i will be there on paddy's day woo hoo!!! see you there.
fathands - 12 Jan 2008 19:37
I'll have to vote with the manager on this one! Because if you don't agree with his policy, you won't get to see the match! And anyway, do you really what some no-brain screaming & shouting obsenities in your ear all the time when you're trying to watch the game..?! I don't think so. One of the reasons why people don't go to the actual football grounds anymore... Where's the 'Mill' by the way..? Sounds like an interesting bar!! As for me, I'll vote for O' sounds like the only choice in Kingston for footy-fans! TJ
TeeJay - 2 Jan 2008 11:46
This isn't my argument but it sounds like the manager should ease up a bit. I've been told off for supporting my team in here before, and that was on a day when the staff refused to put the sound on! A hint for footy fans - watch the game elsewhere: the Druids Head around the corner is good.
Birchy - 29 Dec 2007 15:59
it really is amazing how blinkered and narrow minded people can be when it comes to pubs, the last comment from anonymous is a corker, the exact wording of the football is no chanting or foul and abusive language , supporting your team is "aloud"sic,
perhaps mr anonymous should consider a few facts of life and running a business
1. you are still barred because you took 8 months to apologise, and the only reason you are apologising is because there's no where else to watch football in kingston" see below" so you aren't sorry otherwise it you would have apologised sooner.

the reason the litten tree , the barge have shut down and the wetherspoons have stopped showing football and most pub's now don't allow football shirts or the usual chav attire is because morons can't behave in a civilised manner, showing football is rife for this, i've shown football for 10 years in kingston and know very well what goes on , and how to deter it ,
when morons see the flyers on the seats they go somewhere else, so stopping the problem from happening in the first place. don't belive me , go to the mill for a chelsea game and see first hand the racists chanting.
ever sat next to someone who insists on shouting and swearing while your're watching the match, think about it, we stop it happening, funny how everywhere else has massive problems showing football and we don't.
in all probability , you deserve to barred, if you are asked not to do something and you persist,are you really surprised.
the reason we allow it for rugby is because rugby supporters don't chant racist songs or swear
you are probably confusing public bar with public right of way, we are a business and won't tolerate anti social behavior, if you think shouting out f******g c**t is acceptable then you are better off going elsewhere, which is exactly what happens if we allow swearing and the pub deteriates into a haven for idiots and scum,
we run a business here, the showing of football can be a disaster for a business if not properly controlled, we control that aspect so we don't have any trouble.
ask any manager of a pub about it.
miserable manager:- try having to explain to morons why they can't swear and you get sick of it also, but then of course you know all about that.

anonymous - 13 Aug 2007 18:35
i went to watch the football at oniels last year, and although they show the football, your not aloud to shout or get behind your team. they leave notes on the tables saying that shouting or cheering whilst the football is on is not tolirated. I was watching an England game, in England, in the pub and as the kick off happened there was a big cheer, of come on england, like you do during the england game, and well i got barred for it. I believe this is discrimination as you can cheer in the rugby, i have been there for that, the cricket, you can cheer too, but the football, you have to be quiet for it. The worst pub for football ever. when you see the most grumpy manager working ever, you will work out who has made these crazy my advise is dont watch the football in Oneils. Its rubbish, good for drinking on fridays and dancing and cheering, but dont smile during the football..

may i add i appolygised for my 'behaviour' yesterday, 8 months after the england game, and im still barred. what a loser
anonymous - 10 Aug 2007 14:12
Sounds great craic . These guys sound good must get down to see them.
ArthurG - 29 Nov 2006 12:12
I agree with Dermot, these guys are good. Real Irish music... jigs, reels and songs. Traditional instruments played, mandolin, guitar and bodhran even a banjo and bass at times. Great atmosphere with lots of dancing, the band really make you feel part of the evening taking requests and chatting with the punters, they even come off the stage and dance with the crowd. Bang-On is a band not to miss! Great to have real Irish music in an Irish pub, keep up the good work lads.
rorykavenagh - 9 Nov 2006 23:22
This pub is great!

1) Total abundance of great-looking women both sides of the bar - many foreigners from Eastern Europe looking for green card so good/bad depending on your goals.

2) Live 'band' (1 bloke) plays some modern kewl music and many people dance.

3) Layout of this pub forces you to talk to strangers - this is a very nice but sadly rare thing that I had to search for before finding how important pub layout is.

4) Beer is standard issue and relatively pricey but this pushes out losers and slime from the pub - doorman help remove them also.

5) This pub is very close to taxis and many clubs so you can continue your fun after it shuts (pub shuts at 1am at weekend which is great.

All in all I have not found any night out better unless you go clubbing. Babes, live music, good layout, this is so cool.
pgreenwood - 8 Oct 2006 22:39
Its an Irish themed pub, rather than an actual Irish pub, but surely we all know that about O'Neills by now?

Its good to watch the football and reletivly cheap for the area. does get smokey though..
ratfink - 19 Sep 2006 15:15
I didnt eat here but it said on the menu you can get a taste of ireland. The menu looked just about the same as anywhere however, i like O'Niells pubs mostly
aleman - 19 Sep 2006 14:48
Which taste of Ireland would that be Aleman? The famous commercialised chain pubs of Ireland?

That said, as long as you don't mind the totally cliche'd image it is one of the better places to spend a night out in Kingston if you are not a townie or a pretentious idiot.

Live solo guitar /singing on a Friday and Saturday night and table service. Also late opening at the weekend but you'll be queueing to get in after about 9pm.
chris.west - 11 Jul 2006 08:42
As with O'Niells in most places this is a good place to go. Yes they do sell Guinness here of course, but you dont have to go for that. Plenty of seating space. You can also get a taste of Ireland here, though some of the food on the menu doesnt exactly sound Irish
aleman - 9 Jul 2006 10:59
Naked? Blimey, that takes some doing!

Strang to think that Oirish plastic pubs were all the rage ten years ago and now O'Neill's are the only chain left. How long do you give them now or are they here for good? Still better craic to be had at genuine Irish houses (maybe there should be a seperate section for those here?), places where you're thrown out if you don't know all the words to The Fields Of Athenry or Sean South From Garryowen!

What to look for: if Galtee or Calvita cheese and Tayto crisps are on sale behind the bar, you've found a genuine Irish house. Prepare your wallet and liver for a spanking time. Nudity is optional.
BeerHeaven06 - 4 Jul 2006 17:20
have to agree with patsy. got nekkid in there once (to Take That of all bands [I'm not a gay, honest!]) and didn't even get kicked out, just asked to put my clothes back on. I guess they realised I'd spent rather a lot of money and might continue to do so if I was allowed to stay. Don't go in the day.
onlyhereforthebeer - 30 Apr 2006 20:59
Fine if you want a loud night out drinking heavily and dancing badly. A great laugh with the right company, few teens, and rarely any trouble. everything will end up covered in beer, your wallet will be empty, and you will have a stinking hangover the next day, but chances are you would have had fun and feel that it was worth it.
Haven't had any trouble myself without a beard and baggy trousers
patsy - 6 Mar 2006 14:06
I felt out of place here as I don't have a beard and baggy trousers
anonymous - 4 Jan 2006 16:51
Just a thought Jon Paul.... If you got there earlier you may get a seat ! Also there is a cloakroom at the end of the bar.

Agree about the bouncers !
Snowy - 21 Dec 2005 19:47
Its not perfect and the Fake feinian theme rubs. Needs to get in a couple of *shock horror* 'Beers' rather than the usual euro-lagers. The Erdinger is nice, but again, they are charging more than some other places. Seems over processed compared to Heogardens (IE its clear, and a white beer? errr? not right surely).

The music fella is still there. Still needs a complete overhaul of its seating arangements and a cloak room (as it quickly becomes standing room only!)

As to the previous Pub, the Apple Market. I remember it, that wasn't friendly to walk into, after the 'just finished work' crowd went home it became very insular and almost unfriendly if you were not a known face.

Other than that, I agree, drop the fake fenian theme, get a couple of beer/ales in, maybe smarten the place up a little and organise the seating better and have places to hang your coat if you don't have a seat, keep everything else and you will have a serious winner.

Its a good place to go on a Thursday/Friday/Saturday night. Not brilliant, but good in a 'good enough' kind of way.

Hey, I even like the door staff who conduct themselves in a maner that is definatly a cut above those in some other extablisments in town.
jon.paul - 21 Dec 2005 15:29
If this were to stop being an O'Neill's and revert to its former identity as the Apple Market Inn, it might become something central Kingston very much lacks - a decent pub.
beeronaut - 21 Dec 2005 10:29
Have been going to this pub for many a year. It is more recently (well in the last 5 years) run by the landlord who ran the Financier and Firkin which is no longer around.

Very good on Friday nights if you like live Music, the same man makes an appearence on Wednesdays also.

Drink prices are a tiny bit more than some places but the atmosphere more than makes up for it.
Nads79 - 18 Jul 2005 18:03
Nice pub I think the best in Kingston
ian21260957148 - 17 Jun 2005 21:27
Live music weds and thurs.
Table serivce offered if you're lazy!
Agree that its better than the one Richmond
nai - 7 May 2005 00:50
Probably go here more often than I should. On a Friday night there aren't many better options for a night out if your intention is to get totally hammered whilst listening to the resisdent singer (Andy) play good music. Usually packed, the crowd is very mixed and atmosphere is relaxed. Never go there when you're not drinking, I tried it once...never again. Be wary of the strange Chinese man who drinks coke with orange juice,especially if he's calling for his mum! Whatever you do don't ask him why! Curiosity doesn't always needs to be satisfied!
GNC - 28 Apr 2005 17:11
Slightly tacky, good filling burger tho.
andrewjames2004 - 30 Dec 2004 18:54
Food is always excellent value, staff friendly and helpful. Beer is just the usual suspects but fairly reliable pints and nice setting in the daytime, gets a bit mad and busy at night (prob cos all the other bars in Kingston are so overpriced and naff????)
Jane - 17 Aug 2004 11:00
OK for an O'Neills. Much better than the one in Richmond.
TheGP - 12 Aug 2004 13:19
Late licence, but get there early! No door charge (like the Saucy Kettle) Tends to be crowded, hot,smokey
Guitar bloke still in residence!
Needs a cloak room as you wind up with standing room only!

its OK, I used to go many moons ago, its not as good as it was, it is however one of the better places in kingston to socialise, to drink? Not so good (poor, usual selection!)
jon-paul - 31 Mar 2004 16:02
I've been an aupair for a copple of months last year. I lived in a village near kingston. every wednesday,friday and saturday we were there and it was always great fun!! Really, although the pubs in Holland are superb, I'd never expected to find a pub like the O'neills in England! I do miss it, just like andy I think, who plays live music there!! Thank you!! Love from Holland
eelkje - - 11 Feb 2004 18:14
As kingston's pub's go this is one of the better one's - good food at reasonable pub prices - always friendly efficient service. Live music is always very good with a great atmosphere. And i hate to disagree with kev (nov 3) but as far as i know both the manager and assistant manager are men! and i don't think margaret thatcher has rubbed off on the pub at all. Great place for a drink at any time.
james r - 10 Feb 2004 02:06
It's an O'Neills. Great...
Good for: Faux Irish tinkery
thenationofjames - 28 Nov 2003 13:37
well its ok but after reading a review in the Kingston informer with an interview with the manager i can tell you there wont be many real irish folk in there- when asked her pet hate she said drunk people in the pub - uh and why do you think people go the pub??! - and then when asked her favourite politician she replied Margaret Thatcher - thats f***ing blastfamous that is!!!!
kev - 3 Nov 2003 09:54
It's an O'Neill's what more can I say. The usual mix or Guinness posters and kettles hanging on the walls which apparently is what a genuine Irsh pub is like!? The atmosphere inside is generally friendly, although it can be a bit light on the women front in here. So, if you like crowded Irish pubs with rugby tops a plenty, you've come to the right place!
crazyfunster - 2 Nov 2003 18:19
Great pub with the most friendly staff and (sexy)doormen in Kingston, beer is good if a little expensive and the live music on a Wednesday and Saturday is always good. Can get a bit hot and smoky but on the whole its a good friendly place to have a drink especially with the late licence till 1am on the weekends.
Samantha - 22 Oct 2003 15:19
plastic paddy pub - but arent they all!! - we love it - you can completely hammered and go in the next day without the fear of being barred.
anna - 6 Oct 2003 14:28
Its one of only a handful of decent pubs in Kingston - must admit only started drinking here when the late license came in. Its a nicer alternative to finish off the evening here instead of going onto the crappy nightclubs.
Scottish Bird - 4 Jun 2003 22:00
Have to agree with most of the commentators, probably would not go near the place if there wasn't a late liscence I would never go there. It will be intresting to see the effect of Oceana on this place.
Mike - 29 Apr 2003 15:04
Problem I find with the late licence is that as the nightclubs in Kingston are poor (esp. the works, options) this is now probably Kingston's premier late night venue - which unfortunately says more about the clubs than the quality of this O'Neills. Because of this it is even busier than before and you have to queue to get in.
JBH - 28 Mar 2003 12:46
Boring and crowded fake "didly didly" pub. However, it does serve a cracking Guinness (suprise suprise!) and now benefits from a late licence at weekends.
Angus - 19 Mar 2003 12:34
Expensive and very, very, very bad.
ElDickster - 7 Jan 2003 17:28
The pub equivalent of a Travelodge. Standardised soulessness.
Olly - 16 Dec 2002 13:52
Its cool, but i think Richmond O'Neill's is better! Sorry!
anonymous - 21 Oct 2002 16:07
despite being extended a while back - it still feels cramped on busy nights - expensive for spirits but can be a good atmosphere at times - service can be pants though (unless your either a very fit bird or look like a rugby player)
simon - 30 Sep 2002 14:07
Yes, same as most O'Neill's places. Floor service is a nice novelty, but is so slow, its best just to hang onto the girl and have her serve you all night. Too crowded on Fri/Sat nights
Chris - 6 Sep 2002 16:23
Your average bogstandard soulless O'Neill's.
Simon - 13 Aug 2002 10:35
It's true, all O'Neill's pubs are the same. On a school night this pub is a really relaxing place to sit and mong with a perfect pint of Guinness. However, when the kids are allowed out to play it turns into a hot, sweaty, good-natured meat market, just perfect to pick up a succulent piece of tender teeny rump. Apparently.
Loz - 8 Aug 2002 20:18

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