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The Kingston Mill, Kingston Upon Thames

Came here not long ago just as a stop on a pub crawl. It was my first time there and it was lovely. Definitely made me wanna go back.

8 Jun 2015 13:37

The Lot, Richmond

Probably the best pub I've ever been to, bar none. The most friendly staff you'll ever meet, a jukebox which is awesome (Although it needs an update) and very cheap for Richmond. Always a good atmosphere. Would very much recommend (and I have) to anyone.

8 Jun 2015 13:35

O'Neills, Kingston Upon Thames

Came here on a Saturday night figuring it would be like every other O'neils, but to be honest it wasn't as good. You get this snobby vibe from a lot of people who come here (Which isn't the pubs fault really) and the live music was just plain awful. You couldn't even hear the singer, and she was using a lyric book to sing a long to which I thought was very unprofessional. Overall, I wouldn't say this was a bad pub, really. It's just populated by Snobs who think they're too good to go clubbing, and the live music (on this occasion) was quite poor.

8 Jun 2015 13:29

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