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Username: zoers

Age: 34

Sex: female

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The Moon Under Water, Watford

I'm not a huge fan of this place... there's no kind of atmosphere, there's usually a less-than-pleasant mix of leery men and gaggles of kids that look about 12... having said that, it's a good place to kick start the evening with mates if you fancy a couple of cheap cocktail pitchers and some chips (in true Wetherspoons style), but clear out to somewhere better before it gets too busy!

Didn't realise the Wetherspoons HQ was in Watford... hmmm

7 Feb 2007 15:41

The Walkabout, Watford

Always go there after Saracens matches or when I'm going out with my rugby team... good bar for that kind of night out! Nice mix of drinks, friendly bar staff, good facilities... although the door staff are pretty unrelenting, if you don't have ID you're not getting in! Which is fair enough really-I have just had a few annoying experiences where I've left my drivers licence at home and only had student ID or something like that and not got in as a result. So remember your ID if there's any doubt of age!

7 Feb 2007 15:37

The Reflex, Watford

I love this bar! Although it might be a bit of a guilty pleasure... it's such a refreshing change from the other bars in the high street. Good mix of people, never had problems with the staff, great music, reasonably priced drinks and a revolving dancefloor - what more could you ask for really?! Glad to see that the opening hours have been extended too; I work in a pub just outside of the centre of town and it's nice to have the option of going there now once I've finished work at midnight.

Although I agree about the floors... very slippery. I've just recovered from a broken leg and I went in there a couple of times on crutches and I was very close to falling onto my arse at several points, I must admit!

7 Feb 2007 15:31

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