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The Rising Sun, Hampton Hill

{{{ sigh }}} Im not getting into a war over a watering hole with a complete stranger who obviously cannot use a computer properly as if u had of done u would of seen I have reviewed many pubs and yours was not the first and only one unlike some people who only seem to comment on the rising sun.
I did detect the sarcastic tone but I gather u did not pick up on mine but I would not expect that from someone who clearly contradicts themselves and can't decide whether they are talking about a pub they visit or maybe something more.
I am allowed to remark on the bad experience I had at the sun and if that offends people then they really do need to fix the problems so customers are happy !!
Customer service and customers ( full stop ) are what keeps a business in business so should be priorty. Simple as.

10 Jun 2011 18:15

The Rising Sun, Hampton Hill

Yet another posting from a one off user..... how curious.
A vendetta ..... What an odd comment to make from a simple mere drinker of the rising sun, like myself !!
Am i not allowed to comment on this pub because i have faults with it.
Everyone has their own opinion and mine is that this pub is far from the pub that these "one time posters" has bigged it up to be.
I am entitled to my opinion and my opinion is that this pub started out with so much potential but is now driving away custom with problems i cannot go into on this site without offending certain people !!
So as for the "weatherspoons" comments..... are u saying that people should pay more to drink in the rising sun ?? WHY !??! Because u have just contradicted yourself by saying your food and drink is not over-priced and is value, but then advising me to eat and drink at a weatherspoons as its cheap?!? Why should the drinks and food in the rising sun be SO much more when the quality is the same as a weatherspoons, if that.
The regulars and locals were excited when the owners took over and transformed the rising sun but gradually its been going downhill and the regulars are going elsewhere ( probably to weatherspoons as u said for a bit of atmosphere !! ) and this poor ole boozer is suffering.
Such a shame its dying.

9 Jun 2011 20:50

The Rose and Crown, Kew

Hadn't been in this pub for a while and was looking forward to it as i used to love drinking in here last summer.
whats happened !?!?
The food used to be top notch but it was cold and slightly bland.
Prices have gone up a bit too and the ales and spirits were a little over priced.
The pub could do with a bit of a re-vamp. I understand the owners want to keep the original tudor look but that can be worked with as its very dark and depressing, a lick of paint could really change the interior drastically !
Cant fault the gardens tho.... in the day its a gorgeous sun-trap out the back and out the front you have a lovely view of the green. The outdoor seating is always packed and i personally think its because no one wants to sit in the dark dingy pub. Such a shame.
I do fault this pub but there is so much potential ..... c'mon guys bring this pub back to what it was !

9 Jun 2011 10:48

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