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Username: zeitlin

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The Eagle Ale House, Clapham

Always a pleasure to visit & imbibe - well-kept Loddons Hoppit, Brakspears & Westerham SPA on recent pilgrimages. Also Tribute, Harveys & Westerham Freedom. Excellent choice for my palate and no fear of ever getting a hot glass here - unlike some other real ale establishments who should know & adopt greater customer care - as should CAMRA who in my opinion should be concentrating on this aspect rather than their petty "Full Pint" campaign - preferential to lose a fraction of an inch of ale (which most bar staff are only too willing to top up anyway) rather than have an entire pint ruined by being served in a hot glass and/or having to suffer abuse for politely pointing out the hot glass to the publican!

9 Dec 2008 00:10

Aragon House, Parsons Green

Additional handpump did not materialise and very little real ale now.

13 Nov 2008 21:46

The Durell, Fulham

This has got to be one of the worst pubs that it is ever ones misfortune to visit both in terms of management and clientele.
We went here to watch the England v Andorra football match tonight and we were initially pleased to occupy an unreserved table set back from the large screen. However after more than 40 minutes in situ watching the match we were informed by a customer that the entire area had been booked for a private party - and yet there was no prior indication of this or that our table had been reserved. Accordingly and quite naturally upon being requested to move by the same customer following a late influx of his friends also trying to move us on and blocking our view of the screen we held our ground only for my colleague to be eventually told by a bar person that unless we moved the pub would refuse to serve us - although at least this never transpired doubtless as they realised their mistake in not previously reserving our table or indeed the area. We held out at our table until the end of the match despite the apparent party-goers blocking our view (they clearly had no interest in the match whatsoever).
However following the end of the match we enquired of other customers at adjacent tables as to whether they were part of a private party - 14 people that we asked near to us in the same area denied any knowledge of a private party or being a part thereof!!
Needless to say this is not a pub that we shall be returning to in our area and we will definitely be advising other locals against visiting in future. We shall be writing in to the owners and the licensee(s) to complain - but the latter may prove difficult as they do not apparently conform to the UK licensing law in displaying such information above the door to the premises!!

7 Sep 2008 00:40

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