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The Grapes, Sutton

Stupid comments by ignorant people like tradervic do absolutely nothing for this site. Go and get a life and post reviews about establishments you have visited not comments about other peoples's observations that make you look a total fool.

18 Apr 2012 09:59

The Grapes, Sutton

In Sutton on Sunday early and in search of breakfast, husband not a Wetherspoons breakfast fan and we most certainly wouldn't touch the vomit stinking Moon on the Hill with a 20 foot bargepole. Talked him into going into the The Grapes as looked ok. We were both really pleasantly surprised to see how lovely the interior was, clean and full of people eating breakfast and drinking coffee rather than the old soaks on their second pints as can be the case with many Wetherspoons at 9.30am. Service efficient and the breakfast cooked really well, a thoroughly pleasant experience and we will return. Normally the further down Sutton high street you go the worse the experience is but this is not the case here, long may it last!

17 Apr 2012 09:12

Vines Bar and Grill, Carshalton

The bar part is a great addition to the area as a bit of a trot to the nearest pub, have been in 3 or 4 times and mostly very busy with a buzzy atmosphere, very narrow so not much seating though. Ate in the restaurant once and was expecting something really great but was just ok and the prices were quite steep.

9 Jan 2012 11:07

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