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The Union Inn, Saltash

There are certain members of staff in this pub that treat you like the scum of the earth why when you are paying top prices for beer they serve it in the crapiest glass they can find and the beer is flat !!!!! not all the staff are like this its the luck of the draw who you get .A few words for that member of staff SERVICE AND QUALITY you are loosing sales for the pub

12 Jul 2012 17:17

The Railway Hotel, Saltash


3 Nov 2010 10:55

The Brunel, Saltash

Well everybody this pub is now closed !! another one in Saltash the bigger they are the mightier they fall the last management diddnt have a clue !!!! useless!!! wen will people learn about puttig the (normal )customer first instead of the single mums with 6 month old babies and drinking pints of Stella and there so called fathers who have flippin base ball caps and shell suits on !!!!crap crap crap

29 Apr 2010 21:29

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