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The Merry Harriers, Hambledon

The new people did not last more than a few weeks before walking out, having discovered that all that was not as it seemed. They had been intending to buy the lease, but never completed. So it is as it was, with original owners back in charge and a future uncertain.

21 Jun 2016 17:22

The White Hart, Witley

I was surprised to read an earlier posting suggesting this pub is expensive, when it remains one of the cheapest for a decent pint anywhere in the area. As of early 2013 a pint of Young's Bitter is £3.20 - up to 80 pence cheaper than some pubs in the vicinity. And it is a good pint as well, served in a good pub with good food and with a hardworking couple now in charge. The locals are happy, and if you can keep them happy, someone is doing a good job. So please, when making price comparisons, compare like with like. Yes, Surrey can be very expensive, but the White Hart is not.

6 Mar 2013 18:18

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