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Username: tomsal

Age: 56

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The Cork, Welwyn Garden City

Like many of the other reviews, the toilets are a disgrace and smell bad all the time, with little black flies always flying around the urinals.
Certain of the staff definately have had their personalities removed and appear to have a major chip on theirs shoulders, and Dracula's brother serves up the the tables

22 Dec 2011 11:47

The Gibraltar Castle, Batford

Popped in for a lunchtime meal, nothing complicated. It took well over an hour to arrive. I admit that it was busy. I was then presented with what is probably the worst Pub meal I've had the misfortune to pay 10 for ( fish 'n chip). Cold chips, and peas warm fish tasting of nothing except the tartar sauce . Did they care, not a jot. Next time it's the local chippie for me.

22 Dec 2011 08:52

The Sun Inn, Welwyn Garden City

Karaoke Saturday If you enjoy hearing a middle aged man swearing and making sexist/racist comments, on an open mike, all evening. combine that with the comments of izzy76 the previous posting and you'll begin to get an idea of the pub.

16 May 2010 15:43

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