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I own a large import business in Portsmouth, mainly importing fine cigars and wine from Asia and the Americas.

Username: tjnicko

Age: 40

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The Dukes Head, Wallington

Thanks GBN for agreeing with me.

I quote your previous post for people entering the restaurant:

"passing customers will always get a slight ribbing for passing the field of vision, but is is always good humoured when said by a local. Inevitably, however, local mindless dregs will be there and their comments are less than polite."

This is is what you will get as a hotel customer, on business, with children or elderly people.

Thanks for your input GBN.

p.s Are you ginger or worse the manager?

9 Oct 2006 18:52

The Greyhound, Carshalton

Is it a pub or is it a hotel?

If you enter as a hotel customer, don't be suprised that children are not welcome, to earn a space in the darkest most misrable part of the hotel you have to buy an expensive meal. If you are not willing to do so, I am afraid, you are all stuck in your room with no where to go.

If you enter as pub customer you are guanteed a friendly smile, a cold beer, tasty bar and restaurant food (bit too expensive for the type of establishment).Bar service is not always prompt in the afternoons and weekends but always friendly. As with all youngs pubs "not bad but could do better".

9 Oct 2006 18:32

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